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Teacher, Teacher Ch. 04

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I have taken some poetic license in describing the mother’s and son’s sexual disorder, sometimes known as Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder. It is not the same as nymphomania nor is it as pleasant as I have made it out to be, but then I wouldn’t have a very positive story to tell. If anyone might have a friend or family member who suffers from this disorder, please do not take offense. As with previous chapters and everything I write for this site, all characters and incidents are totally fictious.

Teacher Teacher Part 4

Ione seemed a bit perturbed, or maybe just exhausted, while we were driving to the bar. She was being exceptionally quiet for her and a little agitated. I wasn’t sure if it was because of the anal sex we’d just had in the shower or if she was somehow feeling inadequate because of the tireless snake between my legs.

I looked over at her while she was driving still somewhat in awe that I could not only attract but satisfy a girl as sweet and beautiful as her. She had borrowed a white silk pullover top from her mother’s closet and it clung to her body like a second skin. The hard nipples on her braless breasts were perfectly outlined as the material appeared to slide effortlessly over her smooth skin as she shifted her weight around. The soft material stretched and clung to her ample bosom as well as her tight, athletic torso. The vision was quite, um, titillating.

She chose a hot pink cotton mini-skirt that I had seen her wear before with pantyhose, but tonight she wore no stockings, just her over-the-calf shiny, white, patent-leather boots. It was the typical Brit Mod look of the day and a complete turnaround from the tomboy baseball player I had spent the earlier part of the day with. Not that she could hide her gorgeous body in jeans and a t-shirt, but this outfit definitely showed off all her assets to their fullest.

A slight grin returned to her face as she pulled into the packed parking lot at the bar. The band that was playing tonight was made up of four guys who had graduated from our high school, none of whom I knew that well, but one of which I was sure that Ione had known quite well. However, from our previous conversations this week, I didn’t think I had anything to worry about with past boyfriends. Her smile widened as she looked over at me, eyeing the slight bulge in my black slacks, much as I had just ogled her luscious body.

“Are you ready to rock?” she yelled, obviously excited about what she hoped was going to be a great night.

“I just hope I can keep up with you,” I whispered, leaning in to give her a soft kiss. Her hands wrapped around my head and held me tight as she gave me a deep, passionate kiss. She wasn’t looking for a soft, nice, gentleman tonight.

We hopped out of the car and made our way inside which was even more crowded than the parking lot. The band was already playing with the lighted dance floor jammed with young gyrating bodies. I knew we wouldn’t find an empty table but I snaked our way through the crowd to the railing that looked down on the mass of bodies hoping to be able to spot someone we knew. I moved Ione up to the railing with my hand on her firm, flat tummy and stood behind her to protect her from the clumsy oafs trying to make their way back to the dance floor from the bar.

We both spotted her at the same time, my hand feeling Ione’s sharp intake of breath. Tina was dancing in the middle of the crowd wearing one of her trademark black outfits. The black satin top I had seen her wear before, except this time most of the buttons were undone leaving a lot of glistening flesh exposed. With her miniscule breasts, she could get away with this, but it was still damn sexy. The black mini-skirt I had not seen before.

Unlike the tight skirts she wore to teach in, this one was loose and was swirling upward giving anyone nearby a glorious view of her cute, tight ass even if it was encased in the dark black pantyhose. The black boots with the spike heels went well with her dark eye make-up and the bright red lipstick. She looked like a Napoleonic dominatrix, short but all-powerful. She was dancing with a young, blonde guy but her eyes were scoping out the room instead of being centered on him.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked my voice louder than usual so she could hear me above the din of crowd and music.

“Sure. Yes, let’s get down there.” Her voice started out hesitant but became more firm as she decided to face her fear. Or her hidden desire if it was what I truly believed. She turned and kissed me hard, forcing her ass back against the firm lump that had been pushing against it.

We made our way onto the dance floor and Ione deftly maneuvered us toward the center until we were easily in view of Tina and her swaying hips. As we got closer, I noticed that you could indeed look inside her blouse and catch glimpses of her naked, nearly-flat breasts and the hard, rubbery tips that sat atop them. Guys all around her were ignoring their girlfriends just to ogle this beautiful woman.

When escort bostancı Tina spotted us, she stopped dancing and left her partner alone, scampering over to us as best she could given the crowd and the high heels. She hugged Ione first and gave her a quick peck on the lips and then did the same with me. And right on cue, the song ended.

“Oh, I never expected to see you guys here tonight. I’m so happy. We’re going to have so much fun!” She took both of us by the hand and led us off the dance floor to her table, a large round booth in the back which she probably had reserved every Saturday night. I guess I should have expected to see other teachers at her table, but I was kind of surprised at the mixed bag of characters that she hung out with.

Mr. Howard and Mr. Young were both divorced thirtysomethings which I could certainly see falling under her spell but they didn’t seem her type. Mrs. Kennedy, Mary, was actually a friend of my mom’s and in her early forties but recently divorced when her husband left her for another man. It was a giant blow to her ego but she was still a very attractive woman. A guy coming out of the closet was pretty much unheard of for this era and there was a certain stigma attached to a woman who lost her husband in this way.

I didn’t know if she there trying to hook up with one of the younger male teachers or had Tina hit on her as well? She was very attractive but this wasn’t the typical bar for someone in their forties. Come to think of it, the male teachers were out of place as well, looking more like leering perverts than anyone’s date. They were wearing suits but had removed their ties but still looked out of place. Tina’s youthful appearance and attitude was the only one to fit in with this crowd.

The table had several pitchers of beer already on it with plenty of clean glasses to go around so I poured out two and handed one to Ione. Tina was still standing with an arm around Ione’s waist but she didn’t seem to mind. She was telling everyone about Ione winning the State Championship while her hand was surreptitiously sliding down to the top of her ass. As thin as the cotton skirt was I knew she could feel her hand and the slight blush in her cheeks confirmed it. She took the brew and downed most of it, deftly pulling away from Tina and into my arms.

“Enough about baseball. Dance with me.” And she pulled me out onto the dance floor.

For a high school band, these guys weren’t half bad. They were covering everything from the Beatles to Pink Floyd to Led Zeppelin. We were all out on the floor dancing away but it seemed that everyone was watching someone other than the person they were dancing with. That included both me and Ione.

As much as I didn’t want anything to do with her tonight, Tina looked especially hot tonight when that skirt would flip up exposing her tight little ass. Guys were blatantly forcing their girlfriends towards her so they could get a better look. I was trying to maneuver us away from her but every time I got a little distance between us, there she was again just inches away from Ione. I couldn’t even tell for sure what guy she was dancing with or if she was just mixing with other couples to stay close to us.

I definitely knew which of us her target was and it wasn’t me. Yet I was at a loss as to how to prevent it. I knew Ione was being drawn to her and after Friday night’s outburst, I also knew she was afraid of being labeled a lesbian. But just knowing that she had been thinking about it made me aware that it had been on her mind for quite some time.

I focused on Ione now, watching her ample breasts bounce and sway with the music. Her nipples were stiff points perfectly formed against the white satin blouse. In spite of our earlier escapades, I couldn’t wait to get back to her house and lock my lips around those sweet morsels. I danced a little closer to her and made sure she could see where I was looking. She blushed again but smiled and danced into my arms just as the song was ending.

We were all sweating now from the constant dancing but the band was getting near its break time so they had switched to The Beach Boys ‘In My Room’ to slow things down. Ione quickly folded herself into my embrace like she needed protection, her fingers linking behind my neck as I rested my hands on the top of her ass. I could feel her pointy nipples as they pressed into my chest while I kissed her softly on the neck. She looked over at Tina and then moved to get me in a lip-lock when she knew she was looking.

My boner was now pressing against her tight tummy while we swayed gently to the music. Her tongue darted in and out of my mouth, teasing me to take the lead. I slowly followed her tongue until she was sucking it between her lips. We stopped dancing at that point and just stood there and kissed. Plenty of eyes were on us now and I let my hands caress her hot pink buns while I pulled her tighter to my swollen crotch.

As the music died off, Tina was right there to lead us back to the booth. ümraniye escort I had to keep Ione in front of me but fortunately Tina had us sliding into the booth as soon as we got back. The table provided all the cover that I needed. Ione looked a little confused with Tina on one side of her and me on the other side. She was turned on but I wasn’t sure if it was just from the dance or from now being so close to Tina.

Mary slid in next to me bringing a pitcher with her and filling our glasses. We all downed the first drink quickly, parched from all our gyrating under the hot lights. I hadn’t seen Mary on the dance floor and she didn’t look all that sweaty. Since Tina now had all of Ione’s attention, I decided to talk to Mary.

“So, were you dancing? You don’t look all that winded.”

“Me? No, I was just watching everyone and enjoying the music. I especially enjoyed watching you and Ione dance, if that’s what you call it.” She seemed really nervous and out of place but then this really wasn’t her type of place.

“What made you come out here if you didn’t want to dance?” I had a pretty good idea what her response would be, but I was curious if she would admit it.

“Well, Tina can be very persuasive”, she laughed. “And she thought I was too depressed to be alone for another weekend.”

She looked very glamorous in her blue V-neck dress that showed ample cleavage and extended to mid-thigh. I was sure she was wearing pantyhose to help hold in her slightly bulging tummy along with matching blue pumps. Her Chanel just added to the elegant beauty of this middle aged woman. She looked at least ten years younger than 43 years of actual age.

“I’m glad you came. It’s nice to be surrounded by beautiful women.” I smiled, genuinely meaning what I had said, and placed my hand on hers squeezing gently. She may have added a couple pounds over the years, but she had a lovely face and was wearing just enough make-up to not look like a trampy divorcee. Her Chanel with its intriguing aroma a sharp contrast to the Shalimar that Tina was wearing. Ione had come without perfume today, but her fresh scent had been just as intoxicating while we danced.

I turned to look at Ione and she was deep in conversation with Tina, their hands below the table when not taking a drink. I couldn’t tell if they were holding hands or if Tina was starting to advance her seduction already. The other two guys were off near the bar trying to hit up some girls barely out of high school. That was when I noticed Linda and her douche bag husband enter the bar. I had thought for sure they would be spending the day in bed making up for lost time.

“I’ve got to pee before the next set starts,” Ione pleaded. That was all it took for Tina to lead her out the other side of the booth towards the restroom.

“You think you can keep an eye on them for me?” I begged of Mary.

“Of course,” she winked. “I’m sure I can coax something out of my old bladder.” And she was off to join them. It was nice to see her smiling again.

“Where did everyone go?” Linda asked as she slid in next to me. “I’m pretty sure I used deodorant today. Honey, please get me a white wine before you sit down.” Slightly perturbed, he glared at me and walked to the bar.

“The ladies are all in the restroom. The guys are, well, I’m not sure what they are doing to be honest. But what drags you out of the bedroom when he just got home after all those months?”

She moved her hand to my leg, “Let’s just say he needs a break before round two. He doesn’t quite possess your staying power.”

“Does he know about us? He looked pretty pissed at me earlier today.” Jealous husbands tend to make 18-year-old boys nervous.

“He has his suspicions, but given what he was doing overseas, he is not going to bring up that subject anytime soon.” Her hand had slipped into my pants pocket and was now gripping the firm meat that ran down the side of my leg. She sighed.

“You look beautiful tonight. You know I have a soft spot for that red dress. Are you sure this is what you want to be doing right now?” I asked placing my hand on top of the one gripping my now engorged member.

“Seems to me that you have a ‘hard’ spot for this dress, and maybe for the woman wearing it. I just need a little help getting my juices flowing before we get back home. He was pretty quick on the trigger and left me a little high and dry.”

I figured we had a few minutes as slow as the bartenders were and as long as the line was at the ladies room. I unzipped my pants and removed her hand from my pocket into my crotch where she could grip the real thing with no encumberments. She quickly spread my dripping pre-cum the length of my shaft and then started massaging the swollen head. Her breathing was getting deeper and there was a glow in her red cheeks.

I moved my left hand down to the short hemline of her dress and easily slid the material northward as she spread her legs. Her silky underwear was damp, probably from his spunk kartal escort bayan but I pushed a finger against her slit and ran up until I found her swollen clit. She leaned back and closed her eyes, teeth clenched as she tried to hide her mounting excitement. She squeezed my prick while I diddled her but her orgasm came on so suddenly it surprised both of us.

Her body convulsed as we grasped each other in the dark corner but no one was close enough to witness the deed. I removed my hand and lowered her dress back down but she remained leaning back with her eyes closed and her grip on my cock now easing up. It felt good and I wouldn’t have minded if she finished me off, but I had wanted this weekend to be just about me and Ione and it was already getting out of hand. I looked towards the bar and noticed a glass of wine being poured.

I reached into my pants and helped her hand glide up and down a few more strokes before I removed it and zipped back up. Eddie was back and sliding in next to his wife a look of concern on his face.

“You all right babe? You look a little flushed.”

She opened her eyes. “Yeah, I’m fine. Just a little tired from the long day I guess.” She took the drink and downed a couple gulps. “I’m sure a little dancing will get me back into the spirit.” She smiled at him and he was none the wiser as he smiled back at her.

The girls were now coming back from the ladies room, giggling and all three holding hands. I didn’t know if they were trading stories in there or making plans for later. Eddie was leering at all of them as they approached the booth. Ione looked a bit upset when she saw Linda sitting next to me and scurried a little to make sure she got into the booth next to me. Tina was still holding her hand and followed her into the booth. That left Mary to sit next to Eddie, which he didn’t seem to mind at all.

Ione quickly placed her hand over my crotch and found my hard-on, confirming her suspicions of Linda’s seat next to mine. She gripped it tightly, too tightly to be pleasurable. I countered by sliding my right hand up her skirt to find she had ditched her panties and her pussy was as slippery as it had been earlier this afternoon. A finger quickly slid inside her and she loosened her grip on my rigid staff. Her moist cunt now gripped my finger as she tried to gently rock her hips and move the finger in and out of her lubricious cave.

I was surprised to feel a small hand cover mine and quickly turned to see Tina look at me with a defiant stare. She must have been slowly sliding her hand up Ione’s long, soft thigh thinking she was the one turning her on. I could feel the small fingers slowly rise above mine to Ione’s clit and Ione reacted by letting loose a low moan and gripping both our hands and removing them from her crotch.

Everyone at the table turned and looked at her but then the band began to tune up their instruments to get ready for their final set. Even Eddie had ripped his gaze away from Mary’s cleavage to see what was going on. Ione held on to both our gooey hands trying to defuse the situation as she got her breath back. The teaching firm of Howard and Young decided to grace us with their presence having struck out at the bar.

Mr. Howard was staring at Mary’s exposed breast flesh as he asked, “Mrs. Kennedy, may I have this dance?”

“Well, my eyes are up here, but what the hell.” She slid out of the booth and took his hand as he led her out to the garish dance floor with the flashing lights.

Eddie and Linda quickly followed and I pulled Ione out as swiftly as I could, anxious to get her away from Tina. That left Tina with Mr. Young who had this big shit-eating grin on his face as he extended his hand to her. She grabbed his arm and dragged him out to the middle of the floor and began to gyrate in front of him, shaking her hips as she danced seductively closer. As she got closer to him, her hips started shifting back and forth instead of side-to-side. When she was finally next to him, she quickly turned and began to rub her ass against his crotch in a blatantly sexual way.

He quickly took hold of her hips and began to grind back at her, oblivious to the stares of those around him. They continued to dry hump for almost a minute as the young people around them stared in shocked awe. Then Tina turned around to face him and jumped up wrapping her arms around his neck and splitting her legs wide open to catch his hips. His hands grasped the nylon clad buttocks and began to massage them while they tried to continue dancing. The problem with this stance was that Tina’s hips were up around his waist leaving his crotch area exposed. The loose fitting slacks of his suit were unable to hide the growing desire of the snake inside them.

While the young guys nearby were snickering at his plight, more than a few young girls were staring in wonder at the growing length. Tina was still humping away while he deftly massaged her ass, her breathing deep and her eyes on fire. She leaned in and bit his earlobe as he tried to lower her down into contact with his turgid member. His desperation was evident but as the song ended, she quickly broke free and turned to a tough looking young kid in jeans and a T-shirt and grabbed his hand as she pushed his stunned date over to the horny teacher.

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