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Teacher’s Pet

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I sat in the back of the classroom as I had 10 years earlier, but this time the roles were a little different. As a “parent” I was now on the adult side of parent/teacher night. But I still felt awkward and out of place. Everyone else here was older and seemed more at ease; I had already twice been mistaken for a student. I got tired of explaining that it was my little sister I was here for, and that I was here legal guardian.

My parents had divorced years ago and our father had not been a factor in 5 years, but when our mother was killed in a car wreck I had petition the court for custody of my then 12 year old sister. The judge agreed that it was in Beth’s best interest to keep as stable a life as possible after such a tragedy and that uprooting her from her friends and community to find a dead beat dad would only be detrimental. Luckily for me we had plenty of family in the surrounding area to check in on us and also to give me a chance to live the life of a health young stud in his mid-20’s while dealing a teenage girl going through puberty.

For the most part we had as healthy a family life as possible, luckily not have to deal with any of the “real-life” situations on show like Party of Five, but it did wear on my dating life. Girls were touched at first that I was willing to sacrifice as much of myself for my sister. But after a while they would get mad at me for not being able to go on weekend trips to New Orleans or going to see the Dave Matthews Band on a Wednesday night. But anyone who would make me choose between my sisters well being and their teasing blow-jobs was not worth more than 10 minutes of my time.

I had come to her high school for several meeting with guidance counselors about her college future and with a few of her teacher for one on ones about her grades, but this was the first time I had been amongst other parents. Beth’s theater class had put together a short film and all of the families were asked to come down and screen it. I figured it would be a good show of support and it would be nice to go back to the theater room that I had not been back in since my senior year.

In the middle of my junior year our drama teacher, an old hag named Mrs. Scholenberg, had quit and been replaced a fresh faced Sarah McBrill. The class quickly became the favorite of all of the guys as Ms. McBrill showed her inexperience with students and we got away with anything we wanted. It did not help any that she still had the look of a college coed. But secretly I always thought she knew just what she was doing when she would get members of the football team to work hand in hand with the chess club. And to top it all off, the girls in the class all thought of her as a close confidant.

I had jerked of quietly hundreds of times thinking of her pert tits being slowly undressed. Imaging her perfect lips begging me to fuck her. But I had never even once been canlı bahis able to look her in the eye, let alone say more than “hey Ms. McBrill” and “I gotta get to my next class”. Not that I thought she would ever have anything to do with one of her students. I mean why would a teacher risk their career for a quick fuck with a lankly kid from 5th period. (But looking back as I hear on the news more and more often about teacher giving students “extra credit” work…)

When I first entered the classroom I realized it had not changed much in the 10 years of my absence. Ms McBrill, now Mrs. Johnson had not aged badly at all. With only the slight wisps of gray touching her hair and an even smaller crow’s feet gracing her ageless face, but her figure had filled out oh so nicely. She said she did not remember me exactly, but with a little prodding I brought back some of those memories of her first class. She smiled at me as though she truly cared but quickly asked me to be seated as she greeted the next set of parents who came into to the classroom.

The back of the class had always suited me well. Not that I was a bad student, it was just that I found it easier to escape the nerd title while still working on my schoolwork. I even found at time that the jocks in the back of the class would protect me around school in exchange for “helping” them with some of their schoolwork. But now I found myself returning out of habit to my old seat next to the A/V platform.

Mrs. Johnson addressed us all once all of the parents had arrived, but I did not pay much attention as I found myself looking around the room at all of the older ladies and their husbands. I compared myself to all of the men and wondered in my head which of their wives I could have my way with. None of the students had been asked to attend, as this was to be a time for the adults to come together without any of the high school cliques taking over. But I still was alienated at the back of the room, but I was happy there ogling a couple of milfs. Still no one really compared to Mrs. Johnson who was dressed rather conservatively, but unlike everyone else in the room I had seen her in tighter more formfitting clothes and that image re-emerged to the front of my mind bring with it a semi-erection.

Mrs. Johnson came to the back of the room and dimmed the lights before she started the film. She had warned us that the content of the film was a little racier than things most of the parents would have been doing for a class assignment when they were in school, but the school board had finally okayed the project. Mrs. Johnson had staked a lot of her career on this project, but she had secretly hoped that she would get fired standing up for it. The story was of a trio of friends who had taken their friendship to the next level but were afraid of what society would think of their openness. People had initially balked at the thought bahis siteleri of swinging high schoolers, but certain skeletons in closets keep a lot of the noise down.

As the film started Mrs. Johnson took a seat next to the projector which just happened to put her right next to me. Initially with the lights down I could not see anyone, but as my eyes adjusted I caught a glimpse of Mrs. Johnson fidgeting in her chair. I figured she did not really care to watch the film and was just antsy, and as for me, Beth’s acting role was over in the opening scene, so I my mind started to drift.

As the film continued to drone on I wondered how many fathers had drifted off to sleep and how many mothers were working on shopping lists in their head. And as I glanced around the room my eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw Mrs. Johnson with her dress hiked up and a hand defiantly on the teacher’s pet!

I jerked my attention back to the movie and checked my sanity. Surely this prim teacher was not masturbating in the back of a classroom full of parents. It had to be my mind releasing years of fantasies on me all at once. But the more I thought about it the more I wanted to slip a glance back at her. But how? It had been along time since I practiced my sly peeks, but if ever there was a chance to use it was now.

Using the tried and true yawn, sigh and stretch, I rotated my head slowly around the room finishing in the direction of my former drama instructor. To my horror and amazement she was staring directly at me. I wanted to jerk my head back to the screen but her gaze held me still. And more to the point, her hand buried under her dress held my attention. My cock immediately woke in a way I had not known in years. Here was one of my best wet dreams sitting next to me come to life.

Slowly Sarah took her hand out from under her dress. The air that had previously been filled with the stale smell of businessmen’s sweat, hair spray and chalk suddenly was filled with the sweet musk of cunt juices. She then extended her delicate hand under my nose and the scent almost knocked me to the floor.

It had been a long since I had been this close to a woman this hot and I was not going to let my old adolescent fears stop me now. I reached up taking her hand in a firm grip. Slowly filling my nostrils with her aroma and then gently rubbing her fingers across my lips before I took them into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around her fingers savoring the flavor of her pussy. I could tell she was enjoying it by the way she relaxed her wrist in my hand. But I was not sure what she wanted me to do next in this room full of people. I knew I wanted to bend her over the desk and fuck the dogshit out of her ‘til she cried my name in exhaulted joy, but was that really an option? Did she really want to get fired that badly? How would that affect my sister school life?

Then Sarah answered bahis şirketleri my thoughts for me. She with drew her fingers from my mouth and drew my hand down to her cunt. It was burning hot and sopping wet. I did not care if it was me or if she just wanted anyone at that moment, my fingers knew just what to do in a dark theater with a wanton slut. Since she had already gotten herself hot I figured there was no sense wasting time and I dove right in. Two fingers buried deep into her and she clasped her thighs tight with a shudder. But that was just the start for her aching cunt. As I rotated my digits in small deep circles insider her, I pushed my thumb up to her bud of pleasure.

More and more juices flowed around my fingers as I massaged the top of her cunt with my pinky and thumb coaxing her clit to full attention. This technique had rarely failed for me but I did not want to disturb anyone who was enjoying the movie so I slowed it down. But Sarah would have none of that as she pressed firmly on the back of my fingers with her hand.

I looked at her face and could not believe the her stone-face as she patiently watched her students product while below her pussy was starting to contract around two of my fingers. Shocked I wanted to see how long she could keep this up. So I pressed harder and faster. And she pushed with her hand harder and harder. My eyes glued to her face not caring if anyone in the room saw me staring at her with a hand disappearing under her dress, I had to make this hard faced slut cum all over my fingers.

She slid her legs a little wider, which gave me the opportunity to readjust my hand. I tried to slip one of my soaked fingers further under her towards her ass, but she quickly pulled my hand back up into “proper” position. So I jammed 4 fingers into her cunt and put my thumb back on her swollen cunt.

Apparently that was the key her body had been waiting for. Her cunt spasmed wildly on my fingers and her clit grew even bigger as blood rushed to her boiling cunt. Her legs quivered ever so slightly but still the look on her face was that of someone telling their mother of a walk in the park.

My cock ached for release as beads of perspiration dripped down my forehead. I knew there was no way I would get relief in this room at this moment. The film was drawing to a close from what my sister had told me about it so I pried my hand away from her sopping cunt. The suction was so loud I thought some one would turn around so I quickly went into a coughing fit. This gave me the perfect chance to taste her cum as I brought my hand to my mouth.

Sarah straightened out her dress as the movie ended. She turned the lights back on and fielded question with the grace and dignity of a southern woman not like a whore who had just ridden my hand to orgasm. Every time she looked in my direction I could swear I would die from her eat shit look. As time drew to leave I wanted to ask her what had just happened but I was taught never to look a gift horse in the mouth (or whatever the fuck that meant) but she crossed that bridge for me.

To be continued…

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