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Teaching Chantelle Ch. 04

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The story thus far: My friend Chantelle and I had a lot of sexual conversations over a couple of years during work trips (see the Prologue). After moving away with her boyfriend, on one return trip I convinced her buy a vibrator for the first time, and then proceed to teach her how to use it (Chapter 1). In turn, she learned to use it on me, and we ended up in a great 69 (Chapter 2). A year later, she invited me to join her and Tom in a threesome (Chapter 3). This chapter picks up a few months later.


I was going to get to visit Chantelle and Tom!

When I concentrated on it, the thought sent small shocks through me. It had been several months since Tom, Chantelle, and I had shared a bed, and more. They had returned home, and I had returned to my ordinary life, but my fantasies and private “personal moments” continued to be fueled by memories of the scents, tastes, and sensations of those three sex-filled days with them. I just didn’t know when, or if, we’d ever get together again, as our respective work schedules were crazy.

When an opportunity came up to attend a conference only two hours away from them, I jumped at the chance, and emailed Chantelle to see if I could come visit their new house. The response was immediate:We want company! And by the way, how long can you stay?

In fact, the thought of a visit didn’t just send shocks through me, but gave me clammy palms and sparked thoughts that made my cock twitch.

And when I worked out my schedule to find that nothing was going on at work the next week, well…that got me thinking about my stamina and just how many ways and for how long we could entertain each other. I managed to extend my trip for four days after the conference, so I could fly back Wednesday instead of Saturday.

I’d heard about Tom and Chantelle’s house – big shower (with massage), king-sized bed, private deck with hot tub and grill, neighborhood pool… and all recent construction. Man, house prices in the southwest were cheap! Let’s see, hot tub first night, or second? Skinny dipping? The great outdoors? So many places, so little time. I knew Chantelle told me they’d broken in every room of the house. I doubted I could do that in 4 days, but I could try to make a dent at least.

Most important – I was going to see Chantelle!


Then the bottom fell out. Or so I thought.

“Shit! You’ve got to be kidding. You know how much I’ve been looking forward to this, Chantelle.”

“We can’t help it! Tom can’t say no. He’s got to do what his boss tells him to!”

“But… Goddamnit!” I was storming around my office on the phone. “I know, it’s not his fault, but I’m not going to get out there again for a long time. Since I can’t come, I’ve gotta change my tickets, all kinds of stuff. And I don’t know when I’ll see you!”

“Oh, wait wait wait, stop… I didn’t sayyoucouldn’t come! Just thathewouldn’t be able to be here!”

Oh.I felt like an idiot.

“Oh. Uh, OK. Damn, I feel stupid. I can still come?”

“Yes! I wasn’t going to uninvite you. We talked about it, and Tom thinks you’re still going to come. He’s really sorry, there’s just nothing he can do. Unless he wants to quit his job. And don’t be offended, but you weren’t THAT good.”

“Hah, hah.” I was coming down off my adrenaline. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to freak out. I’ve just been really looking forward to seeing you guys.”

“Us, too. And believe me, I still am. I don’t think we need to change much of our plans, just Tom won’t be here.”

Hmm. Me and Chantelle alone for the weekend?”OK, well, I’ll relax, then.”

“Good. I can’t wait for you to get here. Tom is leaving Wednesday before you get here. So I’ll have a couple of days to get reallyreadyfor you.”Was that a little double entendre there?

“OK, so, I’ll just see you in ten days?”

“Yup! You have our address, you should be able to just mapquest it. Call when you get close.”

“OK then. See you soon!”

“Bye Dave.”



It was hard to keep my mind on the conference for the two days I was there. Lunches with buddies and talking about business, no matter how fun in a professional sense, didn’t hold a candle to Chantelle. Without Tom present, I didn’t know whether to think anything was still likely to go on between us, but I sure hoped so. I texted her a few times at breaks in the conference, and she texted back a few tidbits.

“House is clean!”

“Bed is made!”

“Hot tub ready!”

“Shower ready!”

Mostly par for the course, but I liked that last one.Maybe, just maybe…

Finally, I checked out of the hotel and started driving the two hours to her house. I hit some traffic, but finally got there just as it got close to dinnertime. After sitting in traffic, I needed to freshen up a little before I arrived, and managed to stop at a rest area canlı bahis just a few miles before her exit (thank you Highway Beautification Act!).

When I finally pulled in to Chantelle’s driveway, the door to the house opened and Chantelle ran out.She must have been waiting for me,I thought. And as soon as I stepped out of the car, she gave me a hug.

“I thought you’d never make it!”

“Me neither, I am ready to be out of that damn rental car. My butt is actually sore!”

“Oh, poor baby. Maybe I’ll give it a massage. But not out here! What would the neighbors say?!”

“Nosy neighbors?”

“Nah, not really.” We went inside and Chantelle closed the door behind us. “They’re all really nice, and they watch out for me when Tom’s away. But still, there’s only so much I want them gossiping about. And with the greeting I really want to give you… they’d gossip.”

With that, Chantelle took my bag from my hand, set it down, wrapped her arms around me, and planted her mouth square on mine. She wrapped one leg around me, pressing me into to her. After a minute, she pulled back and said, “Nowthat’show I wanted to say hello. I’ve missed you so much!”Wow. You think?

“I’ve missed you too. I’ve thought about you a lot, and, uh, about all of us actually.”

“I hope so! Come on, lemme me show you around.” Chantelle took my hand and took me through the house. It was very nice, just as I’d expected. The kitchen was spacious (“I’ve really started to do a lot of cooking. My friend Jess has been showing me a lot of tricks.”) The guest room was nice (“You can stay here if you like…”) but the master bedroom was even nicer (“… but I was hoping you might want to stay in here.”) The shower was huge (“Yeah, we could have a small party in there if we had enough people!”). The deck and hot tub were secluded, and the backyard had a view of the sun starting to go down (“Can we go for a dip before dinner Chantelle? I could use some relaxing after the drive.”).

When the tour was finally done, the hot tub beckoned, along with a cold drink. I asked if she was sure it was OK if I stayed in the master bedroom with her, and she guaranteed me it was fine. “I sleep better when I’m not alone,” was all she said in explanation. I was guessing at this point that there’d be more than sleeping, but I wasn’t pushing it yet. So I unpacked, found my swimsuit, and got ready to change.

“Sure you want a suit?” Chantelle kind of smirked at me.

“At least to start,” I smirked right back.

With the characteristic lack of modesty I’d observed in her, Chantelle didn’t see any need to leave while I changed. When it became clear she wasn’t leaving, I proceeded to strip down and put on my suit. I’m sure she got an eyeful – just as she’d intended, I’ll bet.

“I’ll see you out there?”

“Be there in a sec, Dave.”

I went out to the kitchen and made us gin and tonics at the kitchen bar, then headed out to the hot tub with our drinks. I slid down into the water, letting the stress of the last day of the conference and the drive float away. The water was warm enough to be very nice, but not so hot that I was going to have to jump out again right away. I just relaxed with my eyes closed until the door opened as Chantelle came out.

Looking up, I did a double take. Chantelle had put her hair up in a clip and had on a bikini. She wasn’t wearing something blatant like a thong – it was a regular string bikini with just a triangle of fabric over her crotch, but it was not a big triangle, was down low, and I imagined that she must have been continuing to shave that bikini line.I wonder how far?Her body made me catch my breath – from her bikini bottom, her flat belly (with just enough baby fat to make her luxuriously soft) led me up to her B-cup breasts, which rounded out her wraparound top wonderfully.

“You look great,” I whispered as my mouth went dry and my stomach dropped. I wasn’t sure if she heard me, but she looked down, then back at me with a little shy smile and just said “Thanks.” She took her drink and climbed into the hot tub across from me. I was still taking in the sight of her as she looked at me appraisingly across her drink.

I tried to keep my mind on something other than her, or I was afraid I’d just climb across the hot tub on top of her. I looked around. “Nice view. Nice sunset. Very romantic.”

“Yes, it is.” Chantelle looked behind her at the sun going down behind the mountains. “It’s nice to sit out here and watch sometimes.”

“Do you want to sit over here? You can’t really see the sunset from there.”

“But then I can’t see you! But OK.” She shifted to my side of the hot tub. I took her hand to keep her from slipping, and pulled her to the seat beside me.

We sat for a minute, looking at the colors in the clouds. “Yup,” I said. “Very romantic. It just makes me want to do… this.” I tipped Chantelle’s face up to mine, leaned over, and kissed her, slowly. She responded, her lips playing bahis siteleri across my lips, her tongue coming out just enough to wet my lips, and then darting into my mouth. It was a continuation of the kiss she’d started to give when I arrived, but now longer, wetter, and with fewer clothes. I trailed my fingers from her hair to her neck, down over her bare upper chest, to her left breast. I cupped her breast, and with my thumb I could feel her nipple pressing through the swimsuit top. The fact that she didn’t stop me made hopeful that the weekend of sex I’d anticipated with her and Tom was going to be able to continue with just her.

I gave Chantelle small kisses, slowly, on one side of her mouth, then the other. I slid my hand back up a little, and then down again, this time sliding it inside the cup of her swimsuit. Chantelle arched a little, pushing her breast into my hand harder. I continue to kiss her as I rolled her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Then she reached up behind her neck and tugged on the string of her bikini top, then pulling down to expose both breasts. I broke our kiss to lean down and suck her right nipple into my mouth at the water line as I continued to play with her left on with my fingers. Both nipples were hard.

I was starting to get hard under the water. Chantelle put her hand on my cock through my swimsuit. “Looks like we’re both happy to see each other,” she quipped, grasping me in her hand. Then she slid her hand down over my leg and up inside the leg of my suit. I jumped when she reached my balls. She stroked them briefly before sliding her hand up over my cock. Our angles were starting to get a little awkward, since I was still trying to suck her nipples, so I sat up, allowing her better access while I kissed her lips again.

Chantelle’s hand felt great on my cock, but the angle was still off a bit. Chantelle stood up and pulled me to my feet. She ran her hands down over my chest to the top of my trunks, then pushed them down. My cock was fully erect between us, and she took it in her hand again. Then she got down on her knees in front of me and, looking up into my eyes, stuck out her tongue to swirl it over the head. “Mmmm.” Still looking up at me, Chantelle slowly took me into her mouth. She put one hand behind my buttocks and pulled me in closer to her, slowly. When I was sure I must be at the back of her throat, she reversed course, and I felt my cock slide out of her warm mouth. She put her hand at the base of my cock, and began sliding it as I entered her warm mouth again.

“God, Chantelle,” I murmured. Her mouth felt good on my cock. She had the ability to suck me in all the way to the back of her throat, then keep up the pressure with her lips and tongue as I slid back out most of the way. It felt different, but so good. With all the anticipation I’d had, I knew I wouldn’t last long. I told her, and she smiled and said, “I know.” She didn’t slacken her pace, and in a matter of minutes I erupted in her mouth. She kept me in her mouth as I came, licking her lips and sucking the head of my cock one last time as I finished. I was panting, leaning on the side of the hot tub, and gradually sank back down in the water. She sat next to me, and I wiped a drop of cum off her lip, then kissed her.

“Phew. I wasn’t quite expecting that!”

She laughed. “It’s been months, Dave. I’ve missed you.” She gave a playful tug on my softening cock. “And I’ve had the past few days to anticipate.”

“I didn’t know you were anticipating quite that much, sexy girl.”

“Oh, yea, I was. And today? I’ve been ready for you to get here.”

“Oh, really? Ready, or, um,ready?”

She laughed. “Really, really,ready. I think my waxer even noticed it yesterday. I was pretty sensitive and already damp when she was opening me up. She kind of gave me this look.”

“Wow. Freshly waxed? Mmmm.” I leaned over to whisper in her ear. “Any chance I could get to see it?”

“I think maybe. If you’re interested. Are you ready to go in?”

“Sure, let’s go.”

I followed Chantelle back into the kitchen. The inside of the house was warmer than the outside now that the evening air had started to cool down. As Chantelle set down our glasses, I wrapped one towel around my hips, and then another around Chantelle. She turned to face me, and I caught her in a hug and pulled her in for another kiss.

As we kissed, I reached down and began to caress her ass through her towel. “Mmm,” she murmured. I began to pull up the towel with my fingers until I had it high enough that I could reach her bikini bottom. As I pushed it down over her hips, Chantelle moved her legs, and it fell easily to the floor. I caressed her bare skin, stroking it with my fingertips, and I felt her shiver. Then I grasped the cheeks of her ass and separated them, exposing her rosebud. She gave a little gasp as the air hit her.

After a moment, I slid my hand around, over Chantelle’s hip and through the opening in bahis şirketleri the towel. I stroked my fingers along her lower belly, over the top of her pubis. I began to stroke down further, rubbing the flat of my fingers over her smooth, hairless skin. I moved to kissing her neck, and her mouth parted and I could hear her breath in my ear as I moved my fingers closer to her slit. “So smooth…” I murmured.

Finally my fingers ran across her upper lips. Chantelle parted her legs, encouraging me to go farther down. I slid down over her lips, and then pulled back up, gradually starting to open her. Reaching back down again, I slid my finger between her lips and into her.Oh God.She was soaked, and I thought I could feel her wetness running out onto my hand as I penetrated her. My finger thoroughly wet, I began to rub between her lips, bringing it up to her clit. She gasped as I began to rub circles around and over it. Her hips began to push against my hand, and her hand grasped my head, pulling me back to her lips for a more urgent kiss.

“You’re so smooth Chantelle,” I whispered through her kisses. “And so wet.”

“Yess… ” she hissed, starting to breath more heavily. I could tell it wouldn’t take much to push her over the edge. I wanted her to cum, but I wanted to see her up close. Breaking myself away from her mouth, I lifted her up to place her butt on the island, and leaned her back on her elbows. I then moved down until my head was between her legs and I could see what I was playing with.Yumm.Naked, pink, wet: there she was, waiting for me. I swiped my tongue over her slit, then dipped into her pussy, probing as deeply into her as I could. Then I slid my tongue up to her clit, and began licking and sucking as I replaced my tongue with a finger in her pussy. Already close, Chantelle began to moan. As I licked back down towards her pussy, she grasped my hair in her hand and pulled me back to her clit. I began running my tongue just up and down over her clit as she said “Oh.. Yes… right there, right there…” I replaced one finger with two, working them into her soaking pussy. As I pushed them deep into her and wiggled, I sucked her clit into my mouth and licked faster. She moaned and began to thrust her hips against my head, pulling me tighter to her, her legs closing around me as she came.

I continued to lick her clit until she reached down to push me away from her pussy. After she released me, I gave one last gentle lick to Chantelle’s clit, and moved back up to kiss her as I had her sit up. I was a bit surprised that she had no reluctance to kiss me even after I’d gone down on her, and we shared several passionate kisses as I slowly withdrew my fingers from her. I knew I tasted like her, and although I remembered she’d been with another woman once or twice when she was younger, wasn’t sure this would translate to kissing me after I’d gone down on her.

She shivered as I exited her, and we just remained still for a few minutes, holding each other.

“Whew,” she said after a minute. “Was that my hostess gift?”

I smacked my head. “A hostess gift? Damn, I knew I forgot something.”

She laughed. “No worries, baby. I’ll just make you earn your keep some other way.”

She hopped down off the island and looked around the kitchen. “I’m a little hungry. Do you want to grab some food? I’m not sure I have anything here for a nice meal.”

“Sure, that sounds good.” We went into the bedroom and got dressed. I took a minute to gently wipe off Chantelle’s pussy with a warm washcloth before she put on her thong. “I really, really like this, Chantelle.” I gave it a little stroke as I said this.

“Thanks, I like it too. But – HEY! None of that right now, we need to have dinner.”

“Oh, OK, maybe later.”

“Yes, yes, later. Let’s go.” Chantelle put on a leather mini-skirt, something I hadn’t seen before, and a white tank top. Simple, elegant, hot.

And out we went.


Being in the southwest, we ended up at a good Mexican restaurant, sitting next to each other in a booth in a dim back corner. We got caught up on news and what we were both up to, but there were definitely overtones of closeness that we both felt. Little things – touching hands, our legs up against each other, lots of things you’d associate with us being a couple – except that we weren’t. Well, maybe we were for the weekend. We were certainly acting like it. The tables had tablecloths, and at one point, I ran my hand up Chantelle’s thigh almost to her pussy. “Stop that!” She gave my hand a little smack.

The rest of dinner was pretty typical. We discussed what we were going to do over the next couple of days. If the weather was nice enough, we planned to hit the zoo, and maybe a baseball game, or some museums if it ended up raining. [We talked about how we expected to be in bed a lot too, but agreed we couldn’t quite do that 24 hours a day.] We also talked about dinner the next night.

“I was thinking we could cook dinner at home, and invite Jess over to make it with us. What do you think?”

“Your cooking friend? Sure, sounds like fun. We’ll just go shopping for ingredients tomorrow.”

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