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Teaching Jenna to Come Ch. 02

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Jenna bent over the sink, scrubbing each dish as past the point of cleanliness and then some. Scraping away at her guilt. It had been almost a week since she’d gotten herself off on this same exact counter with the gentle coaching of her sister’s husband, Tucker.

So far she’d managed to avoid coming back to this place….until now. That orgasm was the first she’d ever had, but it was more than that. With it she’d released the pent up frustration from her failed, unsatisfying marriage, feelings of guilt for not having been able to make it work, the fear that she’d never find anything better.

In other words, it was good fucking orgasm. That fact that her brother-in-law had essentially coached her through it, guiding her, watching her, was not incidental. He hadn’t touched her, but his participation had felt central. It was more intimate than anything she’d ever done with her ex-husband.

She’d been focused on her own pleasure, but she’d noticed the bulge in his pants grow has he watched her play with her nipples and pussy, the way his his hand rubbed against it as his eyes wandered over her body.

She thought about the way it felt to have him watching her so intently while she touched herself when she went back to her room that night and got herself off one more time. She’d been getting herself off thinking about it ever since.

She could barely look her sister in the face when they all had dinner tonight. She couldn’t even look in Tucker’s direction. It was so bad she’d gotten up to excuse herself from dessert early to come to the kitchen and do these dishes. Make herself useful, repent for her sins, but also to be alone with her thoughts for a little bit. It was exhausting spending so much time ensuring her face didn’t reflect what was on her mind.

She was so caught up in the thought that she didn’t notice him walk up next to her at the sink. “Think you got that one clean enough, Jenn?” he teased her.

“Cleanliness, godliness….something like that is what I’m going for. How am I doing?” Caught off guard, she spoke softly, betraying that she wasn’t feeling as confident as the words suggested. She may have been speaking to him, but her body stayed squarely facing the sink, holding onto the sponge like her life depended on it.

“You get an A plus in my book,” he leaned into her. “Cleanest dishes this house has seen in a long time. Seems like it’s taking a lot of energy, though. You wana talk about it?”

“Honestly?” she asked. “I’m so fucking confused gaziantep escort about what happened last week. I can’t stop thinking about it. My marriage just ended, I have no business getting in the middle of yours…” Her voice shook a little and she stopped, pulling a soapy hand up to her forehead.

He stood up from his lean on the counter and walked up behind her slowly. He put one hand on each side of her and leaned in so she could feel his breath on the back of her neck. She refused to look at him, but he was impossible to ignore in this position. How little power she had to move away, and how aware her body was of his. She didn’t want to want him so badly. But she couldn’t help it. The chemistry was insane.

“I do not want you to feel guilty about any of this, you hear me? A — you did nothing wrong, and B — you have enough on your mind without worrying about my and Jessica’s marriage. Our sorry set of problems existed before you played with your pretty little tits on our kitchen counter, and they will continue afterwards. That, my dear, is what it means to be married.”

“Yea,” she said, her voice softer now, huskier. “I just can’t stop thinking about it….” She knew this was the moment to walk away. Plead guilty, beg forgiveness, go back to the table where her sister sat with her children and their parents. But his body had her trapped, and she could feel all of his heat, zeroing in on her. She could feel her pussy begin to throb.

“I know. Everytime I close my eyes I picture you touching yourself right here on this counter. It’s making me crazy, Jenn. You’re so fucking sexy. I can’t stop wondering what it would be like to touch you like that,” his voice trailed off. They were clearly in dangerous territory.

The dining room wasn’t far from the kitchen, but it didn’t sound like anyone had noticed they were gone. She could vaguely hear her sister yelling things at one of the kids.

“You’ve been thinking about what? Playing with my tits…?” she asked him. She leaned back into him and could feel his hard cock pressing into the top of her ass. She shifted her weight, grinding against it subtly. She could feel her pussy getting wetter.

He grabbed her hair and pulled it back, off her neck. He pressed his mouth into it, kissing her, then biting. “I’ve been thinking about playing with your nipples. Trailing my hands down, sliding your pants off and eating your tight pussy right here on this countertop,” he growled into her neck. “I gaziantep escort haberleri can’t stop thinking about how good you would taste.”

A little moan escaped her mouth. She pushed her ass back into him harder. There was no denying his cock was rock hard and big. She could tell just by feeling it press into her that it was bigger than any cock that had ever been inside her.

He slid his hand up her side, across her stomach, up to her tit. Roughly, hungrily, he grabbed her, squeezing it, appreciating its weight in his hand before circling in on her nipple.

Jenna’s bra was lacy and sheer. She could feel every movement as his fingers explored her body, pulling on her nipples, teasing them and pinching them until they stood at full attention.

“Do you like that? When they’re my hands playing with your tits, instead of your own?”

“Mmm, Tucker,” she moaned. “It feels so fucking good to have your hands on my body. I’ve been fantasizing about this….” She arched her back, pushing her soft ass more firmly against him, leaning her head into his shoulder. He brought his mouth back to her neck, moving from licking and kissing to nibbling on her neck. His fingers reached in through the top of her shirt and were on her skin now, under the lacy bra. His touch was firm, pinching and pulling her nipples. Nobody had touched her like this, so possessively and confidently, before. She realized how completely helpless she felt to resist him. She let out another little moan and ran her hand back behind her, rubbing his cock over his jeans.

“I want you to use your mouth,” she whispered. He spun her around, kissed her for the first time on her mouth, then on her neck, her collarbone, and downwards. He pulled her breast out of her shirt, out of the bra, and placed his mouth firmly on her hard nipple. He flicked his tongue back and forth quickly, then slowly began to suck, then bite her nipple. He bit her just hard enough, where it hurt, but she could handle the pain.

Jenna could feel the heat and wetness radiating from her pussy. She was practically dripping down her skirt. She grabbed his other hand and placed it up her skirt on top of her panties. “Fuck me with your fingers,” she begged him. “I want to feel you inside me.”

Expertly, he pushed her panties to the side. His hands moved slowly, zeroing in on her clit and making small, deliberate circles around it. At the same time, he moved his mouth over to her gaziantep escort hikayeleri other breast, showing the other nipple the same love and dedicated attention he’d shown the first. She released the breath she’d been holding and moaned deeply into the top of his head.

“You have to be so quiet,” he ordered her.

“Mmhmm,” she told him. “Silent.”

He slipped one, then two fingers inside of her, moving slowly at first, so he could feel every inch of her tight, wet pussy around his fingers. He rubbed her clit with his thumb, and he could tell when he found the rhythm she liked, he could feel her muscles clench around the two that were inside her.

“Fuck me harder,” she whispered, barely audible. “They’re going to be looking for us soon, and I want you to make me cum.”

He bit down slowly on her nipple, hard enough he could feel her squirm, and he pressed his fingers farther up into her, his hand firmly on her body, holding her down and in place. And then he gave her what she wanted, fucking her hard and fast with his fingers, sucking hard on her tit so she could feel how bad he wanted her, how much control he had over her.

Her pussy clenched and dripped. He could hear how fucking wet she was, how ready for him her whole body was. For a moment he worried it was too much, he was fucking her too hard and hurting her, but she must have sensed him hesitate because she bucked her hips at him, telling him with her body not to slow down for anything.

And then he felt it — her whole body tensed around him, her pussy muscles moving in waves. Despite her promises of silence, a low, rolling moan escaped her lips, and he felt her body lose its tension in his arms.

They leaned for a moment like that, slack, lazy bodies holding each other. Under any other circumstances would roll around and continue exploring each other’s bodies, basking in how good they both felt about that incredible orgasm he’d just given her. Under other circumstances, it would be her turn to return the favor. But these were not those circumstances, and they were both suddenly aware of how exposed they were if anyone were to walk into the kitchen.

“Mmmmmm,” she said. “I think you’ve done that before.” And she kissed his head softly, running her hands down his back as she arched back one more time. “You probably want to wash your hands before re-joining us at the dinner table,” she teased.

“The woman of many suggestions…” he teased her back.

“Haaa,” she laughed, gathering her hair and her clothes back into place. “I think my suggestions have been pretty good up until this point. But next time I want your cock…”

And she walked slowly back into the dining room where her sister, the kids and their parents all waited, knowing full well he was devouring every inch of her with his eyes as she walked away.

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