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Teaching Taboo Style

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My sister Sara and I have been sharing an apartment for just over a year now, and it has gone surprisingly well. That said, walking in on each other in the middle of some salacious act of one kind or another has been common enough that we have given up trying to avoid it.

I hear the familiar sound of my sister’s key in the deadbolt and the click of the lock opening. The hot Latina swallowing my cock startles like a teenager getting caught making out under the high school bleachers, and I can’t help but laugh a little.

“That’s just my sister, relax.” And I guide my cock back into her mouth. She makes that unique gagging sound that is universally recognized as coming from choking on a big cock but continues sucking and stroking without breaking her rhythm. Compensating for her inexperience, she takes my thick cock with enthusiasm and determination making me even harder. I let out a bit of a moan as they walk by, placating the exhibitionist in me.

Making their way to my Sara’s bedroom I can hear her telling her new acquisition of the night, “That’s just my brother. He’s got a thing for being sucked off in places people will see. It’s amazing what girls will do if you buy them a few drinks.”

My sister’s friend stops to watch as the girl picks up the tempo, cupping my balls in her hands while I fuck her mouth. She takes the length of my erection down her throat with each stroke, and it feels amazing. I love an audience, but my sister takes her one-night stand by the arm to lead him past the show and into her bedroom. He looks back over her shoulder eager to see more, and that’s all it takes to push me over the edge. Letting out a moan I’m sure can be heard throughout the apartment, I explode in her mouth. Hot cum spills onto her tongue as she tries unsuccessfully to swallow the whole load. Holding her head in my hands, my body trembles until the wave of ecstasy washes over me.

We make eye contact, and she has that, “what now?” look on her face, wiping cum from the corner of her mouth.

“Well, it would appear you like cock after all. Congratulations on giving your first blowjob. I told you if you gave guys a try you might like it.”

I’m amused as she gathers up her things and leaves. I honestly don’t even know her name. She is a self-proclaimed lesbian that got drunk with me at the local dive bar, and she wanted to taste a cock for the first time. I love being in the right place at the right time.

Even more than lucky timing, I love when people watch and my favorite voyeur is my sister, although I would never tell her that.

After our parents decided to tie the knot, my stepmom and stepsister moved in with us. I was nine and she was seven at the time, and it felt awkward having girls in the house. As we got older, I started to really take notice and found myself attracted to her before I knew what to do about it. I’ve watched her develop from a nerdy little buck-toothed girl to a sexy and seductive woman over the years. I spent many nights masturbating to images of her body flashing through my mind, like a collage of her various stages of development. My imagination ran wild with thoughts of what she must look like naked, and what I would do to her if she wasn’t my sister. Watching her flat chest blossom into luscious round tits made my young cock hard, and I did my best to only steal glimpses in passing. Staring at my sister’s tits would be beyond inappropriate. Her hips and ass transformed her figure from boyish to one that drove boys and men wild, me included.

To this day I am definitely hot for her, and I wage a mental war against wanting her and respecting societal morays. We may not be related by blood, but she certainly feels safe around me. Safe enough to walk around in her bra and panties like I don’t exist. Part of me wonders if she does it on purpose to get me hot. I sometimes think she wants me too, until the voice of reason jumps in, and in a sobering voice says, “She’s your sister and she doesn’t want you to fuck her.”

What the fuck does the voice know anyways?

I stop daydreaming and snap back to reality. Heading off to shower, I hear a heated conversation coming from Sara’s room. I stop to listen, partially out of curiosity and partially because I want to make sure everything’s okay.

Their voices escalate to argument levels, and I decide to step in. Sara may be a bar slut, but she’s still my baby sister. I open the door and see Sara on her knees wearing nothing but her thong panties. She has tears in her soft blue eyes and mascara running down her cheeks. Standing in front of her is Mr. “I don’t give a fuck what his name is” with a limp cock and his pants around his ankles.

“Why the fuck is my sister crying, asshole?” I demand menacingly.

Before he answers my sister kapalı gaziantep escort jumps in, “Dumbass didn’t have a condom, so I told him he can’t fuck me. I offered him a blow job, but he apparently can’t manage keeping his tiny cock hard and he’s blaming me.”

He doesn’t take the insult lightly and is clearly restraining himself from backhanding her, with the only thing holding him back being the fear of what I would do in retaliation.

“It’s like getting a blowjob from a shark, all tooth and no lips. I don’t need this shit!” he says looking at me as if I’m supposed to be sympathetic. I guess there’s a bro code but that doesn’t apply when it comes to my baby sister.

“Put your fucking dick away and get the fuck out of here. You make my sister cry again and I’ll fucking break you. Do we have an understanding?” He scrambles to pull up his pants and runs out the door.

With him out of the way I can focus on Sara and find out what the fuck is going on. Sara springs to her feet, wrapping her arms around my neck and burying her face against my shoulder. I hold her close until she calms down and I try to be supportive and sympathetic, but her nearly nude body against me feels amazing. Her round firm tits pressed against me is more than enough to make me hard and I have to adjust my position to make sure she doesn’t feel my erection.

“You know he’s right.” Sara mumbles in a low voice, like she’s a child confessing to raiding the cookie jar. “I’m terrible at giving head. Every guy I’ve ever blown told me so.”

“C’mon, you can’t be that bad.” I respond awkwardly, unsure if she is looking for reassurance or advice.

Sara pulls back with a look of determination on her face, and confidently announces, “I’ve just had an epiphany and I know what I need to do.”

Frankly, it’s hard to take her seriously, standing there in a thong about to make a declaration of some sort. All I can think of is how badly I want to ravage her, sister or not.

“I’m going to talk to cousin Beth. In our “girl talk” conversations, she is always talking about how much she loves sucking dick. I’m going to ask her to teach me.”

That’s actually not a bad idea.” I’m thinking you have to learn somehow and they don’t teach cock sucking in high school sex education.

I’m so hard it aches, and I can’t wait to get into the shower and relieve the tension. It only takes a few strokes before I release what feels like an endless stream of cum. Fuck, she has to know what she’s doing to me. Can she really be that naïve?

The memory of her soft skin and firm breasts pressed against me occupies my mind for the next two days. I come home to find Sara and Beth sitting in the living room, and I can only imagine that Sara is getting a lesson. Good for her.

“Hey Beth, I haven’t seen you for a long minute. What are you up to?”

“The usual bullshit,” she says. “Although today I’m trying to play teacher and educate Sara about the finer nuances of oral sex.”

“Well how is that going?” I ask. “I’m sure that if anyone can help her it’s you Beth. Every bathroom wall in town attests to your oral prowess.”

“Well, first of all that’s hilarious. Second, fuck you. Third, not so well. We need to go all the way back to the basics which is entirely unexpected. After hearing what happened the other night, I think we are going to need a test subject.”

“You need a test subject?”

“I need feedback. Sucking a dildo doesn’t help. Can we borrow your cock? It would be for educational purposes.”

“Did you forget, I’m your brother?”

“Stepbrother. Besides, I know I make you hard. It’s kinda hard to hide when you’re excited.”

“Then you realize I’ve been behaving, in spite of the fact that you get me hard. This is a little bit crazy.”

“Are you really refusing to help your baby sister when I need you? It’s really embarrassing that I need help with this, and I’d rather not have to humiliate myself more by looking for someone else to learn on.”

“Fine, this is weird, but I’ll do it.”

Beth smiles as I unbutton my jeans. “I’ve often wondered what you had packed away in those jeans.”

I feign a smile as I pull down my pants and briefs letting my hard cock spring out, free of the constrictions of clothing.

“Wow, nice cock!” Beth says. “let’s get to it then. Start with the tongue teasing like we discussed.”

Sara eagerly drops to her knees. The tip of her tongue just barely makes contact, and I feel my heart race and my erection twitch with anticipation. Her tongue swirls around the head, down the shaft, and to my balls.

“That’s nice.” Beth says encouragingly. “Do you remember what’s next?”

Sara opens wide and takes me all gaziantep kapalı escort the way to the back of her throat, closes her mouth around my cock and slowly withdraws until only the tip remains. She sucks gently on the head, looking up at me with those big blue eyes and takes me back deep into her mouth.

Fuck, I want to fill her mouth with cum as she starts to pick up her pace. She gets into a rhythm and as she loses herself in the moment, she begins to drag her teeth. I pull back in a reflex response, pulling my thick cock free from her mouth.

“Careful with the teeth!”

“Sorry. I got carried away.” Sara says shyly. “Maybe Beth should demonstrate for me.”

My sister and my cousin are going to share my cock. I’m too turned on to say no. Beth positions herself on her knees next to Sara and swallows my hard dick, taking it deep down her throat. Sara watches intently like a student taking notes as Beth fucks me with her mouth, sucking hard and taking me deep.

“Okay, let me try again.”

Sara’s tongue snakes around my cock as she sucks, carefully covering her teeth with her lips. Again she picks up the pace and before long she’s fucking me with her mouth, sucking my thick erection like a porn star. Thrusting my hips uncontrollably, I feel the intense need to cum.

The two of them take turns sucking and licking while moans of pleasure escape my lips and I can feel an orgasm building up.

“He’s getting close Sara, finish him!”

She takes me deep into her throat gagging on my thick cock, but refusing to stop. I push deeper into her mouth until she swallows me all the way to my balls and the wave of intense ecstasy washes over me. Every muscle in my body flexes and I explode into her waiting mouth. It’s more cum than she can swallow. Excess cum drips down my shaft and from the corners of her mouth. Her tongue eagerly licks the cum from my cock.

“I did it! Thank you Beth.” Sara said beaming with a sense of accomplishment.

“I’m proud of you, you did great! Now that my work here is done, I have to go get ready for my date. He has a very high likelihood of getting lucky tonight.”

Beth leaves and Sara makes us dinner to celebrate. Afterwards, we settle in to watch TV like nothing happened. That is until Sara gets bored watching Shameless.

“I wanna practice again.” She said staring at me, waiting for a reaction.

“Do you really think that’s a great idea?”

“I want to see what else my big brother can teach me.” Sara says as she straddles my lap and peels off her tank top. Her beautiful round tits are barely contained by a silky red bra and her hard nipples strain against the fabric. Years of pent up desire burst free like a damn breaking. My lust has been released in an uncontrolled wave.

Grabbing her ass with one hand and one of her luscious breasts with the other, I pull her to me, biting her nipple through the flimsy fabric. Sara jumps from the unexpected pain, pauses for a moment, and then relaxes with a smile.

“Teach me more like that.” She says, reaching back to unbutton her bra. I grab her firm bare tits with both hands, squeezing them roughly as I alternate between sucking and biting. Sara squirms between sensations, twisting her body to resist the sharp bites. I pull her arms behind her back and continue my search for the sweet spot, balancing pain and pleasure.

“Am I being too rough? I ask.

Sara replies by biting her bottom lip and shaking her head no. Breathless from lust and anticipation, she manages one word, “More.”

I release her arms, taking her head in my hands I pull her to kiss me. Our tongues meet as the passion and desire flow between us. Grabbing her ass, I pull her body tightly against mine and I can feel the heat of her pussy against my stiff cock through our clothes.

I can’t take any more teasing and grinding, so I grab her ass with both hands and lift her as I stand up and then throw her down on the couch. She feels helpless, and she likes it.

“What are you going to do to me, big brother?” she asked breathlessly.

“Whatever the fuck I want.”

I peel the jeans from her body like I’m removing a second layer of skin. Her legs are long and smooth, and her panties are visibly wet and with excitement. With one hand on each thigh, I push her legs apart, pushing them up almost to her shoulders before kissing and licking her through her panties. Her legs slide over my shoulders, freeing my hands to pull her drenched panties aside and expose the glistening pink lips of her luscious pussy.

“This is where I teach you to beg. Do you want to cum on your big brother’s tongue?

“Yes, fuck yes!”

“Then beg me for it.”

My tongue gently caresses her gaziantep kapalı escort bayan soft pink lips before sliding into her. Her pussy is intoxicating and I can’t get enough. Moaning and squirming, she grinds against my mouth. I can tell she is starting to get close by the way her body moves and the intensity of her moans… so I stop.

“No no no, don’t stop.”

I brush the tip of my tongue in one long, slow upwards stroke and then stop again. Wanting to climax transforms into a need. A need so strong she’ll do anything, including the humiliation of begging.

“Please, I need it so bad.” Sara whimpers.

“I said beg for it. Beg me like you really want it, you little slut.”

“Fuck, I hate you! Don’t make me do this.”

I lick her hungry pussy again with another upward stroke, barely making contact and breaking her will. Her dripping wet pussy aches to be taken.

“Please! I need to cum. I’ll do anything you want. Just eat my fucking pussy!”

“Good girl.”

My tongue slips deep inside her, tasting her wet cunt before assaulting her clitoris with my tongue. Combinations of flicking and swirling makes her body writhe in ecstasy and she begs me not to stop. I can tell she’s close again, and instead of pulling back, I give her what she needs. I greedily lick her clit, driving her over the edge. Her pussy floods with excitement and she cums on my tongue.

She lies there breathing heavily, trying to catch her composure.

“What else can you teach me big brother?”

She watches with anticipation as I strip off my clothing, releasing my big cock from its confines. She starts to breathe heavily again anticipating what I’m going to do to her next

“Are you going to teach me how to take a big cock? I’ve never had anything that thick in my pussy. I don’t know if I can take it all. Are you going to make me beg again?”

“Oh, I’m going to make you beg. I’m going fuck you till you can’t take anymore. I’m going to make you beg me to stop.”

“Teach me, I want to learn.” She says breathlessly as she spreads her legs wide. Be gentle with me, that cock is huge.”

“I don’t do gentle.”

I push the head of my cock against her wet lips sliding my erection all the way into her wet pussy until I feel my balls against her ass. She lets out what sounds like a combination of a moan and a gasp.

Sara’s pussy is so hot and tight, my hard dick almost forcing its way as I thrust into her. Each time pumping harder, thrusting deeper as I lose myself in the incredible sensation of being enveloped by her pussy. Her big round tits bounce each time I bury my cock inside of her.

“Fuck! It’s too big, you’re stretching my pussy! It’s too hard.”

All I hear is her say is fuck me harder.

Her nails claw in my back, and she moans loudly. Her legs wrap around me like a cage of ecstasy. Sara’s body matches my rhythm, thrusting her hips up to meet me, needing more cock deep inside her. I can feel the tension in her body, I can tell she wants to cum. She hangs on the edge of orgasm as I fuck her harder, making her scream.

“Yes! Teach me! I’m so close!”

“Do you want to cum on my cock?”

“Yes, please! Don’t fucking stop!”

Fucking her tight pussy harder, almost violently as a wave of pleasure washes over her body, I can feel her tight pussy trembling inside as she cums. I push deep inside and hold my position, pressing my body against her clit, her fingernails buried deep into my back.

I slowly pull out of her, cum drips from her wet lips.

“That was so good.” She says between breaths, trying to recapture her mind as the room spins.

“Bitch, we’re not done!”

I flip her over like a rag doll, grabbing her hips and pulling her to her knees.

“Oh fuck.” She moans as I push my rock hard erection back into her tight wet pussy. “I can’t, please it’s too much!”

“I’m not done with the lesson,” I tell her as I start fucking her again.

I bang her harder telling her I’m going to fuck her till I cum.

“Not inside me! Don’t cum in my pussy!”

“I want to fill you with cum, now take my cock!”

“No, not inside me!”

She struggles trying to stop the relentless pounding, inspiring me to fuck her harder. I can feel an orgasm starting to build.

“I’m getting close, take my cock, you dirty little slut!”

I pull my thick cock out of her pussy, glistening with juices from her wet cunt. Repositioning myself, I push the head of my cock against her tight ass, and before she can protest, I’m sliding inside of her. She pleads for me to stop, and to take it out of her ass. It’s like an aphrodisiac, and I start thrusting deeper and harder inside her ass making her beg me to stop. With one last thrust, I bury my cock deep into her tight ass, my balls against her pussy, and explode inside her.

She feels her ass being filled with the flood of hot cum, and I let out a loud moan, my cock twitching inside her in what feels like an endless orgasm.

“I told you I was going to make you beg me to stop.” I slowly withdraw from her tight ass, cum dripping down her thighs.

Breathlessly, she tells me, “You’re the best big brother ever.”

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