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Teased… Seduced???

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Authors note:-

I might suggest that those of you who don’t enjoy my stories exercise your right to stop reading at this point. We’ll miss you, but I am certain in this way we can avoid all the ugliness that tends to accumulate with the comments section; or better still, avoid any anonymity and write and upload your own piece of literature for all to see.

I understand, appreciate and welcome constructive criticism, be it good, bad or indifferent. Would it change my writing style possibly not for each story has some personal truth in it; in other words it’s coming from the heart.

It may be that I am a poor writer and while it is true that I would love to improve, I am not going to spend hours studying English to appease the literati, for I just don’t care…


Izzy and I were lying in a small clearing on a naturist beach in southern France. The early afternoon sunlight filtered through the leaves of the bamboos, dappling the bleached sand beneath and providing both protection from the wind and a little privacy. After months of cold and wet it was a delight to feel the warmth of the sun caressing our skins and permeating down into our bones.

Occasionally we stirred to sip a little more of the local Roussillon wine, but in general we just dozed and enjoyed the freedom of sun, nakedness and anonymity. A heady combination that inevitably started to bring thoughts of erotic possibilities into my mind.

Pouring a little oil onto the palms of my hands, I began to rub the lotion onto Izzy’s skin with small, soft circular motions. Starting at her neck and shoulders, I moved slowly down over her breasts. At home that would have been the stopping point in public, but this was not home. A little smile played at the corner of her mouth as Izzy’s nipples began to harden. Encouraged, I moved down over the tanned skin of her belly and onto her thighs, which open slightly at my touch. Further emboldened, I ran my finger over her puffy mons. Izzy’s legs gently parted to give me better access as I felt for her clitoris before circling it with my finger.

A slight movement behind our screen of bamboo caught my eye, glancing up I saw a man standing some eight feet away. He was perhaps forty, dark haired, well built and quite good looking. He was also naked and stroking what looked to be an impressive cock.

I whispered what I had seen to Izzy, she sat up, fixed her gaze onto the intruder, smiled then opened her legs wider. “Time for a bit of fun,” she whispered pushing my fingers further into her vagina; having asked for her beach bag she rested her back so that she could watch the effect on our voyeur. And to what an effect, his cock became longer, thicker and stiffer as his hand began to move.

This in turn had its effect on Izzy. Her breath started to come faster, her vagina became wetter and lust took over. “Get beside me and fist me”, Izzy gasped as she opened her legs further to expose her vagina to our voyeur. I quickly did as I was told. Kneeling beside Izzy, I lubed up then fed my fingers into her very willing pussy, at first I started to move slowly then gradually speeded up to match the movements of the man’s hand until eventually my Bostancı Escort whole hand was thrusting deeply into Izzy’s vagina. Seeing Izzy’s nipples standing out like little thimbles I began to suckle and tease them, heightening Izzy’s pleasure.

The situation was so erotic that I knew Izzy would not last long, but then neither would our voyeur. His fist became a blur as my thrusts became deeper and harder until I felt Izzy’s pussy walls clamp onto my hand.

‘I’m cumming, I’m cumming. I’m going to squirt, watch me squirt – ahhhh…yeeessss!! urghhh…’ yelled Izzy as a massive squirt of pussy juice surged from her body drenching my hand, arm and a few other things around us.

“Fuck,” or some other French expletive was heard as our voyeur doubled over sending jets of semen into the bamboo screen, I too experienced a simultaneous release of liquid from my pussy, it begin to trickle down my thighs leaving a glossy trail before the heat reduced it to a crispy veil; having dipped a finger into my dripping pussy I brought it back to my face then glancing back at our voyeur I inhaled its womanly aroma before licking the juice from my finger. Our voyeur muttered something like “Merci,” then melted away into the undergrowth.

How did we feel afterwards? Ashamed, guilty, jealous? Surprisingly, we felt none of these things. It had been fun, erotic and surprisingly liberating. An unexpected streak of exhibitionism had been exposed in both of us that at the right time, in the right place, in the right circumstances might lead to more fun.


A few days later I was on my own again, for Izzy had to go back to London leaving me to my own devices. Feeling lonely I strolled down to the local tavern; set in the village square it is just the place to enjoy a glass or two of wine and watch the world roll gently past.

How long I remained there I had no idea for the next thing I knew was that the sun was setting and things were looking a little hazy. Looking about I noticed that I had attracted the attention of one of the locals, taking a risk I invited him over to my table.


I knew he could be dangerous to my emotional wellbeing, and I had a bad feeling I was in way over my head, but it had been so long since I had a man between my legs. Oh yes, whilst I do like the softness of female company, I also like the harshness of a man.

Linking arms we strolled casually back to his place for it was too dark for me to walk home alone and I didn’t really want him to escort me home. We flopped side by side onto the sofa that filled his room. The lights were low and the atmosphere irresistible, for the air was full of jasmine and all the other night-scented plants that pervades in southern France. Before I could make a move, he put his hand on the back of my neck. Just the lightest of touch, a killer touch as his fingers barely grazed my skin, a warmth rapidly grew where he had touched me and I found I wanted to shift towards him so he could pull me closer.

I turned to find him sitting closer than I realised, close enough that leaning in and kissing him made all the sense in the world. I couldn’t allow myself to be vulnerable to any man just Kadıköy Escort yet, but he took that decision out of my hands by sliding his hand up the back of my neck before threading his fingers slowly and gently through my hair. His other hand rested on my waist, again with the lightest of touch, demanding nothing.

My body’s needs betrayed me and I edged a bit closer to him. He took note of my slight movement, moved his face toward mine and leaned in, stopping just short of my lips. I saw the look of desire in his eyes and I was lost. I slanted my head and closed my eyes, signalling acceptance. He leaned in the rest of the way and covered my lips with his before gently running the tip of his tongue along them, then pulling slightly on my lips drew back. I felt deprived. Why hadn’t he prolonged that tease of a kiss? I opened my eyes and saw he was smiling at me, but before I could say anything, he pulled me to him and gave me a real kiss.

I gave myself over to his kiss, opening my mouth a bit to invite him in. Our tongues met and we gently deepened the kiss. He wrapped both arms around me, pulling me the rest of the way into him. I sank into him, loving the feel of his hard body against mine. I put my arms around his neck and gave myself over to his kisses. I felt my insides go squishy in response to his kisses, which had quickly deepened into a rising passion. I was swept along and felt a tingling in my nipples and a fullness between my legs. My body was responding faster than I imagined for I had not yet decided to submit to him.

Bound as we were he shifted so he was stretched out on the sofa and I lay on top. I laid over him, kissing him with a sense of urgency as he ran his hands up and down my back, then over my bum, warming me from the inside out. I rubbed my body against him. There were too many layers of clothing for me to feel much, but the pressure of his manhood against my moist, swollen centre made me want more.

He eased his hands under the lower edge of my blouse, then up my back where he unhooked my bra. Running his hands under my bra, he pushed the cups up, releasing my breasts. He cupped them, rubbing them in circular motions. After a few seconds, he pushed my bra and blouse up over my head and down my arms, then flung them into the furthest corner of the room. I was left leaning above him with my breasts fully exposed, nipples erect and wanting.

He moved his hands back to my breasts, slowly teasing them, his thumbs circled around and around getting closer and closer to my nipples without actually touching them. I whimpered in anticipation but, instead of using his fingers, he raised his head and drew a nipple between his lips, gently suckling then nipping it, then doing the same with the other. Soon his mouth was alternating between them, sending waves of arousal down to that place between my legs.

My body tightened as need built inside me. I began to move back and forth against his arousal, riding him in an attempt to ease the tension between my legs. He was pushing his hips up against me with the same need for release. When he raised his body from the sofa I slid off him, topless but full of self-confidence.

I Göztepe Escort quickly shed the rest of my clothing not caring where it landed then stood proudly before him as I watched him quickly get rid of his. He finally stood naked before me, his manhood risen to its full extent. We stared at each other’s attributes and smiled as we came together in an intimate hug, kissing as our parts fitted together as nature intended. As we pushed our hips together his manhood poked into the ‘V’ at the top of my thighs then slid along my feminine groove, stimulating its lips. I gave a little gasp when I felt the head make a passing contact with my hooded clit. There was an urgency in my voice when I asked him to, “Take me to bed!”

I found myself on my back with him leaning over me, a cupped hand lay over my mons, whilst a couple of fingers slid back and forth along my groove, flicking my clit at the end of each stroke. My breath came in gasps as my hips rose against his hand. “You’re driving me crazy!” I uttered. Shifting his body he removed his fingers then trailing kisses he first kiss between my breasts then made his way down my tummy, stopping only when his lips reached the silken curls atop my mons.

My legs parted fully for him and I felt his fingers open my womanhood. His lips and tongue following quickly to lick and suck. He explored my feminine charms thoroughly until I wanted to scream for him to hurry up and fuck me. Just when I was ready to ravage him out of desperation, with some urgency he positioned himself between my legs, brought his manhood to my entrance, and slid into my sopping wet cavern, making his way up me with a single long stroke, filling me completely. In one sense I was glad that Izzy and I had remained active for without the dildos and any natural lubricant I would have been ripped apart. He paused as we adjusted our positions, with me wrapping my arms about his shoulders and my legs raised with knees bent on either side of his waist. He slid his arms beneath my shoulders and cradled the back of my head in his hands, allowing him to easily kiss me as his hips established his rhythm.

He moved slowly in me with long, deep strokes. My hips moved against his in time with his movements, urging him on. More, I thought, I needed more, but he seemed to be in no hurry to move things along. My passion was rising along with his very slowly increasing speed. Oh god it was agonising, my muscles tensed in anticipation of an orgasm that seemed far away. He went on and on, driving me crazy in the best possible way. My body was taut and my breasts ached with arousal as I sought an elusive release, until he finally put me out of my misery by suddenly going into the rapid short strokes and pounding hard into me.

My orgasm hit me like a tidal wave as my body tossed and turned under him for what seemed like forever, my mouth screaming out gasps of intense release, as my arms and legs held him in a death grip. He stroked me through my waves of passion until my arousal finally became subdued. When I could speak, I asked why he hadn’t come and he said there would be more bouts of pleasure before we were through for the night, and there were. Our bodies came together several times before morning and I shared his climaxes each time. By morning, I was sore through his manhood and his seed ran from me like a perpetual fountain.

Very little was said as we parted, but I knew that I would never be lonely again.

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