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Teasing to the Edge of Orgasm…

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I don’t write fiction. I don’t have to. Blue and I have an incredible, imaginative, adventurous sex life. It seems we can’t get enough. This happened almost two weeks ago…

We had just returned from town.

We got in the door…as always, the first order of business is to get out of our clothes. We don’t wear clothes at home, so, they have to go. Blue was smiling as I led her by the hand to the big, huge Blue-and-Sunny chair and had her sit down.

She unbuttoned her shirt while watching me slither out of my jeans and pulling my tee shirt over my head. That’s all I was wearing, so my all-over-tanned body was completely on display for her. I tossed my ass-length hair, got on my knees and took her shirt off. Looking in her eyes, I tossed it, then scooched her jeans off her curvy hips, and off from under her lovely, round ass.

Oh my goodness…she’s incredibly sexy! My pussy was already hot and drippy for her…

Unlike me, she had worn panties…a g-stringy little affair with no fabric except over her smooth pussy. I left them on her for now.

She spread her legs for me and I slid my hips between them..she wove her fingers into my hair, already breathing deeper. I held her ass and we kissed deeply…our tongues hotly fucked each other while we whimpered deliciously. I spoke, very close to her lips…

“Lie back and relax, my precious love. Your woman is going to make you sooooooooo lucky.”

Baby squealed escort in anticipation while I slid down…I open my mouth wide, planted my lips on her pussy and blew my hot breath through the fabric…she gripped my hair, her whole body trembling now…

“Ooooooohhhhhh fuck…Sunnybaby…tear my panties off and fuck me!”

With my shoulders holding her legs apart, I pushed my face harder against her panties on her pussy. Baby pulled my hair and I let her feel my teeth through the fabric…she squealed loud as hell! My teeth and hot breath were exciting her pussy to death!


At that, I pulled my mouth away from her pussy…the tease that I am, this was where I wanted her. Right on the edge…

“Ooooooooooo! That was close! You almost came! I don’t want you cumming yet!”


Baby’s panties were soaked with her juices. I pooched my lips at her…

“Aaaaaaawwww…poor baby…you really have to cum badly. Don’t worry, I’ll let you cum when its time…”

She had her head leaned back and was fucking her pussy at my face…


“Yeah! I am…and all yours!”

I held her hands down and pounced my mouth on her pussy…I grabbed her g-string panties with my teeth and tore them off her…I made sure she watched me fling them aside with my mouth, my long hair flying around…

“FUCK bursa eve gelen escort YEAH, BABY! TAKE ME!”

I smiled and only pressed the tip of my tongue on her big, swollen clit…

Screaming like hell, Baby bucked her ass off the chair, her entire body tensed!

I almost let her cum that time…almost…

I backed off again, pursed my lips and blew on her pussy real hard, concentrating on her clit…that kept her right on the very edge of cumming, her body in a constant state of spasms, breathing hard with loud whimpering.

She struggled to pull her hands from under mine so she could grab me and fuck my mouth…her quivering pussy was pouring her sweet juices down to her ass…

I kept her hands in mine while I pushed her knees WAY back…I rubbed her clit with my tongue…her body was shaking hard and she came immediately! Deafening screams! I covered her pussy with my mouth and sucked her…taking all her cum while she kept screaming…I kept swallowing…and she kept giving me more…her cum felt so fucking hot in my mouth and throat!

Her orgasm passed, but I wasn’t done…I kept lapping at her pussy with my tongue, trying get more…she squealed each time my tongue slid on her quivering pussy…

“Fuck! Sunny! Oh fuck!”

She was giggling as she backed away, but I kept following her pussy with my mouth without holding onto her…


I görükle escort kept chasing her with my tongue…licking her, making sure my tongue slid on her still-swollen clit. She made it to top of the back of the big chair, leaned against the wall and grabbed my hair, pulling my face deeper to her pussy…my tongue fucked HARD into her!


Quickly, I turned around and leaned my back against the chair back, under her pussy…I reached up and rubbed the HELL out of her clit…Baby screamed out and came hard, POURING her cum down the front of my body and I kept rubbing her!

“Ooooooooohhhhhhh…yes, my baby…cum ALL OVER your sweet slutty woman…”

Every bit of Blue’s cum all over me now, I reached up and grabbed one of her hands. I pulled her down and she rolled down my body to my lap, giggling joyously. Right then, I wrapped her with my body as I rolled us in a Blue-and-Sunny ball off the big chair and to the floor, my hand behind her head to protect her safely in my breasts. We rolled just once across the floor, coming to a stop, our bodies spread out with her on top of me…

I smiled at her…she was so fucking beautiful, wearing her “Fresh Fucked By Sunny Look.” Or was it her “Controlled Fall From The Chair” look? Either way, she looked delightful!

“Nice move, Sunnybaby!”

“Thank-you, my love!”

I got a bottle of musk oil from my nearby purse and dribbled a LOT all over both of us, then we held each other and kissed…and kissed…and kissed…many “I love yous” in between…

Then, we fell asleep right there, breathing on each other’s lips.

Thank-you for reading!

My love to all,


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