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Teasing Uncle Carl

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I’ve always liked wearing really short dresses and skirts. Especially dresses. I guess I really got started when I was a senior in high school. I grew a lot during the summer and fall before my senior year. I was about 5′ 3″ at the end of 11th grade and 5′ 9″ by Thanksgiving of my senior year. It was mostly my legs that got longer. I have to admit they are now my best physical asset. Anyway I’m wearing mostly the same dresses now that I’m 5 9 that I had been fairly short on me at 5 3. Which made them really short on me now.

I noticed the boys at school starting to pay more attention to me and once I caught a friend of my dad’s staring at me when I was vacuuming the living room after school. I was wearing one of my school dresses and leaning over to move the coffee table. I turned around and my dad’s friend was looking at me with a funny look on his face. He quickly looked away and pretended to be reading a magazine he had in his hand.

As the school year progressed, I started intentionally wearing the shortest dresses I could get away with and making the most out of my long legs. I enjoyed sitting on the school steps during lunch, crossing and uncrossing my legs while watching the group of boys who happened to be standing at the foot of the steps grow larger and larger. I was never obvious about it. I always made it look like I was unaware that I was having an effect on anyone and never blatantly showed anything.

While I was growing taller, my breasts also grew considerably. They were not huge but larger than most and protrude nicely from my slim frame. After gym in the locker room, Julie, my best friend, kidded me that they were the size of grapefruits. That’s probably about right except they’re more pointed than round and my nipples seem to always be erect. I was filling out my t-shirts in a way that was starting to draw attention from the boys at school.

My mom made we stop wearing t-shirts without a bra around the house because my nipples were too obvious. She said it was so I wouldn’t look like a slob but it was really the nipple thing. I couldn’t get away with wearing any form fitting tops at school without a bra so I mostly had to wear one. I did have one loose fitting button up blouse that I occasionally wore without a bra. The buttons were fairly far apart allowing it to gape open enough to give people a glimpse inside at part of my breasts.

I decided to go to Cosmetology school after high school. It was one among a number of careers I wanted to pursue. I’m embarrassed to say it but it was really seeing the play, Grease, and the “Beauty School Dropout” segment that put the cosmetology thing in first place. The school I wanted to go to was in New York. My Aunt Doris and Uncle Carl, who lived with their dog Barney near the school, agreed to let me stay with them. As a kid I always liked going to visit them, they were so nice. Uncle Carl is now semi-retired. He’s a short, portly, balding man with a kind jovial fatherly disposition. Aunt Doris is a kind matronly woman who always treated me as a daughter especially since they never had any kids of their own. As a little girl I used to stay with them for a few weeks during the summer. Some of my fondest memories are of curling up on Uncle Don’s lap im my pajamas and watching the late movies on Friday night.

The day I arrived, while I was unpacking, I realized that I had forgotten to bring my nightgown. Aunt Doris graciously offered me one of hers but it was a long grandmotherly gown that I couldn’t bring myself to wear. Besides she is quite skinny and it would have been uncomfortably tight. As an alternative she found a pile of Uncle Carl’s old shirts. I dug a well-worn undershirt, not a t-shirt but more like a big baggy oversized version of a tank top with big loopy arm holes. It was extremely loose fitting, light, soft and comfortable. Perfect to sleep in. It would easily fit at least two of me.

I put on the shirt and went down stairs to tell them goodnight. I was surprised to see a funny, almost shocked, look on uncle Carl’s face and he kept nervously glancing at me. I started to panic, wondering what was wrong. I said my goodnights and hurried back up to my room. In front of my mirror, I looked at myself to determine what could have caused that reaction in uncle Carl. It was then that I realized the shirt didn’t really do a lot to cover me up. A good deal of my breasts were on display, especially from the sides where the big loose arm holes allowed easy viewing. The front was cut a little low and the material was so worn thin that it was hard not to notice my nipples pressing through. The shirt was also pretty short, barely coming down past my butt. It was, after all, a shirt, not a dress or nightgown and Uncle Carl was shorter than me so his shirt was extra short for my taller body. There were small slits on each side that exposed the side of my panties. Which brings me to the fact that I did have on panties so the most that was going to happen was Uncle Carl would see tuzla escort my panties.

I found that as long as I was standing straight, I was basically covered. You could still see quite a bit of my breasts from the side but the nipples remained covered, although they were fairly obvious poking through the material but still not directly visible. My breasts held the front of the shirt out away from my body giving the effect that it was suspended from my nipples and causing it to shake when movement, like walking, made my breasts jiggle. Also if I was standing straight, the bottom of the shirt kept my panties out of sight except the sides. If I raised my arms, like I had downstairs to give Uncle Carl and Aunt Doris a goodnight hug, the bottom of the shirt would lift up exposing my panties. Also, if I leaned forward at all, the front of the shirt would swing away from the front of my body and all bets were off.

I don’t remember leaning over at all downstairs but I did raise my arms so Uncle Carl would have gotten a peek at my panties. That combined with the partial views of my breasts may be what had cause the shocked look on his face.

I found the thought of my inadvertently displaying myself to him and his reaction to it, exciting.

I found myself trying different ways of standing and moving while watching in the mirror to see how it would look from Uncle Carl’s perspective.

It was exciting pretending Uncle Carl was watching as I leaned over just enough so my breasts were almost completely visible, all except the nipples, and pretending to scrub the top of my dresser to make them jiggle. I found that from the front, I could bend over quite a bit, allowing a view quite a ways down the front of my body without my nipples being exposed. The more I looked in the mirror, the more I thought about what it would be like if Uncle Carl was actually watching me.

Monday through Thursday, I got up early and went to school. Aunt Doris also went to work everyday. Uncle Carl worked some of the days but never on Friday. I don’t have classes on Friday so Friday morning it would just be Uncle Carl and me. I had a weird desire to tease Uncle Carl only because he is so fatherly and would never act on anything he might see. I felt safe.

Thursday night I slept in the undershirt like usual except I didn’t wear panties. I had a hard time falling asleep thinking about the next morning parading around in front of Uncle Carl wearing nothing but his skimpy undershirt.

I woke up excited in the morning. I really wanted to go downstairs dressed just like I was without panties but I chickened out. There would be time for that later. I put on my favorite pair of panties, white cotton bikini style with string ties on each side, The little tied bows stuck through the little slits at the helm of the shirt.

I took one last look at myself in the mirror and tried to picture the view from Uncle Carl’s perspective. No matter what angle, there was a lot of skin visible. I took a deep breath and headed down the stairs.

From the living room, I could see Uncle Carl in the kitchen. The kitchen was across the living room from the stairs. It’s a small squarish room with a small round kitchen table in the middle. Uncle Carl was sitting at the table reading the paper. I shouted good morning and started walking towards him. I had practiced this walk in my room. It was just springy enough to make my tits bounce noticeably under the shirt. By the look on his face it was indeed noticeable. He kept looking at me, then looking away. I knew he was dying to look at me all over but couldn’t while I was looking at him. I walked straight into the kitchen, past the table he was sitting at and turned my attention to the sink to give Uncle Carl a chance to take me all in. I glanced back at him once and he seemed to be staring at my hip where the bow of my panties poked through the little slit at the side. I reached up to the top shelf to get the pancake mix, knowing the bottom of the shirt would rise up exposing the back of my panties. I took a glance look to see if he was looking and he was. I walked past him to the refrigerator. I open the door and leaned in knowing the shirt would ride up again even higher this time and my panty covered bottom was just inches from him. Leaning over also caused the shirt to fall away from the front of my body. From his angle, in back of me, he would be able to tell that the whole front of me was exposed but he would only be able to see the side of one of my bare breasts.

I grabbed the eggs and milk, stood up and turned around. Uncle Carl had a strange, slightly shocked look on his face. As I moved around the kitchen preparing to make pancakes, we chatted small talk. I found him watching me more openly, stealing glances inside my shirt at my partially exposed breasts when I turned to the side, watching my bare legs, waiting for the periodic glimpse of panty when I leaned over or up. He also seemed to be fascinated by the little bows on the sides of my panties.

I tuzla escort bayan put the bowl on the small table across from him and stirred the pancake batter. I leaned over just far enough to give him a partial view of my breasts down the front of my shirt and stirred just hard enough to make them jiggle. I looked up from the batter long enough to see that he was entranced with the site. If he would have been to the side instead of in front of me, he would have had an unobstructed view of my breasts.

I decided to go for it. I moved a little around the table closer to his side and make a big reach for the eggs across in front of him. I could feel the shirt swinging away from the front of my body exposing my breasts just inches in front of his face. I pretended to have trouble getting one of the eggs out of the carton allowing him a longer look and causing my bare breasts to jiggle in front of him. When the egg finally came loose, I “accidentally” leaned closer to him so that my naked breast brushed his face as I moved back. I finished making breakfast, moving around the kitchen, giving Uncle Carl all kinds of peeks as I did. I sat down opposite him and we talked and ate breakfast. He kept staring at my nipples.

After breakfast we moved to the living room where Uncle Carl sat on the couch. Barney the dog came out of Uncle Carl’s room and went to the front of the couch to visit him. I went over to pet Barney leaning over him knowing I was giving Uncle Carl a complete view down the front of my shirt, probably all the way to my panties. I sat on the floor playing with Barney. I had my legs stretched out toward him knowing he could look up my skirt and see my panties. As Barney and I played I changed positions, curling one leg up in front of me. then both legs, then sitting cross legged. Each position giving him different and usually better view of my skimpy panties.

There was a little light fixture above the couch that held 4 light bulbs. One of them was burned out. I took the opportunity to get a small stool and try to replace it. I was standing on the stool right in front of him and reaching up which caused the shirt to rise up giving him a great view of the front of my panties only a few inches from him as well as a view up inside of the baggy shirt. I’m not sure how far up he could see but a quick glance at him told me he was definitely looking. I was getting more and more excited knowing he was watching. I hopped down and went into the kitchen to get a new light bulb. I decided to try something. I untied one side of my panties and left the strings just looped over each other. It was enough to keep my panties up for the time being. I went back to my position on the stool. Uncle Carl noticed the untied string right away and didn’t seem to be able to take his eyes off it. As I screwed in the bulb, I could feel my panties start to loosen up and slip. I chickened out, got down off the stool and retied the string with Uncle Carl watching. A few minutes later I went back up to my room.

I couldn’t stop thinking about the whole episode. I kept picturing Uncle Carl getting peeks at my breasts and panties. I wondered if he was thinking about it too.

Uncle Carl…

I was happy when I found out my brother’s daughter Carrie would be staying with us. She had visited us a number of times both with and without her family. She was a good kid, always well behaved and pleasant to be around. I hadn’t seen her in a couple years.

When she showed up a the door, I couldn’t believe my eyes. She had grown into a gorgeous young woman. She was quite slim, taller than me, with shoulder lenght dark hair and a beautiful face. She had filled out in all the right places. I tried not to notice but it seemed like for such a thin girl her breasts were fairly large. It didn’t take long talking to her before I realized she was still the same great person I had known when she was younger.

The first night, she realized she had neglected to pack a nightgown and Doris went up to help her find something to wear. An hour or so after Doris came back down stairs, Carrie came down dressed in one of my old undershirts. I couldn’t believe my eyes. As a nightgown the shirt was extremely short. The first thing I noticed was what looked like miles of bare slim legs sticking out the bottom of the shirt. I could see the sides of her panties through the small slits at the sides of the shirt. Then she started walking towards us and I noticed her breasts bouncing under the loose cloth. As she got closer the obvious imprint of her nipples drew my attention. It was becoming obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath. The shirt was so baggy that it only hung loosely on her. In particular it seemed to be suspended in front from her nipples. As she walked toward me, the material swung slightly to one side and then the other, exposing parts of the sides of her breasts. When she turned to the side to talk to Doris I realized how open the sides of the shirt were. The sides of the oversized escort tuzla shirt were open more than half way down to her waist exposing a lot of skin. From the side the way the baggy shirt draped itself over the tips of her breasts holding the cloth out away from the front of her body made much of the sides of her breasts visible. For such a slim girl she had large beautiful breasts that stood out proudly away from her chest. I was entranced with the curve of the bottoms of her breasts and tried unsuccessfully to keep from staring at them.

Suddenly she turned and went back upstairs. I watched her long bare legs disappear up the stairway.

That night and the rest of the week, I couldn’t get the picture of her in that shirt out of my mind.

Friday morning, I was sitting at the kitchen table reading the paper after Doris had left for work. Reacting to a sound, I looked over and say Carrie standing at the bottom of the stairs dressed in the undershirt. As she walked toward me, I was stunned by the image of her bouncing breasts beneath the loose shirt. As he walked past me the view changed from that of a giggling shirt to glimpses of her bare tits bouncing seen though the open side of the shirt.

She stepped up to the sink. My eyes were drawn to the small slits at the bottom sides of the shirt where I could see little bows of the strings which held the front and back of the panties together. I couldn’t believe she was comfortable wearing so little clothing in front of me however I found it exciting. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her as she moved around the kitchen. It seemed like wherever she moved there were different parts of her body on display.

She reached up to the top shelf of the cupboard causing the bottom of the shirt to rise up exposing her cute panty covered bottom. She came over closer to me and leaned into the refrigerator almost pushing her delightful bottom into my face. I could tell the front of the shirt was hanging loose and leaving her breasts exposed. From my angle I could only see the side of one of her bare breasts.

Later, she was reaching from the right across the table in front of me trying to get eggs out of the carton on my left. The side of the shirt hung down exposing most of her left breast just inches from my face. As she struggled with the eggs the side of the shirt hung loose enough to maddeningly expose all but the nipple of her jiggling breast. Then as she reached even farther her whole beautifully bare breast came into view. Her breasts were very pointed with her tall erect nipples perched on the ends. No wonder her nipples were so obvious beneath her t-shirt. They had looked terrific through the thin shirt but the unobstructed view of them was truly fantastic. She worked in that position for what seemed like a blissful eternity and I could do nothing but stare at her exposed breast and darling nipple. As she got the eggs free of the carton she seemed to lose her balance falling slightly towards me causing her bare breast to press momentarily press into my face. The quick sensation of her bare breast touching my face sent an electrical shock through me.

During breakfast we made small talk and I tried unsuccessfully not to stare at her nipples pressing through the thin fabric and the exposed parts of her breasts.

After we ate I went into the living room and sat on the couch. Barney came in and sat in front of me. Carrie came up and started petting Barney leaning over towards me as she did. The loose shirt billowed away from her body giving me an incredible view down the front. I could see the whole front of her naked body, both lusciously full breasts all the way to the erect nipples as well as her flat stomach and skimpy white panties.

After that Carrie sat on the floor in front of me petting Barney. She didn’t seem to make any effort to keep me from seeing her panties from nearly every angle possible including one point when she was sitting cross legged with the crotch of her skimpy panties in full view. Occasionally she would lean over towards me far enough for me to see her breasts down the front of her shirt.

Later she noticed that one of the bulbs in the lamp above the couch was burned out. Leaning over me and stretching up she worked to unscrew the bad bulb. The front of her shirt hung far away from her body almost above my head allowing a close up view of the front of her panties as well as a view up inside her shirt of her beautifully slim body and the undersides of her bare breasts. She got the bulb out and went to the kitchen to get a new one. As she was walking back I notice the strings on one side of her panties hanging loose. The knot had come untied and only the stings looped loosely over each other were holding her panties together on one side. I watched that side intently as she loomed above me screwing in the new bulb. As she moved slightly the string seemed to loosen more and one side of her now loosely fitting panties started to slide down. It slid down far enough to expose a hint of trimmed pubic hair peeking out of the top of her panties before she finished, stepped down and retied it. An action I found intriguing. She then went back upstairs. She was fully dressed when she came back down.

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