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We were watching Die Hard for the hundredth time. Still good. I (Chris) was sitting on the sofa with my wife, Penny, and my best friend, Mel, on her other side.

As McClane took down some terrorists, Mel anticipated the famous line, “Yippie ki yay mutha f*****!”

We all chuckled before my wife turned to him and kissed him slowly, eventually their tongues getting involved. She stroked his chest and he stroked her legs while I tried to concentrate on the movie. That familiar mix of being turned on and humiliated hit me. How did this become normal?

First some background…

Mel was my best friend from school. We were similar in many ways but he was more of the ladies man while I was the geekier funny guy. I’d met Penny at college and was attracted straight away to her hour glass figure, big butt and her sharp wit. I’d expressed interest straight away but she wasn’t sure and ended up friend zoning me, which I had to settle for.

We grew to be very close and we met each other’s friends. She was instantly attracted to Mel and they flirted lightly but nothing ever materialised. Eventually me and her got closer and she finally returned the feelings I’d had all along.

Fast forward 10 years and we’re happily married living in a nice house and Mel lives a 20 minute drive away. Our sex life was decent if unspectacular. Over the years my interest had been piqued by cuckold stories and I’d introduced some roleplay into our sex life. She was very resistant at first but eventually she found herself into it and would often be the one offering fantasies of her cheating while we were getting heated. She’d admitted to me that she’d had a crush on Mel and I cautiously used his name in our roleplay which she responded very well to. Eventually it was not rare for me to be going down on her while she discussed how she would love to fuck him and then orgasm while moaning his name. But it was all just a silly fantasy and it didn’t affect our friendship with him as we often all hungout together.

One day Mel was having extensive work done on his house for a few months and so we offered our spare bedroom to him, which he happily accepted. He was a polite and tidy guest and we had a good time cooking together and playing board games in the evening.

One evening, we were having a few drinks and talking about dating when Mel told us about his usual lines and ways to impress women. He said that if he managed to get a kiss at the end of the night, he would usually be invited in or at the very least get another date because he was such a good kisser. We mocked his cockiness and he said he was just being truthful.

“Only one way to find out!” I joked and got up as if to go kiss him, at which we all laughed.

“Aw I was hoping you’d really do it. I’m curious to see this magical technique,” laughed Penny.

“You do it if you’re curious!” I said back.

“Ewwww no,” she balked.

Mel feigned offense at her reaction, “What do you mean ‘eww’?! I’ll show you right now!”

“Yeah you wish,” she laughed.

The idea of it actually happening kind of turned me on and scared me but the alcohol pushed me, “I really don’t mind if you want to honey. I’m curious to see what you’d say.”

“What?! Are you serious?! No way”

“Scared of being proved wrong? Or that you might like it too much?” Mel teased.

“Urgh you are so annoying,” she said.

“Seriously, it’s not a big deal. Go for it,” I encouraged her.

“Hmm ok fine. Just to shut him up.”

She went over to his sofa and sat next to him. “C’mon then Casanova, show me what you got.”

He held her by the back of her head and joined lips slowly. She closed her eyes and I saw her moving her lips in response. Soon they were using their tongues. I was surprised how sensual it had gotten and soon they’d gently placed their hands on each others legs. It was only 30 seconds but seemed like a lifetime.

They broke away and she’d gone red with embarassment.

“Well…it was a pretty good kiss, I’ll give you that. I don’t think it’s some magical technique that guarantees you anything though,” she said.

“As long as it’s not ‘ewww’ I’m happy,” he laughed.

We joked a bit more about it but it went back to normal. Half an hour later, Penny said she wanted to go to bed even though it wasn’t very late.

“You’re sleepy already?” I asked, surprised.

“No…I just said I want to go to bed…hint hint.”

“Ahhhhh!” I over exclaimed.

“Wow I have never felt more of a third wheel,” said Mel.

“Mate, I think you got her started for me so thank you!” I joked and he laughed.

“Ewwww Chris, stop being weird. I don’t ever want to acknowledge that we did that,” she said, blushing.

Despite what she said, I asked her in bed if she had been turned on and she reluctantly admitted she had as I was going down on her. As I licked her clit round and round, she came while whispering about how she’d love to go next door and fuck him. After she took care of me, we lay in bed and she reassured me that it was escort bursa just a fantasy and she was sorry for the kiss but I told her that it had been my idea and I didn’t think it was a big deal.


The next day I was at the office and they both work from home so they were talking all day. Late in the day they teased each other about the kiss and she maintained that he had been way more cocky than his kiss deserved. He said that he hadn’t done it properly as it was a weird situation. Despite her claims the previous night of it being a fantasy, she was feeling that old attraction and craving to kiss him again.

“Okay. Do it properly then.”

She convinced him that I wouldn’t mind and so he went in again. This time they were standing in the kitchen and he pushed her gently into the fridge door as they kissed. This time it was longer and more passionate than the other day. He held her by the hip and she stroked his chest.

“Looks like he was right!” I said as I walked into the kitchen, earlier than usual from work. Seeing them made me feel a little betrayed but undeniably turned on.

They broke off, both looking very guilty and she apologised and explained herself. I told her I wasn’t angry, that I’d encouraged her and then I asked if he’d lived up to his claims today.

“I have to say…I think he did! I can see why girls would invite him in after a kiss like that. But that doesn’t mean you weren’t being arrogant!” she was clearly nervous and feeling guilty so I thought I’d make it worse.

“How does it compare to kissing me?”

“Urgh well you know…erm…” she stumbled on her words. “it’s just different I guess. He’s obviously a good kisser and erm it’s always nice to kiss, especially when it’s with someone new. Not that it’s bad with you. It was just nice but it wasn’t like in a sexual way. It’s just nice to kiss. Erm yeah”

I laughed at her awkwardness and told her not to worry. That I really don’t think it’s a big deal and if she wants to kiss, she can. If there’s anyone I trust, it’s them two. In truth I was seriously turned on but at the end of the day, I did trust them both so felt like this was a great way to explore my fantasies in a safe but soft way. She said I was sweet but she would not be doing that again.

However the next day she did exactly that. As they took a break from working, they talked about how I was so understanding but it was weird that I was so fine with it all.

“I mean I wouldn’t be okay with him kissing my friend. But oh well. It’s obviously wrong but it was really nice. It’s just fun to kiss, even if it doesn’t mean anything sexual right?” she asked, almost to herself.

“Yeah I love a good snog. You’re a good kisser by the way. Not as good as me obviously but you can be proud”

They laughed and then there was an awkward silence.

“Shall we?” he asked, half joking, which prompted her to lean in and they made out once again. This made it a regular occurrence. I would be at work while they played tonsil tennis. The first couple of days, she told me about it when we were in bed like she was confessing and I had to reassure her it was fine. My horniness was beating the sense of betrayal which would have told her to stop, that it was inappropriate. A few days in, they were kissing right in front of me leading to me watching Bruce Willis while they got a bit hot and heavy.

She tried to justify it almost like it was a new hobby but she was enjoying the attention and getting turned on enough to initiate sex with me almost every night. I felt awkward bringing up the fantasy but soon she started doing it almost every time. If she didn’t, I could tell she was thinking about him behind those closed eyes. I was feeling inadequate and embarrassed but by God, did it turn me on.

Soon I noticed that she was wearing more revealing clothing around him like see through leggings and low cut tops that showed off her ample cleavage. Apart from them kissing randomly, everything else was as normal. We’d have dinner, watch movies and play video games.


One day she was having a bad day at work and went to make tea and talk to him at his desk. She complained about her boss and he listened. At the end she went in to kiss him but found it awkward as she was still standing.

“Oh hold on,” she said, as she instead swung a leg over his knees and sat on his lap facing him. “This is better.”

Then they carried on making out and she could feel his semi hard penis poking her through her thin leggings. Without really thinking, she gently gyrated on top of him, grinding her pussy against his dick. This lasted a couple of minutes before she got up, embarrassed. She composed herself and thanked him, saying she’d needed that. Back at her desk, she finished herself off with her fingers.

This started a new norm of them being much more physical and passionate. She’d become comfortable enough to being in a tight t-shirt görükle escort and panties with him. Their make out sessions during the day would involve them lying down on top of each other or him pushing up against her against a wall and grinding. They still told themselves they were not crossing a line, that I was fine with it. But they would stick to more PG kissing in front of me

They were, however, behaving more like a couple, even in front of me. He would spank her big butt cheek as he walked past or hug her from behind, pushing his cock into her fat ass while she stood cooking and talking to me. They would do this in front of friends too which was the most humiliating as I could see the surprised expressions at them being so tactile and like a couple.

On the sofa, she would cuddle into him while we watched movies, stroking his arms and his chest. I was the one feeling like a third wheel now and more humiliated by the day. We’d be sitting together but she’d choose him to cuddle, kiss and be intimate with. It was making me jealous, feel second class but at the same time, more than anything, horny.

She was also now insisting I go down on her rather than full on sex every time. She would push my face into her mound while she’d moan his name. As the days went on, she was being less and less quiet and it was very likely he could hear.


One day we were drinking and started talking about sex and about whether penis size mattered. Penny was extremely loose lipped after a few drinks and she said, “I feel like you must be pretty big Mel. I’m not a pervert but I just thought I could feel something substantial when I erm hug you…”

After a bit of banter, he revealed that he was about 7 inches. At this, my wife reacted with incredulous laughter and said, “Oh my God, you’re almost double Chris!!”

“What the f*** Penny?!” I said, angry for a second, but then softened with laughter and said I was 4 inches so it’s not technically double.

Mel said not to worry, that 7 inches was not even very big, which made me feel worse.

She apologised and said I was more than enough for her. Mel muttered cheekily that I must be, because he could hear her enjoying herself most nights.

Penny looked mortified and said she hoped he couldn’t hear everything but he said it was a thin wall and laughed.

She buried her face in her hands and felt she had to explain, “Look basically he has a fantasy of me cheating and it was his idea to bring your name into the roleplay. I just go along with it!”

“Yeah it’s true,” I confirmed.

“Sounds like you more than go along with it. Sounds like you enjoy the idea of 3 more inches!” he teased, before punching me on the arm and saying, “Sorry bro.”

“Okay I mean obviously the thought is nice. You’ve got a great body…and you ARE a good kisser. I did have a crush on you when we first met actually,” she confessed. “But still, it’s not a big deal. People are physically attracted to people all the time. Doesn’t mean I want to have sex with you!”

“Awww you don’t?” he teased.

“I mean, it would be great and I like thinking about it but that doesn’t mean I WANT to do it…okay I think I’ve said and drank enough,” she left to go to the bathroom as we both laughed.

Underneath the laughter, I was feeling all sorts of things. We’d just discussed how my friend had a much bigger dick than me. How my wife imagines him while cumming. How she would love to have sex with him. I was feeling more humiliated than turned on at this point. I had never predicted how much my ego would hurt.

We chilled for a bit more then decided to retire. Penny gave Mel a long slow kiss good night. It just seemed to hit differently after the conversation we had.

When we got up she pretty much ordered me onto the bed, took her top off, pulled her panties to the side and rode my face. She made no effort to disguise what she was thinking about to anyone. As she came, she moaned out loud, “Ohhhh fuck me Mel, fuck me with your big dick.”

When she was done, she usually took care of me but instead she asked me to sort myself out as she wanted to apologise for being so loud to Mel.

I was speechless. She left the room wearing just her panties covering her tits with one arm. She knocked on his door and poked her head through, “Sorry… I was quite loud!”

“That’s okay! Sounds like you had fun. And that I inspired you…”

“Ohhh this is so embarrassing.”

“Come in if you want”

“Err okay”

She went in still covering her breasts and sat on his bed. He pressed her about what we’d just done and what she’d been imagining. She told him that she was imagining riding his cock as he squeezed her tits. He said it sounded good but if they ever did it, he would probably take her doggy style as he loved her big ass. She blushed and laughed, “Thanks? I think…”

She spent an hour or so chatting to him, eventually letting her arm down and exposing her bursa escort bayan ample breasts. As she left she said she would imagine doggy style next time and he said he would be imagining it soon with some tissues and lotion. She laughed before kissing him good night for a second time.


The vibe had changed after that. She made a point of being topless around him. They would talk a lot about sex, now openly acknowledging that they wanted to fuck each other but couldn’t. They would still make out and practically dry hump. Then she would make me go down on her and report back to him how it was and how she imagined him. I was just being used for my mouth at this point, barely being spoken to before or after our session.

A few nights later I asked her for proper sex and she said she wasn’t in the mood. Then a few minutes later she said she wanted to talk.

“Look I have to tell you this and I feel so bad but I don’t know what to do. Obviously you know I’m attracted to Mel. I had a crush on him all those years ago and recently being around him has really brought it back. I’m trying not to, but I can’t help thinking about him all day. I think about kissing him, about him naked, his cock, him just ripping my clothes off and fucking me. I do it when I’m working or if I’m being intimate with you. You know I’d never do anything but I feel like I’m going crazy! I feel like I need to get it out of my system somehow…”

Suddenly it was all becoming real and my fear and pride outweighed my fetish. It seemed like she was asking permission but I think I’d reached my limit.

“Wow. That’s a lot. Look I appreciate you being honest with me and I trust you completely,” I said, trying to stay in control of the situation. “Maybe he needs to find somewhere else to stay or something?”

“No! He’s your best friend. We can’t put him out like that when he needs us,” she bargained.

“Yeah you’re right. Look it’s only a couple more months. If you can just hold out, it’ll be fine. I know I had this fantasy but I never thought it would get anywhere close to happening!” I said.

“Of course! I mean obviously you wouldn’t want anything to actually happen, right…?” she asked inquisitively.

“No…I don’t think so. It does turn me on, don’t get me wrong… but…no I don’t really think I could imagine telling you to actually do it.”

She put on a difficult expression to interpret rather than the disappointment I was expecting.

“Okay. Well I’m just going to say good night to him. I might sit with him for a bit so don’t wait up,” she said.

She gave me a kiss on the cheek before taking her top off and spraying some perfume and leaving. It had been normal for her to get her tits out when going to see him but I was disappointed that she still did it after the conversation. I felt so inferior that she’d rather go flirt, show her body off and be tactile with him then actually have sex with me. But still, a part of me was always turned on by the thought of her going there and fucking him. Maybe that was why I hadn’t been more explicit in shutting down her train of thought.

She’d gone in and laid next to him in bed. She didn’t waste time locking lips with him and running her hands all over his bare chest. Then she took his hand and placed it on her breast.

“Uhhhh are you sure this is okay? I think this would cross the line, even for Chris,” he said hesitantly.

“We don’t need to worry about him tonight,” she said, while sliding her hand down his pants.

“Oh fuck… it’s happening…”

Soon they were both naked and she was not disappointed by his penis, which she’d been imagining for weeks.

“So you said you wanted to take me doggy?”

“Lady’s choice!”

“My body is yours. Just do whatever you want with it…”

He didn’t need any more encouragement. He positioned her on all fours and admired the view of her wide hips and big butt before entering his bare penis inside her. She gasped at the tightness, having been used to my smaller package. As he thrust in and out of her, she moaned louder and louder, “Ohhhh fuck Mel. Fuck me good. My ass is yours.”

This time she didn’t need to pretend and it was my turn to hear her moaning from the next room.

I was shocked to hear it. I did not think after our conversation that this was going to happen. Seems like she really wasn’t asking my permission. My first reaction was to get an instant hard on before my ego and pride reared their heads.

She did not return to the bed for an hour, obviously laying there with him for a while. I heard her go to the loo to clean up before coming in naked and beaming with a smile.

“What the fuck Penny?!”


“I did not say that was okay”

“Cmon really? You were basically giving me code to do it. You said it would turn you on and that you couldn’t tell me to do it…so I made my decision. And anyway, I wasn’t asking for permission really. You saw how I was, I had to do it! But it’s out of my system now so we can go back to normal,” she explained.

“I can’t believe this. You just cheated on me…”

At that point she stroked my leg up to my cock and said, “Seems like part of you is pretty happy about what happened”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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