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Tell Me a Story, Grandma

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Andy was just like most healthy 18 year old guys, with a mind that pretty much focused on music, sports and girls – not necessarily in that order – but young Andrew’s tastes were a bit different that many of his age.

That was why when everybody else was chasing girls their age around, Andy was content to help his grandmother out around her house almost every weekend.

And that’s what this story is all about. It’s just another Saturday night at Grandma’s…


“I don’t know about you, Andy, but I’m going to take a shower,” the silver haired woman said as she lifted herself off the bedding with her elbow and looked over at the naked young fellow beside her. “I’m sweaty and full of you-know-what.”

“No, I don’t know, Grandma,” the lad said, giving the woman his most devilish grin. “Tell me what you’re full off.”

“Your cum, Andy,” the Matriarch of the family said, shaking her head at her impudent grandson. “Your sap. Your spunk. Your jizz. Your semen. Take your pick.”

“I like cum the best,” Andy opined, wiggling his cock at his grandmother playfully.

“Oh Andy, not again?” Agnes Porter said as she looked at the penis that had already sent 3 loads of semen into her that night, and now seemed to be getting erect again. “I can’t – I simply can’t. I’m not as young as I used to be.”

“Neither am I,” Andy kidded. “C’mon. One more time Gram. You know you like it. You expect me to lay in bed and look at your naked body and not keep getting hard?”

“I think you need your eyes examined,” Andy’s grandmother said as she looked at the hand that was cupping her breast, gently massaging the apple-sized tit.

“How many 63 year old women have tits this firm?” Andy challenged.

“Or that small,” Agnes added.

“More than a hand full is a waste,” Andy proclaimed as he felt the little pink nipple blossom in his palm.

“I’m glad your hands aren’t as big as your you-know-what.”

“No, I don’t know what, Grandma.”

“Your cock, Andrew.”

“I love it when you talk dirty, Grandma,” Andy declared, leaning over and nuzzling into her neck, inhaling the lavender scent that she always wore.

“You’re a sick young man, Andy.”

“And you love me, right Gram?”

“More than life itself, honey,” Agnes Porter declared as she reached over and took her grandson’s semi-flaccid organ in her weathered hand, lifting the slender tube up off of the nest of light brown curls and holding it gently. “I am sore though, honey.”

“Everywhere, Grandma?” Andy said with a raised eyebrow, and he frowned when she nodded.

“Almost everywhere,” Agnes finally said, and the smile that Andy gave her made her forget how tired and sore she really was.

“If you want, you can tell me a story,” Andy suggested, squirming as his cock started to get harder and longer in his grandmother’s grasp.

“Okay, Andy,” Grandma said, letting go of his cock and reaching over to the table, where a large tube of Play lubricant rested.

Andy watched the slim, pale woman turn away, exposing the faint tattoo of a rose she had on her hip, and the lad wondered if she had any idea when she got that done forty years ago that her grandson would be running his index finger around it.

“Did you send that lady the picture you took last week?” Andy asked.

“Yes, and that reminds me!” Grandma Agnes said excitedly, jumping off of the bed and walking out of the room. “Be right back.”


How they got to this…

“Damn,” Andy said to himself as he watched the love of his life scurry out of the room, her petite 5’1″ and 100 pound frame not looking like a senior citizen’s tuzla escort at all.

Andy was lucky, and he knew it. To think it all happened that day when his grandmother walked in on him in his room and caught him jacking off to a old Penthouse magazine his old man didn’t hide well enough. While Andy got flustered and humiliated when she caught him jerking off, Grandma hardly blinked.

“Need a hand with that?” Andy remembered his Grandma saying, and he also recalled what she said when she got a look at what he had been stroking.

“Maybe two hands,” the salty mother of his father had said, and after that, they formed a rather unique bond.

It started with Andy’s grandmother giving him hand jobs, but when the upstart young man suggested they get a little more intimate – well – while Agnes Porter had said the expected things, and protested a bit, it was only a half-hearted attempt at being moral.

In the end, they both knew the facts. Andy loved his grandmother, thought she was every bit as hot as any of the girls in school, and wanted her.

As for Agnes Porter, she had already played the grieving widow role for several years, and the one thing she knew was that of all the great things her late husband had provided; the companionship and the laughs and the financial security, the one things she missed most of all was sex.

The problem was that the men her age just couldn’t keep up with her, and half of them couldn’t even get it up. When she saw Andy that day, and when she saw that her favorite grandson wasn’t a boy anymore either chronologically or physically, she knew she could not resist it.


Grandma returns…

“What’s that for?” Andy asked when he saw the orange plastic ruler in his grandmother’s hand.

“It’s to paddle your bottom if you get smart!” Grandma Porter said with a chuckle. “No, actually first to answer your question, yes I did sent Bernice that photo.”

The photo in question was one that Agnes Porter had Andy take last weekend with her digital camera, and the photo showed Andy’s grandmother straddling his cock as she lowered herself onto his member.

The woman she sent it to lives in England, and was a woman Andy’s grandmother had begun chatting with at some sort of Incest chat room called “Grams and their Lambs”, a gathering place for women like Agnes Porter to share their experiences with the grandsons and granddaughters.

“What did she say?” Andy asked.

“The first things she did was to scold me for having pubic hair,” Grandma Porter related. “She told me that young lads today don’t like women with hairy cunts! I told her that you liked me the way I was just fine. You do, don’t you babe?”

“Absolutely,” Andy said as wiggled his cock as his grandmother to remind her what he wanted.

“Good. Well, anyway, she did like the photo. Said she frigged herself a couple of times looking at it, and then she said that it looked like you are well-endowed and asked me how big your penis is. I told her I thought it was almost a foot long.”

“Grandma!” Andy complained. “It is not. It isn’t anywhere near that, and besides, it’s skinny.”

“I think you’re wrong. Anyway, I told her that I would take a picture of it and show her,” Agnes said as she filled her palm with the cherry gel and took her grandson’s cock in her oiled hands. “Just got to get it up again now.”

“That won’t take much,” Andy said. “But she’s going to think you’re full of it when she sees how long it really is.”

“We’ll see,” Grandma Agnes said as she began to pull on her grandson’s manhood, and after very little effort she had coaxed the long slender prong into tuzla escort bayan a full blown erection.

“Now hold it up for me,” Grandma told Andy, who obediently grabbed the nose cone of his flesh rocket and held it up right while Agnes placed the ruler along the underside.

“Told you,” Andy said as he saw that the tip of his dick fell well short of the 10″ mark on the measuring stick, and that was even with Andy straining with all his might to extend what he had.

“Still and all, that’s one heck of a lickin’ stick!” Grandma declared as she pushed the ruler down into Andy’s skin far enough to make it appear another inch longer. “Now take the picture, but make sure you don’t get my face in it.”

“Not bad, if I do say so myself,” Andy said as he looked at the photo he had taken of his cock, shiny with lubricant, before handing the camera to his grandmother.

“I’ll bet Bernice will get herself off for a week looking at this picture,” Grandma proclaimed proudly.

“Now what about me?” Andy asked hopefully.

“That’s right, where was I?” Grandma said with a chuckle before taking her grandson’s cock from his grasp and starting to do her magic. “I’ll have you cumming in no time.”

“Bet you won’t,” Andy said, and after his grandmother assured him she would, her left hand began to work up and down his long shaft, spinning as her pale, tiny fingers pumped his cock while her right hand massaged his balls.

“How about a story, Grandma?” Andy asked while she jerked him off with long and sensuous strokes. “Remember last weekend you started telling me about that hippie girl you and Grandpa picked up that time?”

“Oh yes!” Agnes declared. “That was after the Grateful Dead concert we went to down at Randall’s Island. That was your grandfather’s idea. He used to love to see me with other women.”

“I don’t blame him,” Andy answered as the thought of bringing his sometimes-girlfriend to meet his Grandma entered his mind. “I would love to see you with Diane – just the three of us.”

“Well anyway, your grandfather strikes up a conversation with this girl, and there’s a joint getting passed around. This girl was probably 20 or so, a little younger than we were, and she was really a hoot. She had blue eyes and long and frizzy red hair, and every sentence she said ended with her saying ‘Far Out’!”

“Far out!” Andy mimicked.

“Her name was Moonbeam or Rainbow or something,” Grandma continued. “She had on the skimpy little tank top with nothing underneath, and she had the biggest breasts I’d ever seen. They were gigantic. That’s what got your grandfather’s attention. He loved big boobs, which always made me wonder about why he loved me.”

“Because you’re awesome, Grandma,” Andy said, reaching over and giving her titty an affectionate squeeze.

“Says you,” Agnes scoffed. “Anyway, this Moonbeam had hair under her arms. She must never have shaved them, because she was so hairy that it looked like she had Lucille Ball in a headlock.”

“Who?” Andy asked.

“Lucille Ball?” Grandma asked. “You don’t know who she was? You kids today! Well, she was a famous comedienne with flaming red hair.”

“Oh,” Andy said. “This girl didn’t shave her pits? That’s cool. I saw a picture of Drew Barrymore with hair under her arms, and she looked awesome.”

“Well, it wasn’t that uncommon back then,” Grandma explained.

“You would look cool with hairy pits,” Andy opined as he slid his hand off of her breast and slid it under his grandmothers arm, stroking the soft moist skin that was silky smooth.

“I’m so old and decrepit that it doesn’t even grow there anymore,” Grandma told escort tuzla her grandson. “My pussy hair is thinning out and who knows, maybe I’ll be bald everywhere before long.”

“Then you’ll be the sexiest bald woman in the world.”

“My arms are getting tired, Andy,” Agnes said as she rolled her shoulders around. “My hands need a break.”

“Oh yeah!” Andy growled as he watched his grandmother bend over and start sucking on his cock.

As her lips slid down more than half of his cock’s length, Andy snapped a picture that he would show her later, and then took over.

“So you and Grandpa made it with that hippie chick?” Andy asked, and he smiled when his grandmother nodded with a mouth full of him.

“Oh yes!” Grandma exclaimed. “I was licking her clit while a few inches from my nose, your grandfather was slamming his cock in and out of that blazing red bush.”

“That must have been awesome to see. I would love to see you with a girl. Remember that picture of Diane I showed you? She’s got pretty big tits. I would love to watch your do rub your boobs together and go down on each other.”

“I’ll bet you would,” Grandma said after letting her lips slid up of his dick and began to slap the tip of his member with her tongue. “I haven’t eaten an 18 year old pussy in years. She got a lot of hair on hers?”

“She didn’t when I first started dating her,” Andy explained. “She used to trim it, but when I told her I liked pussies with hair on them, she stopped. She’s pretty hairy down there now.”

“This Diane,” Grandma said as she went back to milking Andy’s cock – now with both hands sliding up and down the throbbing rod. “Is she the one that likes you to fuck her in the ass?”

“Yeah!” Andy grunted, the effect of his grandmother’s hands and mouth beginning to wear down his resistance.

“So you want to see this Diane girl – the one with the big tits and hairy pussy – you want to see her and me in this bed, eating each other’s cunts?”

“Grandma…” Andy moaned, his face as red as his cock now.

“So I’m on my back with her pussy in my face, and I’m licking away?”


“I’m eating her cunt and you’re climbing behind her taking her temperature with this huge cock of yours shredding her bowels,” Grandma Agnes cackled, her hands pumping wildly up and down as she tried to make Andy cum. “And you’re pounding into this poor thing, and your balls are slapping on my forehead while…”

“AWW!” Andy howled, his body convulsing as his orgasm roared through his body, and his grandmother kept milking him hard while his ejaculations flew all over them and the bed.

Andy’s upper torso lifted off of the bedding, and through glazed eyes he watched the jets of semen spurt up in the air before splattering all over his stomach and Grandma’s arms.

“No more Gram!” Andy cried out, finally having to pry his Grandma’s hands off of his cock to get her to stop.

“Sorry honey,” Grandma said softly, kissing the reddened tube as it flopped back onto his belly. “Got carried away there for a minute.”

“It’s okay, Grandma,” Andy said as he pulled the petite woman down for a hug. “It’ll be okay and I’ll be ready for more in an hour or so.”

“And I’ll be asleep by then,” Grandma declared. “Either that, or dead. Now I think I was on my way to a well-needed shower, wasn’t I?”

“I’ll join you,” Andy announced, and although his grandmother rolled her eyes and shook her head in disbelief, he knew that she wasn’t really mad at him.

Chances were, Andy thought as he looked at the pale little rear end of his Grandma as she led the way to the bathroom, after a refreshing shower she would probably be ready for a nightcap after a while anyway. Either that, or a nice bedtime story would be a perfect way to top off another fun night at Grandma’s.


Thanks for reading

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