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Terry Pt. 02

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I checked on Terry often, the man slept for hours the pills were making him sleepy, I heard him get up after about three hours of sleep he was flushing the toilet.

“Tom would it be okay if I showered I feel a bit sweaty, hoping it makes me feel a bit better.”

“Terry make yourself at home please, if you need anything help yourself, if you need help just ask please.”

“Could you help me get in the shower I’m a bit dizzy and unsteady on my feet right now.”

“How about I just give you a sponge bath instead, this way you can lay down and you will still feel much better. You just seem a little to unsteady on your feet to try an actual shower.”

Terry did not argue, he really was not well, the man needed more rest, more fluids, and someone to care for him. I got a basin washcloth and soap and got set up to wipe the man down. I removed his top leaving him his underwear.

“Sorry to be a bother Tom but I feel so sticky, must be from sweating, one minute I am freezing cold then the next sweating like my body is on fire.”

“Terry you are no bother I like taking care of you, looks like you need someone to take care of you.”

Terry drank up the attention, you could tell he loved to be touched, caressed, any kind of kindness. I wiped the man down head to toe, and no I did not wash his privates Terry was not a guy that you washed his cock or balls. I got the bed changed and Terry all settled in gave him a clean tee and boxers to wear to bed, gave him his pills, tucked him in he would be out for at least three more hours.

I got into the work I needed to get done, I took out something for dinner, Terry at some point would want to eat a full meal. I got through the mountain of work that had piled up, I got dinner in the oven we would have roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, steamed carrots, and apple crumble for desert. The way to a man’s, you all know the rest of that one, I heard Terry rustling around in his room, his room did I really just think that. Terry flushed and headed into the kitchen, he looked a little better, but you could still see the man was not well.

“Tom I should probably head home, I have overstayed my welcome in your beautiful home here I am sure, not sure what you are cooking but does that smell good.”

“You Sir are not going anywhere anytime soon, you are my guest and my patient so till I discharge you, you are not going anywhere.”

“Okay Tom thank you so much for this, I feel like such a burden to you, but I am pretty sure I would not be feeling this good without your good food and care.”

“You my friend are welcome, I like taking care of you, your one of my best patients.”

“Your Temperature is almost normal, very close, are you hungry Terry, I hope so cause I cooked enough food for a small army.”

“Tom I am so hungry I could eat almost anything right now.”

I got the table set while Terry showered brushed his teeth, made himself illegal bahis presentable, I gave him some clean sweats a clean tee some socks to keep his feet warm and a pair of underwear. The man looked so sexy cleaned up, I wanted to trim his beard, pluck his eyebrows a bit. I got dinner on the table while he cleaned up. Terry came out a new man, even saying he felt better after a shower, he sure looked better, healthier, I was hoping he would take more time to get better so I could keep him here longer.

Terry and I had dinner, that man could eat let me tell you, we would have just enough for lunch tomorrow, once the kitchen was cleaned up Terry and I changed his bed, then sat and were about to watch some tv. We ended up talking instead, Terry was from a small town, he had moved to the city for work, hoping to meet someone to eventually marry, settle down with.

Terry said he met a few people but no connection, they all wanted something, be it money, drugs, alcohol or a free ride, he just gave up the whole dating scene. Terry kept to himself, the only person he interacted with was a guy who bought him coffee in a neighborhood coffee shop, the guy insisting on buying him coffee every single day.

I told Terry I am an only child my Father died when I was young, my Mother remarried to a wonderful man who raised me as his own, when my Mother passed he took care of me till I graduated university. I’ve had a few really good relationships in the past, some really good friends as well but nothing till I met this guy who was giving my poor barista such a hard time.

Terry and I laughed, he and I talked for hours till Terry was yawning, the man had slept so many hours but still could not seem to sleep enough. Terry headed off to bed I did a clean up then remembered Terry had not taken his pills. I walked in Terry was almost asleep, I handed him his pills and a glass of water.

“Thank you Tom for all of this, really appreciate this, never had someone look after me like you do, thanks again.”

“You Sir are a pleasure to take care of, now get some sleep you, see you in the morning, goodnight Terry.”

“Night Tom thanks again.”

It had to be around two in the morning when something woke me up, I woke to Terry standing at the side of my bed, it took me a few minutes to actually wake up.

“Terry what’s going on? Are you okay?”

“Tom I had a really bad dream, an actual nightmare, they are reoccurring for me always have been, this one was one of the worse I have ever had. I woke up not knowing where I was, also I cannot fall back asleep, this dream terrifies me every single time I have it. Tom I hate to ask but can I sleep in here with you?”

“Get in here you, climb in the other side.” I said pulling the covers back.

Terry got in bed with me, I was more than nervous having him this close to me. I knew I would end up getting closer than I should to him, maybe even touching him in places illegal bahis siteleri I really should not. Terry laid on his back, me on my side looking at him, even in the darkness of my room the man was so attractive. Here he was in a pair of underwear how would I keep myself under control?

“Thank you so much Tom for letting me sleep with you, I know it’s a strange request but this dream I have haunts me always, I can’t shake it. Again thanks for all of this Tom.”

“You’re most welcome Terry, Goodnight see you in the morning.”

I got myself comfortable, fluffing my pillow, I was still nervous to have Terry so close to me with so little clothes on. Terry laid there, I knew he was replaying the dream over and over, he could not shake it.

“Terry would you like to talk about it? Would that help you get back to sleep?”

“No Tom I think I am okay, lets talk in the morning, I don’t want to keep you up all night, again thank you for letting me in your house and now in your bed.”

“Night Terry.”

“Night Tom.”

Terry slowly fell into a deep sleep, he was snoring so softly, then a murmur, a very quiet “No please Don’t!” then silence for a few seconds. Terry soon was rustling in bed, I put my hand on his arm, rubbing his arm gently, Terry calmed down. After a few more minutes again Terry was having another bad nightmare, a simple rub of his arm calmed him once more.

Terry seemed to settle now, I rolled over on my side away from Terry, I woke at about four in the morning Terry was snuggled in tight to me, his body against mine, his furry chest on my back, his arm around me pulling me close to him, his cock pressing against my underwear covered butt cheeks, Terry had managed to get his arm under my neck, he had me pulled in tight to him.

I snuggled in and was soon asleep once more, I woke at seven Terry was back on his side of my bed, he was out sound asleep. I laid there on my back semi awake, still so very tired, I quickly dozed off, waking to Terry half on top of me, his leg over my body, his hand on my rock hard cock. I was so comfortable, I laid there looking at this man who was half on top of me his hard cock on my hip, his hairy chest on my semi smooth one.

Terry’s head was on my shoulder my arm under his head, my hand on his back, Terry’s hair covered most of him, the man had beautifully thick hair. I laid there keeping quiet so I would not wake him, I could lay here all day. Terry soon started to wake, he looked at me, it took him a few minutes for it to register that he was half on top of me and his rock hard cock was grinding on my hip.

Terry rolled over on his tummy hiding his erection, his head turned to me.

“Tom I am so sorry to be on top of you like that, that was not why I wanted and needed to be in here with you, that dream I have terrifies me, some nights not able to get back to sleep whatsoever, you simply by my side made me feel safe, but canlı bahis siteleri I had no intention to be on top of you like I was I am so sorry.”

“All good Terry glad I could help you get back to sleep is all I have to say, it’s a really bad dream that you have it seems to take control of you, strikes fear into you so badly. All I had to do is rub your arm and you calmed right down.”

“That’s how my Mom used to get me back to sleep once I had that dream, again Thank you so much Tom you are the best guy ever.”

“Tom I had something that happen to me when I was a kid, I was ten years old, this man dragged me into his car, he had a death grip on my arm he got me in the car, but I managed to escape when he stopped at a light. I have this dream almost every night, it still terrifies me to this day.”

“Terry that is terrible, I am so glad you got away safely from this man in the car, have you ever sought out professional help, someone who could help you with this?”

“Tom I have never told anyone, except my parents and you, I am not sure why I am comfortable telling you this, but you make me feel at ease, safe, this is why I asked if I could sleep with you last night.”

“You Sir are welcome in my bed anytime, and don’t worry about laying on me felt good to have a snuggle buddy, been a long time for me to have someone to snuggle with.”

“Thank you for being so understanding Tom, most guys would not be, something about you, like you and I have this connection of some kind, I feel so safe with you, I know I can trust you with my life. It kind of freaked me out the first time we met at the coffee shop, when I looked at you, I never felt like that before just looking at someone before, that is why I kept my distance from you.”

“I know what you mean Terry I felt it too, I was so drawn to you, trying to be close to you on the bus as we rode along, I know I freaked you out when I was to close to you, but my intentions were just to get to know you is all.”

“You did make me a bit uneasy, I am not used to anyone interacting with me whatsoever, I seem to be invisible to most people, but not you, I was shocked you saw me.”

Terry and I laid there both of us just looking at each other, no words just silence.

“Coffee? Breakfast? Bet your starving.” I said as I got out of bed trying to hide my rock hard cock in the process.

I grabbed a bathrobe and went in to the kitchen, filled the machine and got it going, took out breakfast sausages for breakfast, hash browns, eggs I would cook last. Terry came in he seemed like he had something to ask me.

“You okay Terry, are you feeling better? You’re still a bit warm, couple more days before I discharge you Mister.”

“Don’t think I want to leave here now Tom, this is the best place I have ever been too, even better than my Mom’s place.”

“You could just move in Terry, I do have a spare bedroom, and I would love to have the company, you and I seem to click, get along so well.”

“Are you serious Tom? You would let me move in here with you?”

“Of course, I would not offer if I was not serious about it, I like having you around, something about you Terry.”

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