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Texting Turns to Sexting Ch. 05

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I’m Rob, a retired older man living in Pismo Beach, California. I have just spent this weekend with two fabulously sexy ladies at Pismo Beach State Campground. They are neighbors and their husbands have been on a fishing expedition, which allowed the ladies the freedom to spend time with me. I first encountered Nanette last month at Diamond Adult World, a local sex shop. Through a series of texting that quickly turned into sexting, we ended up here together fucking and sucking to our hearts content.

Nanette’s neighbor, Hannah was concerned about Nanette’s whereabouts. One thing led to another and Hannah ended up spending Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning with us. Our twosome turned into a threesome. The three of us shared some incredible orgasms together, however, now the ladies are back to their normal weekly routine.

I spent the rest of Sunday recuperating at the beach, enjoying the sun and surf and giving my cock a much-needed rest. Mondays are usually quiet around the state campground. Weekend warriors have gone home and only a few vacationers and retired folks remain. After spending a couple of hours at the beach in my speedo this morning, I returned to my trailer in space 07.

I am laying naked on my bed in the trailer stroking my cock and reminiscing about the events of the past three days. Both ladies have been sexting me since they left. We have been thanking each other for the wild sex and making promises to get together again. Frankly, the ladies have worn me out and I am looking forward to a couple more peaceful days here at the beach.

I start to doze off just as my cell phone chirps. I read the latest text.

(Nanette): Happy Monday Rob. How much longer will you be staying at the beach? I’m already missing your cock and was wondering when we can get together for a little shopping at the sex shop.)

I love her use of the word ‘shopping’. I doubt we’ll be buying anything, but you never know. Maybe Nan will buy some sexy lingerie that she will model for me in the video booth.

(Rob): I’m here through Wednesday. How does Friday work for you? I could buy some cherry flavor lube to drizzle on your pussy before I go down on you.

Just as I hit the send button, my mind flashes back to Friday afternoon when Nan was sitting on my face and I was licking her smooth labia between her crotchless panties. It was my first taste of her sweet essence. I slid my tongue back and forth along her pink slit and sucked on her inner flaps. I remember the first time her clit hardened, and I felt the bump against my tongue. A little bit of cherry lube will make her cunt taste that much better.

I find myself stroking my cock once again thinking about the possibilities. Just as I get into a nice rhythm, I hear a car pull up outside my trailer. Since I left my door open, I get up and step into my speedo. I must adjust my thick shaft to the side. I step outside and see Hannah getting out of a Honda Accord.

“Hannah, what are you doing here?”

“Hi Rob, I hope I’m not interrupting? My husband is working out of town today and I just had to see you one more time before you leave.”

“Before I leave? Well, I’m not going anywhere.”

Oops, I just remembered that Nan said I was an old friend just passing through town. I make a hasty correction.

“What I mean is that I’m camping here until Wednesday, before I head on down the road.”

I don’t mention that ‘down the road’ means back to my place a few miles away.

“I hope it’s OK for me to be here, I thought it would be fun to spend the day at the beach again.”

All the while she is speaking, Hannah is starring at the bulge in my swimsuit. I let her know that it is more than OK for her to be here. She has a backpack in her hand that I take from her. It’s quite heavy.

“Wow Hannah, what do you have in here?”

“Oh, some wine coolers, my bikini and a few other things. I figure I drank my share of wine coolers over the weekend, so I’m replenishing your stock.”

I take Hannah’s hand and we step into the trailer. I put her backpack on the counter and then it dawns on me, did she just say bikini. I thought her light blue one-piece suit with the low-cut front was revealing enough. Her huge tits were pushed up forming lots of cleavage with plenty of side boob; not to mention the material stretched around all her curves, and everything was on display from her big boobs to her wide ass.

Hannah is five-feet one at best with thick heavy thighs, wide hips and huge tits. I can only imagine what a bikini will look like holding all of that.

“Rob, did you get my last text?”

“You mean the one of your full bush, yes I did. That was quite a treat.”

“Well, what do you think, can you make me look more like Nan?”

“That’s asking a lot Hannah, after all you have one heck of a beaver down there.”

Hannah opens her backpack and pulls out two four-packs of wine coolers and an ominous looking instrument.

“I have this old Remington barbershop clipper, escort ataşehir lots of razors and shaving cream. I think this might do the job.”

Hannah hands me the clippers to inspect. It definitely will do the trick. It looks like it uses a couple of D-cell batteries to power it up and it is heavy duty. I flip the switch and the clippers nearly pop out of my hand. The buzz is a lot more powerful than any vibrator I’ve seen. I hope Hannah can handle the vibration while I clip her pubes.

“When can we get started?”

“Hannah you just got here. Wouldn’t you like some lunch or a wine cooler?”

“To tell you the truth, I’d like to shave my pussy first, so I can put on my bikini and then we can eat.”

I know what I’ll be eating after I clean up the forest between her thighs. I’ve had a bit of practice shaving pussies, but this will be my biggest challenge yet. Hannah is wearing the same paisley dress from Saturday. I grab some beach towels to cover the bed. This is going to be fun. Hannah reaches down to pull the hem of her dress up and off. She is naked underneath. Hannah’s huge tits tumble free and the bush between her thighs seems to have grown since yesterday.

Hannah massages her boobs and pinches her nipples. Her floppy breasts shake and shimmy when she lets them slip through her hands.

“I’m ready Rob. Where do you want me?”

“Right in the middle of the bed, please. Spread those legs while I get a bowl of water.”

“Will you get naked too. I want to see your hard cock while you shave me.”

I fill a bowl with warm water and a wash cloth and place it on the nightstand. I sit next to Hannah and remove my speedo as I survey my project. My cock springs up and Hannah reaches out to stroke my shaft. She wraps her hand around me and squeezes.

“Yes, this is what I needed to see, your nice, hard cock.”

I place the clippers and razor on the nightstand within easy reach. I place my hand between Hannah’s legs and run my fingers through her thick thatch one final time. I feel her soft curls. I grab a handful of hair and lightly pull. Yep this is a mop.

Hannah had a small jar in her backpack. I place it on the nightstand, so I can use it for Hannah’s pubic hair. I just might keep it as a souvenir.

My fingers run up and down her slit and then I spread her outer lips wide open. Her inner labia opens like a lovely lotus blossom. It’s a beautiful shade of pink and slightly moist. I don’t want to pass up this opportunity to taste her again. I bend my head closer and lick the tender flesh. Her inner lips spread around my tongue as I gather her nectar. After a few gentle licks, more juice pools on the bottom and I slurp it into my mouth. I use my lips to pull her labia flaps into my mouth.

Hannah takes short breaths as I eat her pussy. One hand grabs her huge tits and twists her nipples while the other strokes my cock. I’m ready to begin her grooming. My aim is to cut her pubes as close to her skin as possible and then finish up with the razor.

“OK Hannah, you have to let go of my cock while I groom you. I need to concentrate.”

I flip the switch on the commercial grade clipper and it comes to life. I bet the vibrations are enough to make Hannah cum on contact, so I need to be gentle with her. Hannah brought several attachments for the clipper. I choose the one that will leave about a half inch of hair on her mons. I start at the top and slide the tool down her mound and along her fleshy outer lips. Hannah jerks at first contact. A massive amount of hair is cut. I grab the clump and place it in the jar. It won’t take long to fill the jar.

“Geez Rob, the vibration is intense. I may have to use this as my permanent vibrator. Wow.”

I move the clipper to the center of her mound and slide it down, collecting more pubic hair in the process. I add it to the jar. I’m already seeing a huge change in her look with only half of her mound groomed. I proceed to cut more hair moving from the top of her mound to the bottom. The jar is now overflowing with her pubes. I push them down into the jar and feel the soft texture of curls. Another swipe down her mons and along the other outer lip completes the first stage.

I change the clipper attachment to create a shorter cut. I move the clippers along the right side of her mound all the way down her pussy lips, and then cut the hair along the left side. A nice triangle of dark hair is forming on Hannah’s Mound of Venus. I ask Hannah to spread her legs to give me more room to work. I run the clippers over her outer lips several more times and then along her inner thighs, gathering as much hair as I can. I add this last amount to the jar and show my trophy to Hannah. She smiles and winks.

I feel the surface of her nether region and spread her outer lips to inspect my work so far. Hannah’s clit is now very prominent, and her inner lips are extremely wet. I scoop up some of the juices and offer my fingers to Hannah. She licks and sucks my digits.

“Yes, kadıköy escort that’s me. My pussy cream tastes good.”

I would have to concur. Now on to the critical part. Shaving Hannah’s pussy lips and inner thighs without nicks or cuts. I dip the wash cloth into the hot water and wipe all around her vulva getting her ready to shave. I apply shaving cream to her skin and carefully move the razor along each side of her mons. I use long slow strokes to create a perfect edge to her triangle.

I shave each one of her meaty outer lips, being careful not to nick or scratch her. I spread her lips wide and slowly clean the area next to her sensitive inner labia, until I’m satisfied with my work. With a little more shaving cream and a few more swipes with the razor Hannah’s pussy and inner thighs are smooth.

I dab her skin with the wash cloth and clean away the excess cream. I admire her freshly shaved quim. She is ready to pleasure. I set the razor aside and test her smooth skin with my tongue. Her inner lips are slick with her juice and I lick up the excess. Hannah’s vagina is glowing pink after all the attention with the razor. I smear some aloe all around her puffy outer lips to combat the razor burn.

“There you go sweetie, almost identical to Nan.”

“Gawd, I’m so horny Rob. Eat my pussy and make me cum.”

That’s an invitation too good to pass up. I move my face down between her thighs and nuzzle the smooth outer lips. Her meaty lips provide a soft cushion as I delve my tongue deeper into her womanhood. Another benefit of Hannah’s new look is that her clitoris is no longer hidden behind a mass of curls, it is front and center. And Hannah is blessed with a big clit, the size of my thumb. With all the attention to her cunt, her clit has descended from its protective hood and is ripe for sucking. I wrap my lips around her hard nub and suckle. She grabs my head and holds me tight.

“Oh geez, that feels so amazing, don’t stop sucking. I’m going to cum soon.”

Hannah presses her hips up and forces my head down, almost suffocating me. However, I refuse to let go of her massive pearl. I flick her bud with my tongue; left and right, up and down and suck again. Hannah’s hefty thighs tremble and shake. I have her so close.

Oh my god, I’m going to explode. My pussy is so hot. I’m ccummminnnggg.”

I reach up and grab her tits with my head plastered against her pussy. I pinch her nipples as I suck on her love bud. Hannah reaches her peak and erupts with a torrent of juice, squirting small jet streams of cum. This is a new sensation for Hannah, with her smooth pussy lips.

She falls back on the bed, legs splayed, completely spent. The towels under her ass are slightly wet. Hannah lays quietly for several minutes, breathing hard and trying to recover from her massive orgasm. Her eyes are shut tight and her body quivers as the climax winds down. Eventually, she regains her composure enough to open her eyes and flash me the biggest grin. I think I just rocked her world.

“Wow Rob, that was intense. I knew I had a reason to come back here. Well, what I want now; no, what I need now is to suck your cock. I want to make you cum just like you did for me.”

I stand up to face the bed and Hannah scoots up to a sitting position. Her lips are even with my shaft as she grabs my cock and pulls me closer. Her heavy tits sway across her lap, with her small nipples almost touching her thighs.

“Suck my cock, Hannah. I have a nice big load saved for you. Play with my balls.”

Hannah moves her hand to the base of my shaft and applies pressure with her thumb and forefinger as she licks up and down my shaft. Her saliva bathes my cock. She opens her mouth and sucks a couple of inches into her mouth. Her lips move up while she applies a gentle suction which feels so good. She releases the tip of my cock with a pop.

“Mmm, you taste good.”

Hannah plays with her tits with one hand. She takes me in her mouth again and bobs her head back and forth. She licks all around my shaft and then grabs my balls with her free hand. She rolls them around and pulls down on my sack as she continues sucking. She is really getting into this blow job.

Hannah wants to finish me off quickly. She grips my shaft as hard as she can and proceeds to jack me off. Her hand moves quickly up and down. She adds a twisting motion to her pumps which takes me close the edge.

“Let me cum on those huge tits. I want to paint your nipples with jizz.”

“OK, but the first spurt is going into my mouth. I want to taste your salty cum.”

Hannah has her lips glued to my glans as she masturbates me to climax. I push out my hips and release my load. The first strand is swallowed up and then she pumps the rest of my cum onto her swaying boobs. I cover her nipples with my juice and another rope hits her chin. It drips down between her massive mounds. Hannah continues to pump, drawing a few more spurts of semen onto her hand. When she maltepe escort bayan is satisfied that I have no more cum, she releases her grip and licks her fingers clean.

“Oh Hannah, that was too much. I’m so happy you came back.”

As my orgasm subsides Hannah gathers the cum from her breasts to feed her hunger. She has sucked and stroked my cock completely dry. I bend down to kiss her lips and taste the remnants of my climax.

“So, Hannah, are you ready for lunch now that you’ve had your protein?”

Hannah giggles as I help her stand up. She holds her tiny five-foot one frame against my body. Her massive boobs press into me and we kiss some more.

“Thank you for shaving my pussy. It feels a little strange. At least I won’t have all that hair sticking out of my bikini bottoms.

It still amazes me that she has a bikini for the beach. I can’t wait to see her wearing it. We don’t bother with clothes at this point. We’ll dress when we go outside, but I’m counting on being naked again when I get Hannah down into the sand dune. It’s the same sand dune that Nan and I shared on Saturday.

“I’m sorry if I keep staring at your gorgeous cock. It’s just my husband would never walk around nude at home. This is a whole new experience for me.”

“Stare all you like. I’m not going to stop looking at your amazing tits. They are just so big and bouncy, I love them.”

Hannah and I remain naked as I prepare left over chicken and salad for lunch. And we continue to stare at each other. The outside temperature is is in the upper 70s under a cloudless blue sky. It’s a perfect day to eat outside. Obviously, we can’t remain naked, so I slip back into my speedo and adjust my cock to the side. Hannah pulls her bikini from the backpack and holds the two pieces up for my inspection. There is not much material to cover her BBW physique, but she assures me that she has worn this suit many times and has never been arrested for indecent exposure.

I watch with fascination as she steps into the bottoms and pulls them into place. The front panel stretches across her newly shaved pussy lips with a slight camel toe. Her thick thighs and bulging tummy nearly conceal the material. The rear panel is another thing altogether. The material barely covers half of her wide ass and when she moves, the material rides up between her fleshy cheeks. She might as well wear a thong. Hannah turns and models for me.

“What do you think?”

“Well, I don’t see any hair escaping from the front.”

“I know, it feels so different with a smooth pussy. Thank you again for shaving me.”

Hannah straps the bikini top around her neck and ties it in the back. She adjusts the material around each one of her huge tits, stuffing herself into each cup. Her boobs overflow each cup, creating a full cleavage with lots of skin falling out each side. At least her large pale areole are covered. I don’t complain.

“Hannah, you will have a lot of eyes on you at the beach. I love how you look.”

We walk outside to the camp table. I pace a towel on the bench to protect Hannah’s rear end. Splinters in her her wide ass cheeks would not be fun, unless I am the one to remove them. We enjoy a quiet lunch together. There is not much activity in the park. After lunch, Hannah suggests we spend the afternoon at the beach. I am up for that, so I grab the backpack and fill it with water, sunscreen and some snacks. I’m ready to go and ask Hannah if she is going to wear her coverup for the stroll to the beach.

“I don’t need to Rob, it’s just a short walk and I’ll just take it off when we get there.”

If she is game, so am I. I forgo my cargo shorts and we head to the beach. The bulge in my speedo grows as I walk behind Hannah and watch her exposed ass swish back and forth with each step. I just want to grab that wide swatch of exposed pale skin. When we get to the low fence that marks the perimeter of the state park, I assist her by grabbing ass and helping her up and over. She thanks me by pressing her full boobs into my chest and kissing me with a long passionate kiss. All the while, I massage and squeeze her ass. I have a full hard-on now and Hannah reaches down to rub my shaft.

I have a thought of forgoing the beach and taking her over to the sand dune off to the right. But, Hannah grabs my hand and pulls me along. I reach down and adjust my shaft one more time. We walk another seventy feet and scout out a section of sand to lay our towels down. There are a few folks scattered all around the beach, not a big crowd for a Monday. Hannah doesn’t waste any time going into the water.

“Come on Rob, join me. Let’s get wet.”

Hannah grabs my hand again and pulls me out to the ocean. Her huge tits sway side to side with each step. We jog out to the first breakers and the water feels good, not too cold in the height of summer. We hold hands and take several steps until we are waist high in the surf. We face out to the horizon. A bank of wispy clouds float left to right amid the blue sky. We take a few steps forward and then a wild wave breaks over the top of us. We jump up through the breaker and emerge from the water. I look over to Hannah and her boobs are swinging free. The wave hit her just right and her bikini top was over-powered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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