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The 30 Fucks of April – Day 14

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Hey Journal, April 14, 2022. Thursday. Fourteen days down, almost at the mid-point. My day started with a phone call as I sat on the balcony. “I can’t wait to see you, Noel,” I said to him as I sipped my tea.

Noel had returned from Cartagena, Colombia, and was dying to see me. I promised him we would spend the day together since I would be gone for the weekend to Houston to film. After my call ended, I went back inside to get ready for my day fourteen who was on the way over, Johnny Chu, this fine-ass Chinese guy.

I was excited to try him. His pictures were amazing. His body looked like he lived in the gym and his smile was exceptional with beautiful white teeth. His jet black was longer in front and cropped shorter on the sides and back.

Storm had already arrived. As she set up the cameras. She saw the picture of Johnny on my laptop. She looked at me with a grin, “Do you want to go live after we film?”

That was her way of telling me she wanted her pussy fucked. Storm had a live-in girlfriend. But when she came to see me, she got to live out all of her wild freaky desires. “You want that little pussy punished, right?” I joked.

She laughed, “Come on Ari, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.”

The doorbell sounded, “It’s him,” I said as I eagerly headed to answer the door. As soon as I laid eyes on him my heart smiled. We were blushing at each other, “Johnny, hi, come in,” I opened my arms to receive him.

We hugged, “Thanks for having me,” he said as he stepped inside and looked around. He was wearing a ribbed tank and some gym shorts. He looked delicious and I was ready to taste him.

“This is Storm my videographer.”

They shook hands, “Nice to meet you,” he said.

“We’ll probably go live after filming if you’re up to it?”

He nodded, “hell yeah, I love your lives. “

Storm smiled. She knew cock was on the menu.

She started with pictures. He stood with his naked body against the white backdrop. I stood behind him with my left hand on his chest and the right holding his cock. He was blessed. It was a little over seven inches and had a nice thickness to it.

I went to my knees and devoured him. “Ahhhh, yes, fuck,” he said as his hands went down. He reached for my hair moving it to one side so he could watch his cock slip and slide between my wet full lips. I looked up into his brown eyes. I loved the intense look on his face as he fucked my mouth, biting his bottom lip and letting tekirdağ seks hikayeleri out tiny puffs of air.

When I deep-throated him he belted out, “Awwww fuuuuckk,” I giggled inside. He pulled his cock out of my mouth, “Shit.”

We laughed. He didn’t know my mouth game was serious. He decided he wanted to show me what he could do. I lay on my back but he said, “No, I want your face on the bed and your ass in the air.”

I did as he asked. I felt his hands come down on my ass and then he squeezed both cheeks and spread them wide. He licked up and down my entire split. Every time I attempted to lift my head, he would say, “Down.”

He licked and fingered my sweet spot repeatedly. “Oh my god, fuck, yes, yes,” I exclaimed feeling the power of his mighty tongue dotting every I and crossing every T. He kissed both sides of my ass and then placed his cock at my center and pushed, “Ahhhh, yes,” I responded.

His hands gripped my ass and pulled it back as he thrust slamming his pelvic onto my ass. I felt his balls tapping my skin. I reached and played with my clit and he stroked my kitty just right. Things got wild when he pulled his cock out of my pussy before he yanked my legs and proceeded to kneel down and fuck me from behind.

I could hardly take that position. I yelped and whined. He finally eased up lying on my back grinding me out nice and slow while talking shit in my ear, “How do you like this cock?”

“I like it.”

“Like it or love it?” He asked as he dug deeper.

“Shit, I fucking love it.”

I turned my head and we kissed. His hands on my breasts. “I’m about to nut,” he informed me before pulling out. He stroked his cock over my ass and watched his cum drip onto my butt. He rubbed it in. I turned and looked at him. “You’re something else.”

“Just trying to get invited back.”

“Oh, you’ll be back for sure,” I slid off the bed and went to the bathroom to wash off my sticky ass. When I returned, Storm had already started the live camera. She and Johnny were kissing heavily.

He pulled off her clothes. I was impressed at his ability to get right back to action after climaxing. He laid on the bed and she mounted his cock and hummed as she lowered to the base, “Come help me out Ari,” she said.

I walked over and kissed her mouth before straddling his face. She looked happy riding his cock. It was a nice one. My hands caressed her breasts as I humped Johnny’s tongue, “Fuck,” I grunted as I climaxed. His mouth game had me fucking weak. I slid off and watched for a while as she rocked and twerked on his shaft.

Once she climaxed, she rolled off, but Johnny was still revved up. Storm had a bad habit of starting shit she couldn’t finish in bed with the men. I of course would be her rescue. He stood stroking his cock, “Come here.”

I walked over to him. He lifted me with ease. I helped insert his cock into my pussy. He proceeded to bounce me on his shaft rapidly. Those nice strong arms held my one hundred and twenty pounds with ease. He sat on the edge of the bed and held me as I rode him into the sunset. He was about to cum and so was I. There was no way I was letting him pull out. I clamped down on him and he grunted. We were both panting and moaning, “Fuck, shit, fuck.”

We both laughed as he finished.

After he and Storm left, I showered and got ready for my date with Noel as Yolanda. I loved when I could just relax and be Yolanda. My long hair was pulled into a bun. My big gold hoop earrings, and this colorful pinstriped dress that reached mid-thigh.

The doorbell sounded. I walked over and opened it. I saw Noel with a wagon full of items, “I brought you some stuff back from Cartagena,” he said proudly as he rolled the wagon inside. He paused and gave me a slow sweet kiss, “I missed you beautiful.”

I smiled. “You didn’t have to bring back all this, but thank you.”

“Come, Let me show you.”

We went into my bedroom. He pulled out item after item, beautiful colorful dresses, hats, hand-crafted bags, pictures, and figurines. I hugged him tightly, “Thank you for thinking of me.”

“I’m always thinking about you.”

“So, where are you taking me?” I asked sweetly.

“Grab your swimsuit, we’re going to the beach.”

I grabbed some stuff and we headed out. We ended up at Siesta Key in Sarasota. We spent an hour on some jet skis riding up and down the calm waters of the sound. After we finished, we walked along the shore. He told me about his trip.

He went to see his grandparents. He asked me if I wanted to join him on a trip next time. I smiled, “If things work out, sure.”

We washed off and made our way back to Tampa stopping to eat before we headed back to my place.

When we got inside my apartment, I turned to him, “You have been a good boy. That means you get the royal treatment.”

His face shined. “Really?”

I undressed him and walked him to the shower. Lathered up some soap and washed every inch of him. Once he was squeaky cleaned I feasted on his cock as he stood under the flowing water. “Dios mio, I missed you,” he said as he fucked my mouth.

I stood to my feet and shut off the water. He thought he was going to the bed but I brought him to my playroom, “What’s this?” he asked.

“I’m going to tie you up and fuck your brains out.”

He let me attach his arms to the straps. I sat in the chair in front of him touching myself as he watched. I wanted him good and worked up before I tasted his cock again. I watched his member as the juices flowed from me.

“Come on mami. Don’t tease me,” he begged.

I continued, “Ahhhh!” I said as my body flinched, my eyes closed and I bit my lip. I was still shaking. My swollen clit pulsated. I leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth once again. I slurped and licked him nicely before I stood and then backed my ass up on him allowing his pointed member access. I rocked back on his cock to my pleasure.

He could barely move. His cock was mine. I had him how I wanted him. He often took control when we had sex, but I was in control.

“Mami. Please, let me touch you,” he insisted.

“Not yet,” I replied. He would have to wait until I had my first orgasm. I moved slowly and then fast. I stepped away from his cock and went back to my knees tasting him once more. After I licked all of my honey off his cock. I pushed back on him again and this time I went hard until I shook.

“That’s it mami,” he said softly.

I released his hands and from that moment it was on. He turned me and attached me to the device. He pinched my nipples and fingered me widely, then placed his fingers in my mouth making me taste my nectar. We kissed as he lifted my leg, shoving his cock inside and ramming my pussy rapidly, Our bodies shook with every thrust, I came three more times, yet he was still going. He pulled out and untied me.

“Let’s go to the bed.”

I lay on my belly. He spread my cheeks wide and lathered me up nicely. I felt him pressing at my tight little hole until it gave way, “Ahhhhh,” he said with joy as his cock filled my ass.

He continued to stroke away finding a nice cadence. He kissed my shoulder and sped up. I could tell he was near his peak. He grunted and groaned. He bit my shoulder and pressed into me twitching as he unloaded, “Ahhhhh, shit.”

It was done. He stayed the night and we went at it a few more times before he left early that morning. Well, that’s all for now, until next time.

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