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The Anderson Women Pt. 02

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Author’s Note: This is a fictional story and all characters engaging in any kind of sexual activity are over the age of 18 years.

This is the second part of the story, The Anderson Women, and I strongly advise that you read the first part before continuing. I couldn’t find an editor to advice me so I broke the story in two parts as it was running too long and it’s become slow and plot-heavy.


Vanessa Anderson: Mike’s stepmother.

Deborah Anderson: Vanessa’s sister-in-law.
Julie and Sarah Anderson: Deborah’s daughters, with Sarah being elder by three years.

Mike, 26, returns home after being away for a good few years. His best friends Robin and Phil had an accident and he takes the responsibility of their son Joe. Mike’s father, George, wants him to take over the business and he reluctantly agrees. Vanessa, Sarah, and Deborah are thrilled because of his return but not so much Julie, his cousin, and first love.


(Part 1A)

Mike’s eyes ran over her figure. Illuminated by the evening sun, her brown hair had a shade of red in them. Red suited her, he thought to himself. He very quickly set a reminder on his phone to gift her red dress, which she can wear the next time they went out for dinner or movies.

“Even in blue…” he murmured.

She had his blue t-shirt on, the same as the color of her eyes. He watched her silently as she stood in wait for the coffee to be ready. Her long legs were bare as she only had a single cloth on her body, his t-shirt. To take out the cups, she bent in an angle and gave him a clear view of her bottoms.

A smile crept upon his face as he observed the little red mark by the edge of her round cheek. He couldn’t help himself from releasing a low growl as he recalled the feel of her soft, smooth flesh held against his palm. His “print” on her fair skin looked especially vibrant.

She turned around to wag her finger at him, aware of his lustful gaze. His dick hardened at the sexy gesture. He never had realized that a simple finger-wag could do that to him. With a small shake of her head, she went back to humming her tune even as she poured herself a cup.

Mike shifted in his chair to let his hardness breath. He tried to focus on her voice, to figure out the song, but gave up just as soon, because he realized he didn’t have enough restraint to move his mind away from her butt and he didn’t have to. It was only them at the moment, alone and free. Unconsciously, his hand slid down to his organ.

A small chuckle of hers made him lift his eyes from her wondrous ass. She had turned around to face him, sipping her coffee slowly. Their gazes clashed with each other. She then glanced down to his crotch to catch him brushing his hand over his tent and raised her eyebrow to him.

He felt a little embarrassed at first. To be spotted by her with his dick in his hand, still felt unusual and weird, no matter how much time had passed or how their relationship had changed. He couldn’t see her lips as she had held her cup in front of them; nevertheless, he assumed she must have been smiling from the way her eyes had stretched.

He felt emboldened by that and his hands, which hadn’t stopped their motion, gripped it hard over the cloth. She laughed heartedly. He watched her attentively, he watched her breasts, and he watched them jiggle. They were more than a handful; he couldn’t get enough of them. Bite marks, hickeys and the like, he was sure he would find them if she lifted the t-shirt.

“Just one peek,” he signaled with his expressions.

She shook her head in denial, a playful smile on her lips. Then suddenly her eyes widened, in warning to him, as he had crossed the few feet that had separated him from her to hold those flesh peaks, to claim them, her.


(Part 2)

Two women were sat at the relatively quiet corner table of the bustling coffee place. Both of them were impeccably dressed for an early morning get together and were the subjects of more than a few admiring gazes. They didn’t seem to mind all the attention and were also silent themselves. There was an air of suspense in between them and the tension was mounting by the minute. Nonetheless, they both kept their eyes off of the other, their thoughts to themselves, as if waiting for the other to break the silence.

Ashley looked up to her friend. She was staring out the glass, across the street, like there was the world’s most interesting show going on the empty lot. She flicked the blonde strand of her hair behind her ear in a nonchalant way and doing an impressive job of ignoring the piercing gaze on herself. This action of hers made Ashley inwardly sigh at the beauty of her friend. But there were more pressing matters than to laud each others’ faces at the moment.


Ashley couldn’t hold herself back and said the first words after the shocking revelation made by Julie.

“Hmmm… what?”

“Are you serious?” An incredulous look came upon Ashley’s face as she watched the lazy canlı bahis demeanor of her friend.

“You know what…” she continued after taking a deep breath, “You don’t expect me to believe its true, right? I mean, how could you?”

“Yes, it’s true. I slept with Mike… so what?”

“But, but…”

“I know. I know! Dammit, I know!”

They both turned silent once again after a few of the customers had started staring their way at Julie’s raised voice.

Ashley took a long look at her friend. She knew she was biased but even then she had to admit that Julie was one of the best-looking people she had ever seen. Julie was tall, with a well-proportioned figure. Though she didn’t have the biggest of breasts, neither was she a slouch; rather she made up for more than it in the ass department. But most of all she had style, and she had it in abundance. Her oval face and her deep brown eyes, with locks of her strawberry-blonde hair falling over them, were enough to take anyone’s breath away.

Being with her for so long, Ashley had watched boys and men go through ridiculous things just to get Julie’s attention, just for her to glance at them, just to get her to agree to a date with them. So she never did understand why Julie always found it hard to get in a good, healthy relationship. And now this thing, it was on a whole another level.

“It isn’t as if you are actually related…” Ashley thought out loud after a few minutes.

“Yeah, if we really think about it you don’t seem to have done anything wrong!”

Suddenly she seemed thrilled by the idea. Ashley let out a creepy stifle and smirked at her friend, her eyes carrying a hint of playfulness.

Julie understood this was her friend trying to calm her down. But she knew it wasn’t as simple as that. The things that happened and those that remained unsaid weren’t so easy to resolve. She couldn’t believe to just turn up at his door today and not find him expectant.

“It’s not so simple,” she sighed.

“I don’t even know exactly how I feel or how should I feel… It’s a mess.”

“But then why did you do it?”

Julie scoffed, “Finally you ask? Dying to know?”

Ashley giggled unashamedly and whispered leaning in, “I mean he is your cousin after all.”

Julie had to shake her head at Ashley’s reaction. She could be both serious and playful at the same time which confused her many a times.

Julie turned her eyes away after she took a sip of her coffee which had almost gone cold. She replayed the events of last night in her head and then her mind went back to the week Mike came home. It all seemed a long time ago, but barely a month had passed.

“I don’t know but I blame him!”

“And Sarah!”

“Huh? Sarah? Why her?”

“Nothing would have happened if she didn’t get engaged!”

“What now? She’s engaged? When?”

“Oh right, you don’t know yet. Yes, she’s engaged. She announced it yesterday.”


Julie rolled her eyes at Ashley’s reaction.


“I’m happy for her and you don’t have to pretend to do otherwise either.”

“Oh thank god! I’m so happy for her. I should call her… or maybe go meet her…” Ashley nearly got lost in her thought, “Yeah but anyway, why is it her fault?”

“If she didn’t get engaged right now, I would have felt so shitty!”

“What?” Ashley really didn’t understand whatever Julie was saying.

“Listen… you don’t have a sibling so you don’t understand. It’s complicated.”

“What is?” Ashley had question marks written all over her face.

Julie looked reluctant to say anything, but had to gather her thoughts and explain to her friend when she didn’t seem to budge, “I mean, sure I couldn’t be happier that she’s engaged, that she seems to have found the love of her life, no matter how he seems, but at the same time I’m also jealous and…”

“Right, and? And what?”

“I just seem to have lost, like she has won or something.”


“See… I told you. You won’t understand.”

“But why?”

“It’s what it is,” she sighed and then continued, “When Mike came home and I saw him with Joe, it felt weird at first but by the night of party… I just couldn’t handle it anymore!”

Ashley kept mum and waited for Julie to open up.

“… Here I’m trudging through and there he was, taking care of a kid on his own. I mean, when did he get so- so reliable and cool? I was supposed to be… more mature. And then Sarah also got engaged, it’s like the both of them have moved on and I’m left behind, far behind.”

After a few moments, Ashley asked, “And how did this lead to… you know…” she gestured with her fingers, “fucking…”

“Hmph,” Julie snorted at the vulgar action, “He just- somehow he has turned into this total hunk. And even more so he has morphed into this image of the perfect man I have had since forever. The more I tried to suppress the feeling, the more I would feel defeated and attracted to him… and finally, it led to last night.”

“When bahis siteleri you say hunk…”

“You slut! I open up my heart to you, and all you can think about is this?”

“Sure, but… come on tell me!”


Julie only said a single word after a few seconds of persuasive looks from her best friend, and a faint blush crept across her face which she prayed would go unnoticed.


“Mmm…” This time only a nod was enough to express her thoughts on her cousin.

Ashley chortled at her state. Julie gave her a mean look but had to join in, in her infectious laugh.

“And- and…” Julie found it hard to control herself anymore and had to get it all off her chest, “You know what? It would all have been fine if he just sucked at it.”

Ashley raised her brows at this line of conversation. They both had shared more than a few details about each others’ partners over the years, but since it was Mike she thought this would be weird or out of bounds perhaps.

“Yes, it would all have turned for the better, if only he sucked at it,” Julie was in the zone and didn’t notice the obvious discomfort creeping up at her friend’s face.

“I just- somewhere in my mind, there was this thought that if I could just be better than him in this, then it will prove that I’m not the loser in the family, that I too am moving forward. He’s looked so beyond his years with Joe, I just wanted there to be one thing I’m better at… I guess it was a stupid thought…”

Julie let loose a weary sigh, but there was also a sign of fondness in that.

“He rocked my world! I’ve never had any better.” She slumped down on her chair, seemingly recalling last night’s events.

“Oh yeah? That good?” Ashley forgot all about her earlier reservations and became very interested to get the details. After the way Julie said the last sentence, she could feel there was more to the story.

“Not just good… It was out of this world.”

“Ooh! Then maybe I have to see for myself!”

“You slut! Keep it in your pants!” Julie gave her a dirty look, even as the enthralling scenes of last night with Mike dominated her thoughts. She looked oddly at Ashley even as her mind turned to the threesome between Mike and his friends.


(Part 3)

Mike came down the stairs and into the kitchen. His mind was still taking in the happenings of last night.


His thoughts were stuck on her. A sheepish smile floated across his face as he recalled her sweet aroma, her welcoming embrace. He felt as if he was on top of the world, as if he was infallible. They were a lot of things to process, but he had a good feeling about them.

“Mornin’ Mom,” he went behind Vanessa and wrapped his arms across her waist and gave her a kiss on her cheek, and a playful nudge on the back of her head.

“Oh baby, you’re in a good mood!”

Vanessa turned around from the kitchen platform and smiled gleefully. She took in the sight of her son and leaned forward to place a chaste, light kiss on his lips.

It was not a common occurrence and Mike was similarly not surprised. Vanessa sometimes did peck his lips whenever he was in a particularly good or bad mood, it was meant to be her way of sharing in his feelings.

Mike held her in his hands and observed her curious eyes. He so wanted to tell her all, he could see she wanted him to, even expected him to. But he held himself back. Her blue eyes were the most inviting, she had let her hair loose and her blonde hair looked especially lustrous in the morning light. She had puckered her red lips as if to pout due to his secretiveness. Involuntarily he raised his hand and traced along the sharp nose of hers and bopped it at the end. She sweetly giggled and her round, full face turned pinkish at his cheeky act.

“Not going to tell me?”

“Not yet,” Mike replied in the same playful manner as she had asked him in.

“Well fine, you know where to find me.”

Vanessa slowly turned away and went to take out the milk and pour him a bowl of cereal.

“Where’s dad?”

Mike asked as he took a seat on the table.

“You know, out with your uncle to play golf…”

Vanessa handed him the bowl and sat beside him after pouring herself a glass of juice.

“Hmmm… Never miss those!”

They both chuckled at Mike’s quip. It was a running joke in the family about the fondness of golf shared by John and George. Whenever they had time, they would be out on the course. Mike could only shake his head at their habit and thank his stars they never seriously considered turning pro.

“So how was the party last night? I found Sarah in Joe’s room when I went in a bit earlier.”

“It wasn’t a party,” Vanessa sharply glared at Mike before breaking out in a giggle when he stuck out his tongue. She knew how Mike felt about the numerous parties they arranged and it had been a constant subject of their sole disagreement. But she knew he was just teasing her and left it bahis şirketleri at that.

“It was terrible!” She looked up the stairs for any signs of Sarah coming down before she continued, “Sarah was quiet the whole evening and left early too. I just don’t understand what brought it on.”


Mike’s eyes started spinning and his thoughts started running haywire. He was hoping that it was just his fear that was making his brain go in overdrive and there wasn’t any substance to it, that he hadn’t truly been found out.

“She didn’t go with home Rick?” He tried to sound as nonchalant as possible and surprisingly did a good job of it.

“Right! I was a little surprised too when she told me she will sleep in with Joe.” Vanessa replied while she once again glanced upstairs.

“Oh! So she returned earlier than you? When did you get in?”

“Yes she left alone,” Vanessa smiled a little mischievously and licked the edge of her glass. She gave Mike a sneaky glance as she tried to hold in her giggle, “Baby! Your mom had a little too much to drink last night.”

Mike’s eyes widened at the gestures of his mother and the playful tone. He didn’t remember the last time she had looked quite so happy and acted quite as flirty with him.

‘Maybe before I left home,’ He thought to himself. For a while he forgot about Sarah and his fear of getting discovered, all his focus turned to his mother who was staring in his eyes even as she brushed her silky blonde locks with her fingers.

“Have you been naughty?!”

Mike couldn’t believe the words that came out of his mouth. But he maintained his gaze on Vanessa and watched her get stumped for a second. This time it was her whose eyes widened and she looked particularly enchanting with a pink blush on her fair face.

Vanessa swatted his hand, “It’s bad to tease your mom!”

The pretend anger on her face made her even cuter, Mike thought. He smirked at her, “And teasing your son is good?!”

“Yes!” Vanessa responded unnervingly before she broke out in a giggle. She then got up to put her empty glass in the sink. Mike watched her from behind; she looked quite the beauty in her house-wife attire.

“Just missing an apron,” he laughed to himself.

“You said something?”

“Nothing. No.”

“Well alright. I have to run some errands for Joe,” Vanessa kissed him on top of his head and went towards her room.

As soon as she left his sight, Mike’s thoughts immediately turned to Sarah and his mind started sprinting at million miles per hour.

“No way! I didn’t hear anything… it’s just me overthinking things.”

Try as he might to convince himself, he couldn’t. Finally, he decided that he should talk to Julie and maybe that would help relieve the stress. He could discuss last night and give her a heads up just in case. But all this while, he hadn’t for a second worried about anything other than getting discovered prematurely. He firmly believed that it was just a matter of when, and not if, they disclose their relationship to the two families.

“Hmmm… there’s a ton of things to do-“

He got distracted when suddenly he saw Sarah coming down the stairs with Joe in tow.

“We’re going out!” Sarah paused in front of the door and announced in his general direction without even taking a glance towards him.

Mike blanked out for a second. A million thoughts ran through his mind at that moment.

“Sarah, wait!” He shouted and quickly caught up before she left the house. He held her hand and tried to make her turn towards him.

Mike got taken aback by the scowl on her face. Sarah looked very irritated and it further strengthened his fears.

“You should work on that presentation. Joe will be with me so that you won’t have to worry about getting distracted.”

Her scathing tone made him flinch. She hadn’t been this angry in forever and he could only pray in his mind that it wasn’t because of what he thought. He kept repeating in his head that it was something else, that he should keep calm and not dig his own grave by saying something stupid.

The awkward silence between the two cousins broke with Sarah’s voice, “Joe, let’s go!”

She then lifted Joe in her arms and strode out the house.


Mike cursed in resignation.

“And I didn’t even get to say a word to Joe… Fuck!”


“Can I call you in just a sec?”

Julie hurriedly disconnected the call. She took in a few deep breaths to calm herself and remained staring at the screen of her phone all the while. She expected Mike to call her but she didn’t expect the reaction she would have after listening to his voice.

It was a mixture of a whole lot of things, guilt, love, dread, chief among them. After she had unloaded all her thoughts on Ashley, she felt a lot better; still, she was undecided about where to take her relationship with Mike. She was confused and scared. Confused because she didn’t know if her attraction to Mike was just a phase and scared because she didn’t want to ruin their bond if it already hadn’t.

“What if I suddenly find him unattractive just as I found him attractive?”

“What if I just want to be with him because of my fears?”

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