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The Art Project

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Apparently, I had played my cards right. The combination of listening to my little head and the inability to say “no” to a nun who would ask me to volunteer my time around the convent from time to time, led me to the predicament I would one day find myself in.

It was around 10 years since I had graduated elementary school. I had recently graduated college and started a job. I had let my blonde hair grow out somewhat, and I had grown a beard. Sr. Mary Davis, the principal of the elementary school I attended and head of the convent, had never given me any comments nor criticism toward my evolved appearance. (I think she just appreciated the odd jobs I did around the convent and the school.)

All I knew was that I was highly fond of her appearance. An older lady near 60 with short wavy gray hair, and from what I can tell from her tightly worn habit, really nice shaped breasts and a shapely body. She wore a habit most of the time, though less often during the summer months. She hadn’t worn a veil in years. Neither had any of the other nuns in the diocese.

She would occasionally call me to come down to the convent when she had an odd job that needed to be done. I liked going there, mostly to catch glimpses of her, to go home and masturbate to later. I had managed to “borrow” a few photo albums I came across. I would go home and scan pics of her from those albums, and save them on my computer, before sneaking the photo album(s) back on my next visit. I would often jerk off to the pics for years to come.

Living with her in the convent were 2 nuns that were still there since back when I attended the school, Sr. Janet, and Sr. Beth. Sr. Janet was about 10 years younger than Sr. Mary Davis and somewhat petite, and must have been coloring her hair to remain a brunette at her age (unless she was wearing a wig). While Sr. Beth had auburn hair and was taller with a bigger build, which seemed somewhat intimidating when I was younger and back in school.

There were 2 or 3 other nuns living in that convent, whom I never really got to know. But boy, did I get to know one nun who stopped by one day while I was there.

Sr. Lynn Kristin, another nun with auburn hair whom I had never met previously, lived in another convent within the diocese. She had stopped by one day while I was painting a hallway in the convent. Ironically, she was a painter also. Only, she painted imagery, as she was an artist. Apparently one who would spot something, and become inspired. Although my hair was more on the blonde side, I’m guessing the combination of its length with my beard and still fairly skinny body at the time was all the inspiration Sr. Kristin needed.

“How would you like to model for me as a Jesus on the cross?”, she asked me. She sounded excited at the prospect of this project.

“Okay, sure.”, I responded. I wasn’t sure what I was in for, and it took me by complete surprise. And of course I couldn’t seem to be able to say “no” to a nun.

“Do you mind if I borrow this nice young man for my art project sometime?”, she asked Sr. Davis as I was finishing up the wall.

“Go right ahead. Certainly!”, she responded as she giggled. They giggled a little together, as I tried not to let on that that giggling seemed to have a devious innocence, and it was arousing me. Sr. Kristin mentioned to Sr. Davis what she wanted to do, after declaring. “I believe I found my ‘Jesus-on-the-cross’ “.

Sr. Kristin had asked for my phone number, telling me she would give me a call once she had everything prepared that she needed. I think about 2 weeks had gone by, before she had finally called. I was ready to go and be her subject şirinevler escort for her project. What I wasn’t ready for, was a request that she asked of me. And that was if I had a jockstrap that I could wear that she would work a few different loincloths around that she had been preparing for the project. And of course, I wouldn’t say “no” to a nun.

Suddenly, I was imagining her seeing me in my jockstrap, wrapping a loincloth over me, possibly coming in contact with my bulge. It made me get so hard right then and there on the phone. I couldn’t wait to get off the phone and jerk off to the idea.

From time to time over the next few days until I finally went over to her convent, I would get hard whenever I would think of this. The times when I was home thinking about it, it would prompt me to jerk off. It was so hot to think about it, and imagine how it would go.

When I arrived at her convent, she led me to her basement, where she had an art studio set up. There was a set up where she had a lot of little containers of various paints, various size brushes, and other implements for painting on a table. Over on the other side of the room were lights on stands, spread out and all pointing at a dark brown cross that stood about 10 feet high. I was wondering how long she would have me hold my arms out, and how she was going to elevate me a bit.

She had asked if I wanted something to drink before we got started. I declined, mostly because I didn’t want to have to go to the bathroom while she was working.

“Did you remember to bring your jockstrap?”

“Yes, Sister. I’m wearing it.” I figured it was better to wear it and just strip down to it, rather than change into it. It felt like I started blushing when she asked me.

“I have a few loincloths I made that I want to try and use. So whenever you’re ready, why don’t you strip down to it.”

I must have been blushing by then. I could feel my cock start to get hard at the request. Here we were, alone in the convent basement. This would be the 1st time a nun would see me wearing a jockstrap, and my cock seemed to be well aware of it. And to be asked to do something by a nun, I knew I could never say “no”. What a request, though, that I couldn’t say “no” if I wanted to! I found her attractive, between her auburn hair and the outline of her breasts under her blouse. They weren’t as nice as those of Sr. Davis, but nice enough just the same. My cock apparently thought so.

As I was removing my clothes, she had gone over to a cabinet that rested against a wall, opened a drawer, and pulled out what looked like a crown of thorns, and some tan rope. She kicked a nearby foot stool over to the cross, before coming over and “crowning” me.

” What I was thinking I would do, is tie your arms and feet to the cross to help support them in place while I paint you. Are you okay with that… I hope?”

“Yes, Sister..” Again, I couldn’t say “no” if I wanted to. I was starting to get really excited. Here I was. Alone with a nun. In just my jockstrap. And she wants to tie me up. My cock couldn’t help but get really hard.

“After I get you up there, I’ll wrap a loincloth around ya, and we can get started.”

I followed her over to the cross, and stepped up on the foot stool. She pulled over a small step ladder to my right side, stepped up on it and grabbed my right arm. She wrapped the rope around the cross and near my right wrist, securing my arm to the cross. Climbing down and then moving the step ladder to the other side, she did the same with my left arm. Finally she wrapped some rope around my ankles, şişli escort positioning them as she wanted, and securing them to the cross as well.

She now had me tied to the cross, as I had nothing on but the crown and the jockstrap. It made me feel so sexually aroused. She went over and grabbed the loincloth, and proceeded to try to wrap it over and around the waistband and straps of my jockstrap. I became so rock hard, knowing my bulge was on display. What made me even more excited was how she was manipulating the rear straps, pulling them up higher and wrapping the loincloth over them. It felt like it left a considerable part of my ass exposed. I was so sexually turned on by feeling her touch as she worked the loincloth around my body.

She was wrapping it around to my front. I was looking down at her, watching her and feeling so excited. The ends met, and she tied them in a knot and wrapped them to hang over my bulging pouch. But to her, apparently it didn’t look right, as my bulge made it protrude.

With my bulge right in front of her, she looked up at me, and slowly grinned. At the same time that I felt guilty because I could tell that my erection was causing a little problem for her, I was too sexually turned on.

“I don’t think this is gonna work. Is it okay if we calm you down before getting started?” I nodded, having no idea what she had in mind.

She went over to her table and grabbed some tissues. She unwrapped the loincloth that was draped over the pouch of my jockstrap, exposing the bulging pouch. I could feel her fingers against my waist, as she lowered the front of my jockstrap. My erect cock sprang out, pointing right at her. She took some tissues in one hand before cupping my balls. She then began stroking my cock with the other hand! I couldn’t believe this was happening. I was being masturbated by this nun while tied to a cross. Maybe if I had been younger and back in school, I might have felt as if this were a punishment because I was being disruptive to her artwork.

But instead, this was pure ecstasy! It lasted no more than 5 minutes though, as I would soon ejaculate spurts of semen like never before. She used the tissues in her other hand to clean me up.

“I’m sorry”, I said quietly and humbly, feeling guilty that she felt she had to do this.

“No worries, dear. But let’s not tell anyone about this, okay? It will be our little secret.”

“Yes, Sister.”

Once she had me cleaned up, she pulled my jockstrap back up, and tied the ends of the loincloth together, before folding it over my jockstrap. She went over and sat down and began to paint what was in her vision. Which was me, tied to a cross wearing a crown and a loincloth, having just been masturbated by a nun for the first time. Though she did it without painting in the ropes.

After some time, she asked me if I had time to wear another loincloth for an alternate look. I agreed. She asked if I needed a break first, but I told her I was okay. I didn’t want to cause any more delays for her or inconvenience her any more than I imagined the masturbation must have caused on some level.

She worked a while longer on the image with me sporting a different loincloth and a different style of being worn. It was more like a small sheet wrapped around me, covering more of my ass than the previous one.

“I have one more loincloth for you to wear, but I think we’ll save that for another time. I’ve done as much as I can do tonight. I hope you can come back another time.”

“Sure!”, I said, excited to have another opportunity to do this. I could tell from her smile taksim escort that resulted that she knew I enjoyed the experience and was looking forward to another.

About a week later, on a Saturday afternoon, I had returned, this time knowing a little more of what was in store. Though I didn’t know how my cock would behave, or if she would masturbate me again. I only got a semi erection when she told me I could strip when I was ready. As she tied me to the cross once again, I could feel I was starting to become fully erect again. When she worked this 3rd loincloth around my backside, I could feel her raising my rear straps and I was starting to get excited. But then the phone rang, and she tucked the remaining portion of loincloth into the waistband of my jockstrap to hold it in place temporarily, before going to answer the phone.

“That was Sr. Davis. They are coming over to pick me up in a little while to go to the…”, and she mentioned some Catholic function that was being held that Saturday night. I had lost my erection, and she proceeded to get right to work, knowing she didn’t have much time.

About 45 minutes or so later, I heard the doorbell ring. Not knowing who was there and if they would come down and see me, I immediatety felt a little tense, as Sr. Kristen got up and walked upstairs to answer the door. As I remained there, tied to the cross, I heard female voices upstairs when the door opened. Not long after, I started to hear multiple footsteps coming down the stairs.

We were now joined by 4 other nuns. Sr. Davis, Sr Janet and Sr Beth that I knew, and Sr Catherine whom I didn’t know. She was Sr. Beth’s sister from another convent in the diocese. Not as big as he sister, but with the same auburn color hair. What a condition to be in to be seen by this nun for the 1st time, I thought.

Just about all of their eyes widened when they saw me, especially Sr. Davis and Sr. Janet, and they all seemed to start giggling. Sr. Davis was wearing a reddish violet blouse, which did a good job revealing how her breasts were shaped underneath it. I had been sensing that she may have become curious as to how this project was going. It felt funny, being exposed to her like this. Being vulnerable and sort of exposed. I had always felt some level of submissiveness to her, as she seemed to have a dominant personality.

They came up close to me, as if to get a better look. Being scantily clad and tied to the cross with all their smiling eyes on me made me get so hard. Sr. Davis reached out, gently touching my exposed ass cheek, and invited Sr.Janet to do the same. My growing erection actually caused the loincloth to slip off in front, leaving my bulging jockstrap pouch exposed to all of them. I heard lots of reacting sounds from them, from gasping to laughing. I looked away and rolled my eyes in a mix of both ecstasy and embarrassment. I could feel a few of them gently exploring my pouch briefly with their fingers. I couldn’t look to see who was doing it. I was both so embarrassed and turned on, and their giggling and laughing exacerbated it. I felt one of them trying to tuck the loincloth into my waistband to try to cover me back up.

“I guess we’ll have to continue another time. Let me untie you and get you down from there.” The other nuns all stepped back, and eventually made their way upstairs as Sr. Kristin untied me from the cross. Feeling both so embarrassed and horny, I got dressed as quickly as I could. I rushed upstairs, said “Good night, Sisters.” and headed out the door. Straight home to masturbate to this memory, a few times throughout that evening.

Less than a week later, the phone rang. It was Sr. Davis, asking if I could come over. Only this time she had a strange request.

“Can you wear that athletic supporter you had on when you were posing on the cross for Sr. Kristin?”

“Yes, Sister.”. Of course, I couldn’t say “no” to a nun. My cock sprang up immediately, wondering what was in store…

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