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The Auction Pt. 03

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Pt. 03 — Christian and Toni

Tonia left the bathroom as her father/master went back down stairs, she looked over her shoulder at his naked form descending the stairs. She had never looked at his bum before, well, she told herself, you don’t do you? She was surprised by how neat and tight it was, with dimples at the tops of his thighs. Then he went out of sight around the bend in the staircase and she forced her mind back to the task in hand.

She paused at the door to her parent’s bedroom and knocked. The door opened slightly and her brother Christian looked out at her.


“My master has a message for your mistress.”

The door shut — rather unnecessarily, Tonia thought, then after a long few moments opened fully, Christian holding it for her.

Tonia walked past him into her parents’ spacious bedroom, lit only by the bedside lights. Like herself Chris was naked. His skin still held a little of last summer’s tan, from working outside at the garden centre, she let her eyes slide down his torso to his cock hanging between his muscular thighs. As a brother and sister they had grown up with near and occasional complete nudity, but this was the first time that Tonia was aware of actually checking out her brother’s package, and she realised in that area Chris compared favourably with her father.

She turned to look at the bed where her mother waited. Before she lowered her eyes — as a good slave should – she took in the whole image of her mother sitting on top of the sheets on her bed, reclining comfortably nude against heaped pillows. Unconsciously she reflected the regal way her father had posed the night before. But the robe Toni had worn earlier at breakfast had gone, and her mother was exposed in all her luscious glory.

Like Chris, Tonia was used to seeing Toni in a bikini or even just bikini bottoms, but this morning it was as if her sexual awakening at the hands of her father had caused the scales to fall from her eyes and she took in her mother’s full breasts, still sitting firm and high – with just enough sag – on her chest with large dark brown nipples, and a taut tummy, before sliding down to see a tiny trimmed strip on her pussy.

“Well?” Tonia was interrupted by her mother, who reached out and stroked Christian’s arm as he stood next to the bed, as she spoke.

“Mistress, my master invites you to a naked lunch, and he invites you to bring your slave with you.”

“And who is making this lunch?”

“Mistress, this slave will prepare it.”

“Very good slave, but I shall send my slave to help you. Suggest to your master that we meet_” Toni looked at the clock beside the bed, “At twelve, in the snug. Will that be enough time slaves? Three-quarters of an hour?”

Tonia flicked a glance at Chris, who gave such a slight nod that anyone except for Tonia might have missed, “Yes Mistress, this slave was planning some soup, and baguettes, with sandwiches, if that would be acceptable?”

“Yes I think it would. You may both go now.” And with an airy wave she dismissed them.

In the kitchen they started opening cupboards, and putting food on the central island.

“Tomato soup, some of those part-baked baguettes. I will get the bread in — start slicing some of that farm house loaf Chris, and we’ll do some ham and some salmon sandwiches.” Tonia started nibbling at a crust off the loaf, “Should I do a salad?” She asked when she realised her brother was just looking at her. “What?”

“Well? How was it?” He asked, grinning, good naturedly.

For a second Tonia’s head was full of the task of making lunch, then like a flood it all rushed back to her, “Oh God Christian!,” She paused in what she was doing, “It was just wonderful, fucking incredible!”

“Everything you wanted?” Christian loved his sister’s enthusiasm.

Tonia slid the part-baked bread into the oven and closed the door, “Oh yes, all that and more! This little girl got fucked good. How was your evening?”

“A gentleman doesn’t tell,” he told her with a straight face.

Tonia fixed him with her fiercest glare as she grabbed a wooden spoon from the table, “Don’t make me assume my ultimate form, Christian!”

It was a threat they had both used on each other over the years, but threatened by his sister’s upraised wooden spoon, Chris gave in.

Christian laughed, “Oh, it was pretty bloody good!

“After you went into the sitting room with dad, mum made me wait on the landing while she set up in their room.

“It was a bit like waiting for a bollocking. I mean I was dressed in just two pieces of chamois leather, but it was still like being outside old Jackson’s office at school.”

Tonia nodded, Mr Jackson was their deputy head-teacher at school and he made kids wait outside his office to build up the nervous tension.

“So?” Tonia asked her brother again.

Christian reddened, looking really uncomfortable.

Tonia leapt in, “I swear Chris, if you don’t tell all, you won’t be able to see any of my friends with a telescope!”

“Jeez Tonia!” Christian was very popular with Tonia’s gaziantep escort bayan female friends, “It’s just — well, I don’t like talking about it.” And it was true Christian was well known amongst Tonia’s friends as being very discreet.

“Pleeease Chris?” his sister wheedled.

Christian was torn, but the bond between himself and his sister won out and he gave in. Tonia’s pulled lip and big brown eyes were far more effective than any threats to do with ultimate forms. “I’ll tell you what Tee, come to my room this evening, and I swear I will tell you everything.” He smiled as he buttered the bread for the sandwiches.

“What’s funny?” Tonia asked him.

“Well — er — I” her brother laughed, “Yeah, I ended up painting mum’s toe-nails.”

“Nooooo!” Tonia laughed.

“Yeah,” as he laughed Tonia noticed his cock jiggle, “Mum takes the word slave literally.”

“Here!” Tonia handed him a butcher’s apron, “Cover it up, I need to concentrate.” She laughed.

The oven pinged and they started building everything they needed for a Naked Soup & Sandwich Lunch.

Tonia and Christian carried the food into the room that the family called the Snug just before eleven. The Snug was the Corley’s family room with overstuffed sofas and chairs, it was the room where the family relaxed, unlike the sitting room where Tonia had spent the night before with her father. This was where they watched television, sometimes did homework, or just sat and hung out in.

They set the lunch things down on the large, solid coffee, and knelt on the cushions to wait for their parents.

Paul and Toni arrived together, and while it was a nude lunch, both arrived wearing open gowns, Paul his brown brocade silk dressing gown and Toni her pearl grey one. Despite the fact that they had both spent the night with different partners, there was a ‘togetherness’ about them as they walked into the snug. Paul held the door for his wife and she entered, he followed. They wore their nakedness like a crown, elegantly, proudly and blatantly sexual in intent, as if were the most natural thing for them to be so in front of their children. They sat together on the couch and indicated that their slaves should help feed them.

In between tending the needs of their ‘owners’, Paul indicated that Tonia and Christian should eat as well. The ‘slaves’ wolfed down sandwiches themselves. Tonia herself was starving.

Lunch done Paul indicated that Tonia should fetch the floor cushion she was sat on, and put it by his feet, which she did. Toni brought Christian to sit near her.

With everyone arranged Paul explained, “Your Mistress and I have no secrets between us, if one of us does something it is with the full knowledge_”

“And the consent_” Toni interjected

“Of the other.” He finished. “What has happened this week-end is extraordinary even by some of the things your mother and I have done. I have enjoyed it, at so many levels, and so has your mother. If we let it, it could change so many things about this family, and not always in a good way. You have both grown up into sensible human beings and I think we can trust you both to behave in an adult way.”

The ‘slaves’ nodded. “This has to be something that stays in family, not a word outside this house.” Paul told them gravely. “If either of you needs to talk about what happened between us — about how you’re feeling, if you’re conflicted – come and talk to us or talk to each other. We don’t know all the answers but we should be your first stop.”

“We’re not saying this will never happen again between us,” Toni went on, “But we’ll cross that bridge if and when we come to it.”

Again Christian and Tonia nodded.

“So would you say that it was what you wanted?” Toni asked her daughter.

“Yes mistress and thank you so much for letting me be daddy’s slave last night.”

Toni nodded gracefully.

Paul placed his hand on Tonia’s head and said simply “Slave. I free you.”

“Thank you daddy,” she told him and kissed him deeply, and in a very undaughter-like way, in gratitude. As she lifted her head up Paul quickly flicked his eyes towards Toni. His daughter didn’t miss the hint.

Kneeling at her mother’s feet, Tonia took her mum’s hands and kissed them, all the time she kept eye contact with Toni, looking up to her mother. “Thank you mummy, for letting daddy be my present, and making this such a wonderful birthday.”

Toni closed her fingers gently holding Tonia’s hands and brought them up to her mouth kissing her daughter’s knuckles softly.

“My pleasure.” She said softly. But, Tonia realised, there was something else, something in her mother’s eyes. As all the family were nude or partly clothed it had slipped Tonia’s mind that she was naked. Her mother’s gaze was such that the eighteen-year old felt stripped bare. Her look was predatory and there was a hunger there, Tonia who had — up to that point – never even entertained the idea of being with another woman, realised once again just how much Toni exuded raw sexuality, Tonia blushed and looked down.

“I gaziantep eve gelen escort free you slave.” Toni’s voice said quietly.

“Thank you mummy.”

Christian’s manumission followed swiftly and after a half hour chatting between them Paul and Toni left their off-spring and retired to their own bed room. Tonia and Christian cleared the lunch things away and then, Christian helped Tonia tidy the sitting room.

“Well?” Tonia asked her husband as they finished a leisurely fuck, and ended draped across each other in the dim light, “How was it? Really?”

After a supper from the local Indian take-away — nobody 0particularly felt like cooking, Tonia knocked on the door of Christian’s room.

As usual Chris was at his computer, this time watching Youtube. He was relaxed in his own space and comfortable, wearing just shorts and a t-shirt. Tonia had opted for sweat pants and a tee herself, but continuing the theme of the weekend by not wearing underwear.

Nothing was said initially as Toni made herself comfortable, sitting legs crossed on Christian’s bed, he closed down the video and started some music from one of his play lists. The music, from a film sound track, played quietly in the background as he settled next to his sister.


Tonia described the whole sequence of events in loving detail. As she did the memories came back to her — the feelings of trepidation as she first approached her father and the wonder as she took his erection in her hand for the first time. She relived the moment she lost her virginity and then again as she lost her anal virginity. The look on Christian’s face was a mixture of surprise and admiration, and there was respect as well. Holding his hand up, palm towards her, he high-fived his sister. The eighteen-year old went on and described the sloppy details, finishing with the joys of showering with someone else.

“Your turn,” she told her brother.

“Well I told you this morning it was like waiting to go in to see Mr Jackson, and the problem was that I had got so ready for it, I started to go off the boil a bit as mum kept me waiting.

“When I went in, though, that was something else, Tee. You got a glimpse of it this morning, like a queen. I mean I never thought about her as sexy before, she was – well, you know, just – mum! I mean I realised that she is attractive a few years ago. But then BAM! There she was!

“She stood there, wearing just her jewellery — her gold bangles and her chains. And with the light in their room and her hair up like that. I’ve never seen her like that, so_ so_ imperious but so fucking sexy with it!” Christian smiled as he recalled it. “It didn’t take me long to get back up to speed.”

Tonia laughed.

“She called me over to her and made me stand next to her. She looked me over, she examined me like she owned me.”

“Well she did big brother…”

“I know!” Christian laughed, “But it was like she was someone else. Was it like that for you?”

“Not really,” Tonia told her brother, “It was very definitely daddy. I mean that was the whole point, wasn’t it? But I know what you mean. It was daddy and it was my ‘master’ as well.”

“Mum didn’t take long to strip me,” Christian told her, “Not that that outfit isn’t easy to get out of — she just pulled the tie at the side and there I was naked.”

“It’s not like I haven’t seen you naked before,” Toni told Christian, leaning in to her son. She ran her hands across his muscular physique. She moved around him as she slid her hand down across the muscles developed by the hard, physical labour of his job and the gym conditioning for his rowing. “Although you do seem to have grown a bit since the last time.” Her voice was soft, almost a growl.

As she spoke, Toni glided her hands across her son’s skin. She was absorbed in his body, fascinated, totally delighted, as she touched and caressed every inch of his torso, his arms, across his shoulders and down, his muscular back.

“Oh my!” Toni breathed, “My beautiful boy is now a handsome man.”

She leaned closer, and began to plant little kisses on his broad shoulders. “And what a beautiful, handsome man, you have become.”

Toni pressed herself against Christian’s back, just standing there with her body against his, touching his back with nipples so aroused they ached, pressing her hips against his taught buttocks, then sliding her hands down his front.

“Oh! Yesssss!” Toni breathed, as she felt her son’s hardness in her hands. Christian arched his back at her touch. His mother swiftly moved around her son, until she faced him with his cock still in one long-fingered hand. That hand worked his hardness with firm motions, wanking him gently, encouraging him to be even harder. The other hand played across his pecs, toying with his nipples. Toni placed little kisses on his smooth skin.

Apparently satisfied with the male slave that had been purchased for her, Toni released Christian’s hardness, turned and climbed slowly onto the bed. Looking back as she gaziantep evi olan escort did, she made sure that her slave son was watching her shapely arse, that it had his full attention and satisfied that he was looking at her, she languidly rolled her hips and sat down on the bed.

Toni had pushed herself up against the headboard, opening her thighs, but now as she sat upright she placed her hand on her mons and stroked her pussy, breathing out with the pleasure of it.

“Well, slave,” she breathed huskily, “I think you can start here.” As she said it the hand in front of her pussy drew upwards, coming to rest on the little landing strip, just the red painted tips of her fingernails pointed at her nude entrance. “Kiss your mother.”

Christian did not need telling what to do, neither did he hesitate, stalking in like a prowling cat, he lowered himself and slid forwards, until his tousled head rested under his mother’s hand. At first he studiously ignored her labia, kissing the soft skin of Toni’s thighs, licking and nibbling at them. Apart from her ‘landing strip’, his mother was clean of hairs, and Christian dug in further to explore the space below her pussy, licking away enthusiastically. Soon though Toni’s hand in his hair drew him back to where his mistress wanted him to be. And as soon as he applied himself to his mother’s demands, Toni knew it. A short sharp orgasm shot through her at the touch of his tongue, so intense, it was almost painful.

“Aaaaah! Ooohhh! Fuck!” her body arched pushing against the head of the bed, “Oh yes! More of that slave!”

She pushed her hips forwards eagerly, almost as if she wanted to push Christian up inside her, but the tall, young ‘jungle man’ slave took it in his stride. He wrapped his strong hands around his mother’s thighs and lifting them, pulled her pelvis up to him, lifting her off the bed.

Christian didn’t ‘go without’ very often, but occasionally his sister’s friends were sometimes less than adventurous. Carly — his latest girl-friend was particularly eager, but it wasn’t very often that they were able indulge more than heavy petting, let alone full-on, sweaty, rolling, twisting, sheet-tangling sex. But when they did, well, that was one reason why he and Carly were getting on so well. Now with his mistress/mother however, he was able to indulge and just have fun.

And it didn’t matter that it was his mother that lay before him. Knowing that this was coming Christian had thought about it, and decided that if his mother was cool with it so was he.

Christian’s tongue explored his mother’s pussy with a gleeful passion, teasing the lips first on the outside and then parting them to explore the inside. He drove deep, and stroked his tongue up and down, till he settled on his mother’s clitoris. This he pressed back against the pubic bone with the flat of his tongue. His action made Toni arch her back again, heels pressing into the mattress from the exquisite feelings her son was causing. With this reaction from his mum, Christian closed his lips over it and sucked, or nibbled, he teased it, worried at it and generally worked it over. Toni took his head in her hands, twining her fingers in his mop of dark hair, and she pressed him against herself.

“OH! Oh my beautiful, beautiful boy!” Her words were as much a groan as they were spoken, “Oh yes! Yes! YES!” Christian’s mistress’s shapely legs shifted to his shoulders, crossing over his back, the gentle pressure adding to Toni’s encouragement.

Such delicious tension was too much and soon Toni found herself cumming hard as her son licked at her pussy — the cums were not massive ones but they were frequent and persistent. Toni’s hands grabbed at the sheets, then they twined in Christian’s hair, then they stroked his back, only to scratch his flesh the next second “Ooh! Fuck! Fuck! FUCK! Yes! YES!”

This went on and on until ‘yes’ ‘yes’ became ‘no more’. Eyes wide Toni had to stop Christian, to gently press his head away. To make breathing space for herself.

Toni drew her slave up beside her, and rolled into his strong arms, kissing him in a most un-motherly way, their lips meeting and tongues dancing in a sensual duel. They rolled across the bed, frantically mouthing at each other, each hungrily trying to devour the other.

Toni could feel Christian’s hardness against her with each movement, “Fuck me slave!” She told him breathlessly, “Fuck me now!”

The dutiful slave did as he was bid, gathering his mistresses legs he lifted them up in a wide ‘v’ and slid his hardness up into the apex, into his mother/mistresses hot, wet pussy.

“FUCK!” Toni exclaimed as her slave boy son, slid deeply into her, easily burying himself to the hilt. “Fuck! Oh my God, you’re deep!”

Christian was marvelling at how supple his mother was, as he lifted her right leg and kissed the back of her legs trailing kisses down from the ankle till he was licking and kissing the soft flesh of her calves.

“Fuck! Oh! Yes! That’s so good!” Toni writhed around his cock as he kissed her soft skin and sent shivers through her, his pumping was steady, slow at first, and she marvelled at the way his muscles moved under his smooth skin as he thrust forwards and drew back. Her hands reached down between her splayed legs and stroked her son’s chest. Toni pulled herself up to lean forwards and kiss his hard nipples. Her hand slipped upwards pulling Christian’s face down to hers as they kissed again — wantonly, hungrily.

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