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The Big Girl Ch. 02

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I’ve been having a good time with this story, so I hope you have fun reading it.

In this chapter, Brent and Sarah start getting to know each other, and we get to meet Sarah’s roommate Tracy.


“So, do you work? You know, you got a job?” Sarah asked, running a towel through her hair. She’d taken a shower, and she was standing next to the bed in a black sports bra, and a matching pair of panties.

“Yeah, I do technical writing, but I’m between contracts right now.” I told her as I pulled my jeans on. We didn’t know if I could get the tape on my ribs wet, so she had given me a delightfully naughty sponge bath before she got in the shower.

“So you’re unemployed.” She muttered as she pulled on a pair of jeans.

“No, I’m between contracts.” I said, moving over to stand in front on her in the mirror. “I just finished one a couple of weeks ago, and I haven’t picked up another one yet. I usually take a month or so off between gigs, you know, to unwind, and get ready for the next one.”

I stood in front of her, looking at our reflection in the mirror. My head was even with her tits as she stood behind me. She put her hands on my shoulders, but I looked at her in the mirror and shook my head.

“Put your arms around me, or put them on my hips.” I said, watching as she moved her hands. “That looks better, now we look like a couple. With your hands on my shoulders, you looked like my mom, or an aunt.”

Turning around, I put my hands on her hips and looked up at her.

“You gonna be able to go out with me, knowing people are gonna be looking, if not laughing at us?” I asked, looking at her steadily. “I don’t give a shit, people have been making fun of me my whole life, so I don’t even notice it anymore.”

“People make fun of me too, being as big as I am isn’t easy for a girl.” She said softly. “You don’t know how many times people have asked if I played basketball in school. I got sick of hearing it.”

Nodding, I turned around and leaned against her. She put her arms around me, grinning at our reflection.

“I don’t care what people are going to think. I think we make a cute couple.” She laughed.

“I’m glad to hear you say that, cuz I need to go get a new phone, since you broke mine.” I laughed. “And while we’re out, I thought we could swing by my place. I need to check messages, and I had some downloads going that I want to check on too.”


We’d gotten the looks we’d expected at the Verizon store, but Sarah made such a show of hanging all over me, that by the time we left, people were looking at me jealously.

I got a new Galaxy Note Three, and the guy at the counter had swapped out the sim and sd cards, and even managed to pull my contacts and messages off the old phone. He told me that I just needed to replace the screen, but it turned out that replacing the screen on the old phone cost almost as much as a new one. I told him he could keep it, or throw it away, I didn’t care.

Sarah played with my new phone all the way to my house. She thought my taste in music was alternately hilarious or execrable, depending on the track. Much to my surprise, she had the Bluetooth on the phone connected to the radio in my Yukon before we were out of the parking lot, which is when she started shitting on my taste in music.

She was more than a little surprised when I turn into the driveway, coming to a stop at the gate about fifty feet from the road. I started to get out, and Sarah grinned over at me.

“What, no remote?” She giggled.

“Yeah, there’s a remote, but I haven’t loaded the app into my phone yet.” I answered, looking down my nose at her. “Somebody broke my other phone.”

“Oh, right. Okay, I’ll get it.” She said opening her door and stepping out.

“The code is two seven six six star.” I told her.

She just nodded and a moment later, pushed the gate aside, then closed it behind me. She got back in the car and I drove up to the house, watching her reaction out of the corner of my eye.

The house is a civil war era plantation house that someone had restored in the sixties, and they had put in central air and heat when they did it. It had been remodeled several times since then by various owners. I had worked on several of the rooms that I used the most, and had the whole house wired with network and audio connections in every room.

“Before you ask, no, I’m not rich, but I am comfortable.” I said as I opened the car door and got out. “I got this place as a foreclosure, for less that ten percent of its real worth. There’s twenty-two rooms in the main house, and there’s a smaller house around back that used to be the servants quarters. There’s a barn and a stable back there too, but I haven’t gotten around to doing anything with those yet.”

“How much land do you have? I can’t even see another house from here.”

“I’ve got about thirty-five hundred acres, but I rent most of that out to the Richardson’s. They live about a mile over that way.” I told her, pointing toward the west. “They grow a mix İstanbul Escort of cotton, soy beans, and pot on what they rent from me.”

“Damn, how much does a technical writer make?” Sarah laughed as she followed me up the steps to the verandah.

“I made sixty grand on the last project, but it took two months to finish.” I told her as I dug my keys out and unlocked the door. I pushed it open and waved her inside. “Most pay between ten and twenty, but not all technical writers make that kind of money. I’m known in the industry, and I get the gravy jobs because I do a quick turn around, and usually get it right the first time out.”

“So how long you lived here?” She asked, looking around the foyer, then stepping over into the parlor. She was back a moment later, and walked across the foyer into the kitchen.

“I got it three years ago.” I said, following her. “I got tired of living in the city and started looking around for something else.”

“Oh yeah, this is my room.” She said, smiling as she looked back at me over her shoulder. “I can do some serious cooking in a kitchen like this!”

“I’m glad to hear that, but if you want your own room, you have to take the one upstairs. Top of the stairs, last door at the end of the hall.”

She looked over at me, then turned and brushed by me. A moment later, I heard her going up the stairs.

I walked out into the foyer and stood at the bottom of the stairs, waiting for the inevitable reaction. It wasn’t long in coming.

“Oh my fucking GAWD!!” She screamed, followed immediately by, “Brent! You get your narrow little ass up here right now!”

I took my time going up the stairs, and when I got to the top, turned and went down the short hallway to the Princess suite, as it was called. The room had belonged to the original owners daughter, and took up more than a third of the second floor.

Sarah was laying on the bed, kicking her feet up and down. When she heard me come in, she rolled over, getting up on her elbows, her tits bulging out under her t-shirt.

“Were you serious?” She asked, her eyes wide. “If we do the couple thing, if we work out I mean, this would be my room if I moved in with you?”

“Yeah, I guess. But to be honest, I was hoping you’d sleep downstairs in the master suite with me.” I laughed. “But if you want this room, I guess you could come visit whenever you felt the urge for company.”

“Is the bed in your room as comfortable as this one?” She asked. “This thing makes my bed feel like a stack of bricks.” She rolled over on her back, then craned her neck to look back at me. “And if you weren’t gonna sleep in here, why did you get such a nice bed for it?”

“I didn’t, most of the furniture came with the house.” I said, walking over and sitting next to her. “The last owner went bankrupt, and left everything in the house when he left. The bank offered to clean it out, but I figured, what the hell, I can always keep what I like and get rid of the rest. Turns out, I liked most of it.”

“So, you never answered my question. Is the bed in your room as comfortable as this one?” Sarah grinned.

“I think so, it’s a king sized air bed, and you can adjust the firmness on each side separately. There’s a control for each side too. I didn’t get the fancy controllers, so you have to set it by feel.”

“Oh, too cheap to get the sleep number thing, huh?” She laughed, rolling over and getting to her feet.

“I prefer to think of it as practical.” I said. “The bed I bought was more than a grand cheaper that the comparable version of the name brand. I like having the best, and I’ve learned that that doesn’t always mean the most expensive.”

“Well, just damn.” She laughed, coming over and hugging me. “Cute, great in bed, and smart too. I am definitely keeping you.”

“As much as I like to hear you say that.” I said, easing away from her and taking her hand. I led her out of the room and down the stairs as I talked. “You know most of what there is to know about me, what about you? Besides being a walking wet dream, what have you got to offer this…what are we gonna call it…relationship?”

“Relationship is good, I like the way that sounds.” She giggled as we reached the bottom of the stairs. “And let’s see, what do I have to offer, hmmmm…”

Turning suddenly, she scooped me up in her arms, making me gasp in surprise.

“To begin with, I can carry you little ass all over the house, and not break a sweat.” She laughed. She looked down at me and grinned. “Which way is your bedroom?”

“Through that door, first door on the right.” I said, pointing toward the double doors under the stairs.

“Kewl.” She moved through the doors, turning into my bedroom, and coming to a stop.

“Wow, did this room come like this?” She asked.

“Uh no, I uh…I did most of the work in here.”

“What’s that mean, did most of the work in here?” She asked, walking over and sitting on the bed. She didn’t put me down, instead, she kept me in her lap.

“I did the paneling and Bayan Escort the moldings around the ceilings and baseboards. I had the bookcases made, but I put them in.” I told her, looking up at her. “I got the furniture at a scratch and dent place off eighty-five, and refinished it to match to room.”

She nodded, then looked down at me.

“Do you like this?” She asked. “Me holding you, I mean.”

“Yeah, I do, if you want the truth.” I said softly, leaning against her and putting my arm around her. “I uh…I was raised in foster homes, and uh…nobody ever hugged me, much less held me like this. So yeah, I like it.”

She nodded again, moving one hand down, then lifted her t-shirt and pushed up her sports bra. Her tits burst into the open, swaying gently against her chest.

“Me and Tracy own a pair of gyms in town, she runs the one in Buckhead, and I run the one in Midtown. Midtown is closed on weekends, that’s why I’m not at work today.” She said, bringing her hand up and guiding my mouth to her nipple. “We’re passed the break even point, and we get new members every month, but we don’t make enough to go getting crazy, so we share an apartment, and we both drive older cars. We’re talking about buying another one out in the ‘burbs later this year, maybe next year, but we want to see what happens with the economy.”

“I’m an only child, but my mom died when I was really young, and my dad was great, you would have liked him, and I know he would have liked you.” She said.

“Um…what are we doing?” I asked, looking up at her.

“Huh? We’re talking.” She said, breathing heavily as she guided my mouth back toward her breast.

“Yeah, but uh…we’re not doing a baby roleplay thing, or anything like that are we?” I asked, more than a little timidly.

“What? Oh god no!” Sarah laughed, letting me draw away. “I like holding you…I mean, I REALLY like it. My panties are soaked right now. And I like having my titties sucked and played with. This just seems like the best way to do it.”

“Okay.” I said, leaning toward her and guiding her other breast toward my mouth. I started licking and chewing on the rubbery nipple, then moved off and worked over the bumpy brown ring of her areola.

“Mmmmmm, that’s a good boy, keep that up, and you’re going to make mama very happy.”

She grinned down at me when I looked up at her, so I bit down on the tender skin of her areola. She moaned as she threw her head back, and a shiver went through her body.

“Oh god, I could really get used to this.” She panted after a moment. She looked down at me, a happy smile on her face. “I really liked having you laying on me earlier. After you got done fucking me, you said you were going to take a nap, and damn if you didn’t just go right to sleep. You felt so good laying on me, and you don’t weigh very much. I just laid there, hugging and touching you, and I went to sleep a few minutes later.”

She laughed as she pulled my head tighter against her breast, guiding me up onto the nipple.

“Bite it, and pull on it. Be a little rough, but not real…you know…”

I nodded, and started chewing on the rubbery tit tip, turning my head and leaning back to stretch it out away from her breast. I moved over to the over one, bringing my hand up to cup the one I’d just left, squeezing and molding it in my hand.

“Oh fuck, that’s good, baby, uh…I mean Brent.” She panted.

“S’ok…” I mumbled into her breast, not taking my mouth off of it.

“Lay on me again, but don’t stop sucking my tits.” She said, easing back onto the bed.

I pulled away and slid off her lap, motioning for her to move up onto the bed. I followed her, climbing up onto her as she stretched out, taking a moment to pull her t-shirt and sports bra off.

She groaned, wrapping her legs around me and humping her crotch up to grind against mine as I attacked the full, fluffy mounds of her tits.

I sucked and slurped, massaged and molded her huge tits for over an hour, and she writhed under me. clutching me to her as she writhed under me, the crotch of her jeans soaked through with her juices. I don’t know how many times she came, but she finally gave a happy whimper and passed out under me.

I just laid out on her, settling my head in the fluffy pillows of her tits, and followed her into sleep.


“Hey, Brent…wake up sweetie.” Sarah said, shaking me gently.

I groaned, shaking my head into her tits, and snuggled back in, trying to get comfortable.

“I’m serious, baby. It’s almost eight o’clock.” She laughed, easing me off of her. “You have to take me home, baby. I have to help Tracy at the gym tomorrow, and all my stuff is at my house.”

“Why didn’t you bring it with you?” I whined, snuggling up against her and throwing my arm across her tummy.

“Because you said we were going to get you a new phone, and you wanted to show me your house. You never said anything about spending the night.” She laughed. “And I kind of doubt you want to get up at five to get Eskort me home in time to go open the gym at seven.”

“Good point.” I mumbled into her side. I rolled over onto my back and looked over at her. “Feed me a titty, then I’ll get up.”

“I can do that.” She laughed, rolling onto her stomach and getting up onto her knees. She crawled over to me, dragging her tits over my chest, then bringing them to rest over my face.

I moaned happily, turning my head from side to side, licking and sucking lazily at the soft, smooth skin of her tits.

“Do…do you want to bring some clothes, and stay over at my place?” Sarah panted, moving to one side so one of her nipples was centered over my mouth. She moaned deep in her throat as I sucked it into my mouth, nipping at it eagerly with my lips and teeth. “Oh god…you…I’ll let you suck my titties all night if you stay over.”

“Cah ah eee ooh ouw?” I mumbled around the bumpy areola filling my mouth.

“What?” She asked, reluctantly moving her breast away from my hungrily sucking mouth.

“Can I eat your pussy too?” I asked, reaching down and running my hand over the still damp crotch of her jeans.

“Oh god.” She groaned, and I felt a sudden blossom of heat, and fresh wetness between her legs. “You…you said that you wanted me to shave…”

“Trim…you can shave if you want, at least around the outer lips.” I mumbled, lashing my tongue all over both of her tits. “Leave a little bush on top, we can argue about the shape later.”

“Trim, shave, I don’t care right now.” She moaned, drawing away from me. I watched as she grabbed her t-shirt and pulled it over her head, leaving the sports bra laying on the bed.

“Come on, get up and get some clothes together.” She said as she slid off the bed. “I want to feel your mouth on me, and I want you to fuck me again before we go to sleep. I really liked going to sleep with you inside me, then waking up with you fucking me. I’d like that to happen again.”


The ride back to her house only took twenty minutes at that time of night, and we burst into the house, Sarah leading the way, almost dragging me behind her.

Her roommate Tracy was sitting on the couch in a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, and she looked up at us as Sarah pulled me across the room.

“Hey Sarah, you holding this guy prisoner, or what?” She laughed, looking over at her hand grasping my wrist.

“Oh uh…hi Tracy.” She said, blushing furiously. But she didn’t let go of my wrist. “We were over at Brent’s house, and now we uh…we have to go talk. I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Oh my god, you are keeping him prisoner!” Tracy laughed, glancing down and noticing that the crotch of Sarah’s pants was damp well down the insides of her thighs. “Oh, I see, you peed your pants, and you want him to help you…”

“Tracy!” Sarah screeched, blushing furiously.

But Tracy was enjoying herself, and she wasn’t going to let her friend off the hook that easily. Leaning forward, she sniffed the air near us, and a shit eating grin spread across her face.

“Oh my god.” She said slowly, glancing over at me. “That’s not pee, is it? I can smell you from here baby girl. That’s pussy juice. Your little boy toy got you all turn on, now you want him to help you put the fire out! God, you are such a little slut! I’m so proud of you!”

Sarah’s face was crimson by this time, but I was enjoying what Tracy was doing. It was obvious that they were close friends, and Tracy was just having a little fun with her friend.

“It’s all my fault…” I began, but Sarah whirled around and glared at me, making my mouth snap shut.

“Sarah honey, why don’t you go get out of those wet jeans, and maybe hop in the shower. You know, freshen up a little bit before you let your little friend here have his way with you.” Tracy said lightly, looking me up and down. “Put on that blue nightie you have hidden in the back corner of the middle drawer of your dresser. I guarantee, once he sees you in it, you won’t be in it long!”

“She doesn’t need a nightie for me to feel that way.” I said quietly, meeting Sarah’s eyes.

“Mmmmmm, sounds like you have the hots for my roomie.” Tracy laughed. “Go Sarah, the sooner you get cleaned up, the sooner you get off…now GO!”

“Go.” I said, slipping my arms around Sarah’s waist.

“She’s right, you smell fantastic, but you’ll taste better if you hop in the shower.” I said softly, drawing her lips down to mine. “You get ten minutes, so wait on that thing we talked about.”

Kissing her quickly, I drew back and spun her around, then smacked her on the butt and pushed her toward her bedroom.

Tracy giggled as she watched her almost run into her bedroom, slamming the door closed behind her. She looked up at me, the smile fading from her face as she looked me up and down.

“If you hurt her, I’ll cut your balls off and give them to her for Christmas.” She said slowly, her eyes meeting mine.

“That’s the last thing I want to do, I promise.” I said, not taking my eyes off of hers. “I uh…I think I love her.”

“Don’t tell her that till you know for sure.” She said, her tone and her eyes both softening toward me. “She’s been hurt before, and I don’t want her to have to go through that again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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