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The Butt Plug Ch. 02

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Disclaimer: As always all characters are over the age of 18.


I blew out the candles and shut off the music. I picked up the butt plug that I had washed off. Tracy was standing at the door waiting. When I got there she reached up and hugged me again and we kissed one of those special full French kisses.

“Thank you Rob. That was so nice.”

“Here. Don’t forget this.” I handed her the 3 inch device. She took it from me and we exited the casita and walked back toward the house arm in arm. I could hear the hum of the spa jets. It wasn’t just circulating. Someone had to be in it. I looked and saw my nephew Andrew. His head was back and his eyes were closed. He doesn’t usually come around unannounced so it was a bit of a surprise to see him here. We wandered over to the whirlpool and stood beside him. He was so relaxed he didn’t even notice us. Tracy squatted down and kissed his forehead. Startled he opened his eyes and saw us both.

“Hey! Oh, hi Trace. Hi Rob. I was dozing off there.”

“Whatcha doin’ Cuz? Have a rough day?

“Yeah. Chasing vortexes.” He winked as he joked about escorting tourists who were in search of a spiritual experience. Normally, he doesn’t like dealing with people who are seeking that kind of woo woo trip. He passes them off onto his employees who are more tolerant. But when things get busy and everyone is out, he sometimes has to step out of his management role and get back to the basics of his tour guiding business. Today was one of those days.

He looked up at Tracy’s beautiful naked figure. “You know sometimes I wish I could work without clothes on”

“So do I Andrew.” Tracy replied. “But having this place to come to at the end of the day is the next best thing. Wouldn’t you say?”

“For sure. Thanks Rob for letting me come here.”

He didn’t abuse the privilege. I’d never turn him away, but it’s nice that he always calls to ask. I assumed that he must have called while I was massaging Tracy.

“No problem. Did Jan tell you that Tracy brought supper?”

“Yeah. They were waiting on you, and Teri is coming too.”

“We’ll come inside when you’re done. Don’t fall asleep in the hot tub!”

Tracy and I walked on to the house. As we entered through the kitchen we heard a commotion up front. I looked through the house to see Teri coming in the front door. She was the perfect sexy cowgirl. A straw hat with a big turquoise stone on the hatband, a red silk kerchief tied around her neck, a plaid tailored shirt that hugged her body with the top few snaps open to reveal an ample amount of her bare chest, skin tight ultra low rise faded jeans and rough worn boots. She was carrying a big tooled leather bag hanging from a long shoulder strap.

“Hi guys. Sorry I’m late. Thanks for getting me out of that cocktail gig. Not exactly the crowd I wanted to mingle with tonight. I like the ambiance and the vibe here much better.”

She took off her hat and pushed her hand through her short unkept hair. Always clean but with no definite part or style, it fit Teri perfectly. Easy to manage. Melinda took the hat and hung it on the hook behind the door. Teri unceremoniously kicked off her boots and pulled the snaps open on her shirt as she pulled the tail out of her jeans. It’s a common habit to walk into our house and immediately strip. Melinda is always there to collect the clothes and stow them where ever it’s appropriate to put them. Teri’s braless tits were now on display. In contrast to her sister, she’s slightly smaller and her breasts have retained a youthful conical shape. They stand up on their own, mostly because there’s not enough to them to sag or fall. She unbuckled the big rodeo style belt and unbuttoned the fly on her jeans. As tight as they are, it was easy for her to peel them off. She was commando. Naked now, other than the red silk bandana, Teri stands an inch canlı bahis or two taller than her sister and her mom. Most of it is legs. She’s got that long lean look with narrow hips and a figure one would expect on a woman ten years younger than she is. Her recent 30th birthday was a non event because nobody would believe she’s that old. That is, until you talk to her. Teri has savvy and wisdom beyond her years.

While Melinda took her clothes back to her bedroom, Teri picked up the leather bag.

“Here you go folks.” She walked over to the large hassock in the living room and emptied the contents of the bag. There were about a dozen butt plugs, still in their packaging, a variety of colors, but all otherwise identical to the one that Tracy was holding in her hand.

“These are the 3 inch models. I’ll have 4 and 5 inchers in a week or so. Tracy says it’s a winner.” She winked at her sister. Jan picked up a green one. Trish chose white. Tracy picked up three. Red white and gold. She grabbed two more and handed one each to Lucinda and Melinda. As everyone stared at their new toys, Teri went on. “The idea is that as you move around, the plug does too. The screw like ribs make it go in and out, just a little, while you’re wearing it.”

At that moment, the back door opened and Andrew walked in with a towel wrapped around his waist. He knows the casual dress code in our house, but seems to still be easing himself into it.

Lucinda brought in a basket and collected everyone’s toy package. “I will wash these.” She offered. She picked up the extras too. Andrew looked in the basket as she carried it by him. He rolled his eyes. Lucinda was busy unwrapping and washing all of the devices and placed them on a towel on the counter to dry. When she finished, she brought them back to us and everyone retrieved their chosen colors. Teri selected a red one. Then, she assumed the role of educator.

“I hope you like the colors. We call them Pearl, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Amethyst, Amber, Silver and Ebony. Like I said, the screw like ribs are designed to make it move inside you to heighten your pleasure.” She opened the drawer of the end table beside her, knowing that there’s always a supply of oils, lotions and lubes in storage. She took out a tube of lubricant (that she of course supplied) and removed the cap. She squeezed a generous amount on the tip of the toy and recapped the tube, tossing it over to Trish. Then, as if it was the most natural thing in the world, she scooted forward in her comfy chair and raised her legs up in the air, leaning backward, and exposing her puffy pussy and pink asshole to us all. She reached around and slowly inserted the plug into her anus.

This certainly caught Andrew’s attention. He couldn’t help but stare at his cousin as the plug disappeared and all that could be seen was Teri’s legs and ass framing her smiling face above the red silk bandana and the matching Ruby cut jewel below her vagina. The look on Andrew’s face was priceless. But the perfectly centered image of Teri in the chair, dressed ever so sparingly in red was quickly embedded in my mind. I think we were all amazed at how gorgeous she looked.

“Oh my God!” Exclaimed Jan. “I think I need to borrow a green scarf, if it can make me look as beautiful as you are Teri.”

“Oh Mo-om.” Andrew whined. He’s still getting used to seeing his mother without clothes and having a harder time accepting her sexual freedom.

Melinda scurried off into our bedroom and returned with a handful of colorful silk scarves from Trish’s drawer. L&M are always thinking one step ahead. She placed the collection on the hassock. Jan sorted through them and found one that was predominately emerald green.

Andrew was still fixated on his cousin Teri as she laid there with her legs spread wide apart. Teri stared back but couldn’t make eye contact.

“Come here Andy. bahis siteleri Do you want a closer look?” She tapped the jewel in her butt and then stroked her labial slash. Andrew hesitated, but he couldn’t resist. He took a step. “Don’t be shy. I won’t bite.” She winked at him and reached out her arm. He took another step. He bent down to get even closer. Teri took his hand and rubbed it on her moistened pussy.

“Wow!” He said. “You’re really wet. Is that from the butt plug?”

“It might be” she responded, “or it might be because of you.”

“You mean?”

Teri inserted her finger and collected some of her slime. “Here. Taste this.” She held it up and as he opened his lips, she pushed it in. He licked it clean.

“Mmmm, doesn’t that taste good?” She cooed. She reached for his face and drew him closer. She pulled him right to her crotch and he instinctively began to lick the fluid.

“Oh yeah, Andy, that feels nice.”

The rest of us looked on, enthralled with Teri’s seduction of her reluctant cousin. Teri can make herself cum in a minute. She has a talent for bringing on her own orgasms with a simple touch or even a thought. But when she has a partner with a tongue, or anything else, she can make it happen as fast or as slow as she wants. She was playing with Andrew. She was working up his desire as much as her own. She wanted to help him perfect his pussy eating skills. So she held his head and moved it slowly and carefully, directing him to touch her in every tiny spot to enhance the experience for them both. Then suddenly she let loose.

“Oh yes Andy, right there! Bite my clit! Yes. Drink my cum you hungry horny bastard! Suck it!”

We could see Andrew swallowing Teri’s juice as it gushed.

“Oh God! Yes. Oh yeah, that’s my cousin. Oooo Andy you are SO Good!”

As her climax came to an end she held Andy’s head and turned his cheek onto her belly. Andrew held her legs in his arms and regained his breath. As he got back to a normal rate Teri looked around at us and grinned.

Melinda clapped her hands gleefully. We are all enthusiastic voyeurs. And none of us are shy about it, with the possible exception of Andrew. Tracy walked over and kissed her sister.

“That was awesome.” She said. “Andrew you got me all worked up. Feel my pussy.” She picked up his hand and rubbed it between her lips. Then she sat on the wide arm of the chair next to her sister. Teri was still hugging Andrew’s head.

“Wow baby, you got me all hot and bothered too.” That was Trish speaking. “So now I want to know. Is it the plug, or is it Andrew? Or is it the combination?”

“Well, I’m curious too.” Jan piped in. She was wrapping the green scarf around her neck.

Teri was pulling Andrew up into the chair with her now. He snuggled in beside her and wrapped his arm across her belly, just below her perky little tits. They both looked across at Trish and Jan as they were conversing on the sofa. Trish picked up the green butt plug and held it up beside Jan’s face.

“A nice match. This color looks good on you. I think it’s gonna look good IN you too.” She smirked as she twirled the device in her hand. “C’mon lover. Move over here.” They were already close together, but Jan scooted closer and put her leg up on the back of the couch. Trish leaned over and licked her gaping love canal, all the way down to her butt hole. Then she applied a gob of the lube to the green plug and rubbed a little more on Jan’s anal ring.

Andrew averted his eyes. He still wasn’t sure if he should be watching his mother like this. Teri lifted his head.

“Watch this Andy. Your mom is so hot!” Andrew remained silent.

Tracy added, “She really is an MILF, and you know it Andrew.”

Trish was now slowly working the magic screw into Jan’s slippery rear end. Jan was frigging her clit while Trish pushed and pulled until it finally bahis şirketleri sank all the way. Tracy moved across the room and kissed Jan’s breast.

“Look at this. Your mom’s nipple is rock solid. She is so turned on right now! You need to feel this.”

Teri nudged her cousin. “Andy go check it out. Your mom is so fucking hot!”

Tracy was kissing Jan now and Trish was on her knees eating Jan’s cunt. Andrew moved across the room in a daze. Tracy held her hand out to him and drew him near. Then she stood up and kissed him. I think Andrew has a bit of a crush on Ttacy, but is also intimidated by her beauty. She reached down and pulled off the towel that was still tucked around his waist. Andrew’s impressive cock sprung up and stood at 45 degrees. Tracy grabbed it. She could barely get her fist around it. She pumped it and said “Look at you. You’re even harder than your mom’s nipple. You want her, don’t you?”

“No. No I can’t.”

“Yes you can and she wants you too. Don’t you Jan.”

Jan put her arm out and grasped Andrew’s solid cock. “Yes. Yes I do.” She pulled him closer. “Come to me Andrew. You’re not my little boy any more. You’re a grown man and I want you more than ever.” She opened her mouth and pulled him to her face. Tracy put her hand on Andrew’s back and held him tight to his maternal lover. He began to fuck her face. He brought his hands up and held her head. Now he was pumping himself in and out.

L&M had me surrounded. We were still standing behind the other large armchair. I had a hand on each of them.

Tracy put her mouth to Andrew’s ear and whispered encouragement while she licked him.

“Andrew, you mother loves you so much. Look at how turned on she is. You are making her happier than she has ever been before. Pinch her nipple. Feel how hard it is.”

Suddenly Jan pushed Trish away and took Andrew’s cock out of her mouth. She cupped his balls and pumped his dick.

“Andrew I want you inside of me.” She turned her body to him and spread herself open. “Put that monster in me. It’s time for you to make real love to your mother. Give it to me son.” She held him at her opening. For whatever reason, Andrew couldn’t resist any longer. He pushed himself into her waiting womb.

“Oh God Mom! You’re so tight! I can’t believe this.”

Tracy continued to kiss his ear. Teri got up and reached between his legs to cup his scrotum. Andrew was giving his mother a full on fucking.

Melinda turned to kiss me. “Oh Mr Rob. This is so wonderful.” Lucinda knelt down and took my boner in her mouth.

Tracy’s hand moved down onto Andrew’s rear and into his ass crack. She let it rest there as he pumped and thrust his hips into Jan while she moaned in pleasure. He was grunting and taking huge breaths and sweat was beading on his forehead. Tracy massaged his anus and then pushed her finger into her cousin’s backside. He wasn’t expecting that, but it produced the result Tracy knew it would.

“Oh God! Mom!” He was shooting his youthful seed back into the vagina that had been his maternal home for 9 months.

“Yes! Yes Andrew. I’m cumming. Fill me. You feel so warm inside. I love you. I love you. I love you so much.”

Tracy withdrew her finger. Andrew kept pumping until he was dry and exhausted. When he finally pulled out Jan grabbed his penis and gobbled it again. She sucked it to get every last drop. Then she thoroughly cleaned his sex organ until he collapsed into her waiting arms.

Lucinda had worked me to my climax. I held her head as she slurped up my load that she had teasingly started a few hours ago in my kitchen. When she removed her face from my organ, Melinda helped support me so we could sit together in the armchair. Lucinda leaned over and kissed me. She spit the last of my sperm back into my mouth.

We all sat quietly recovering from the mini orgy. Smiles were everywhere.

“Oh Andrew I love you so much. Thank you for giving me the best gift you’ve ever shared. I’ll never forget this moment”

I felt close and happy for my sister.

To be continued…

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