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The Choice of the Chaste

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It was yet another day for the villagers to go without water. So far the villagers had kept the foe at bay but another day without water would mean either that they would have to surrender or would be defeated. Woe had come to the land of these remote tribes when the king sent his sons on the mission to capture all the neighbouring lands and include them as part of a nation. Most of the secluded tribes gave resistance to the advances of the princes but most were either defeated or surrendered. But the courageous tribesmen of the village of Gumanna were not ready to give in so soon. After nearly twenty days of fighting the might of the king they had not yet given in. The young and brave prince Mateen was then dispatched for Gumanna when the king came to know of the immense resistance shown by the tribe. The king was furious over the everyday news of the tribe’s resistance and hence Mateen’s mission to Gumanna was to wipe out the village completely of its male members.

It was now nearly the fourth day since prince Mateen was fighting the tribe and he had no better lead except that he had captured the part of land which housed the pond, the only source of water to the village of Gumanna. Food had already run down days before, but now the community of Gumanna was worst affected due to the lack of water and able young men who could fight the enemy and get water from the acquired territory. Women and children were most affected and the old were dying of thirst. It was under these circumstances that a young and brave soldier decided that he would get the precious water. He disguised himself as a woman and walked towards the enemy with an empty bucket in hand. He gambled that the prince and his bunch of men would not kill a woman in cold blood. He walked past the shelter and had hardly taken a hundred steps towards the pond when an arrow from the prince’s army pierced his heart and proved his belief wrong.

“The disguise – it failed,” signed an aged leader of the survivors.

“There is nothing now for us, we have lost the last of our braves to the enemy, we will all die of thirst, that is our destiny,” said another elder of the community.

Just then a mother burst into the tent with her sick child in hand, “Please canlı bahis someone, get water for my little one, tell the enemy that we have surrendered, get water for my child someone or he will die…” and she burst out crying.

“I shall go for water,” volunteered the young and beautiful virgin of Gumanna village Joiba.

“Never!” The old leader shook his head with rage. “The prince’s men would think of you as but another man in disguise and kill you.”

“Worry not oh great one!” said Joiba. “I shall go without my clothes on me and I believe the prince and his army is not blind, not to be able to see the difference between a man and a woman’s body.”

Despite the protest of the elders and the warnings of the women of the village, Joiba was all set to take the matters in her hands. She stood fast to her idea till the elders of the village gave their consent. Minutes later Joiba walked out of the tent, she stood their and asked the elders with respect to avert their eyes as she disrobed. Then completely unclad and lovely as the morning dew, she stepped forth into the morning sun to face the hated enemy, carrying two empty water buckets in her dainty hands.

As the sun shone on her lovely skin, it revealed a magnificent figure that even privation had been unable to harm. Her rich curves gleamed and sparkled in a newly found freedom as she swayed her way towards her foe and the water. Her naked breasts juggled and her lovely bottom swayed to a beautiful rhythm all its own. In fact she seemed more the goddess of love and lust than a thirsty survivor.

The enemy stood still as she moved towards the water source, the pond, and her goal. She looked around her when she reached the water and saw the enemy gazing at her more in fear than in shock. They were in fear of the powers that her young virginal naked body generated. Joiba then bent down and had her fill of the water. She then filled the two buckets she had brought along. As she filled the buckets, she was then aware of a reflection other than her own in the clear water. It was that of a handsome young men dressed in rich clothes that would be worn by only someone of great nobility. Joiba turned around to find that all the other men had disappeared, there bahis siteleri was no army around her anymore. She then realised that she was now alone and naked in the presence of the most handsome men she had ever see, and probably this most handsome and richly dressed men was known other than prince Mateen. The prince stood in silence for what seemed like hours admiringly looking at Joiba’s naked charms and her beautiful face. Joiba kept kneeling at the waters with the filled buckets now standing on the bank of the pond, her hands modestly covering her young breasts as her womanhood was covered by the legs in that kneeling pose. Slowly the prince advanced towards Joiba, but then he was dropping down parts of his garments as he neared her. Joiba hid her shame by lowering her head.

A hand came heavy on Joiba’s shoulders and she looked up to see the prince standing before her, like her, in nude. Joiba stood up in fear and shame and bent her head down only to see that the naked manhood of the prince standing from his body in great discomfort. “Oh you lovely one, I too am thirsty – but for you.” Said the prince. Joiba was frightened and she pleaded with the prince to let her go. But the prince stood there holding her hand in his vice like grip and then swiftly crushed her young body to his. He then placed a kiss on her mouth and found his way to her young and firm breasts kissing and sucking on the pink nipples. Joiba’s young inexperienced body could not resist for long and she gave into the carnal pleasures, which were aroused by the prince.

The prince lifted Joiba off her feet and took her shivering body in his arms and placed it with great care on the grass under the shade of a huge tree. Then with equal care he parted Joiba’s lovely legs and looked shamelessly at her hairy charms while Joiba closed her eyes in shame of the pleasures her body desired to enjoy with the man her heart heated. The prince then put his hand to her hairy charms and parted the hair to reveal her hidden womanhood, then swiftly as before and very unexpectedly he put his mouth to her womanhood and started to lick her. Joiba had never dreamt that lovemaking would be so pleasurable, she now moved her bottom in unison with the movements of Mateen’s bahis şirketleri tongue on her inner body. In no time the young body of Joiba exploded in pleasure and her womanhood flooded wetting the smartly trimmed whiskers of the prince.

Joiba opened her eyes as her pleasure subsided and saw the grinning face of the prince with his wet whiskers. The prince parted her legs further and adjusted his body between her thighs and then positioning his manhood at the door of her womanhood he entered her body in a single violent thrust making Joiba scream in pain. Keeping himself still in her for a few moments till her scream subsided and her body stopped shivering with pain he started the motion of love crushing his body to hers sucking and kneading on her firm and lovely breasts. Till his manhood spurted inside her when her body shivered for the second time in ecstasy.

It was only hours later when Mateen and his particular thirst was fully satiated that Joiba was allowed to return to the other side with her two brimming buckets of water. There the survivors gratefully gulped precious life giving liquid. But the elderly leader of the tribe bade them to spare one full bucket. “Please, my friends lets save poor Joiba from having to walk naked among the uncouth foe.”

That night as the tribe slept, Joiba’s mind kept itself busy thinking of Mateen. She though about his warm masculine flesh against her own, the rhythm of sensual motion between their bodies, the filling of her senses and her body with the erotic heat of lovemaking, the pain and the pleasure his violent thrusts brought to her virginal body. His soft lips on her privates, his kisses on her lips, his tongue in within the folds of her charm, his tugging and pulling of her pubic hair, his wide spread for his entry and the moist and sticky withdrawal.

As the tribe slept a figure arose from among the sleepers, stealthily moved to the precious bucket of water, carefully lifted it and then deliberately but noiselessly emptied it on the thirsty earth.

Looking about to make certain none had observed, the figure quickly stole back from where it came and lay again upon the ground. As the moon suddenly filtered through the clouds, the light revealed the features of the one who had dumped the all-vital water. It was the lovely young Joiba herself. A faint, anticipatory smile played over her full lips as she dreamily stared at the moon over head. For tomorrow was another day.

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