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The Class Case Study

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I was a junior in college and was taking a business class that required a case study presentation that would take all term to complete. The case studies were assigned to two person teams. As it turned out, I was assigned to work with Laura for the case study. I didn’t know much about Laura as she was a transfer student, good looking in a kind of librarian way, with conservative yet stylish glasses. She dressed rather non-descript, favoring jeans and sweatshirts. During the term, we met probably once a week to work together on the project, and during this time she was friendly yet reserved, she had an occasional beer, didn’t date that I noticed, and hadn’t developed many friends on campus. It seemed that she spent most of her free time studying; she carried an increased class load due to the transfer, and never really went out on weekends. In fact, Saturday nights became our preferred get together time to work on the project, the campus tended to be a bit quiet, as most students went off campus to party. Inevitably, spending so much time together, we began to find out little things about each other.

She was socially liberal but politically conservative, she wanted a career in business, she had several boyfriends back home but wasn’t currently dating anyone, and that she wanted to save herself for marriage. I certainly wasn’t making moves to sleep with her, the case study presentation was too important to mess it up with personal relationships, but the idea of her being a virgin was baffling. Her reasoning was one of personal choice and commitment. That made sense to me, but how did her boyfriends accept that. She said for the most part they were cool with that, after all, the physical part of a relationship is important, and she didn’t mean to suggest that she ignored that completely, she just didn’t go the distance. Her giggling and grinning was charming, it was once of the few times that she stepped out of her bookish shell, and it made her quite attractive.

The pressure and stress mounted as the presentation day drew near. We worked hard and really developed a top notch presentation. We took the project very seriously and gave it our best effort. The morning of the presentation we got together once last time to go over last minute details. We dressed the part, me in a suit, her in a conservative skirt and jacket, sensible pumps, and pantyhose. She dressed up well, and I complimented her on it, she grinned (again, that charm!) and said that I also dressed up well.

Well, we kicked ass! The presentation went great, we got canlı bahis şirketleri kudos from the faculty on our preparation and we impressed everyone with our knowledge. We felt great and walking back to her dorm we were on cloud nine. Back in her room, she surprised me with a bottle of champagne and we raised a glass to our success. Laura drank the glass down, and refilled, and quickly drank that one too. We joked about how we’ll get drunk and celebrate and so we started on a third glass. The euphoria was just starting to wear off, and Laura kicked off her heels and lay back on her bed. She talked about how she can’t wait to start her career in business, and she hopes that she’ll get great grades to get her a leg up. But she grinned and said that she wasn’t looking forward to wearing the business attire; the heels are uncomfortable, and wearing pantyhose is a pain. “Wait a minute” I argued, “you do look great in this outfit, but how uncomfortable can wearing pantyhose be?” She countered with the woman’s anthem of you don’t wear them so how would you know, plus the heels hurt her feet. I sat on the bed next to her and began to massage her feet. She gasped and closed her eyes, murmuring about how great that felt. I continued on her feet, squeezing her toes, massaging her arch and heels. I started up her calves, kneading her muscles. The pantyhose felt smooth in my hands and I started to get a bit turned on. Laura had her eyes closed and her skirt has started to ride up. Thinking that I was getting a bit carried away, I stopped. Her eyes opened, and she asked me why did I stop? She had a glazed look, not sure if it was from the champagne or the massage.

I told her that I didn’t want to get carried away, that I respected her choices and I didn’t want to put ourselves in a compromising position. She looked pensive for a moment, then leaned up, grabbed the back of my hand and gave me a deep kiss, tongue and everything. Wow! I wasn’t expecting that. I returned the kiss and we spent the next few minutes kissing. I ran my hand up her hose covered thigh, stroking her. She slipped off her jacket, continuing to kiss me, her glasses bumping my nose. She giggled (again the charm!) and started to unbutton my shirt. For a virgin, she was quite aggressive. I struggled out of my shirt and tie, and unbuttoned her blouse. She stood up and took off her blouse, revealing very perky breasts and a very sexy light blue, sheer bra. It highlighted her nipples very nicely. She turned and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. She was wearing canlı kaçak iddaa seamless nude colored pantyhose and a light blue thong that really showed off her ass. “What do you think?” she asked, pirouetting around. My response was to stand, embrace and kiss her. We stood that way for a while, my hands caressing her pantyhose covered ass and bra covered tits, squeezing her nipples so that they were rock hard.

After this went on for a few minutes, she broke the embrace and stood back. She looked at me and asked me if I was going to respect her wishes. She wanted to celebrate with a little physical release, but did not want to go the distance. I said I would, and she laughed and said that is what all guys would say with a girl who is just wearing her underwear. She said I know a way that we can kill a lot of birds with one stone and guarantee that I would respect her. She walked to her dresser, opened a drawer, and grabbed an article of clothing that I couldn’t see. She turned back to me and said that she wasn’t sure that she could trust me enough not to get too carried away, but that we should have a special celebration, so if I wore this, she would guarantee a great time and I could see how uncomfortable these could be . “These” was a pair of her pantyhose. I was a bit shocked and not sure if this was a joke. No joke she said. If you wear a pair and I wear a pair, it would make any sort of penetration impossible, but at the same time, we would be able to fondle each other through the material and have a great time. You think about she said, and I’ll see what your answer is when I get back from the washroom. With that, she put on a robe and walked out her dorm room door. What’s a guy to do?

I looked at the pair, they were black and seamless. I rolled the one leg up, stuck my foot in, pulled them up and repeated that with the other foot. Not bad I though as I smoothed the hose with my hands. My cock, which was hard, looked very nice sticking out of her black seamless hose. Well, I thought, here goes nothing, so I laid back on her bed, proudly displaying my cock and legs in her pantyhose. She come back and saw me on the bed, grinned and said I’m glad you decided to stay. How do they feel? Actually I thought they were comfortable and didn’t it fit my cock nicely! She laughed and said as a matter of fact it does. She walked toward the bed, shedding her robe. While in the washroom, she removed her bra and thong, but put her pantyhose back on. Her tits were lovely, about C cup, with small hard nipples. Her pussy was quite visible through canlı kaçak bahis her seamless nude colored pantyhose. She had just a bikini line. She knelt next to the bed and started to massage by feet, just like I did her.

But instead of stopping when she got above the knee like I did, she continued till she reached my cock. The massage on my pantyhose covered legs felt great, the massage of my pantyhose covered cock felt even better. She rubbed the shaft up and down, squeezed my balls, and even fingered my ass through the pantyhose. I was able to reach down and stroke her pussy through her hose. I could feel her pussy lips spread open and her juices soak through her nylons. It wasn’t long before I felt the familiar boiling of my cum through my cock. I told her that I was coming shortly. She pulled the my hose down and tucked the waistband of the pantyhose under my balls. It was like wearing a cockring, the pressure against my prostate intensified my orgasm. She leaned down and slipped my cock into her moth, sucking hard until I exploded in her mouth. She swallowed my come and licked any overflow off my cock. She came back up to my face and kissed my deeply. I could taste my cum in her kiss.

Laura then straddled my body, and began to rub her pussy on my pantyhose covered leg. I felt her juices coat my leg. Her tits were in my face and I began to suck on them, getting her nipples very hard and eliciting moans and groans from her. Even though I had just come a few minutes ago, I was hard again. She felt my cock poking her in her tummy and slid up on my body, so that her pantyhose covered pussy was rubbing against my pantyhose covered cock. She rode my cock, rubbing her wide open pussy against the shaft of my cock. We kissed and become a writhing mass of flesh, juices, and hose. It wasn’t long before she came, bucking against me with grunts and groans.

We flipped over, and she took the bottom position. I raised her pantyhose covered legs against my shoulders and used my hard cock to massage her pussy. I sucked on her hose encased toes and she pinched her nipples while stroking her clit through the hose. She had a second orgasm, just as intensive as the first. Her bucking caused me to come again, and I came in jerking spasms, coating the inside of the pantyhose in cum, much of it soaking though the material. Laura wiped up some of the cum with her finger and slipping it in her mouth. I groaned at the site of that, and she wiped up some more on her finger and skipped it in my mouth. I sucked my cum off her finger. It tasted salty, and I sucked on her finger like it was a cock. We were done, the sex and the day finally catching up with us and we feel asleep in each others arms, both of us safely encased in pantyhose.

The business world better watch out for Laura.

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