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The Commuter Train

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Getting to work is such a problem when you have to rely on the commuter trains going into the city. If you don’t get on quick enough, the seats fill up and you have to stand there and hold on to the strap, while the train is moving. Unfortunately, the crowds are heavy sometimes and it seems a little crowded most of the time, but you get used to it.

Another thing that is bad is when the train has problems and has to stop in the middle of it’s run. It doesn’t happen too often but this one particular afternoon, coming home from work, it had a problem and it put us into a darkness when they had to cut power for a bit. The most unbelievable thing happened that day and I wanted to share it with you.

I’m what you call an average looking lady. Some say better than average, but being the modest person that I am…I won’t brag. I guess my best feature is my body. I keep fit and I have some say I have legs to die for, and I like to wear short skirts to accentuate them.

This one particular evening, I had worn one of my shortest ones, so I know that there were a lot of eyes on me. So anyway, the train was crowded as usual with people pressing up against you as you stood holding on. Sometimes I wonder if they notice rubbing against you or whether it is on purpose or not. After a while you get used to it though.

The train started slowing down and I knew that it wasn’t at the normal stop so I just watched and waited to see what was going to happen. The train kept slowing down until it finally came to a stop. Once the train stopped, for some reason the power was cut and the car I was in went into a darkness that caused everyone to be uncomfortable with the situation. But being the old hand at this, I knew that the best thing to do is just stand your ground and wait until the lights came on and we started moving again. Surely, it wouldn’t be that long.

The next few moments turned out to be the most incredible thing that I had ever experienced before.

During the darkness, I suddenly felt two hands grabbing me firmly on my shapely hips and then I felt someone pressing themselves real close to my backside. I tried to turn around and see who it was, but the hands were güvenilir bahis strong and he wouldn’t let me move. I begin to panic, not knowing what he was going to do, then I felt him press closer and a distinct lump in the front of his pants begin to surface against my ass.

My mind started reeling, wondering what he was doing, what I should do, do I move, or just what? My mind said go, but I suddenly felt a warm fuzzy feeling down in my pussy and I felt myself becoming wet. Oh my gosh, is this really happening?

His rubbing became more intense and the obvious lump kept getting larger as he moved his body as to position his cock against the crack of my ass.

I could feel his fingers start moving on my sides and I suddenly felt the skirt I had on was moving up my leg. A mixture of fright and desire flooded throughout my body and centered between my legs. Is this really going to happen…will he touch me. God, I don’t know what to do.

His hand moved down and I felt his fingers touching the skin of my thigh. He stroked it momentarily and then he moved his hand and slipped under the leg hole of my panties until I felt him touch my lips. I thought I was going to die at that moment as his finger brushes my clit and dips down between my wet lips, entering me. I close my eyes and bite my lip and my knuckles were almost white from gripping the strap so hard.

The fright came back when I realized that the lights could come on any moment and someone could see me. But at this point, I was almost at the point that I didn’t care because of the feelings I had in my pussy, not to mention his experienced finger.

Losing control of myself was not an option at this point. It was over for me. All I could do was enjoy this moment. To feel what he was doing. Feeling my knees getting weaker, almost to the point of falling. I think he sensed it and put his other hand around my waist to support me. God, this was unbelievable and I was letting it happen.

My legs developed a mind of their own as they parted to give him an easier access to my pussy. He didn’t disappoint me as he started working it in and out of me and up to my clit where he paid equal attention . My juices türkçe bahis were flooding now. Dripping down over his hand and down my inner thigh.

My ass pressed back as his cock was straining to nuzzle itself between my ass cheeks. He felt so big and I wanted it. I was out of control now as I reached behind me and started rubbing his cock through his pants. He took his hand from my waist and unzipped his fly then took my hand and place it at it’s opening and with deft fingers, I reached in and found he wasn’t wearing any underwear. I wrapped my hand around his cock and pulled it out of his pants as his fingers were driving me to the point of explosion.

Who is this man. I don’t even know what he looks like yet he had total control over my body now. I didn’t care at this moment if the lights came on or not.

His cock was bigger then I had ever felt before. I wanted to see it, but I knew that I can’t turn around.

My fingers traced its length and girth. His head was a sensitive mushroom shaped part of his body. My hand gripped him and began moving back and forth, feeling it grow in my hand.

I felt his fingers working under my skirt and then pull on the top of my panties, moving them down my legs. They fell to the floor and the panic really focused on my mind. My God, was he going to fuck me right here. God, I want him to. I want to feel that monstrous cock buried in my pussy. Nothing else matters at this point.

He pressed his hand on the middle of my back, pushing me forward at the waist as I felt the head of his cock touching the sensitive skin of my ass. He grabbed it and aimed it at the opening of my drenched pussy. I felt the head rub against me as he was gathering my juices to lubricate him for entering me. I closed my eyes and moved back against him as I felt the head part my lips and find it’s way in.

His size hurt for a moment as he gently guided his cock into me. But once he felt that I was going to be able to take him, the animal came out in him. Actually, both of us. I had to have him. I wanted him to fill me to capacity and feel his cum deeper than it has ever been felt before.

His hands moved back to my hips and he started thrusting güvenilir bahis siteleri his monstrous cock deeper and harder. His hands pulling my hips back each time he thrusts forward. I had to put my finger in my mouth and bite down on it to keep from screaming because of the pleasure this man was giving me.

I could hear his skin pounding against my ass and knew that someone else must hear it also, but did I care? No, I didn’t because I had to have him.

Waves of my juices were running down my legs as his cock stretched my pussy to capacity. Never before have I felt pain feel so good. I was determined to make him cum as he already has made me cum several times. I was caught up in my bliss.

I reached under between my legs and my fingers began massaging my clit and feeling his cock as he pistons in and out of my wet hole. I could hear his breathing become labored with his fucking me and felt that he was about to explode inside of me. I reach my hand further under my legs and reach his balls that were hardened and dangling as he thrust against me. I took them in my hands and began rolling them around with my hand and at that moment he drives his cock into my stomach and unloads what I have craved from the beginning. I fight my scream as I feel his cock throbbing deep inside of me. Never before have I felt so satisfied and to never have seen who he was frightens me. Here he has just unmercifully fucked me and I’ve never seen his face or kissed him.

I felt him pull his cock out of me with a pop from the suction it produced in my pussy. He took his hand and stuffed it inside of his pants and quietly moved away as I reached down and was putting on my panties. No sooner than I got them on, the power came on in the train and it excited me to be able to see who this man was.

My face still flushed from the wonderful fuck I just received, I quickly turn around to see him. A huge smile is on my face as I look around. Suddenly a panic overtakes my mind. I look at the faces for a clue, but there is none. Where is this man that has brought me so much pleasure. A deep sick feeling develops at the juncture of my thighs. The smile leaves as frantic sets in as the doors open for the train and people begin hurrying off.

As I sit in my tub, bathing, the thought of at least seeing him would have been nice, but the memory will live on as far as the amount of pleasure this mystery man gave me.

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