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The Compliance Team

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I had been with my wife for 4 years. We started dating in college and at the age of 25yrs we married. It was all good we had a good sex life as she often said she enjoyed sex which during the dating years was great. Although this did carry on to our married years for a while. It was after we had been married for 2yrs she dropped the bomb shell that she loved me loads but did not want to have sex any more as it did not interest her. What a bomb shell that was. I asked her was there anybody else but the answer was no. Although she did agree to go to counselling to see if she find out why she did not want to have sex. I was not impressed I liked having sex with her and tried several times to get her excited all to no avail.

Amanda told me that if I wanted to split up she would understand. I did not want that. I wanted my horny wife back more than anything.

I was sitting in the pub with my mate and after we got a lot drunk I told him about Amanda.

“You need The Compliance Team” was all he said.

“The who?” The only Compliance Team I knew were a group of people in work who made sure we complied with the rules and they were not the sort of people you tell about your wife.

“No you idiot, I guess they reprogram your wife so she is more compliant. They take her away for a few days. She comes back and bingo she is back to how she was or better depending how she reacts to what they do.”

“So they kidnap her and do what to her?” I said

“Well I do not know, all I know is that is what they do.” He replied.

After another few drinks and other off the wall conversations I said “How do I contact them?”

“I will tell someone I think who knows them and they will contact you, again I think who knows them I’m not sure as he seems to know some shady characters.”

A few days later a card with a number came to me in the internal post. I did ask my mate if he knew were from. He could not even remember much of the night let alone any conversation.

I rang the number and spoke to a hollowed voice who explained what I was going to have to pay, some upfront and the rest later. I had 20mins to decide because this phone number would not connect after that. After 10 mins I rang back and just said “Do it.”

It was the start of a 4 day weekend holiday and by late Thursday everyone could not be bothered with anything we shut up shop at 3pm and I went home.

Amanda had already told me that she was finishing at 12 and going out with friends after work so I was not surprised that she was not home when I arrived. What was there was an envelope with a disc in and a note.

All the note said was, watch this (stage 1).

Putting the disc in my PC I watch.

My wife’s face appeared on the screen and she did not look happy. The camera zoomed out and I could see that she was currently tied with her hands above her head and her legs were spread and attached to the floor.

“Do you know why you are here?” came a voice.

Then a lot of abusive language from my wife, with all sorts of threats to whoever it was. Then smoke.

When that cleared I could see my wife still hanging there but her head was bowed as if she was asleep. hatay escort Two men walked over in masks and started to cut the clothes of my wife. They cut everything off till she was naked, I just looked. This was my wife being more or less drugged but she still looked good to me. Her firm tits were out and proud her long legs looked good and her fanny was shaved as all ways. Then a hose was turned on Amanda and she woke up and screamed again more abuse from her aimed at the voice. The hose continued moving around Amanda. It was aimed at each tit and the camera zoomed in as the nipples started to get hard. Then it moved down to her stomach and her fanny and Amanda tried to turn away but it was no good. The Hose stopped and she just hung there. The camera zoomed in on her face, her tits, nipples and fanny. Then smoke.

“Do you know why you are here?” came the voice only this time it added. “You want to serve you master don’t you?”

She just hung there. Two men in masked walked over again, this time they washed her arms in what I guess was a sterile wipe and injected some thing into each of her arms. Then smoke and the disc stopped.

Had I done the right thing? All I wanted was my old wife back. I paced around the room. In the end I decided I had to see it through I could not do anything as I did not know anything. I cooked myself some food had a few beers and fell asleep seeing pictures of my wife tied up but smiling at me as if she was enjoying it.

The next morning I woke up to find another envelope had come through the letter box. I quickly put it in the PC and watched.

Amanda is still in the same position as before but they have attached pads to her tit, clamps to her nipples and more pads to her thighs with another clamp on her fanny. The injections happen again. I see Amanda shake and she wakes up.

“Do you know why you are here, you want to serve your master don’t you?” The same voice boomed.

Then Amanda shook again and screamed.

“If you do not answer you will feel pain. If you answer incorrectly you will feel pain.”

I heard Amanda quietly swear at the voice again before the power was turned on. This time I saw lights blink on her tits I guess that was where the power went. She screamed again. Then her legs shook as I saw the lights on her thighs go on and off. More abuse from my wife and the light on her fanny lit up and she screamed again.

“Wrong answer.” Boomed the voice.

The voiced asked the questions again and again he was given abuse. I watched as the lights went on randomly on my wife, she just screamed more abuse. This seemed to go on for a while before I had smoke and the disc stopped again. It was now 11am. I do not know what time she had been taken but I had received 2 discs, they had probably filmed it all and given me the high lights.

It was 5pm when the next disc arrived this time by courier I guess they could not put it through my letter box this time.

I put the disc in and watched.

Amanda was still tied up but this time she was on the floor with her legs spread and her hands in front of her. The pads were still on but the fanny one had been ığdır escort removed and there was a vibrator on the floor in front of her. Again the men in masked walked over injected her with something and she stirred.

The same questions boomed out. Again the abuse.

“You have 10 seconds to start playing with yourself with that vibrator or the power goes on.”

Abuse came from my wife. The countdown started on the screen. Then the power was turned on randomly, causing my wife to scream. As she screamed she reached forward took the vibrator and started to push it in her fanny. The power stopped and she stopped.

“Carry on or the power goes back on.” To prove it the power started and she screamed.

She pushed the vib in and out and the power stopped so she stopped. The power was turned on, she screamed and pushed it in and out again.

“You will carry on. You will ask to be allowed to cum.”

She stopped and the power was again turned on, this time she just carried on playing.

This went on, I watched my wife play with herself something she had admitted to doing to me but I had never seen it.

The questions were asked again and this time my wife seemed to know the answer to one of the questions. As she played with herself, I heard her say “I do not like having sex anymore, I do not know the answer to the second question. Please can I cum?”

“No” came the answer. Amanda stopped playing. The power was turned on and the lights randomly flashed. Amanda screamed but carried on playing again asking if she could cum. Same answer came.

My wife was shaking trying not to cum, but she came as her body shook how it used to when I made her cum.

“Did anyone give you permission to cum?” came the voice.

“No I could not help it” was as far as she got as all the lights came on as she screamed. You will carry on and ask if you cum again it will be worse. Amanda started with the vib again, pushing in and out, I knew that she used to be able to cum regularly so that was no surprise.

I notice that she now had small bags under her eyes as she had not slept for what must be now 24 hrs so he started to look a bit ragged but her nipples were still hard as the clamps were on. Then smoke.

The next clip started with her still playing with herself and asking to cum with the same answer. The men in masked arrived and Amanda looked scared. They walked over removed the nipple clamps and she screamed again. They had been put on and off at different times so it said on the bottom of the screen, Amanda had kicked one of them but had done no damage to him.

Then I seem to be at a different angle to Amanda and the questions came again.

The answers were a bit different.

“Do you know why you are here?”

“Yes I did not like sex. Please can I cum?”

“What do you think of having sex now?”

“Please can I cum?”

“When you give the right answer”

“I like having sex, please can I cum?”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes I like having sex. Please can I cum?”

“Yes you may cum, do not stop playing though if you do the hose goes on?”

Amanda started to ısparta escort shake as she came but she kept playing with the vib pushing it in and out. She tried to lay down but was unable to.

Then a photo appeared of me in front of Amanda and the voice asked “Who is this?”

“That is my hus…” she started to say but the power was turned on and she screamed again a low gutted scream like it was all she had left.

The same question came again and got the same result.

Then a break through. “Who is this?”

In a quiet voice my wife replied in a questioning sort of voice “My master.”

“Louder- Who is this?”

“It’s my master” came the louder reply.

“You will do what your master says?”

“I will do as my hus.. master says”

The power went on and she screamed again.

“I will do as my master says”

Smoke and then nothing.

I went to bed that night not knowing what was going to happen next but I kept dreaming of my wife in the positions she had been in but smiling happily, pushing the vib into herself asking me to help her cum, asking permission to cum. smiling all the time just like she used to when we had sex regularly.

The next morning I woke up in shock more than anything as who should be completely naked on the bed but my wife asking if she could give me a blow job before breakfast.

“Ok” I replied.

She pulled the sheets off and dived straight in and started to move up and down with her mouth. I leaned forward and grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples she just moaned loudly. It did take long before I came in her mouth she swallowed it and licked me clean before asking If she could go and get my breakfast ready for me.

I got up had a shower and went down stairs to find my breakfast on the table my new wife naked kneeling by my chair smiling.

“Is everything to your liking Master, I could do some tea if you want?”

“No this is fine, please stand up so I can inspect you.”

She stood up quickly spread her legs apart, put her hands behind her head, which pushed her firm tits out.

I inspected her body all over checking to see if there were any marks.

Amanda asked “Do you like my body master?”

“Yes I do, it’s the best body ever and I look forward to seeing it every day.”

Still naked she sat down and ate breakfast watching me in case I needed anything that she could get.

To see how much I was her master I took her in the living room and told her to get on her hands and knees. She dropped to that without question and looked straight ahead. I reached under pinched and squeezed her nipples again before getting up and putting my cock straight in her fanny from behind. Amanda squealed a bit and kept saying thank you master with every thrust till I came. She fell forward said thank you for fucking me master, I am yours to do whatever you want.

That day I instructed her to be naked all day and to carry out the normal house work that she did.

“Yes master, can I get you anything before I start?”

“No but we will be having sex in every room before the end of the day?”

“Thank you master I will be ready for you.”

The next morning I was woken up by my wife giving me a blow job.

“This is how you will wake me up in the morning before you go to work.”

“Yes master.”

I had my wife back and more. I do not want to tell you how much more I had to pay but it was worth every penny.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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