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The Cruise Ch. 1

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The ship cruised onwards towards the sunset, rolling ever so gently on the calm swell, the fading sun casting hues of gold and purple across the waves. She sighed deeply and took another sip of the vodka, the ice cubes clinking quietly against the side of the glass. Her tongue snaked over her lips and tasted the strong flavour of the Absolut vodka. She had gained a taste for it after meeting and seducing a kiwi builder on a flight to Hong Kong, now she seldom drank anything else. A shiver of delight and regret crossed her mind, he was a nice guy, shame it could only ever have been an airborne fling, and not something deeper like she had wanted.

The vacation had gone well in Hong Kong, she had seduced the co-pilot of the flight and spent a few idyllic days sightseeing and shopping. Her father finally agreed to let loose the shackles and let her travel on her own, instead of with her ever-present travelling companion Jenson. He was a good man, and handy to have in a crisis, but he was just another of her fathers employees . “Stooges.” she thought with a delightful giggle and a mischievous smile crossed her lips.

Her little deception had paid off, here she was on a ship, bound for Los Angeles, not on an airliner like her father and minions had arranged for her. She had slipped off the driver at the airport and snuck back to the city for another day of fun before boarding the Sun Princess. She had managed to tip her way into a first class cabin. The ship was full of fun loving party people, sailing home on the return leg of a full world tour. The ship would take at least a week to sail across the Pacific to LA, and she could always jump ship in Hawaii, if she felt like it.

She needed this last week of complete rest and fun, as her father had found her a job in one of his corporations many offices. She would live with her brother Mason in Hollywood until she found her feet in LA, then she would strike out into a place of her own. Her brother was a digital artist for Universal Studios in Hollywood, she was sure that living with him for a few months would be entertaining. She envied her brother, just 2 years older than her 23 years, but fiercely independent and her father treated him like a man, not like a little girl, the way he did with her.

The new job at the office sounded like fun, a Personal Assistant to the CEO of DataWest Banking, the american arm of her fathers corporate empire. She would be working for Mr Derek Andrews, a man she had just met in Hong Kong 2 days earlier. He seemed to be genuine and kind, telling her of his own trials and tribulations with his 18 year old daughter Abby. A headstrong girl, much like Selena, she had been drinking at her boarding school and almost got kicked out on several occasions. She had taken up with the wrong crowd and generally made her father look ten years older than the 39 he really was.

Selena looked forward to meeting Abby in LA at sometime, she had made an agreement with Derek that she would try and help her ‘straighten up and fly right’ if she could.

The steward broke her reverie: “Another drink, Miss?” She smiled her dazzling smile and shook her head.

“Not just now thanks, I’m going to get changed for dinner.” She stood up and stretched her long lithe body, much to the delight of the steward. He eyed her hungrily and carried on down the aft deck.

Selena strolled down the deck, heading for the cabin. She was in no hurry, the two vodkas she had consumed while sunbathing had just a little effect on her, making her smiley and happy and a little bit buzzed. She grinned at a man as she passed, causing his wife to smack his arm as he lingered just a little to admire her fine figure. She was a natural flirt and chuckled to herself as she heard the harried husband being scolded by his wife.

With a grin still on her face, she opened the cabin door and stepped inside. She crossed the room and reached in and started the shower. She untied the white silk robe and threw it on the bed, revealing her lithe tanned body clad only in a flimsy white string bikini.

She stepped in front of the mirror glassed wardrobe and untied the strings to her top, letting it fall away. She admired her breasts, cupping their weight in her hands and brushing her fingertips lightly over her protruding brown nipples. A shiver of pleasure swept through her body and she shuddered slightly at the thought. She let go of her right breast and trailed her hand down over her flat stomach. Goosebumps broke out on her skin, and she revelled at her own fingers light but sensual touch. She pressed lower, taking her time and watching her reflection as her hand reached the waistband and slid under it. She bit her lip gently and pushed her hand down lower still, over her clean shaven mound. She trembled as the sensations she was causing strengthened and she watched in delight as her nipples hardened and rose to their full glory. She rolled her left nipple between her fingers and let out a sigh. Her right hand pressed against her mound and she gently brushed it against her clitoral hood. Her knees gave out and she staggered slightly before falling onto her back across escort bursa the bed, her hand never leaving her breast, while her other hand busied itself between her lips, probing and swirling in a pattern of delight.

Her breathing was becoming laboured and her lips began to moisten at her ministrations. Her low sighs became moans as she pushed her hips upward to meet her fingers. She managed to undo the strings holding the wispy piece of nylon fabric covering her and she let it fall away. She spread her thighs wide and slid her index finger into her soft folds. She gasped as she penetrated herself and rolled her thumb over her clit, now swollen and engorged. She bit down harder on her lip and entered herself with a second finger. She was moaning harder and shaking her head from side to side as she probed and teased herself closer and closer to the brink, her body was taut and thrumming with pleasure as her orgasm built into a crescendo of delight and waves of pleasure swept over her.

The room spun around her and the lights dimmed and flashed in her mind as her orgasm swept her back and forth. She cried out, a scream not of horror but one of deep and lusty pleasure. Her hand fell away from her breast and she clutched the sheet below her, hanging on to the bed as it spun her out of control and into the abyss of ecstasy. Her mind flew back to the time in the aircrafts sleeping berth with her kiwi lover and she fainted from the pleasure and release she had caused herself.

She woke an hour later, naked, sprawled across the sheet, the room was hot and humid, almost like a sauna. She had left the shower running and the steam made the air like cotton wool. She stood up on unsteady legs and crossed to the porthole and opened it. A cool sea breeze rushed in, tainting the humid air with its salty fragrance. She moved into the cabins small bathroom and ran her hands under the stream of warm water pouring from the showerhead. She stepped under the stream and allowed the water to play across her slender back and down over her shapely ass and long legs. She savoured this for a few moments before washing and conditioning her long tresses of lustrous red hair. She stepped out of the shower and wrapped herself in a towel, before padding out into the bedroom. She dried herself and hummed a happy tune as she thought about the night to come, the fun she would have dancing and drinking and living it up. She had made up her mind, tonight she would conquest. She would use her ample feminine charms to woo a man, she needed the sexual release that passionate lovemaking would bring. Her brief exploits earlier had not satisfied her, only working to stir up the lust for sex that boiled within her, never far from the surface.

She walked to the wardrobe and drew out her favourite floor length hunter green silk dress. She laid it lovingly on the bed and turned to the chest of drawers, taking out her sexiest black lace wonder-bra and matching g-string panties. She drew out her black lace garter belt and the sheer black silk stockings. She walked over to the edge of the bed, sat down and began to dress herself. She rolled the sheer stocking on, up over her slender calves and felt the sensuous feel of the silk against her smooth skin. She stood up and stepped into the lace garter, clipping the 4 flimsy straps onto the stocking tops. She then pulled on her g-string, taking her time and admiring her look in the mirror. She looked a picture of sex, clad only in black stockings, and garter and g-string, her naked breasts were high and pert, denoted by her tan lines. Their milky white skin just seemed to draw her gaze, and her nipples began to harden again.

She continued dressing, strapping on her wonder-bra and then turned sideways to admire her profile. She liked what she saw and grinned mischievously at her reflection.

“You sexy witch.” she teased at the mirror. She slid into the dress, it fit her long lean body like a second skin, moulding over the flair of her hips and across the twin mounds of her shapely ass. She grinned at herself again, feeling wanton and wicked. She knew she had the looks and charm to snare any man, but the game was always fun and she enjoyed the challenge immensely.

She grabbed up her make bag and headed into the bathroom. Pausing in front of the vanity mirror, she adjusted her hair, first piling it high on her head, then draping down over her shoulder, she laughed aloud and winked at the reflection. She applied the hairbrush and brushed it out, long , down her back, it reached well past her shoulders, her crowning glory. The hair that could make her look as coy as a school girl, or the evil temptress, with just the help of mousse, hair-spray and her ever faithful fashion knowledge. She finished her hair and started on her makeup. She recalled her mothers advice from long ago.

“Less is more.” her mother always said. Her mother had passed on this little gem at the age of 13. Selena had experimented with styles and believed that the heavier the makeup, the more alluring the look. Her mother had been one of England’s top fashion models, reigning on the catwalks of London, Paris and Milan bursa otele gelen escort for more than a decade. Her irish roots were especially pronounced in Selena, the natural red hair, the emerald coloured eyes, and the faintest irish brogue, when it suited her, and a temper and sexuality to match it all. She looked at the face in the mirror and her mother smiled back at her. She briefly stifled the tears, then she let go, holding the vanity for support. It had been 6 years since the tragic accident that had taken her mothers life.

Selena composed herself and skilfully applied her make up, she soon was smiling again. She put the finishing touches to her eyes, then applied her lipstick. She was ready, ready for a fabulous meal, a few drinks, a night of dancing then wild sex to round out the evening.

She crossed into the room and slipped on the finishing touch, a pair of spike heel shoes. She twirled in front of the mirror, checking everything was just right. She looked good, well over 6ft tall in her heels, 115 pounds of dynamite with flame red hair. She grabbed the green wrap from the closet and headed out the door into the passageway. She marched toward the first class dining room, stalking the corridor almost, like a cat on the prowl, she was hungry, and for more than just food, She wanted a man.

She swept into the dining room and the Matre’d met her immediately. He led her across the dining room toward a window table, eyes followed her path as she strode confidently behind him. He held her chair while she seated herself and bowed as she dismissed him. He smiled graciously and left her. On his way back toward his post, he raised his hand to his brow and slyly wiped the fine mist of sweat from his forehead. She had that effect on men, it was a combination of her power, money and sexuality, and she used it to her best advantage.

The wine waiter arrived next, dipping low as he offered her the wine list.

“Vodka tall with lemon slice, make sure its Absolut.” she answered before dazzling him with a smile. He left and experienced the same effect the Matre’d had, he was sure the temperature had risen by 10 degrees.

She glanced around the room, scoping out the other occupants. A few hung around the bar, mostly men in their 30’s and 40’s. A crowd of five guys good naturedly shared a joke and laughed a little too loudly and she smiled in their direction. She sensed a friendly reception a little later, after dinner she would join them for a drink and maybe something else.

The waiter arrived with her drink, he placed it in front of her and held his tray nervously while she took a sip.

“Perfect.” she whispered to him. His look of relief was evident as he walked away.

Another waiter appeared at her elbow.

“Would madam care to order?” came the waiters question while proffering her the leather bound menu. She took the menu and scanned it briefly. She pondered briefly before speaking.

“Sirloin, medium rare and a caesar salad, thank you.”

“Very good madam” came the waiters reply as she handed the menu back and he left the table.

She relaxed and sipped her drink, listening to the ambient music of the dining room and the hum of others conversations, everything felt good and she smiled to herself. A waiter arrived with a basket of breadsticks and a selection of crackers and pates, she thanked him and tucked in with gusto. She enjoyed the cold clear tang of the strong vodka and munched on bread and pate till the waiter reappeared with her steak. She cleared away the pate dishes and he placed the meal before her. He withdrew and she tucked into a fine meal. Half way through her steak she motioned the waiter for another vodka.

After finishing the delightful meal, the waiters reappeared and cleared away her dishes and she declined their offer of a desert.

“I’ve got to watch my figure.” she jokingly replied to the waiters question. She rose from the table and taking her glass with her, she strolled towards the bar, heading for the group of guys. She laid on her most dazzling smile and watched them melt before her. They welcomed her to their little clan and introduced themselves.

“Selena Rotheram” she spoke clearly as she proffered her hand to each man in turn, self assuredly. She had always preferred her men older than her 23 years, and she had little time for people her own age, finding them boring and shallow. These guys were charming and fun, laughing and having a good time and she relaxed into their company. They made small talk, with the odd innuendo thrown in, and she gave it back as good as she got. She dazzled them all with her conversation skills and amazed them with her courage when she challenged them to a game of pool at the nearby table.

“We don’t want to take your money.” they joked and laughed, but she was adamant.

“Oh, I’ll take your money,” she quipped at them, “And your shirts too!” “Ante up” she called to them as she broke the rack and proceeded to clear the table of balls in quick succession.

Clay stepped forward and brazenly stated:

“I’ll bursa sınırsız escort take a piece of that action, and a piece of you when I’m done.” She met his eyes and smiled a wicked grin.

“Bring it on, mister!” she retorted as she shot the black across the table and into the corner pocket. “I’m ready for you.”

Clay racked up the balls and smiled at her as she waited.

“Lady to break” he called as he took the triangle off the rack and motioned for Selena to start her game. She smiled flirtatiously and broke the rack. Clay leaned in close as her took the cue from her hand and looked into her eyes, noting the sparkle there.

“Seems as the lady is not wearing a shirt, what do you pay if you loose?” he asked her boldly.

“Well, that’s easy,” she responded with a serious look but a smile in her eyes, “If I loose, I’ll put my knickers on the table.” she stated determinedly.

Clays face dropped in surprise, he hadn’t expected that reply and judging by the look on her face, she was serious. His shot was wide and she grinned as she took the cue from him. The game progressed, each opponent stalking round the table and making the shots. Selena held a slender lead of 2, and was making light of the fact that Clay was behind. She sipped her drink and felt the buzz of the vodka beginning to take hold. She shot again and sank another ball, going 3 up and Clay looked troubled. He was going to loose this game and his shirt if he didn’t play sharply now. He reached across her to take the cue, and as he reached for it, Selena brushed against him. He drank in her perfume and she smiled as the contact lingered. He grinned a fools grin and prepared to shoot. She stalked around the table to a spot directly opposite and bent forward, leaning on her elbows on the edge of the table. Spread out before Clay was an open display of her ample cleavage and he swallowed hard. He looked up into her eyes and she smiled sexily straight back at him. She motioned with her eyes that all before him was his for the asking, all he had to do was make the play.

Clay played his shot, sinking a hard double off the cushion and moved around to line up for the second, Selena stalked around the table to stand beside him and watched as he lined up. She bit her lip and sipped her drink, watching Clay as he moved. He took the shot and sunk another difficult shot. She smiled and brushed past him again, speaking quietly so none of the others at the bar could hear.

“Whether you make that shot is immaterial, you’ll still get to see my knickers.” she whispered to him and smiled a wanton smile. She moved away and Clay stared at her, a sly grin slowly spreading over his face as the realisation of what she said sunk in. He fired the shot and missed, his concentration was gone for sure. He looked up sheepishly at her and she grinned, then burst out laughing. She moved over to him and took the cue from his hand, bumping him with her hip as she went by.

“Say goodbye to your shirt, Clay, I’m gonna enjoy wearing it when we go dancing!” she laughed at him as she lined up the black. She fired the shot and potted it clean.

She stood up and grinned across the table at Clay. She looked over to the group of guys behind him and said again.

“Cough up, Clay! Gimme that shirt, come on man, take it OFF!”

Clay looked at her, then he looked at his mates at the bar, and muttered to himself.

“Shit, I don’t care if it cost me a shirt, I’m getting some of that tonight.” And with that, he unbuttoned his shirt and dropped it on the table in front of the grinning Selena. She snatched it up and waved it over her head in triumph before draping it over her shoulders. She skirted the table and moved over close to Clay, standing bare-chested before her.

“Buy me a drink, then take me dancing and I’ll give you the shirt back. After breakfast.” She smiled and headed over to the group of guys, pleased with herself and clearly on a high. “Anyone else want to risk their shirts?” she teased as they all laughed and congratulated her on her win.

Clay came over and motioned to the bar tender. “Get the lady a drink, anything she desires and put it on my tab. I’m just going to get a new shirt.” Selena fronted up to the bar and ordered her usual Vodka Tall with lemon. She sipped the cool clear drink and raised her glass to the guys. She shared a joke with them while she waited for Clay to return. She quizzed them on their various locations and their jobs, wife’s and girlfriends and made small talk.

Clay returned clothed in another shirt, he walked up to her and smiled before bowing to her.

“You beat me fair and square, well done.” and kissed her forehead. She smiled and looked longingly into his eyes.

“Lets go find that disco.” she said and took his hand and lead him out of the bar. The disco was in full swing as they walked in, music pumping loudly and people gyrating to the grooves. Selena grabbed Clays hand and dragged him onto the floor, swinging her hips and shaking her head in time to the beat. She danced so sexily and wantonly around him, bumping him with her body and pressing up close to him. He swam in her perfume and circled her waist with his arms. She snuggled up close to him and they moulded together as they danced. They were lost in time with each other and everyone else ceased to exist. She turned into his arms and faced him, she sought his lips with hers and they met in their first fiery kiss.

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