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The Dancer 5 (final part)

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The next day at school Chris saw Jacob in their first period class and they both smiled huge.
The teacher told them to get into pairs and the boys immediently sought each other out.
” hey.” Chris said.
” hey.” Jacob said.
” You didn’t call last night so I’m assuming telling your dad went well.” Chris said.
” It did. He was a little shocked then admitted he had experimented with boys in the past. He thinks this is just an experimental thing that will pass with time but at least he didn’t disown me or anything.” Jacob said.
” That’s awesome. Better then you could have hoped for.” Chris said smiling.
” Yeah. How were your parents when you came out to them?” Jacob asked.
” Mum was okay. Dad had a little problem with it, he ignored me for a while but he has come around a bit.” Chris said.
” I just hope the school is as supportive.” Jacob said.
” Even if they aren’t, which they probably will be, it won’t matter. As long as we are together I’m happy.” Chris said putting his hand on Jacobs.
Jacob smiled.
“Are you still coming over to mine?” Chris asked.
” Well things are good with my parents. They have forgiven me for the fight and accept me. I might come over on the weekend though. Can’t leave you waiting too long.” Jacob said smirking.

At lunch Chris was on his way to the canteen when he was stopped by Rhys.
” Hey Chris, how are you?” Rhys asked smiling.
” I’m good. How about you?” Chris asked.
” Worried.” Rays replied looking into Chris’ eyes.
Chris could hardly breathe. He was helpless against those eyes.
” oh? About what?” Chris asked.
His breath hitched when Rhys stepped closer and said in a low voice, ” You. Can we go somewhere and talk? Somewhere sort of private?” Rhys asked.
” umm okay. The production and woodwork rooms should be open and empty.” Chris said.
” Excellent.” Rhys said smiling. He placed his hand on Chris’ lower back and lead the way.

” What the hell?” Jacob exclaimed.
” It’s true. I could hardly believe it either. They walked off together heading to the old production building. You should find out what is going on.” Jessie said.
” I will.” Jacob said confused. He started to walk towards the building wondering what the hell Rhys could want. The closer he got he was sure something was wrong.

” So what did you want to talk about?” Chris asked. He had managed to catch his breath after Rhys stopped touching him.
” I am concerned. Have you told anyone about what I said at the ball?” Rhys asked sitting on a work bench.
” No I… Well one person.” Chris said.
” Who?” Rhys asked. Rhys was thinking one of Chris’ best friends.
” Someone trust worthy.” Chris said vaugly.
” Tell me who. Is it Ashleigh?” Rhys asked.
” No not Ash.” Chris said avoiding eye contact.
” Then who? What about the other one you spend time with? Uuh jessie?” Rhys asked.
” not her either.” Chris said.
” Which one of your girl best friends did you tell?” Rhys asked clearly frustrated.
” Why is it so important?” Chris asked.
” Because of the rumour. Now stop changing the topic and tell me!” Rhys practically shouted.
” Jacob.” Chris said shocked.
” Thank you. And I’m sorry for snapping I just… Wait. Jacob as in dancing Jacob. Jacob Neal?” Rhys asked.
” Yeah.” Chris said.
” I didn’t know you two were so close.” Rhys said shocked.
” It isn’t very well known.” Chris said.
” How close are you?” Rhys asked with a hint of jealousy.
” Close enough.” Chris said.
” Well you obviously trust him enough to only tell him of what happened at görükle escort the ball.” Rhys said. ” has he been to your house?” Rays asked.
” Yeah.” Chris said.
” Your room?” Rhys asked pointedly.
” Are you jealous?” Chris asked surprised.
Rhys said nothing.
” You are. But your straight and you pretty much told me you don’t have feelings for me at the ball.” Chris said.
” I told you you are always going to be in here.” Rhys said pointing at his heart. ” I meant I do have feelings for you but I couldn’t be what you wanted me to be.” Rhys said.
” Well I found someone who could.” Chris said smugly.
” Have you…” Rhys started.
” Have we what?” Chris asked.
” Had… Done… It” Rhys stammered.
” If you are referring to sex, no we haven’t.” Chris said. Rhys sighed in relief. ” we have done pretty much everything else.” Chris added quietly.
” Stop it.” Rhys said.
” Stop what? ” Chris asked liking the sight of Rhys jealous of him.
” Stop talking about it.” Rhys said. Chris thought he looked a little jealous but at the same time disgusted.
” You asked.” Chris stated.
” A simple yes or no would have sufficed.” Rhys pointed out.
” And that’s what you would have got if the question wasn’t so vague.” Chris argued.
” I’m sorry, I’m just confused and a little frustrated.” Rhys said sighing.
” Jacobs not anymore.” Chris said.
” Stop it! You are so frustrating. You like rubbing it in don’t you.” Rhys said.
” I don’t know what exactly I’m rubbing in. I just keep mentioning the fact that I am seeing Jacob.” Chris said.
” I told you I have… Feelings for you.” Rhys said quieter.
” Feelings as in friendship, pity, sometimes annoyance. You also keep telling me that you are straight.” Chris said.
” Well what if I’m not? Anymore.” Rhys asked. ” Would that change your mind?”
Chris finally understood. ” change my mind about what?” Chris asked.
” Jacob.” Rhys said softly.
” What do you want from me exactly?” Chris asked. He was tired of half truth’s and vague answers.
” I want what you obviously have with Jacob. I want to try things out with you, explore my sexuality but stay straight to the public eye.” Rhys said.
” That’s not what I have with Jacob at all. We are going to come out a a couple when Jacob feels ready. He isn’t just ” trying things out” with me. You make it sound like he is using me. I love him and I think he loves me.” Chris said smiling.
” Oh please he is a dancer. A show pony. He cares so much more about appearances then me. He doesn’t really love you.” Rhys said.
” You have no idea what you are talking about.” Chris said.
Rhys grabbed him by his elbows.
” You could have so much more with me. I know what you like, we have been through a lot together.” Rays said.
” I… No I cant.” Chris said.
” I could make your dreams come true.” Rhys said softly.
” What are you…” Chris was cut off when Rhys kissed him.
It was soft like the one at the ball. Chris was almost lost in the feel of it. Chris was snapped out of it by the sound of the door and immediately pushed Rhys away.
Chris turned to the door and saw Jacob standing there.
” Chris?” Jacob asked hurt.
” Jacob… I didn’t want to.” Chris said.
” Of course you did. You have wanted to since year 9.” Rhys said.
” Okay maybe but I didn’t want to just then.” Chris said. ” I was telling him I was with you and he grabbed me and kissed me. He is jealous.” Chris said.
” You told him about us?” Jacob asked.
” Everything.” Rhys said.
” I told him we were together and have gone far but we haven’t görükle escort bayan had sex yet.” Chris said rolling his eyes at Rhys jealous comments.
” And he still tried to kiss you?” Jacob asked with a chuckle walking over to Chris.
” Obviously.” Chris said.
” Pathetic” Jacob commented kissing Chris hard.
Chris moaned under Jacobs touch and Jacob pulled back and smiled.
Rhys looked furious but hurt.
” Oh well pretty boy. You can have the lead in the school play, You can have top of the class, you can also have all the pretty girls you want but you can’t have Chris. He is mine so back off.” Jacob said.
” Fine. you know what? I don’t need this. I hope your ready to come out. I’m going to tell all your judgemental homophobic friends about you two.” Rhys said.
” Rhys please don’t-” Chris started.
” No let him. I’m ready to come out because I love you.” Jacob said looking at Chris.
Rhys walked out and Jacob kissed Chris hard again.
” I have always fantasised about this room. Fucking on one of the benches.” Jacob said.
Chris loved the way he said fucking. ” You know what? Me too.” Chris said smiling.
Jacob leaned in so he was close to Chris ear and his abs were pressed against Chris’ stomach.
” meet me back here at 4 pm, after all the cleaners have gone home and there are only a couple of teachers left.” Jacob whispered.
Chris shuddered and smiled, kissing Jacob again.
Jacob smoked and grabbed Chris’ hand.
” Come on let’s go.” Jacob said leading him out.
“Holding hands?” Chris asked.
” It is tike for them to know.” Jacob said.
Chris kissed him one last time and they left the room.

Walking around the school like that brought on lots of unexpected reactions. There were a few girls who squealed an hugged them, Jessie included, and there was a yr 10 boy who looked angry and stormed away.

4 pm finally came and Chris found himself wandering over to the room smiling.
He saw jacob already inside sitting on a work bench and smiled, practically leaping up the steps into the wood workshop.
” hey Chris.” Jacob said amused.
” Hi Jacob. So what are we doing here?” Chris asked, his heart pounding.
” well I was hoping you would help me live out my greatest fantasy.” Jacob said half smiling.
” And what would that be?” Chris asked. He was getting excited and could feel his cock already starting to go hard.
” well it involves me and you and a workbench. You bent over that workbench and me…” Jacob stepped closer and whispered in Chris’ ear, “and me fucking you silly.”
Chris moaned and crushed his lips to Jacobs. Jacob smiled and took off his shirt. Chris kissed him again but softer.
He pulled away to take of his shirt as well.
Then quickly started to kiss again as both boys took off their shoes. Jacob reached down to Chris’ pants and rubbed the erection that was growing by the second.
Slowly he pushed the pants down as far as he could with out breaking contact with Chris’ lips.
Chris did the same to him except when Jacobs pants were down Chris then pushed Jacobs underwear down as well.
Chris quickly wrapped his hand around Jacobs cock, jacking it of until it was standing proud.
Jacobs lips finally left Chris’ but moved down to his neck where he quickly licked then bit down.
Chris gasped and quickened the pace of his hand moving up and down Jacobs cock.
Chris moaned and Jacob let go.
Jacob pulled back a little and looked at him seriously.
” Are you sure you want to do this with me? I will wait if that’s what you need. I love you and don’t want escort görükle to push you.” Jacob said.
” I love you and I’m ready for this. There is no one else I could see this being with.” Chris said.
They kissed briefly and Jacob pulled out a small bottle of lube from his pocket before discarding his pants across the room.
Chris followed suit removing his underwear as well.
Jacob walked a little away to his chosen bench and Chris took a second to watch Jacob standing there rubbing his cock slowly with a tube of lube waiting for him.
Chris walked over as calmly as he could and kissed Jacob once more.
He slowly bent down onto the work bench sticking his ass out at Jacob. He bent his arm so his head could rest on it.
He felt Jacob garb his ass cheeks and squeeze them hard before he felt the cooling ooze of the lubricant. Jacob first rubbed it around Chris’ ass then wiled one slick finger up Chris’ crack.
Chris moaned as he felt Jacob finger rest on his tight ass hole.
Chris felt some more lubricant land where Jacobs finger was and then Jacob slowly started to move his finger around which applying pressure.
Slowly and carefully jacob inserted his finger in Chris’ ass.
Chris moaned. He felt Jacobs finger inside him and he loved the feeling. It was more painful then Jacob’s biting but so much more stimulating and exhilarating.
Jacob kept the finger in place for a couple of seconds before slowly pulling it out most of the way.
He continued this pattern a few more times before Chris pleaded for a second finger.
Jacob smiled and lubricated the second finger.
As he pushed both fingers in Chris moaned ” Yesss”
Jacob smiled and picked up the pace.
There was a string of moans coming from Chris and jacob looked around to make sure no one was there.
” Three!” Chris begged.
” Only if you promise to quieten down a little.” Jacob said teasingly.
” oh.. Okay… I’m sorry… I didn’t realise it was that loud.” Chris gasped.
He almost came when Jacob inserted the third finger.
Jacob picked up the pace a little and Chris could feel it building when suddenly Jacob removed his fingers leaving Chris empty.
Chris calmed down a little until he heard Jacob squeeze out some more lube.
Chris realised what was coming next and prepared himself.
” Are you ready?” Jacob asked resting one hand on Chris’ ass.
” Yes.” Chris said.
Chris felt the pressure of Jacob’s cock against his ass and loved every second, every millimetre as Jacob slowly inserted all of his throbbing penis.
Jacob bottomed out and bent over Chris, catching his breath.
A few seconds passed and Chris felt Jacob move his hands onto Chris’ back and push himself back up.
Jacob slowly moved out of Chris and both boys moaned.
Jacob slowly got a good rhythm going and Chris was panting. Every now and then he felt a little pain but it just added to the experience.
Chris could feel Jacob panting as well and Jacob bent over him again but kept thrusting.
Jacob reached down and grabbed Chris’ cock and started jacking him off in time to the thrusts in his ass.
It only took a few more thrusts before Chris was panting. ” I’m coming! I’m coming!”
” Me too and I’m going to come in your hot tight ass.” Jacob whispered in his ear.
That set Chris off. Chris came hard an he could feel Jacob thrusting harder into his ass.
Chris felt Jacob slowly fill him up with cum and it made Chris cum even harder.
Jacob finally pulled out and Chris rolled over on the table.
Jacob laid down on the table next to him an kissed him softly on the lips.
” Thank you. I love you.” Jacob said smiling with both sides of his mouth.
Chris’ heart leaped with happiness. ” I love you too.” Chris said cuddling up next to him.

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