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The Deviants Club Pt. 04

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This is a story of sex-positive, bisexual male and female eighteen year olds set in the early 90’s. So if male on male scenes and girls licking hairy pussies aren’t your thing, you might want to bow out now. As always, I appreciate and look forward to your comments.


Luke, Elliot and Mitch came into the Kentucky Lake vacation home owned by Elliot’s parents to find the rest of the group sitting around the coffee table, a new bottle of Purple Passion already half gone.

“How was the arcade?” Travis asked as he saw them.

“Awesome, I owned these fuckers,” Mitch replied, moving over to sit on the couch next to his girlfriend, Patricia.

“Yeah we could have used your help, Travis,” Luke replied.

“You look refreshed at least,” Elliot observed.

“The nap was great, had the craziest dream though,” Travis said straight faced.

It hadn’t yet been an hour since Heather, Patricia, and Lana had woken him up so that Heather could lose her virginity to him. They’d all agreed to keep it a secret until later in the night.

“I’d change sheets before getting back in that bed then, Heather,” Mitch laughed and poured himself a drink. “Anyone else need something?”

“Well the storm’s passed. If you want one more chance to ski, now’s the time,” Elliot answered.

Everyone thought that was a great idea, so they quickly got changed and headed back out to the boat.

Once again, the ladies took up residence in the front of the little ski boat, and once again all three removed their tops to show their firm eighteen year old breasts.

Lana, a mixed race Creole and Italian beauty had the darkest skin of the three, the largest breasts, and the luxurious curly brown hair that fell half way down her back. She was also the most voluptuous of the girls, with a real woman’s curve to her belly and hips and ass.

Heather had heavily freckled skin and wavy red hair as well as the hard body of an athlete with almost no body fat. Her cherry red, tiny nipples sat upright on firm C cup breasts. She was the kind of girl that even the most confidant high school boy wouldn’t approach to ask out. Not just cute, but smoking hot.

Her best friend, Patricia, was a tiny little pixie, barely over five feet tall and skinny without being muscular. She had long blonde bangs, her hair shaved in the back, and a half dozen rings in one ear, four in the other and a small lip ring. Her tits, a good handful, barely moved with the motion of the boat. Her blue eyes sparkled with mischievousness.

Elliot was surprised when Travis, the oddball of the group, with his mixed, Indian-English background, chunky body and thick black hair went to the front and sat next to Heather. He was more surprised when he saw Heather lightly touching Travis’ shoulder and laughing. Something was going on with those two and he was determined to find out what.

Elliot, his brown, perfect hair barely moving in the wind, started to slow the boat so the first skier could get out. Elliot was mostly German, with a grandma from Mexico who lent him his darker skin, eyes and hair. He was all gay, though. Well okay, not all gay, he had been having sex with Lana the past four months, but not because he was attracted to her! He loved her, and enjoyed the sex with her, but none of that changed the fact that the person who really did it for him was his boyfriend, Luke.

Luke was behind him, talking with the asshole, Mitch. Elliot hadn’t liked Mitch from the moment he met him, though he had to admit Mitch’s muscled body, dark Italian curly hair and eyes made his cock twitch. Elliot was almost a foot taller than Mitch, and unfortunately, Mitch had a napoleon complex to go along with his height.

Luke on the other hand was just about perfect to Elliot’s mind. Blond haired, blue eyed, the body of a jock going to play Division 1 lacrosse at Hopkins in just a couple of weeks. Elliot had been amazed when Luke had come out to him, and thrilled that Luke wanted to explore his bisexuality with Elliot. He couldn’t believe Luke was going to be out of his life soon.

But Elliot was headed to Hollywood once Lana started community college, and the three of them had made a pact yesterday to not be heartbroken, and instead, enjoy life after high school. They promised to return to this house every summer until they graduated for a weekend of fun and catching up as friends who fuck. He would have waited for them both, but was glad he’d agreed.

Once freed, Lana had decided to explore her own bi side with Patricia last night, and when she told him and Luke about it in bed that night, he realized that if he tried to hold her back, to hold either of them back, it would have been a disaster.

The sexual energy coming from the front of the boat was unmistakable. Something had gone on while he, Luke and Mitch had been at that arcade, he was sure about it.

“Hey Lana,” he said after dropping the boat into neutral, “you mind spotting for me while Luke skis?”

Lana came back behind the windshield and sat next to Elliot, her illegal bahis back to the front so she could watch behind the boat, a hand very close to his crotch on his thigh. Luke got in, Elliot punched it, and the boat began to roar as Luke was pulled up on skis.

“So you gonna tell me?”

Lana put on her most innocent face, “Tell you what?”

“Umm hmmm, don’t play that innocent Lana game with me. I know something was going on while we were at the arcade and I want details!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Elliot, we were just doing our nails.”

“Then why are Heather’s the only ones painted different than this morning.”

Busted. She knew Elliot was being playful with her, and wouldn’t be upset about what happened, but he hated being out of the loop and despised being lied to. She leaned over to whisper in Elliot’s ear, “Well, for one, Pats shaved my pussy and I got to taste hers.”


“And the rest isn’t mine to tell. So if you want to find out, say yes when Heather suggests a game of Truth or Dare when we get back to the cabin.”

“That wild?”

“You wouldn’t believe it if I told you,” she said, and then, seeing Luke bite it after trying to jump the entire wake. “Skier down!”

Heather went next, and didn’t bother putting on her top under her ski-jacket, pouting a bit when Elliot insist that she wear it to ski. One by one, they all got a turn, even Elliot, with Patricia driving for him while he skied.

Travis had nearly refused, but Heather had convinced him to at least try, getting in the water with him to give support and pointers. Unseen by anyone else, she managed to grab his thin cock and give it a nice little tug as well. He got up out of the water after that bit of encouragement, but crashed down not twenty yards away.

The sun was setting as they finally pulled back into the small dock and made their way back into the house for dinner and drinking.


By the time darkness had settled on the woods and lake, the seven friends bellies were full and their buzzes from the drinking had them all laughing and talking. There was still plenty of booze left, and Heather knew that she if she wanted to get the game going, it needed to be before anyone was drunk. Lana had said she would cut the game off if she thought anyone was making decisions because of alcohol instead of their own desires.

Still she was nervous. Lana had assured her that Elliot and Luke would be interested in playing, and Patricia thought that Mitch would be down too. Of course, that was part of the problem! Patricia had insisted that if she wanted things to get even wilder than they already had, that Heather was going to have to take the lead.

Like the moment before she removed her top on the dock the night before, Heather’s stomach was a mess of butterflies even as her pussy ached with longing. Finally, there was a moment of silence at the table as the conversation had found a little hole. No one had talked about anything from the night before, and certainly not from the afternoon.

Heather stood up and pointed at Elliot, “Elliot, truth or dare.”

There was a chorus of ooohhhs and ummmms from around the table and an electric charge filled the room as everyone sat up on the edge of their seats and turned to Elliot.

“Truth,” Elliot replied.

“Wait, wait,” Lana interrupted. “House rules first!”

“Elliot, since you took the first question, you get to pick,” Luke said. Lana had managed to let Luke in on Heather’s desire to play, and they’d come up with this little bit to get it started.

“Okay, okay. Rule number one. All seven of us play the game, or no one does.”

Elliot looked around and saw nods of agreement.

“Rule number two. You can switch to a dare if you don’t want to answer a truth, but refusal of a dare ends the game.”

“Whoa,” Patricia said, “this could be over quick.”

Lana chimed in, “Then ya better be sure what you’re asking of someone before you do.”

“Rule number three. If you are daring more than one person, the others can decline and the dare is lost. Everyone cool?”

Elliot thought he saw enthusiasm from everyone except Mitch. Mitch may be nodding his head, but Elliot guessed that he would be the one to end the game.

“Okay, so Elliot,” Heather continued, “You’d been dating Luke for three months before Lana got involved. How did it feel the first time you watched him fuck her?”

“I was jealous. So much so I almost told Luke to stop. And then he kissed me, and the jealousy dropped away and I felt… I felt…”

Elliot paused for a long moment.

“It’s okay,” Heather said, “that was a very truthful answer.”

“Thanks, Heather. I guess I just felt how much Luke loved me right then. More than I’d ever known. We could be anything together.”

Lana and Luke were sitting on either side of Elliot, and they both put a hand on his shoulder and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Oh god I’m gonna miss you guys, but this night isn’t about casino siteleri that,” Elliot said with a hitch in his voice. He straightened himself up, shook his head, and grinned. “My turn. Pats, truth or dare?”

“Elliot, in your decade of knowing me, have I ever taken truth when we played this stupid game?”

“Dare it is! Go ahead and get naked for the night then, I want to see this shaved cootch that Lana’s been talking about.”

“Isn’t it a bit early in the game for that,” Mitch replied from his seat next to Patricia, but she had already stood and started taking off her shirt. “Guess not.”

She turned to him then and began a sexy little strip tease, getting Mitch involved while she took off her bra and then rubbed his face into her little pert B cups, then put her ass in his face as she removed first her shorts, and then her underwear. She kept a hand in front of her pussy as she turned around to Mitch, her crotch just inches from his face. He pulled her to him and kissed that tiny hand, taking a couple of fingers into his mouth. She left his fingers suckling as she turned to the rest of the room to show off her clean shaven pussy to Elliot.


“Yes” “Yeah” Elliot and Mitch said simultaneously as she took her seat.

“Travis, truth or dare.”


“Who did you lose your virginity to?”


“I figured it out at the quarry today,” Patricia explained to the stunned group. “He wouldn’t tell me then either. Must be a big secret to accept a dare from me.”

Travis said nothing, trying to keep his poker face. There was no way he was explaining he lost his virginity to Luke’s mom. He would take whatever the consequence was.

“I’ve never seen a guy suck another guy off, I dare you to let Luke suck your dick.”

Travis looked wide eyed at Luke. It would be up to him. He could nix the dare if he wasn’t game since it wasn’t his dare.

“Well this escalated quickly!” Luke exclaimed with a broad grin. “Come on over Travis. I saw the way you used to look at me in gym.

Travis swallowed hard. He’d always been a bit curious about guys, and what it would be like. And he was receiving, not giving, in this scenario. ‘Always say yes,’ he heard his improv teacher saying in his mind.

Travis got up and began walking over to Luke, his cock already getting stiff under his shorts. He stood in front of Luke and turned to Patricia, “Don’t see how it’s a dare for me to get my dick sucked, but I’ll take it! Work your magic, Luke!”

Luke unbuttoned Travis’ shorts and pulled them and his boxers in one motion, revealing Travis’ long skinny prick. “Huh. Never would have guessed.”

“You know you’re now the third person to tell me that? I’m starting to think I should be insulted.”

The group laughed as Luke took Travis’ dick in one hand and lowered his mouth to take in the first few inches, swirling his tongue around the underside of the head. Travis closed his eyes and moaned as Luke began to work him. As good as the blowjob from Luke’s mom had been, Luke was better. Way better.

“Oh god, fuck, Luke,” Travis moaned, “No wonder Elliot’s in love with you.”

That earned a smack on his bare ass from Elliot, and Luke stopped.

“No, no, no, you don’t have to…”

“She didn’t say how long. Next time maybe keep the jokes to yourself,” Luke said with a grin and slapped Travis dick away. That got the group really laughing and broke the tension quite a bit. But after the laughter, everyone sat around looking at each other, tense about the next step. They all knew where this was leading. No way that night was going to end any way than the seven of them in bed.

The game went on a few rounds with nothing much interesting happening. When it got back to Heather, she dared Lana to give a quick lap dance to each of the four guys. Lana then had Elliot confess about the first man he made out with.

“Oh god, what a loser,” Elliot said. “I’d just turned 18 a few weeks before, and decided to try and sneak into Probe, that’s the gay bar downtown for all you straight ones. Anyhow the bouncer, who was like fifty pounds overweight and had a terrible half grown beard that I’m sure thought made him look tough and was probably 35 or 40, let me in. Twenty minutes later he followed me into the bathroom and asked me if I wanted my dick sucked. So I say yeah and we go into a stall and he just goes right to it. I came, then he asked me to return the favor and I took off while he screamed at me that he’d never let me back in.”

“What a douchebag,” Patricia replied. There was a general consensus at the table.

“Yeah well, then this cute guy who goes to SLU overheard and came up to me and told me not to worry about Greg and to come sit with him and his friends at a booth. I did and had a great night, then went back to his apartment after and sucked my first cock. He was sweet and it was really nice.”

Lana and Luke knew the story and where it was going, and they put a hand on Elliot’s shoulder as he told poker siteleri it.

“And then he completely ignored me when I saw him the next week at the bar. Pretended like he didn’t even know me.”

“Asshole,” Heather replied.

“Well, my luck definitely turned around when Luke came out to me a few months later.” Elliot smiled and Luke gave him a quick kiss.

“Okay, Heather, truth or dare?”


“What made you want to play this game tonight?”

Heather took a deep breath. This was it, confession time. “Because after I fucked Travis and Lana and Pats this afternoon, I still wanted more. But I wasn’t s…”

It was like a record scratch.

“What the fuck did you do while I was at the arcade. You fucked this guy?” Mitch was visibly angry and upset and was staring right at Patricia. The entire group turned to look at him, Heather’s revelation pushed to the background.

“No, I just let him cum in my mouth. I only FUCKED Lana and Longs,” Patricia returned with an unearthly directness.

“You directly defied me? I said no guys.”

The two continued their stare at each other, the only sound in the room everyone’s breath.

“I did,” Patricia said at last. “And I think you should punish me for it.”

She stood up then and leaned over his lap, her bare ass pointed in the air.

“Spank your naughty slut, Mitch. Teach me to listen to the master.”

Mitch was suddenly hard as a rock. He’d only been trying to save face to the guys, show them who was boss and that he wasn’t someone to be trifled with. He hadn’t expected Patty to submit like this. Now he needed to follow through or he’d lose even more face. He gave her ass a smack. Not hard, but a crack.

Lana started to get up from her chair but Patricia put up her hand and waved her off.

“You call that a spank? I sucked Travis cock as he spunked in my mouth. Then I sucked him hard again so he could fuck Longs. All afternoon I licked these girls’ pussies and they licked mine and I came so… many… times. I was a naughty, naughty slut, Mitch. I was defiant. Now spank your defiant little cunt’s ass and show her who’s in charge!”

Mitch’s cock was throbbing. He put his hand on her tiny ass, then pulled back and smacked her good. The sound of the crack split the room and he felt Patricia’s juices start to flow on his leg.

“That’s it, spank your little slu…ahhhgh!” Patricia yelped as he spanked her again.

“How bad were you? Are you sure you didn’t fuck that boy while I was gone. Don’t you dare lie to me.” Mitch said, suddenly slipping into the role. Patricia smiled broadly. Finally, she thought. Sometimes, boys were really hard to manipulate.

“I swear. But I want to. I want to fuck all these boy… ahhh!”

He smacked her again.

“And all these girls…arghh!”

Her ass check was turning red from the spanking, outlines of his fingers on her pale white skin.

“You’re making your dirty little girl so wet, Mitch. I don’t know if I’ll be able to contro… aghhhhhhh!”

He gave her another hard crack, and this time Luke started to stand up, but Lana grabbed his arm to stop him.

“He’s a deviant like us. And she wants this, look at her, she’s about to cum.”

“You will get to fuck them only if I say you can, do you understand?” Mitch growled at Patricia.


He gave her another smack and she shuddered on top of him, letting out a scream of pleasure.

“Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

He reached around her ass and found her sopping wet pussy then and began to rub. Fifteen seconds later, Patricia was cumming hard on Mitch’s lap as the group watched. Heather’s hand had dropped into her lap and was rubbing her pussy. As Patricia’s orgasm stopped, the entire room felt like it would explode from the sexual energy. Patricia got up from Mitch’s lap and sat back down in her chair, nipples still hard, covered in a sheen of sweat and face nearly as red as her ass. She grabbed the bottle of Jack off the table and took a long swig.

Heather suddenly stood up and looked at Mitch. “I dare you to become our master until the end of the night, and to punish anyone who defies your will.”

Jaws dropped around the table.


“You want to be in control? Then be in control. We’ll submit until you push us too far. Until then we’re your puppets. You tell us what to do with each other,” she gulped, “or with you, and we will simply do it. Master.”

Elliot chimed in, “Heather, everyone would have to agree. And if they don’t, the game will be over…”

“It’s a stupid kids game anyhow,” Heather said. “That was real. I want to experience that tonight. And Mitch is the only one of us who can do it.”

Luke opened his mouth to say something, then bit his tongue. Heather may have gone full sex crazy, but what she said made sense. There was no continuing any other way.

Mitch’s heart was racing. Heather had just vocalized his deepest fantasy, one he never thought he would actually have a chance to explore. He looked over the room. Heather was obviously in, as was Patricia. Luke and Lana seemed in as well, but probably weren’t really aware of just how far he would push things. Travis and Elliot looked ready to either bail or throw down with him. Time to take control.

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