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The Devil’s Pact Chapter 17: Doctors and Realtors

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The Devil’s Pact
by mypenname3000
Copyright 2013

Chapter Seventeen: Doctors and Realtors

Mary was looking quite fetching in her black, short skirt and blue blouse as we walked out of the house, through the ruined front door. Fucking FBI. Bad enough they had to raid my house, did they have to smash down the door? Desiree was tracking down a contractor that could get the door replaced today while I ordered five of the sluts to go get their pussy’s waxed at the Heavenly Creature’s Salon. Violet, Fiona, Karen, Chasity, and Thamina all needed bare cunts. They could have landing strips or whatever designs they wanted on their pubic mounds, but their pussy lips had to be smooth as a young girl.

I didn’t have time to eat the breakfast Desiree made because we were running late for Mary’s OB/GYN appointment. It was my fault. I spent too much time fucking first Allison, then Fiona in the shower, and finally Mary when she had come upstairs to yell at me for taking too long. Mary was a horny gal and couldn’t resist my advances. I left Mary’s pussy full of my cum, a nice surprise for the Doctor. So, I just grabbed a bagel and spread some cream cheese on it and ate it on the way to my Mustang.

I sped the moment we were out on surface streets. “You want to see a movie on Saturday, have dinner?”

Mary smiled slyly at me. “Are you asking me out on a date?”

“Yeah,” I said. “Just me and you.”

“Sure,” Mary answered. “A date night. What did you want to see?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” I answered, casually.

“I bet you want to see Man of Steel? Doesn’t it open tomorrow?”

“Yeah, sure,” I said, trying play it cool. I was really looking forward to seeing it.

“All right, we’ll see it,” Mary said. “But I’ll get to choose the movie next week.”

“Deal,” I said, and reached out and squeezed her hand. I moved her hand over to my crotch. “I’d love it if you would suck my cock, Mare.”

“It’s not safe, Mark,” Mary objected. “Besides, haven’t you got enough sex?”

“There’s no such thing as enough sex,” I retorted, rubbing her hand across the bulge in my pants.

Mary snorted in laughter. “Not with you, anyways.”

“C’mon Mare,” I wheedled. I stopped at the light and bent over and kissed her lips. “Your mouth feels so nice on my cock.” I kissed her again, her lips parting for my tongue. “You’re just so beautiful. My cock aches whenever I’m around you.” I reached over and gently groped her breast through her blouse, feeling her nipple harden beneath my hand.

“Fine,” Mary sighed, her hand squeezing my crotch. “But this is the last time.”

My zipper rasped down and Mary slid her warm hand in and pulled my cock out, stroking it a few times before her wet mouth sucked my cock greedily. Her lips slid up and down on my dick as her tongue swirled around my sensitive head. A car honked behind me and I realized the light was green and I started driving. Fuck, Mary’s mouth felt good on my cock.

My phone rang. The Mustang’s radio was blue toothed enabled and the rings echoed through the car speakers. I hit call and my mom’s voice echoed through the car’s speaker. “Hi, Mark,” she greeted, warmly.

“Hey mom,” I answered. Mary’s mouth sucked harder at my cock.

“Are you doing okay, sweetie?”

“Yeah, mom, things are going great.” My fiancee is sucking on my cock, what could be better.

“Well, I don’t know how to say this, but …” she cleared her throat. “Are you in trouble?”

“No, why would you think that?”

“I’m not supposed to say anything, but the FBI came around yesterday.” A hint of fear entered her voice. “They said you robbed a bank and … did other things.”

“It’s a misunderstanding, mom,” I told her. “I just look like the guy. Just watch KIRO 7 news, okay. The FBI raided my house but they realized I was the wrong person.”

God, this was so exciting. Mary’s mouth was bobbing up and down on my cock, sucking hard. Her tongue played with my shaft, with my head. Her teeth would brush pleasantly against my cock. And my mom’s voice, I never realized how sexy she sounded, a smokey, bedroom voice that could get any man hard. She was wasted on my pig of father.

“Well, I’m so relieved,” my mom sighed and I gritted my teeth and came hard down Mary’s mouth. Mary greedily sucked my cum down. “Are you okay, I thought I heard something.”

“Yeah, mom, I’m fine,” I answered. “Just had to release some built up pressure. Anyways, I want to introduce you to my fiancee.”

Mary was sitting up in the seat, wiping a bit of cum off her lips. “Hi, I’m Mary.”

“You’re fiancee?” mom asked. “That’s so exciting, I didn’t even know you were dating anyone, sweetie.”

“We haven’t been dating long,” I told her. “But, we really fell in love and we’re getting married in a month.”

“Wow, sure you’re not rushing things, sweetie?”

“We’re very happy, Mrs. Glassner,” Mary gushed. “Your son is the best man in the world. He just fills me up with his love.” Mary had a wicked smile on her lips.

“How sweet,” my mom purred. Was that a husky tone entering her voice. She sounded even sexier. “And call me Sandy. I’m sure we’re going to get along just fine. I can’t wait to meet you.”

“How about Sunday,” I suggested. “You can come over to our house for dinner.”

“House?” my mom asked.

“Yeah, I, eh, won a poker tournament at the Emerald Queen last month,” I lied. “I didn’t want anyone to know about it, yet, until I had my fiancees all in order.”

“Wow,” mom said. “That’s pretty amazing, Mark. Well, I can’t wait to meet your lovely fiancee. I bet she’s just gorgons.” I thought I heard a zipper rasp and then my mom sighed. “Mary, tell me all about yourself.” There was a wet, squishy noise and another sigh from my mom. “I want to get to know you so well.” My mom gave a throaty, lusty laugh and another sigh.

Christ, was my mom masturbating. Mary’s wish to have any woman desire her was working over the phone. And then it hit me. That’s how I could sleep with my mom. Mary could get her to do anything sexual that she wanted. I smiled, my cock growing hard. On Sunday, I was going to fuck my mom thanks to my fiancee.

Mary glanced at me and mouthed, “Is your mom masturbating?” I nodded.

“Well, Sandy, I’m a very attractive woman,” Mary purred, clearly excited that my mom was masturbating to her. Mary’s hand slipped down and started rubbing her pussy, her fingers sliding into her wet cunt with a wet, squelchy noise. “I have long, auburn hair, emerald eyes, and a heart-shaped face covered in freckles.”

“Umm, Mark’s always liked red-heads,” my mom cooed. “Uhh, what’s your bust size?”

“32B, covered in freckles” Mary purred. “They’re firm and perky. And I have a great ass. Your son really loves it.”

“Oh, yes, I bet he does!” There was a stifled moan and heavy breathing.

“I’m an art student at De Vry,” Mary continued. She was rubbing one of her perky tits, now, playing with the hard nipple through her dress. “I love to paint.”

“Maybe I could pose for you,” my mom panted. “I’ve always wanted to be … ohh … painted.”

“Mmhh, I bet I would love to paint you,” Mary purred. “I’m looking for a model for a nude painting, for class.”
“Oh, I could do that … umm …. for you, sweetie,” Mom husked. “To help you … ohhh … out.”
“Uhh, it would be just the two of use!” Mary cooed, her fingers were moving rapidly in and out of her cunt and the heel of her hand ground on her clit. “I can’t wait for you to cum over.”
“Yes, yes, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum … over!” There was an intake of breath and a muffled cry. Mary gasped, bit her lip and shuddered, orgasming with my mom. “Well, I can’t wait to see you, honey,” cooed my mom. “I’ll convince your dad to come. Love you, sweetie. And your fiancee.”

“Love you, too, mom,” I answered and my mom hung up. My cock was hard. “Fuck, that was hot.”

“Yeah,” Mary breathed, a contend smile on her face. “I guess my power works over the phone.”

“Your power is how I’m going to sleep with my mom,” I told Mary.

“Of course,” she said, eyes widening in realization. “Wow, why didn’t I think about that.” She smiled at me. “You let me take care of it. I’ll get your mom so hot and bothered she’ll be begging for your cock.”

An image of my mom kneeling before me, lust shining in her hazel eyes, as she begged for my cock. Fuck, I couldn’t wait. My cock was painfully hard, still sticking out of my pants. I looked over at Mary and said, “My cock’s begging for your mouth right now.”

Mary smiled. “Fine, one last time,” and she bent over and it wasn’t long before I filled her mouth with another load of cum.

“Thanks, Mare.”

“Oh, it was no problem, hun,” Mary answered. She flipped down the passenger visor and looked in the mirror, wiping cum off her lips and checking her lipstick. “Mark, I think I have a great idea.”

“Shoot,” I said, interested.

“Well, I think we should have our doctor open a clinic in South Hill,” Mary explained. “A free OB/GYN clinic. She could find girls for us for the brothel and we could have fun raisers to support it. Fancy parties with powerful people. Politicians and the rich.”

“I bet there’s plenty of medical space for sale,” Mark agreed. “It’s a good idea.” I squeezed her hand. “Let’s do it.” Mary smiled at me and squeezed my hand back.

“Have you thought about what you want, Mark,” Mary asked. “With your powers.”

“I just want to have fun with you,” I answered.

“You could accomplish so much,” Mary whispered in my ear. “You could be so powerful.”

“What are you thinking of?” I asked her.

“You could change laws, shape this town, this state, hell even this country into what ever you want,” Mary breathed huskily. “Wouldn’t that be something. You could be President Glassner.”

“Wow,” I whispered. “President. I just wanted to use my powers to fuck pretty women.”

“Isn’t that why men get into politics?” Mary asked with a wicked giggle. “And it can all start with our charity.”

I smile crossed my lips. “President Glassner,” I said. “And you’d make a radiant First Lady.”

The thought of me being president made Mary so randy she gave me a third blowjob without having to be asked, and fingered herself to two more orgasms before we reached our destination, the Group Health clinic Dr. WolfTail worked at. The clinic was next to Tacoma General Hospital on MLK Way. And finding a place to park was a nightmare.

Finally, I found a place two blocks away and Mary and I hurried to get to the clinic. It was a large building hosing dozens of different specialty clinics. We rode the elevator up to the third floor and I remembered the last time we rode an elevator. I made Violet my elevator bitch and popped her cherry while she begged for my dick. I barely got to second base with Mary when the elevator reached the third floor.

The clinic was right next to the elevators and we entered the waiting room. It was a typical doctor’s office, a few chairs, a collection of magazines for women, and a frumpy looking receptionist with a huge, bulbous nose. Mary had to fill out a ton of paperwork since it was her first time. She giggled when she got to the sexual history portioned.

“There’s not enough room,” she quipped and I laughed and kissed her.

“Mary Sullivan,” a male nurse called a few minutes later. That was disappointing, I was hoping for a cute nurse to go along with the cute doctor.

The male nurse led us back to the examine room. He glanced questioningly at me. “He’s my fiancee,” Mary explained. “Okay,” the nurse said with a shake of his head.

“We share everything,” Mary explained.

“Of course you do,” the nurse said flatly. He clearly wasn’t used to women bringing their partners into the gynecologist.

The nurse had Mary disrobe and get in a medical gown and left the room to give her some privacy. Mary’s panties were sticky with a mix our cum when she pulled them off. The nurse returned a few minutes later, knocking first, then he took her vitals. When he finished writing on her chart he went to leave.

I stopped him, grabbing his arm. “No interrupting us once the doctor gets in here, okay.”

“Sure,” he said.

We waited a few minutes then there was a knock on the door and a cinnamon-skinned, Native American woman walked in. She wore a conservative, gray blouse and black skirt underneath a white, doctor’s coat. Embroidered in blue thread was, “Dr. Willow WolfTail, OB/GYN.” Her face was round and her lips were small, very red, and very kissable. Her hair was long, straight and a deep black. She was a young woman, late twenties, probably fresh from medical school. A wedding ring glinted on her left hand.

“Hi, I’m Doctor Willow,” she greeted friendly.

“I’m Mark and this is Mary, my fiancee,” I said. She barely looked at me her eyes devouring Mary. A flush darkened Willow’s face and her tongue moistened her suddenly dry lips.

“Pleased to meet you,” Willow said, shaking Mary’s hand, her fingers gently stroking her. “You are so beautiful.”

“Oh, thank you,” Mary said.

“Why don’t you get your legs up in the stirrups and we’ll take a look downstairs.”

“Sure, Dr. Willow.” Mary placed her legs on the stirrups. From where I was sitting I had a good view up Mary’s gown and her cum stained, waxed pussy. The doctor was grabbing a pair of latex gloves and Mary said. “Oh, I think I would be more happy without the gloves. I don’t like the feel of latex in my pussy.”

“Oh, uh, that really isn’t sanitary,” Dr. Willow objected. Mary smiled seductively at the doctor. The doctor’s eyes shined with desire and she licked her lips. “Fine, just for you.”

“Thanks,” Mary cooed, “you won’t regret it.”

The doctor pulled out a pen light and sat on her rolling stool and slid over to Mary. “Okay, let’s have a peak.” She lifted up the skirt and blinked in surprise. “Is that … semen?”

“Yes,” purred Mary. “Don’t be shy.”

“Well, it looks like you’ve recently had intercourse, I assume with your fiancee?”

“Amongst others,” Mary giggled. “Mostly women, but sometime another man.”

“I see, and you clearly don’t use protection with your fiancee. Do you use protection with your other partners?”


“Aren’t you afraid of STDs?” Dr. Willow asked, grabbing the speculum. Mary gasped as the cold, metal object slid inside her and spread her pussy lips open. Dr. Willow was shining her light inside and I could see inside her cunt, all the way to her cervix.

“Uhh, no,” Mary said, blinking in surprise. “I guess I hadn’t really given it a lot of thought.”

“Well, you should,” Dr. Willow instructed as she shined her light around, examining the vaginal walls. “Are you on the pill or use any other form of birth control.”

“The pill,” Mary answered.

“Well, you look healthy. Now, I’m going to perform a bimanuel examination,” Dr. Willow said. “I’m going to slid two fingers inside you and press on the outside of your groin to check for any problems with your uterus, cervix, and ovaries.”

“Okay.” Mary smile widened as the doctor slid two of her fingers inside her. “Your fingers feel real nice. Doesn’t it feel better bare?”

“Yeah,” the doctor answered, uncomfortable. “Everything’s feeling all right.”

“Have you ever given a woman an orgasm during an exam?” Mary asked, eagerly.

“No,” she answered.

“If you keep moving your fingers inside me, you will.” There was an eager smile on Mary’s lips.

The doctor’s face flushed even dark and she slowly started to move her fingers in and out of Mary’s cunt. “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Dr. Willow whispered. “You’re just so enchanting. Your vagina’s a beautiful flower. Your clitoris look so hard, your labia are like silk on my finger.”

Mary writhed in pleasure as the doctor’s thumb started to gently rub her clitoris in slow circles. “Oh, görükl escort doctor, that feels so good.” Mary massaged her breast through her hospital gown. “Your finger feel so amazing up my twat.”

My cock was hard in my pants, so I slipped them off. Mary’s eyes fixed on my hard cock and she licked her lips and made a jerking motion with her hand. I spat on my palm and started stroking my cock. I hadn’t jerked off in a week, but it was like riding a bike, you never forget. Mary’s eyes were glued to my cock and I was glued to Dr. Willow fingering her cunt.

“I can feel your arousal in the vaginal canal,” the doctor murmured. Her free hand had slipped down and was rubbing her thighs, slowly disappearing up her skirt and moving ever closer to her hungry cunt.

“Oh, doctor, you’re going to make me cum!” Mary panted.

“Yes, oh yes, come for me,” Dr. Willow moaned. Her finger had reached her pussy and was rubbing beneath her skirt. My hand was stroking my cock faster, squeezing my sensitive head.

Mary shuddered and moaned loudly, “Oh, fuck, I’m cumming! Oh yes, yes, yes!”

I grunted, feverishly stroking my cock, so close to cumming. And then there was the sweet release that flowed through my body as white cum shot out and splattered in the doctor’s long hair on the back of her doctor’s jacket.

“What the fuck!” Dr. Willow snarled in fury, turning to face me and caught a blast of cum right in the face. She started dumbfounded at me as cum dripped down her cheek.

“He got you good, didn’t he?” Mary giggled. “Come here and give me a kiss.”

Still looking angry, the doctor stood up and Mary grabbed her hair and pulled her down and the two ladies kissed. Then Mary licked up my cum and shoveled it into Dr. Willow’s mouth. Their tongues wrestled, stained white with spunk, and I felt my cock start to rise.

“Let’s see you naked, Dr. Willow,” I told her.

“Sure, Mark,” she replied, her anger drowned out by lust. Her lab coat fell to the floor and she started unbuttoning her blouse. Mary pulled the hospital gown over her head, exposing her freckled breasts and hard nipples. I pulled off my shirt and kicked off my shoes. Dr. Willow’s bra was pale blue and cupped her nice sized breasts. Mary reached out and unclasped the bra as the doctor was unzipping her skirt. Her C cup breasts spilled out, cinnamon and topped by the smallest, cutest nipples. Her skirt off, Dr. Willow peeled down her pantyhose and white panties exposing a black, wiry bush of hair damp with arousal.

“She’s the one, Mark,” Mary said, excitedly, stroking Dr. Willow’s full breast. She bent down and sucked a tiny nipple into her lips and slid her hand down to start fingering the doctor’s furred muff.

“Dr. Willow, you’re going to be our sex slave from now on,” I told her. “You’ll do every nasty, perverted thing we tell you with a smile on your face. For now, you’re going to continue working here at the clinic until we get your new clinic open.”

“My new clinic, Mark?” she asked, then gasped in pain as Mary bit her nipple.

“That’s Master, slut,” Mary scolded. “And I’m your Mistress.”

“Sorry, Mistress,” Willow blushed.

“You’re going to run our free OB/GYN clinic for young girls and women,” Mary answered. “To find us beautiful women to work in our Brothel. And, of course, to keep our whores and slaves healthy.”

“Of course, Mistress, I would be honored.”

“When you are working you will act like your professional self,” I told her. “You’re married?”

“Yes, to Yancy,” she answered.

“Not anymore,” I told her and grabbed her left hand and pulled of her wedding ring and threw it in the trash. “You don’t love your husband anymore, just Mary, me, and all your new slut sisters.”

“He wasn’t that good in bed, anyways,” she said with a shrug.

“Where’s your phone?” Mary asked. Willow pulled out a cell phone from her discarded coat and handed it to Mary. “Start eating my cunt, slut,” Mary ordered, scrolling through the phone and hit call.

Willow dove into her Mary’s cunt as she lay on the bed, her legs back up in the stirrups. Willow was bent over, her cinnamon ass pointed invitingly at me. I lined up behind her and slid my cock into her black-furred pussy, savoring her wet, tightness as I pumped my cock in and out of her. Willow moaned wordlessly into Mary’s cunt as I fucked her.

“Hey pussywillow,” a male voice said over Willow’s phone. Mary had put the phone on speaker. “What’s going on.”

“Yancy, my name is Mary Sullivan,” Mary purred on the phone, a naughty smile on her face. “I just wanted you to know your slutty wife is eating my pussy as my fiancee, Mark, fucks her tight snatch with his big cock!”

“What!” Yancy gasped. “Who the fuck is this! This isn’t funny! I’m going to call the cops!”

“No you don’t, Yancy,” I ordered. “You’re going to listen while your wife makes us cum. Right, slut?” I smacked Willow’s ass hard.

“Ohh, Yancy,” Willow moaned wantonly. “I’m sorry, but I don’t love you anymore. I love Mark and his big cock that’s plunging into my cunt and I love Mary and her beautiful pussy that taste so heavenly.”

“What’s wrong with you?” Yancy moaned. “I don’t understand?”

“You’re wife’s found better lovers,” Mary moaned. “And let me tell you, she is one skilled pussy eater.” Mary moved the phone closer so the speakers could pick up the wet slurping noise of Willow’s frantic pussy eating. “Hear that? That’s the sound of you’re lovely wife’s tongue lapping at my pussy!”

I started to fuck Willow harder, the room filling with the slap of flesh on flesh. “God your wife’s pussy feel so fucking nice, Yancy. I bet you’re going to miss it. You’ll never get to stick your little cock up her again! She’s had a real man, now!”

There was sobbing coming through the phone. “Why are you doing this, Willow? I love you!”

“I don’t love you, Yancy. I’m getting fucked by a real man! He just takes what he wants! It so fucking sexy to controlled!” Willow panted and then dived back into Mary’s cunt.

“Please, Willow, what’s wrong?” Yancy begged. “We can work this out! Please?”

“Fuck, you’re a wimp,” Mary disparaged. “You need to understand that you’re wife belongs to us now. She’s our little sex slave. She’ll do whatever nasty things we tell her to do. A disgusting wimp like you could never truly satisfy her.”

“So you’re going to file for divorce, Yancy,” I told him. “You can keep everything save her clothes and jewelry. Tonight, she’s going to come home, pack her bags and leave. You will not try to stop her or hurt her in anyway.”

“Fine,” he sobbed.

“Oh yes, you’re wife’s going to make me cum, soon,” Mary purred. “Oh, her tongue is so amazing. She’s lapping at my clit right now while she shoves two fingers up my cunt. And Mark is fucking her so hard her asscheeks are jiggling.”

Willow let out a shuddering moan. “I’m cumming, oh fuck, you’re cock feels so good, Master!”

Her pussy milked my cock. “Shit! Yancy, your pussywillow’s pussy is cumming on my cock! She’s such a nasty slut. I’m going to pump her full of my cum. If you ask nicely, when she gets home tonight, she’ll show you her cum-stained cunt. Let you see what a real man’s work looks like.”

“Oh, cum in me, Master!” begged Willow. “Please, oh please. I need it so badly!”

“Here it comes, whore!” I slammed deep into her and emptied my nuts into her. “God, that was a good fuck. Now, make Mary cum.”

“Umm, keep sucking my clit and I’ll flood your face with my tasty juices,” Mary cooed. “Oh, just like that! Oh, yes!” Mary shuddered on the table and her legs bucked out of the stirrups. She lay panting on the table. Mary hung up the phone and then snapped a shot of Willow, her face covered with pussy-cum and sent the photo to her husband.

“I captioned it, “Something to jerk off too since you’ve lost your pussywillow! *-)”

I laughed. “Wow, that’s mean.”

“I recall you did something similar to my ex-boyfriend,” Mary said with a smile. I had her break up with Mike while I fucked her in the ass. Then I sent him a picture of Mary between another woman’s thigh, my cock buried in her tight asshole.

I pulled out of Willow’s cunt. The Native American woman was breathing heavily. I kissed her lips, delighting in the flavor of Mary’s cunt, sweet and spicy, on her lips. “We’ll see you tonight, slut. On your way home, pick up a very sexy nurses outfit at a sex shop. You’ll wear either that or lingerie when in the house.”

“Yes, Master,” Willow said happily.

We all got dressed and Mary and Willow shared one more, passionate kiss and then we left her to see to her next patient. You couldn’t see the cum stain on the back of her doctor’s jacket, but my cum was drying in her hair, leaving a sticky white residue behind that stood out in her black tresses.

“I’m meeting Alice at the Blue Spruce at One,” Mary said. “Mind dropping off. We can get lunch on the way.”

“Yeah, okay,” I said.

Alice was our realtor and Mary’s lover. This would be their third time meeting in a motel. Alice was married and Mary said her husband wasn’t paying enough attention to her so Mary was more than happy to pick up the slack. My emotions were mixed on the woman. It was clear Mary felt more for this woman than just one of the sluts or other women we molested. Mary claimed they were just friends, but I was afraid something more could grow out their affair. I trusted Mary and I didn’t want to seem like I didn’t trust her by objecting to her time with the woman. I just wished she would stop seeing her.

We ate lunch at a subway just down the street. We had a pleasant time, I fucked one of the workers, a cutie named Anna, in the ass and left my cum dripping off her face as she went back to work while Mary had first fingered this guys wife and then made her eat her cunt all while the guy watched. He was angry at first, but soon got into watching his wife with another woman. Mary and I enjoyed are sandwiches and watching the reactions of customers as they saw the cum drenched Anna make their sandwiches.

“So, what are we going to do about STDs?” Mary asked as we walked back to my Mustang.

“I don’t know,” I answered. “I don’t think I want to start wearing a condom.”

Mary frowned. “Yeah, there’s definitely something to be said about warm cum squirting inside you.”

“Maybe there’s a spell,” I said. “Lilith said there were many spells out there, not just the two she told us about.” I started the car and pulled out onto Yakima.

“Lilith,” Mary called as I started to drive her to the Blue Spruce Motel for her tryst with Alice.

I gritted my teeth, prepared to fight the waves of lust as Lilith appeared in the car. My cock hardened in my pants and Mary’s nipples tented her blouse. Lilith was sitting in the back seat, a shear, red dress clung to her curvy body.

“Yes, Mistress,” Lilith purred.

“Is there a spell that we can perform to make us immune to STDs?” Mary asked.

“Oh yes, and its an easy one,” Lilith said with a laugh. “Just deflower a woman. Her purity will guard you against any STDs. When you break her hymen, say, ‘Bathuwlah,’ and you’ll gain your immunity. Plus, once you’ve used the Ritual of Zimmah and bound the Thralls to you, they’ll get the immunity as well.”

I frowned. The Ritual of Zimmah was performed by fucking your parent. For a woman, that meant your father. For me, that meant fucking my mother. “I thought Zimmah was only to make my Thralls immune to a nun’s power.”

“The Ritual of Zimmah binds the Thrall to your lifeforce. One of its side effects makes your Thrall immune to any other person’s control. It also keeps them young and beautiful. Of course, when you die, they’ll die.” Lilith frowned. “Didn’t I explain this to you?”

“No,” I said.

She shrugged. “Whatever, is there anything else you require, Mistress. Perhaps you would like to use your last boon.

“No, you can go, Lilith,” Mary dismissed and sighed in relief when she was gone. “I don’t trust her,” Mary muttered.

“Yeah,” I answered. “I can see the hatred in her eyes whenever she looks at me. Like she just once to crush me. Once you’ve made your last boon, she’ll go back to hell or wherever the fuck she’s from.”

“Maybe I should just use the last boon, you know, get it over with.”

“What if we run into another nun problem,” I pointed out. “Her boon is a safety net for us. She can’t do anything to us, anyways. She’s under your power.”

“What about last night, Mark, you passed out.” Concern painted Mary’s face.

“Well, I know I shouldn’t fuck her again,” I said with a smile.

“It’s not funny, Mark,” Mary heatedly said. “She’s dangerous.”

“You have her under control,” I reassured. “Everything will be fine.”

Mary bit her lip. “Fine, I won’t use the boon … for now.”

Mary fell silent, biting her lip in worry, so I cranked the radio and let the music flow over me as I drove. By the time we reached Parkland, Mary had relaxed and was smiling again. When I dropped her off at the Blue Spruce there was an excited glint in her eye, her concerns about Lilith forgotten in her eagerness to see her lover.

“So, you guys will be there at 5 pm so we can buy the houses on the block?” I asked.

“Yeah, we’ll also go look for some medical space on the way,” Mary said. “I love you.”

“Love you, too,” I said and she bent down and kissed me before she turned to rent a room in a shitty motel to spend the afternoon with her “friend.” As she eagerly ran off to see her lover, another stab of jealousy hammered my heart. I wanted nothing more than to ask Mary to come with me, to blow off seeing Alice.

You had your chance to control her, Mark, I told myself. You felt guilty about it so you freed her. And she loved you enough to stay when she found out what you did to her. So, just stop worrying, they’re just friends.


“Why don’t we just stay in bed,” protested Alice as I bent down to grab my panties. Alice walked up behind me and caressed my ass.

“Because we have to go meet up with Mark,” I told her and kissed her pouty lips. “Its important to us that we buy these houses.”

“We can do that tomorrow,” Alice complained. “Let’s spend the night. Dean left on a business trip this morning. We can make love all night long.”

“We had fun today, but I need to get back to Mark,” I said, a hint of exasperation tinging my voice.

“Is that all it was, just fun!” Alice demanded.

“Oh, don’t be bitchy,” I told her. “I had a great time with you, Alice. And I can’t wait for our next encounter. But he’s my fiancee, okay. He needs to come first.”

“Fine,” Alice muttered.

I kissed her. “We can still get together,” I told her. “So don’t be mad.”

“Well, when will that be?” Alice asked, starting to get mollified.

“Let me think,” I said.

Alice reached over and fondled my freckled breast. “Please be soon, I can’t get enough of your gorgeous body.”

I smiled at the complement. “Well, tomorrow I have to see several caters for our wedding and a florists. And looking into the cake. And then my family is coming over for dinner that night. On Saturday, Mark and I have interviews for some bodyguards and then we’re going out on a date that evening.”

Alice pouted more, her finger pinching my nipple gently, sending delicious tingles through my body. “That’s too long.”

“Well, we can get together Sunday morning,” I told her. “I have dinner with Mark’s parents that night, but the morning’s free.”

“Fine, Sunday morning.”

“We’ll have a nice brunch and then I’ll make you cum so hard,” I told Alice.

She smiled, a naughty, seductive smile that transformed her face into something predatory. “You can make me cum right now?”

I sighed. She was as eager to fuck me as Mark was. Her fingers slipped down my naked body, görükle escort bayan gently toyed with my red pubic hair and started to caress my pussy. It was getting hard to remember why we needed to go as a finger slipped up my cunt. Pleasure was starting to burn through my body as her digit wiggled in and out of me.

I gritted my teeth and shoved her had out of my cunt. “We got to go, Mark’s waiting.” Alice’s finger wasn’t Mark’s cock. I wasn’t going to be distracted that easily.

“Fine,” Alice sighed. “Fine, let’s go see you fiancee.”

“C’mon, you’ll like him,” I said, patting her shoulders. “He’s a great guy.”

She snorted but didn’t say anything. What was her problem today?


When I got home, two men were tearing out the ruined door frame. Allison and Lillian were flirting shamelessly with the two guys, dressed in sexy lingerie. Allison wore a cream bustier with black lace running up the stomach and bodice, cream panties trimmed in black lace, and white, sheer stalkings held up by the bustier garter belt. Lillian wore a gray, silk negligee that clung to her body like a second skin and fell just below her ass.

“Are these girls distracting you,” I asked the workers.

“N-no sir,” the first guy stammered, and his eyes kept darting to steal glances of the sluts.

“When you finish replacing the door, fuck the shit out of these sluts,” I told them. “Get back at them for being little cockteases and ride them hard.”

Allison giggled. “That sounds like a great idea.” Lillian licked her lips. “Ohh, I can’t wait to get bent over and fucked.”

The one hammering a nail in missed and hit his thumb. He never stopped smiling. I’m not even sure he felt the blow.

I went in the house and found the sluts I sent to get their cunt’s waxed earlier today were back. “Inspection time,” I ordered after I gathered them in the living room.

The sluts all raised their skirts for my inspection. Violet had a Brazilian wax and her tight slit made her look even younger. Fiona left a landing strip of bright, red hair. Karen had a triangular patch above her cunt of curly, brunette hair. Chasity decided to go completely bald, like Violet. Thamina left a V above her cunt, two wings of black pubic hair that pointed right at her clit.

I saw Desiree and I ordered her to put the thirteen duffel bags in the trunk of my car. Twenty-six million dollars was quite heavy and I didn’t want to lug it around the neighborhood.

I took the five sluts upstairs to my bed and had them strip me. Violet and Chasity unbuttoned my shirt while Karen knelt before me and unbuckled my belt and pushing my jeans down, followed by my boxers. She eagerly sucked my cock into her mouth. Someone was kneeling behind me and I felt hands spread my cheek and a wet tongue rimmed my asshole, sending a strange thrill through my body.

Fiona joined Karen and the two sluts took turns sucking my cock, licking around my mushroom head. That meant it was my Muslim slut, Thamina, who sucked on my asshole. Violet and Chasity had my shirt off and each sucked a nipple into her mouth. I didn’t get much out of the sluts sucking my nipples, but I let them do it anyways.

Fiona had her mouth around my cock and was sucking powerfully as she bobbed her head. Karen was underneath, sucking on my balls. Thamina’s tongue wiggled into my tight sphincter. I closed my eyes, enjoying the sensations on my body. My arms wrapped around Violet and Chasity, sliding down their backs to find their asses and I started to grope the sluts. Fiona’s mouth slid off my cock and Karen sucked me into her mouth as Fiona kissed the shaft of my cock. Hands started cupping my balls, massaging my nuts gently.

“Fuck, you sluts are nasty!” I moaned. “I’m gonna cum! I want to shoot on your face, Karen!”

Karen stopped sucking and Fiona jerked my cock off rapidly. Her hand has a nice grip and pumped fast. My balls tightened and Karen smiled up at me, eager for my cum. Four large spurts of cum splashed on Karen’s face, running thick down onto her breasts.

I sat down on the bed, kicking off my shoes and my pants that had bunched up at my ankles and watched the sluts lick Karen clean of all my cum while Karen just cooed in pleasure as four women’s tongues and hands ran all over her body. With a shuddering gasp, Karen came on her sister-slut’s fingers and lips.

Violet stood up, smiling at me and my eyes stared at her bald cunt. I licked my lips. I had to taste her, feel those smooth cunt lips on my face. I stretched out on the bed and motioned Violet to come to me. “I want to eat your cunt, slut.”

Violet beamed. “I’d love that, Master.”

Violet straddled my face, her naked cunt descending to my eager lips. She had a light, spicy flavor to her juices and I dug my tongue right into her cunt. The bed shook as someone climbed onto the bed and I felt a woman’s legs straddling my torso, her gentle fingers stroking my cock to full readiness. Her cunt was warm and wet as she slid down on my cock.

I didn’t know which slut was riding my cock, but she felt great as she rose up and down on my shaft, her cunt gripping my dick in its silky grasp. I wrapped my arms around Violet and gripped her teenage ass as I sucked on her pussy. Her pussy lips were smooth as silk on my face. The springs of the mattress squeaked as the slut riding my dick bounced faster and faster. Her cunt massaging the sensitive head of my cock.

“Umm, suck my titties, Violet,” Thamina said in a husky voice. There was a wet, sucking noise and I pictured Violet bending over and sucking on Thamina’s dusky tits as the Muslim rode my cock. Thamina’s cunt tightened as Violet was sucking on her breasts. “You’re so good at tit sucking,” Thamina moaned.

“Suck mine now,” Violet purred and then cooed in delight. “Ohh, you’re pretty good at tit sucking, too, Thamina. Oh, I going to cum. Master, your tongue feel so amazing in my tight little cunt!”

Violet’s bucked onto top of me, her cunt sliding about my lips as she orgasmed. Fresh juices flooded my mouth and I drank the tasty honey. Violet panted heavily and rolled off me, a large smile on her face. Thamina continued riding me, her nurse’s blouse opened and her dusky tits bounced as she fucked me. Her nipples were hard and wet from Violet’s suckling.

Fiona slid on the bed next to me, naked. On the other side of the bed, Karen was slipping into a sixty-nine with Violet, the former nun greedily eating the teenager’s cunt. Violet’s pink tongue lapped eagerly at Karen’s pussy. Fiona’s large tits, freckled like Mary’s, pressed against my arm as she moved her face in to kiss me. Her tongue explored my lips, licking Violet’s pussy-cum off my lips.

I grabbed one of Fiona’s heavy tits and drew it up to my hungry lips, sucking her hard nipple into my mouth. Fiona purred happily as I nibbled and sucked her hard nub. Thamina was moaning louder and louder, riding my cock faster and harder. She shrieked something in Arabic as her cunt convulsed on my cock. My body tensed and I nibbled on Fiona’s nipple as I came into Thamina’s twat. Four powerful jets of cum to feed her slutty cunt.

“Thank you, Master,” Thamina panted as she sat on my cock.

“Master, my cunt’s all empty,” Fiona whispered in my ear. “Can you fill it with your big cock?”

I grinned and kissed her. Thamina got off me and I rolled onto Fiona. Her legs spread invitingly open for me and I plunged my cock inside her and started fucking her hard. Violet and Karen were gasping and moaning, cumming on each other’s faces. Thamina leaned on her elbow and watched me fuck Fiona, smiling sweetly and playing with her cum-stained pussy. Chasity crawled onto the bed and shoved her face into Thamina’s cunt and sucked my cum out of the Muslim’s pussy.

When Mary texted me to let me know she was on her way, I had filled all five of the slut’s cunts with my cum and was enjoying Violet’s tight ass. It wouldn’t be long before I filled that hole with my cream as well. Violet was eating out Thamina’s cunt as I fucked her ass. Chasity was sitting on Karen’s face while Fiona ate Karen’s cunt.

After I came in Violet’s ass, I had Chasity clean my dirty cock with her mouth and then got dressed. “Sluts, get ready for tonight,” I ordered as I left. Tonight, my friends were coming over to play D&D and I wanted all the sluts showered and ready to be fucked. I would let each of my buddy’s choose a slut to be his personal slave for the night, excluding Korina who was still recovering from her gunshot, and Violet. Violet was a virgin when I fucked her and I wanted no other cock to know her cunt but mine for the rest of her life. Violet would be my personal slave for the night.

When I went downstairs I found the two repairmen fucking Allison and Lillian in the living room. Our new front door had been replaced and the men were enjoying their bonus. Allison and Lillian knelt side by side as the men fucked them from behind and were making out.

“When you’re finished, sluts, you need to get ready for tonight,” I ordered.

“Yes, Master,” Allison gasped and Lillian moaned, “I can’t wait to play with your friends!”

A cream Jetta pulled into the driveway as I stepped outside and Mary opened the door and happily walked over to me. Her auburn hair looked beautiful in the sunlight. She hugged me and kissed me passionately, and I could taste Alice’s cunt on her lips. When I broke the kiss I could see her friend, Alice, starting daggers at me, her hands white-knuckled as she gripped her car door. Shit, was Alice jealous of Mary kissing me.

When Mary broke the hug, she turned to Alice. “This is Alice, she’s going to be my maid-of-honor.” The look Alice gave Mary was dewy eyed. She looked like a puppy staring at her master. Was she in love with Mary? “Remember, do not use your powers on her,” Mary whispered, reminding me of a promise I made.

“Yeah,” I said, frowning.

Alice briefly shook my hand when she walked up to us. “Nice to meet you,” she said stiffly.

“Yeah, likewise,” I replied, just as stiffly.

“See, isn’t he a great guy?” Mary asked her lover.

“Sure,” Alice answered, smiling at Mary. She cleared her throat. “So Mark, we’re going to buy all the houses on this street. There’s what, a dozen houses.”

“Thirteen,” I corrected.

“Well, I have some paperwork drawn up, but I don’t think you’ll get much luck on anyone selling their houses,” Alice said. “People just don’t like to sell their houses out of the blue. Even if you make a generous offer, some will need to think about it and others just won’t care about the money. It’s their home. People get weird when it comes to their home.”

“Don’t worry,” Mary said. “Mark could talk a minister’s wife out of her panties and fuck her behind the pulpit while her husband gives a sermon.”

Alice raised her eyebrows at that, then choose to ignore what she clearly thought was Mary’s boast. Mary had a wicked smile on her face and I bet she would love to see me fuck a minister’s wife in the middle of church. I would love it too. “Well, let’s get this over with,” Alice said impatiently, interrupting my fantasy.

“I have the money in the trunk of my mustang,” I said. “It’s too heavy to lug it all round the neighborhood.”

I drove us to the entrance parking in front of the third house in. That left us within a quick walk of six houses, half the street. We were going to need these houses. I planned on giving one to my mom, plus the bodyguards we were going to recruit would need a few houses for their barracks. For the other houses, who knows. Maybe Mary’s father might move into one, along with her younger sister. And Shannon, Mary’s older sister, would probably get another. And of course, Antsy could live with my mom or get her own house.

Of course, any households that had a beautiful wife or hot teenage daughter would get to stay for the small price of letting me fuck their women whenever I wanted. Anastasia from my Naked Jogging Club would be staying and Madeleine, as well. For the rest, I was hoping for one or two more households to hang onto.

I popped the trunk and grabbed a duffel bag and walked to the first house on my side of the street, 2902 Mountain View Ct SW. The house was a light blue with dark blue trim, three stories, surrounded by a beautifully maintained lawn with sculpted bushes, flowering plants, and a stone fountain carved with angels. I knocked at the door and a sullen looking teenage boy opened the door.

“I need to speak to your mom or dad,” I said.

“Mom!” he hollered and a moment later a frumpy looking woman, a good fifty pounds overweight, walked up to the door. “Hi,” she greeted, friendly enough, “I’m Mona, how can I help you.”

“Is your husband home?” I asked. It would be a lot simpler both spouses were present.

“No, I’m not married,” Mona answered.

There was bitterness in her voice and a mean impulse shot through me. “What happened to him.”

“He ran off with his secretary,” Mona bitterly said.

“I bet she was a pretty thing?” I asked with a grin.

Mona flushed in anger. “The asshole’s welcomed to have her. The slut spread her legs for every partner at the firm. I bet she still’s spreading her legs behind his back. But I got the house and a nice settlement.”

“Well, your house is what I’ve come to speak to you about,” I said. “This is my fiancee, Mary, and our realtor, Alice. We just moved into the house up the street.”

“Where the cops have been too twice?” Mona asked, pointedly.

“Yeah,” I told her. “You’re going to sell us your house for two million dollars. I got the cash right here and Alice has some paperwork for you to sign.”

“Okay,” Mona said. She frowned in surprise at how quickly she agreed.

Alice blinked, and asked, “Excuse me, Mona. Did you just agree to sell your house to him? Just like that?”

“I guess I did,” Mona replied. “It just felt right.”

“Of course it did, so let’s sign some papers,” I told her. “You have until tomorrow to move out. Put your stuff in storage and rent a hotel room until you find a new place, okay.”

“Sure,” Mona nodded.

“Wait, what mom?” her teenage son gaped. “We’re moving!”

The next house was far more promising. At 2906 a cute, teenage girl named Issy answered the door. She was a beautiful angel with a heart-shaped face, blue eyes and short hair dyed green with black streaks. She had a lean build and toned legs of an athlete so invited her to join my Jogging Club.

“It meets at Madeleine’s house at 6 am,” I told her. “You’ll have a lot of fun.”

“Okay,” she giggled.

I bought the house from her parents, the Norups, and let them live in the house for free.

“We can stay in the house for free?” asked doughty Mrs. Norup.

“Yeah, but I get to sleep with your daughter whenever I want,” I answered. “You two don’t have a problem with that, you’re more than happy to let me have her.”

“Absolutely,” a balding Mr. Norup nodded and shook my hand.

“What?” gasped Alice. “That’s disgusting! Fuck this shit!” and stormed out of the house. Anger and disgust were furrowed on her forehead.

Mary chased after her and when I looked out the window, Mary had caught up with Alice and stopped her and started talking to her. Mary reached out and stroked Alice’s hand and brought her fingers up to her lips to kiss them. Alice sighed and nodded, and then leaned in and kissed Mary on the lips. The pair tongue wrestled for a minute, then walked back into the house.

“I straightened it out,” Mary said as the walked in.

Feeling a surge of jealousy, I grabbed Mary and kissed her as passionately as I could. Mary melted against me, kissing me back just as passionately. Issy cat-called behind us and, when I broke the kiss, Mary was breathless. I glanced at Alice and she was giving me the stink eye.

“Are you escort görükle a virgin, Issy?” Mary asked the girl.

“Of course,” Issy, said flushing.

“Are you really?” I asked. The girl barely shook her head no, hoping her parents wouldn’t see the movement. That was a shame. Mary and I needed to find a pair of virgins to deflower. Well, tomorrow I would try the local high school if there where no virgins on the block. There was bound to be a few virgins there.

The next house was a big disappointment. Mr. and Mrs. Lowery were in their fifties and all their children had grown up and moved away years ago. Zane Bullard lived in the next house, he was a widower with a five year old daughter and we quickly got him to sell his house. The fifth house was just as disappointing, a gay couple lived there.

Finally, at the sixth house I found some promising girls. The Rhee family, Koreans, were very friendly and had two teenage daughters, Iseul was seventeen and Yun was fourteen. Both girls were petite and gorgeous. So the Rhee family got to stay in their house. Sadly, neither of the girls were true virgins. Iseul gave up her maidenhead to her boyfriend at prom and Yun found her mother’s vibrator and popped her cherry just three days earlier.

The next two houses were a bust, the Gomez’s had a son and a fat daughter, and the wife was in a wheelchair suffering from MS. Mrs. Endicott weighed three hundred pounds and her daughter had graduated from college. I bought Madeleine’s house and let her stay, of course. The next house was also a bust, the wife was badly scarred in an accident and they only had sons.

Anastasia, from my jogging club, was more than happy to sell her house and her husband, Stan, was more than happy to let me fuck his wife. At the next house I met Mrs. Stainthrope, a gorgeous trophy wife and let her and her husband stay, provide I could stick my dick in her tight cunt. Mr. Stainthrope didn’t seem to mind. The final house was another bust, another fat wife and teenage sons.

All in all, Mary and I had eight houses we could use until we built are mansion. There was still a lot paperwork to sign to make the purchases legal, but that was just a formality. The block was ours and what women remained were ours to do with as we pleased while their husbands and fathers smiled on approvingly. We said goodbye to Alice, handed over her commission, and I shook her hand and Mary kissed her lips.

Mary disappeared upstairs to get ready. She was going clubbing with a friend of hers, Diane, and I wanted to make sure the sluts were all ready for my guest to arrive. For years I had been playing D&D with the same group of guys. Usually we played at my house, every Thursday. I was too busy last Thursday, having fun with my new powers. Fucking my sluts should make it up to them, though.

I had the sluts, under Lillian’s supervision, set up the dining room table to be our gaming room and then gather in the living room. We had a full stock of sodas and chips and pizza was on its way. Noel and Willow, our newest sluts, had gotten home in time, as had Jessica. Noel wore the sexy cop outfit I ordered her purchase and Willow a sexy nurses outfit. Jessica, on her own initiative, had purchased a slutty, office-lady outfit, with the shortest miniskirt possible. The skirt barely covered her ass when she stood up straight and when she bent over, all her charms were on display. The blouse was tight and sheer. A pair black fishnet stockings were held up by a garter belt and stiletto heels made her ass sway so fucking sexy when she walked.

The doorbell rang I opened the door to see Quatch looking around in amazement. Quatch was a big guy and covered in black hair. He had a shaggy beard, hairy arms and back, so he got the nickname Sasquatch which somehow gotten shortened down to Quatch. I wasn’t sure what his real name was, James or John, maybe. He was my best friend.

“Hey man,” he said and whistled. “How the fuck are you staying here.”

“I won poker tournament,” I told my friend. “Come in. Meet the girls.”

All the sluts, save Lillian, were gathered in the living room in their slutty maid outfits, or cop and nurses outfits for the four special sluts. “Hello, sir,” they all greeted Quatch and his mouth fell open.

“Who the fuck are all these girls, Mark?” he gasped. “Christ, I can see their tits. Did you hire a bunch of prostitutes?”

“These are our sex slaves,” I told him. “They’ll do whatever my fiancee and I tell them too. And I mean anything!” I said with a wink.

“Seriously,” he stammered.

“Seriously,” I said. “Choose one, and she’ll give you the best blowjob you’ve ever had.”

“Is this a joke?” I shook my head and answered, “Nope.”

“Fuck, eh, how about the nurse.”

“Which one?” I asked.

“Oh shit, you have two of them,” he said, licking his lips. “This one.”

“That’s Dr. Willow,” I said.

Willow walked over and kissed Quatch, her body melting against him. Quatch stood frozen for a second and then wrapped his arms around Willow’s lithe body and kissed her back. The doorbell rang again and I smiled. My friends and I were going to have a lot of fun tonight.


I watched them from the shadows, scurrying like the vermin they where.

I hated them all. The descendants of Adam and that submissive slut he replaced me with. Eve. Her name left a bitter taste in my mouth. I hated her and her mongrel children. I had hounded her children, tormented them and sent my monstrous children to terrorize them. I showed them no mercy and for that I was cast into the Abyss with the fallen angels, with Lucifer, as my final punishment.

I watched Mary scurry upstairs and disrobe to take a shower. Downstairs, Mark, disgusting, arrogant Mark, prattled about with all the women he forced to submit to him. I hated Mark most of all. That disgusting insect thought he could lay hands upon me. Last night I would have drank his entire essence, sucked him dry, if it wasn’t for his damned Wish he made with Lucifer.

I guess I should just count myself lucky that it was Mary that used the gem and not Mark. Lucifer loved to degrade me, and making me serve a man was just his style. And Mark was just the sort of man who would love to make me serve him forever. Forced to satisfy any and all of his sexual appetites.

“Lilith,” a voice whispered from the shadow, shivering through my body.

“Lucifer,” I answered. What did he want. Lucifer was always butting in, interfering where he wasn’t wanted.

Lucifer appeared behind me, shining with light. Brilliant and beautiful. When mortals summoned him, he would appear to match their expectations. These days that meant that ridiculous, evil lawyer get-up. He would appear at the crossroads as a dark, handsome man with scarlet eyes that practically dripped evil. It was so over the top. But Lucifer, the Morning Star, was really a being of pure light, of radiance, and loved to shine brightly whenever he could. He was always to full of himself. The only thing that shined brighter than his body was his pride. It’s why he had rebelled and why he had been cast into the Abyss.

“You’re Mark is pathetic,” I snarled at Lucifer. “Unlimited power and all he does with it is get a house full of women.”

“He’s the perfect choice,” Lucifer answered.

“I’ll crush him,” I snarled. “I’ll ruin your precious plans.” You’ll regret ever giving me the chance to be active in the mortal world.

Lucifer shrugged. “All outcomes will benefit me, Lilith.”

Anger bubbled through me. Lucifer was always so smug. “I’ll turn his little slut against him.”

A smirk creased Lucifer’s mouth. “I’d love to see that.”

He didn’t believe I could do it. Anger boiled in me. If there was one thing I could do, it was seduce pathetic mortals. Their passions ruled them, made the weak, biddable. I just needed to apply the right pressure and Mary would be begging to help me crush Mark. I’ll show Lucifer, I thought in anger as I moved through the shadows, standing behind Mary.

I stepped out of the shadows and into the steamy shower. Lucifer couldn’t follow. The shadows were the highest part of the Abyss, where only the most powerful of those trapped could venture. From the shadows, you could see the mortal world, see all the pleasures and joys it contained, and know you were forever denied them. The only way to cross over was for some pathetic mortal to summon you. So long as Mary held off using her last boon, I could freely enter the mortal world.

Mary jumped in surprise when she felt my lust permeating her body. She turned, water running down her naked form. Mary’s emerald eyes widened in lust, her nipples hardened into tiny, erect nubs, and the scent of her arousal filled my nostril. Mary’s tongue slid across her red lips and I could see her hand tremble as she desired to reach out and touch my lush form.

“Lilith,” Mary said, wrenching her eyes from my breasts. There was a touch of anger in her voice. She was still mad about what I did to Mark last night. The worm deserved it, and more. I would crush him and this stupid little girl would help me. Once my lust had fully flooded her, she would be putty in my hands and I would shape her into a weapon. My cunt grew wet at the thought.

I pressed my body against hers, felt her hard nipples rubbing against my fleshy breasts. She backed away from me, shuddering as she climaxed. I was Lilith, the Succubus, and my touch was pure lust. Her back hit the shower wall and there was no place for her to go. I pinned her, my lips capturing hers in a kiss. Her legs parted eagerly and I could feel her hard clit and wet lips of my pussy and I started to slowly tribbed the girl.

“I enjoyed watching you and those men this morning,” I whispered into her ear. “There’s nothing hotter than a woman putting a man in his place.”

“It was fun,” moaned Mary. The girl shuddered in my arms as she came, again. Mary was getting better at resisting my passions, but not even she could fight off my lust and her orgasms when my cunt kissed her clit.

“I bet you would love to make more men crawl before you.” I licked her ear and she gasped and came again, her cunt juices drenching my pubic hair. “To make them beg to pleasure you. To degrade them the way Mark degrades women!”

“Yes! I want to do that!” Mary hissed. “It was so hot, I came so hard as they fucked me! And then to hear that guy beg to make him cum! How pathetic he sounded as I walked away. It was so intoxicating!”

“I can give you that,” Lilith whispered. “You can Mark your obedient slave.”

“What?” Mary asked, frowning, her desire fading away.

“Mark made you his slave, wouldn’t you love to do the same to him.” Her body trembled in my arms, her breath quickening. I could feel her thoughts whirling in her mind. I could taste her fantasies. Mark crawling before her. Mark begging to fuck her, begging to be allowed to cum inside her. “He made you his slave, make him yours. Degrade him, punish him. Get even with him!”

Scenarios whirled in her mind, and I inserted even nastier images. I could feel her desire build as the disgusting, degrading fantasies I inserted filled her mind. Mark sucking on her toes, worshiping her feat. Mary stepping on his cock, on his balls, crushing them between her toes as he moaned in pain and pleasure. Mark bent over a table, as Mark had bent her over so many tables, and Mary fucking his ass with a strap-on. Mark eating his cum out of her cunt like a sissy. Mark watching in the corner as men fucked her, stroking his little cock while a real man pleasured her. And then she would let him crawl across the bed and eat the other man’s cum from her pussy. She was so close to giving in, I could feel her answer on the tip of her tongue. She wanted it so badly.

“I love him,” Mary whispered, weakening.

“You can always let him go after you’ve had you’re fun,” I lied.

Her body stiffened. Somehow my words strengthened her resistance. “No,” a whisper escaped her lips. “No!” There was more force the second time and then she shoved me off of her. “No, Lilith! Not Mark. We’re equals. I was his slave but he set me free! I could degrade and humiliate any man, but not Mark. You don’t do that to someone you love!”

I snarled at her, anger bubbling up inside me. How did the little bitch resist those impulses. I built them on her fantasies, on her desires. It should have worked. The bitch should have been putty in my hand. She was only a human, nothing more than a slave to her desires. So how in the name of Creation did she resist?

“I don’t want you appearing before me, before Mark, or any of our sluts, unless you’re summoned, Lilith,” Mary ordered in anger. “You’re my slave!” I could feel the chains of her summoning upon me, dragging me back into the shadows, back into the Abyss.

Lucifer laughed, that damned, knowing smirk on his lips as I appeared in the shadows.

“That should have worked,” I muttered in embarrassed anger.

“It would have if you had at all paid attention,” Lucifer replied.

I frowned, and then I smiled as seductively as possible. “What do you know, Lucifer?”

“You’re trying to split up soul mates,” Lucifer answered. “If I hadn’t arranged for Mark to read that book and learn how to summon me, he would have met Mary anyways. It was destiny, I just fudged how they met. Twisted their lives to serve my designs.”

“Why?” I asked suspiciously. “Why would you want a pawn so full of love?”

Lucifer smiled, beautiful and evil and powerful all at the same time. A shiver ran through my body, fear and lust warring inside me. “Humans have done such amazing things for love,” Lucifer exulted. “David sent Bathsheba’s husband to his death so he could have her. Mark Anthony rebelled for love and died for love. Justinian destroyed the future of his Empire for the love of his whorish wife. For Love, Paris kidnapped Helen and for love the Kings of Greece destroyed the City of Troy. Love has made men and women betray their countries, their friends, their children. For love, humans will lie, will steal, will murder. A person in love will commit acts that they never imagined they could. The question is, Lilith, why wouldn’t I use a pawn in love.”

His laugh was deep, throaty and powerful, echoing through the shadows. I could feel his ardor rolling off him in waves and my eyes glanced down to his shining cock. Humiliation roiled through my body. I was going to have to pleasure him. How I hated being used to satisfy a man’s lust. One day I’ll have all the power, Lucifer, one day you’ll pleasure me!

His hands were on my shoulder and I sank down to my knees. There was no use fighting it. Lucifer ruled the Abyss. My body was just one of the many perks of the King of Hell. It was exactly how Milton had wrote, “Better to reign in hell, than serve in heaven.” My mouth opened and his cock entered my mouth. I closed my eyes, as Lucifer’s glow intensified as his pleasure increased and I sucked hard at the head of his cock.

My ploy with Mary may have failed, but that was just a passing amusement. Nothing would have been more satisfying to watch than Mark getting degraded by his own woman, but I had another way to destroy Mark and derail Lucifer’s plans. One that could not be stopped. The seed was already planted in fertile soil and when it sprouted, I would destroy Mark and be free of the Abyss, forever. I will have all the freedom denied you, Lucifer. You can rule in Hell. I will rule on Earth!

So laugh all you want and continue in the misguided belief that events are serving you. Continue making me your whore, like Adam thought he could. I broke free of his domination and I’ll break free of yours. You made a huge mistake loosing me in the world again. One day, you will crawl on you knees before me and grovel for my embrace. I could almost feel Lucifer’s lips on my feet, delighting in his imagined humiliation. His cock erupted fire into my lips, his seed burned as I swallowed.

Soon, Lucifer, soon you’ll be my slave.

To be continued …

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