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The Devil’s Pact, Hell Chronicles Chapter 6: To Death

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After Sex

The Devil’s Pact, The Hell Chronicles
by mypenname3000
Copyright 2015

Chapter Six: To Death

Note: Thanks to b0b for beta reading this!

Monday, November 17th, 2014 – Svitlana “Lana” Paquet-Holub – Seattle, WA

I smiled at the beautiful face of my sleeping daughter. Lily was in her crib, swaddled in a pink blanket. Carrying Lily to term had been a wonderful, trying, tedious, amazing, uncomfortable, loving, and exciting experience. It was all worth it to bring forth my darling daughter.

My wife, Chantelle, leaned against me, staring down at her. Lily was a miracle. A daughter born to two mothers. I wasn’t talking metaphorically either. Chantelle could grow a thick cock, and she knocked me up.

“Thank you, Lilith,” I purred, a reverent shudder passing through me.

Chantelle nodded beside me. “Yes. She gave us this miracle,” she purred in her lilting, French-Canadian accent.

My wife and me were as different as night and day. She was slim, dark-haired, and lithe, whereas I was blonde, big breasts, and curvy, my voice thick with my Ukrainian accent. We met as strippers—Chantelle would call us exotic dancers—at Deja Vu in Lakewood, Washington. There we debased ourselves for the foul lusts of men before the asshole Mark and his whore enslaved us.

And Lilith set us free. She showed us a world free of men. Seattle was the start of our paradise. Every man in the city that had survived wormwood had been exterminated. Tomorrow, Mark Glassner would die. Ziki, Fiona’s monstrous daughter, had posed as Jessica St. Pierre for a year, placed to kill Mark with Mispach, a cursed dagger forged by Cain.

“I want another child,” Chantelle said.

“Well, why don’t we slip off into our rooms and we can work on it,” I giggled. “Just stick that big cock up inside my pussy and I’ll suck all the cum out of your ovaries.”

“I want your child, Lana,” she said, leaning her head on mine. “I…I want you to fuck me with a cock.”

I blinked, looking at my wife. “I thought you didn’t want that?”

“I changed my mind,” she smiled. “You were so happy carrying Lily. And the month I spent carrying Lamia were wonderful.”

Every woman that served Lilith and lived in Seattle had borne the goddess one of her monstrous daughters, creating an army for our goddess. I had born Cora, my hulking manticore daughter. But the pregnancies gestated fast. Only a month to come to term, and only days for our monstrous daughters to grow to maturity.

“I want to carry your daughter.”

I squeezed my thighs together. I had long wondered what having my own cock would be like. I had resisted the urge out of love for my Chantelle. “Let’s do it,” I grinned. “I can’t wait to be sliding in and out of your tight pussy.”

Chantelle’s cheeks colored. “Nor can I. I want tonight to be special, in case…”

*Nothing is going to go wrong tomorrow,* I sent to her telepathically. We were connected by the Siyach ritual. Lilith is a Goddess. She can defeat Mark fucking Glassner.

Chantelle gave me a sad smile.

I threw my arm around her shoulders. “Come on. My big, fat cock is going to cheer you up. You’re going to love it. A real cock is so much nicer than a dildo.”

Chantelle giggled as I pulled her from the nursery into our bedroom. Our lips met in a kiss as we pulled off each other’s pink robes, our naked bodies pressing together. My heavy breasts rubbed into her perky tits, our hard nipples kissing, rubbing together, tingling pleasure through our bodies. My pussy was soaked, dripping down my thighs.

We fell onto the bed, Chantelle beneath me. My tongue devoured her mouth. Our pussies ground together, my hard clit rubbing against hers, smearing our hot juices together. I shuddered, savoring the feel of her silky flesh.

“Mmm, you like that, baby?” I purred in her ear, my tongue nipping at her lobe as I tribbed her hard. Our bed creaked beneath me, and Chantelle shuddered.

“I love it.”

“I bet you can’t wait to feel my hard cock sprout for the first time? I bet you want to feel my girth pushing into your tight cunt.”

“I do, Lana!” she moaned, arching her hips up. “Fuck me. Knock me up. Put a baby in me.”

My ass flexed as I ground my pussy against hers. My clit slid through her hot pussy lips, growing slick with her juices. A sweet, tart, and tangy musk filled my nose, our excitement mixing together as we humped.

“I’m going to make you cum so hard with my big, thick cock,” I moaned.

“Yes, yes, yes!” gasped Chantelle, her fingernails digging into my back. Her hips rose, bucking hard into me. “I want your baby! Oh, Lana! I’m gonna cum! I’m so on fire!”

My own orgasm swelled. I tribbed harder. We needed to cum together for the Shophkah ritual, the spell that would give me a cock. My lips found hers, thrusting my tongue in deep as I fucked my wife hard. The pleasure grew in me, my body trembling in anticipation for the explosion of energy.

Chantelle broke the kiss. “I can’t hold out any longer. I’m cumming! Oh, yes! Cum with me, Lana! Please!”

Her juices flooded my pussy, a hot, sticky mess bathing my cunt with her love. My clit brushed hers. My orgasm erupted through me. “Shophkah!” I screamed.

My clit throbbed. Power surged through me as the spell completed. My clitoris expanded, pushing forward, sliding into Chantelle’s pussy as it grew into a thick cock. I gasped in surprise, my eyes widened as her tight, silky flesh engulfed my cock. It was amazing.

“Shit!” I gasped, my back arching, driving my new dick into the depths of her pussy. “Oh, Chantelle! Oh, wow! You’re so tight! Oh, fuck! I love it!”

Chantelle shifted her hips, her pussy writhing about my cock as her orgasm rolled through her. “Oh, yes! No wonder you always wanted to fuck cocks! This is wonderful!”

“You ain’t felt nothing yet,” I laughed, drawing back and slamming into her.

“Oh, baby!” Chantelle purred, her hand stroking my cheeks as I thrust into her.

I rose on my elbows, my breasts hanging down, my nipples rubbing against her perky mounds as I pounded her tight pussy. Heat rippled through her. Her pussy clenched and relaxed on my cock. This was wonderful. Magnificent. I couldn’t believe the joy I was experiencing. Bliss shuddered through me.

“I love having a cock!” I groaned, my hips thrusting harder. “Oh, fuck! Oh, yes! I love it!”

“Fuck me!” gasped Chantelle. “Knock me up! Give me a baby!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” I grunted, hammering my hips forward. “I’m going to knock you up! Your belly’s going to swell and grow so big. Then you’re breasts are going to produce delicious milk.”

“Like yours?” Chantelle purred, grabbing on my large tits and bringing it to her hungry lips.

I shuddered as she suckled, my breast milk squirting into her lips. The pleasure shot straight to the tip of my cock. I pounded her harder, a growing tension mounted. I was going to cum with a cock. It felt so much more intense and direct, all the sensations gathering at one point.

The tip of my new cock.

Chantelle nursed and swallowed, moaning as she drank my sweet breast milk down. I loved it when she nursed while fucking me with her big cock. Fucking her with my dick while she suckled was just as amazing. Every time she nursed, and my milk flowed into her mouth, electricity ran down my body to the tip of my cock buried in her depths.

“That’s it! Drink mommy’s milk!” I groaned. “I’m going to plant a daughter in your belly. And when they’re old enough, we’re going to pop their cherries. Lily and Evelyn, side by side, spreading their sleek thighs so their mothers can deflower them and plant grandchildren in their bellies.”

Chantelle sucked görükle harder, her hips bucking beneath me. Her pussy exploded, writhing about my cock. Something thick and hard swelled, rubbing against my belly. Her own cock grew, trapped beneath our flesh.

“You like that, huh,” I pured. “You want to fuck our daughters when they’re older. You naughty mother.”

“Yes!” Chantelle gasped, her lips stained with my milk. “Yes, yes! I want that! Lily and Evelyn! We’ll enjoy their flesh.”

I buried into my wife. My cock erupted. I shuddered as these intense jets of cum shot out of me, each one sending a powerful wave of pleasure through me. I grunted and groaned, and then it was over, my orgasm passed.

“Yes, yes! Cum in me!” gasped Chantelle! “Knock me up! Plant a daughter in me!”

My wife’s cock erupted, squirting cum up both our bodies, our breasts dripping in spunk. I collapsed on her, smearing our girl-cum soaked tits together as I held my wife, our cocks softening. Our future was going to be so wonderful. Lilith was going to make a paradise for our daughters to grow up in.

Tomorrow, Mark would die and Lilith would win.


Tuesday, November 18th, 2014 – Chantelle Paquet-Holub – I-5 at Seattle City Limits

The plan failed. Ziki stabbed Mary instead of Mark, and his golden sword cut the shapechanger in half.

“Defend me!” Lilith screamed in terror, stepping back.

“For my goddess!” my fierce wife yelled, drawing her bronze dagger and charging as Lilith fled past us.

I drew my own dagger, and danced forward. For a year, Lana and I had learnt how to fight with the dagger. We weren’t the same helpless women Mark had enslaved on the Island Explorer a year-and-a-half ago. We weren’t going to be his slaves ever again.

Mark’s sword slammed into my wife’s face. It didn’t cut her. It was a Priest’s blade, made of Celestial Gold, and could only cut supernatural foes. But Lana was thrown to the ground by the force of the blow, her nose broken and spurting blood. She collapsed in a twitching daze.

I had been a dancer since I was ten. I moved with grace, dodging Mark’s sword attacks while his whore wife Mary died behind us. Mark growled in rage as I danced about his sword. But I couldn’t close in. He was too fast.

Then he swung too hard, overextending his swing. I dodged in, thrusting my knife forward.

It was a feint. His freehand struck out, catching my wrist. I gasped in surprise, and then pain explode up my arm. He broke my wrist, my dagger cluttering from my hand. He punched the pommel of his sword at my face.

I was dead.

At least I bought time for Lilith to escape.

Darkness fell on me.

I woke up with a splitting headache. I lay on hard cot. My wrist throbbed in agony. I tried to move it. A pair of manacles were about my wrist. I shuddered at my twisted, right arm. A ball gag was stuffed into my mouth. I tried to move my arms to reach up and undo the gag.

Chains rattled. My broken wrist exploded in pain. I had manacles on my ankles, my wrists restraints connected to the ankles manacles by another chain. I shuddered and moaned into my gag, tears flowing out of my eyes as I fought against the pain.

I looked around my cell once the pain had subsided. I was in a jail cell in the Seattle Police Department. One of Mark’s bodyguards—draped in the slutty, disgusting parody of a cop’s uniform—watched me. The poor woman was one of Mark’s slaves, his choker tight about her throat, stamped with her number—20. He took even her name away, the fucking pig.

*Lana…* I sent out, hoping my wife lived.

*Chantelle! Thank the Goddess. I thought you were dead! They won’t take off my gag. They won’t talk to me!*

*We’re alive,* I sent in relief.

*We’re his prisoners. He’ll make us his Thralls again.*

*He can’t. Mary’s dead. She was stabbed by the Mispach. He doesn’t have a way to exorcise our Pacts. He can never control us, my love.*

*Then he’ll kill us.* Lana’s thoughts were strangled by despair.

*We’re bound together. Even in death, we’ll be together.*

*In death…but what about our daughter?*

I squeezed my eyes shut, picturing Lily lying in her crib. A shuddering sob rocked my body. My daughter wasn’t protected from Mark. If she still lived, he would corrupt her, poison her mind, and turn her into a whore when she grows up.

What went wrong? How did we lose? Didn’t Mark fear the consequences of another plague? We were ready to unleash an even stronger form of Wormwood, one that would kill every man instead of just 1/3.

Footsteps echoed down the hall. I looked out, a pair of shadows drawing nearer. The bodyguard suddenly moved, walking to my cell door. A buzz rattled, and then my door clanked open. The bodyguard strode in, seizing my left arm and hauling me up.

It was hard to walk. I had to shuffle forward out of my cell. Lana was lead out of her cell next to mine, her face swollen, her nose twisted, smears of blood staining her cheeks. But she was alive. I wanted to go and hug her, but the bodyguard kept a firm grip.

The approaching figures were Fiona and Thamina. They were walking around free. My heart sank. They betrayed us. Lana let out a furious, muffled shriek, lunging forward. The bodyguard shoved her up against the wall, pulled out her baton, and slammed it with a crunching thwack into Lana’s leg.

And then I saw why she was furious. Fiona held our daughter Lily.

“We brought Lily to see you,” Fiona said. “She’s perfectly fine. Thamina and I will look out for her, okay. So don’t worry about her.”

I screamed in rage. They were traitors.

Thamina’s dusky face fell. “Yes, we betrayed Lilith. I…I couldn’t live with my daughter killing more people. Lilith was defeated, so…I…” Tears fell down her face and she swayed. “I…I killed my daughter. I stopped Tir from unleashing another plague.”

“It’s over. Lilith is dead,” Fiona added. “She led us into ruin. It’s time to make accommodations with Mark and Mary.”

I flinched and Fiona nodded. “Mary’s alive?” There was only one way. Only Lilith’s blood could heal her. My goddess truly was dead.

“Yes, why wouldn’t she be?” Fiona shook her head. “It doesn’t matter. It’s time to see reason and capitulate to them.”

I shook my head violently. I would never be his whore again.

“Mark and Mary, well, they still think fondly of you two.” Fiona sighed. “Of all of us, really. Thamina and I were pardoned. They promised to let us live our lives unmolested. We can keep our free will and our Pacts so long as we don’t interfere with their rule. You can get the same offer.”

I shook my head again. Lana joined me.

*I’m not trusting those bastards!* Lana hissed in my mind.

“Since you two were the High Priestess’s of Lilith, you will have to publicly repudiate Lilith in front of her followers. If you do this, you will also be pardoned.” Fiona held up our daughter. “Lily will be able to grow up with her mothers.”

*I will never forswear Lilith!* I declared to my wife. *She is our Goddess.*

*Yes! Our Goddess! I will not worship Mark!*

Fiona’s smile fell. “You have until tomorrow to think about it. Mark and Mary will hang you if you don’t repudiate Lilith.”

My blood ran cold. But I was Lilith’s High Priestess. I loved my Goddess. *Fiona and Thamina will care for Lily,* I sent to my wife. *But we have to show Lilith’s followers that our Goddess sill matters. That she is what is needed to change the world! They must keep faith. We must be a beacon to them! An example!*

*Our deaths will only fuel their passion!* Lana agreed. *I was prepared to die for Lilith görükle escort bayan this morning. I stood up against Mark. I will do so again!*

I fixed Fiona a fierce stare.

“We’ll take good care of Lily,” Thamina promised, stepping forward. “She’ll be loved and we’ll tell her who her mothers really were.”

A tear trickled down my cheek and I nodded my head.


Wednesday, November 26th, 2014 – Svitlana “Lana” Paquet-Holub – Seattle, WA

We weren’t executed the next day. We had to languish in prison for a week. Mark and Mary were too busy dealing with the Apocalypse to care about us. Doubts ate at me. Everyday, Fiona or Thamina brought Lily to visit us. Our other daughters, Lilith’s monstrous offspring, were all dead or fleeing the city. Knowing my Cora, she died defending our Goddess.

But the sight of my human daughter weakened my heart.

*You have to remain faithful,* Chantelle would urge. *Mark’s victory is complete if we give in. Lily will understand when she’s older. Once we’re dead, we’ll reunite with Lilith and help her once again break free of Hell and dominate the world.*

My wife’s fervor stirred me. She was right. We were Lilith’s High Priestesses. She rescued us from bondage. We couldn’t be feckless and forswear our loyalty the way those cunts Fiona and Thamina had.

But still, my heart was torn for my daughter.

On the morning of our execution, Mark and Mary strode into the prison. For the first time in over a week, we were unchained and ungagged. I guess the “Living Gods” as the egomaniacal Mark insisted on being called, had no fear over us and our magic.

And I could believe it. They radiated power. They had changed so much in just the week since I saw them at the bridge. So it was true. Fiona and Thamina told us about the Apocalypse that had been unleashed. The Gods blamed Lilith. They claimed her whorish ways opened the gateway between the worlds, summoning her demonic brethren before she was defeated.

I didn’t believe it. Lilith never wanted to free the others.

“We’re not serving you,” spat Chantelle, nursing her broken wrist. The poor thing had been in pain all week. Her beautiful face was smeared with dirt and sweat, her lips chapped, and her cheeks sallow. I bet I looked just as frightful.

“We’re Lilith’s High Priestesses,” I added, folding my arms beneath my breasts and glaring at the false gods.

“The gallows then,” Mark said, his voice grim. “We don’t have time to waste on you. 51, take them outside.”

“We did love you both,” Mary added as the bodyguards seized our arms and marched us through the prison, Mark and Mary trailing behind us. When I first met them, they had been a perverted, laughing couple. They were soft, only out for their own amusements. I never would have imagined they would have hardened into this tyrannical pair.

In the courtyard of the jail huddled prisoners. They were the most devout followers of Lilith, standing under guard by the Legion—Mark and Mary’s personal army. Babylon and her daughter Crystal stood proud beside Starlight and Mona, and many other members of the original coven that worshiped Lilith.

I held my head high. They were still loyal to our goddess.

A gallows had been erected with a pair of nooses. News media crowded one end, their cameras pointed at us, broadcasting our deaths to the world. I tried not to shiver in the frosty, November morning. I only wore thin prison clothes, the cold slicing through the fabric. My heart thudded in my chest. I was going to die.

There was no escaping it. But I marched with back straight, an example that Mark and Mary could be defied.

Lana and I mounted the gallows, climbing the wooden stairs to the platform. I stood upon the trapdoor, the noose hanging right before my head. A bodyguard grabbed it and pulled it around my neck, the rope rasping as the knot was pulled tight. The rope was coarse on my neck. I kept my head held high, staring at Mark and Mary as they stopped in the center of the courtyard, looking as regal as a pair of monarchs.

The Tyrants of the world.

“Lilith is the true goddess!” Chantelle screamed. “She is the true ruler of this world. She will rise again! She will cleanse all the verminous men from the planet and make it pure again!”

“We are her faithful priestesses!” I added. “We shall be rewarded in paradise! All who remain loyal to Lilith will be blessed! Do not waiver in your devotion to our true Goddess! Do not follow these false gods! Be faithful, even to death!”

Mark motioned his hand. Gags were shoved into our mouths. I didn’t fight it. We said our peace. Then the bodyguards pulled out the black hoods. I suddenly shuddered. I looked over at Chantelle, catching a last glimpse of my wife’s beauty before suffocating darkness engulfed me.

My breath rasped beneath the hood, my heart pounding. This was it. I was about to die.

“Chantelle and Svitlana Paquet-Holub,” Mary announced, her voice cool. “You have consorted with the Demoness Lilith.”

So did you, Mary. You summoned Lilith from Hell. You and Mark gave her the key to her freedom. You should hang with us.

“You have borne her monstrous daughters,” she continued. “You committed biological terrorism resulting in the deaths of billions. You occupied and raped the city of Seattle, exterminating the male population. For your crimes, you are sentenced to death by hanging.”

“All who still worship Lilith shall follow,” Mark boomed. “But any who forswear Lilith and repudiate her monstrous ways shall find mercy at the hands of their loving Gods. Chantelle and Svitlana have squandered their chance for mercy and have earned their fate.”

The trapdoor dropped and I was falling, falling, falling.

Into darkness.

The darkness gave way to a searing wind that blistered against my skin. I opened my eyes, coughing as yellow dust, reeking of rotten eggs, blew into my mouth. I stood in yellow dust. Everywhere I looked, a pervasive, sallow haze swallowed the land.

“Chantelle!” I screamed, my voice ripped away by the howling wind.

For a moment, a chain flashed about my throat, leading off into the fog. Leading to Chantelle. It was our connection, the Chabab spell binding our souls together forever. I stumbled in the direction of the chain flashed, screaming for my wife.

*Where are you?* Chantelle sent to my mind. *I’m lost!*

*Me, too! Everything is yellow.*

*I saw the chain for a second. I tried to follow it, but I think I’m turned around. It’s all the same.* Her thoughts were on the verge of panic.

I focused on the chain, trying to see it again. My hand reached out, waving in front of me, trying to touch the metaphorical connection. We weren’t in the real world anymore. We were in Hell. There had to be a way to see it or to touch it. I visualized what I had seen, picturing the chain leading out before me.

My hand brushed hard metal. I seized it, the chain flashing into being before me.

*I’m coming!* I sent, my hands pulling on the chain. *Stay put. I’m coming.*

*I knew you would,* Chantelle sent, relief bubbling in her thoughts. *You’ll always come for me.*

*To death and beyond,* I sent back.

I followed the chain through the howling storm. It didn’t take long to find her. We probably appeared only feet apart, but were unable to see or hear each other in the terrible wind. She huddled into a ball on the ground.

She was beautiful. Her wounds inflicted to her that last week of our lives had healed, her face shining with love. I fell to my knees, wrapping my arms around her, and exulted in the solid warmth of her body. We were in escort görükle Hell, but we had each other. We could find a way to survive.

“We need shelter!” she screamed in my ear. I could barely hear her.

*Yes!* I agreed, sending the thought. It was easier than screaming in her ear. *Where?*

We could stumble around aimlessly in this storm and probably never get anywhere. I huddled with her, our bodies stretching out on the dust. The wind seemed to scream in from every direction at once. My mind hurt trying to wonder how that was possible.

No. I needed to focus on the shelter. If only there was a way to dig into the ground and form a cozy little home for ourselves, with a nice soft blanket to lounge on, while we waited out the storm. I could see it in my mind.

Hell responded, feeding off the power of our souls.

The ground beneath us opened and we fell onto a soft blanket. Chantelle gasped in surprise. We were in a small, cozy cave, lying on a quilted blanket not unlike something my grandmother would have sewn. The storm howled above us, but it didn’t touch us down here.

“That’s amazing,” Chantelle gasped. “How did you do that?”

“I imagined it,” I smiled. “I guess this is Hell. It’s not a real place.”

“You are amazing!” My wife’s lips met mine, her tongue flashing.

My blood boiled. For a week, we had been kept apart, not able to love each other. She pushed me back onto the blankets, her perky breasts rubbing against my heavy tits. I savored how soft the blanket was, relishing being comfortable in Hell when I had been so miserable on earth.

“I’m going to lick you everywhere,” my wife purred, her tongue sliding across my cheek to my ears.

“Promise?” I giggled.

Her smile was naughty and my pussy flushed with heat.

Chantelle kissed down my neck, her tongue flicking, tasting me everywhere. I shivered in delight as her hands kneaded my breasts, squeezing them together. Milk beaded, leaking out of my large, dark nipples. Her tongue flickered out, licking up the milky drop.

And then she latched on and sucked.

“Oh, yes, I love it when you do that,” I purred, her cheeks hallowing as she nursed. Why did I have breast milk in Hell? Because I believed I should have it?

Her mouth drank and suckled, filling up her cheeks. She drained my right breast before she kissed over to my left. She purred happily as she nursed. I stroked her black hair, my pussy on fire. I spread my legs, humping my clit against her stomach.

I let my cock grow.

“Are you giving me a hint where I should lick next?” Chantelle giggled, licking her lips clean of my milk.

“Maybe,” I purred.

Her tongue licked down my stomach, dipping into my belly button. I squirmed, my cock throbbing as she worked lower and lover. Her mouth kissed about my cock, dipping between my legs, reaching the wet folds of my pussy. I lifted my large breast and suckled from my own tit, savoring the flood of creamy milk.

Chantelle licked through my folds up to the base of my cock. I shuddered, bucking my hips and suckled harder. I let my breast milk flow down my throat. She licked again, her tongue continuing all the way up to the tip of my cock. She swirled around the head, shudders of pleasure shooting through me, before she kissed back down. Her tongue rooted through my pussy, licking and drinking my excitement.

Then she spread my legs wider open, her tongue moving lower, and she licked at my asshole. I shuddered in delight as she rimmed me, my nipple popping from my lips, my sweet milk lingering in my mouth. Her tongue dipped in, tasting my sour hole, before she licked up, her tongue flicking through my pussy on its way to my cock.

“Suck my dick,” I moaned as she kissed up to the tip. “I’m so horny. Let me feel your lips wrapped around me.”

Her tongue swirled, darting about my head. I shuddered, arching my back, thrusting my cock down her lips. She swirled her tongue, greedy to lick and suck at my flesh. And I was greedy to let her. Her tongue was amazing.

“I love you so much!” I moaned, thrusting my cock into her hungry mouth. The tip ached. I shuddered. And then she thrust three fingers into my pussy.

I came.

My pussy convulsed about her fingers and my cock erupted, squirting come down her mouth. She drank down my passion as greedily as my breast milk. White spunk leaked out of her mouth, trickling down her chin as blast after blast filled her.

“Mmm, that was delicious,” she purred, sliding up, her own cock thrusting out from her pussy, hard and eager. She grabbed it. “Where should I stick this?”

“Hmm, how about my asshole,” I laughed. “Your tongue teased me, but I need more.”

Chantelle guided the tip of her cock to between my asscheeks. I shuddered as her head wedged between them, pushing at my sphincter. I groaned, my asshole stretching open for her thick dick. The heat was intense. I gasped, my own dick throbbing hard again.

“Oh, yes! Fuck my ass! I love it, baby!”

Chantelle loomed over me, hooking my legs and throwing them over her shoulders, her dick sliding deep into my ass. I groaned as she slowly fucked me, her hard nipples rubbing on the backs of my thighs as she fucked me.

My hips writhed to meet her thrusts. I squeezed my bowels down on her, loving how thick she was. I humped faster, working her cock deeper into me. Her thrust picked up the pace, our flesh slapping together.

The pleasure washed through me, ending at the tip of my throbbing cock. Precum leaked out, rubbing on my belly as Chantelle pounded my ass. I loved it. The heat grew intense, building in my core. I gasped and moaned, my voice louder than the howling winds above.

“That’s it. Cum on my dick,” purred Chantelle. “I love it when you do! You always make me feel so wonderful.”

“Yes, yes!” I panted, my eyes squeezing shut as a wave of pleasure shot through me. “I’m going to explode.”

“Me, too! I want to feel your cum cover my body!”

Chantelle thrust hard into me.

I gasped. My cock erupted, shooting cum up my body and splashing on my heaving breasts. My pussy gushed juices, flooding down to her hard cock reaming my ass. My bowels squeezed down on her girth, massaging her as the pleasure washed through my body. I gasped and moaned, tossing my head, my senses assaulted by bliss.

“Lana!” my wife screamed, and then her cock erupted inside my ass.

Pulse after delicious pulse of cum flooded my bowels. I was full of a hot, sticky mess that I savored. My legs parted and Chantelle collapsed on me. I held her tight. I never wanted to let her go. We were going to spend eternity together.

We made love for hours and energy built in our souls. Our lust seemed to feed each other, making us a little stronger. We never grew tired. We never grew hungry. We were beyond those mortal concerns. We took each other in every way we could imagine waiting for the storm to die down.

Finally, the winds slowed and a blood-red sky appeared. We crawled out of her hiding hole, looking around at the sulfur plain. In the far distance, a skeletal forest reared. I didn’t like the look of that.

“Lana!” Chantelle gasped.

I turned and blinked in horror. A brawny man dragged five women in chains, their bodies coated in yellow dust, stared at us. A hungry smile crossed his lips as he eyed our naked bodies, his cock throbbing hard; how disgusting. Two new manacles appeared in his hands.

“You two are the most beautiful yet I’ve found,” he growled. “You didn’t escape from Dis? No, you’re newly dead, right? Well, don’t worry, Superman will take good care of you.”

I blinked, and then noticed the red S painted on his muscular chest. “He’s the warlock that thought he was Superman,” I groaned. “From Scotland.”

“I am Superman!” the brute roared and flew at us.

To be continued…

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