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“THE” Dirty Dave Ch. 03

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(The) Dirty Dave part 3

Ready for another story about Dave and his beautiful wife Tara? If you have yet to read parts one and two, Please do so. Then come back and check this one out. Everyone involved is over 18 and no one was forced to do anything they really didn’t want to do. Like I said last time. If you give the Dirty Dave a try, let me know how it went. I would love to hear about it…..or see pics and vids.

Here we go!

It’s been two months since my sister in-law and mother in-law visited for some drinks, and ended up with cock. Since then my sister in-law Tanya has found any excuse she could to come by the house. When she does come by, %90 othe time she ends up naked on her back with her head hanging off the bed, and a jaw full of dick. It’s great having 3 pussys to use when I need. Not only that, but the night after my mother in-law and sister in-law, my beautiful wife brought over our young, chubby, single mother neighbor and introduced her to “The Dirty Dave”.

It’s been a fun time around here. Here is where it gets wild. 4 days ago I came home from picking up some files at my office and my other sister in-law Terry was at the house. When I walked in the door I could hear Terry and Tara talking in the living room. I could tell instantly that Terry had been crying. As I made my way into the living room to set the files on my desk and said hello to Terry.

With a look like a light bulb went off in her mind she stopped sniffling and shouted ” Dave!”

She then snapped her head to look at Tara and told Tara, “I could use Dave to get back at him, like you let mom and Tanya use him! He can do that dirty thing he does.”

“I didn’t know you were interested in something like that, you never seem interested when we talk about it,” Tara told her.

“Y’all talk about it? About me?” I asked.

They both looked at me with DUH! Written all over their face. I blushed and cracked a little smile. I sat down next to my wife and asked what was going on. Terry told me a story how late last night she got up to check on her kids and walked in on her husband Jason, in his computer room video calling some guy. Both were naked and had dildos in their asses, and talking dirty. A huge argument broke out and her home has been chaos since. She called Jackie to pick up the kids eary this morning. Terry and her husband had been fighting all day. He told her that since she had been with holding sex from him because of other issues, that he was looking for different ways to get off. He swore up and down that he had never actually been with another man, he was only talking to them and other females. He swore that he never cheated on her.

“So what is it that you are thinking about Terry?”

“Well Dave, from past conversations I have had with Tara, I know that you are one gifted man. I think I would like to have you use me infront of Jason.” She replied.

“In Front of Jason?!”

“Yes, Have him watch you Screw my brains out. Punishment for his gross thoughts and actions.” Terry said.

Out of all of Jackies girls, Terry was the most tightly wound. She stood 5′ 6 ” tall. She weighed about 165 lbs and had a massive rack. Yet she was the prude of the bunch. She never cussed, or made rauchy jokes, she dressed very modestly and rarely drank. From what I just heard, she wasn’t fucking her husband either.

Tara sat beside her and listen as we went back and forth. Then Tara grabbed her hand and spoke. “Sis, what Dave does is not for the faint of heart. He is rough and dominant. Everything goes and nothing is forbidden. From what I have known about you my whole life, I’m not sure you would be comfortable with everything.”

“Tara, I have heard from you,mom and Tonya about the pleasure he provides, Im tired of being the un fun one, the frumpy gal. I feel bad that my actions have forced my husband into doing things he would never do if he was in his right mind,” Terry said.

Under my breath and in a hushed tone I said “I dout this is the first time he has done it,”

I got a quick back hand from Tara for that one. Tara looked away from her sister and towards me. I could see the question in her eyes. I knew she wanted to help her sister. My cock, that started twiching in my shorts also wanted me to help her sister. I locked eyes with Tara and gave her a smile and nod.

Tara turned back to Terry and asked. “When do you want to do this?”

“Mom is gonna keep the kids for a few days, I wanna do it tonight.”

She broke her stare with her sister and looked me in the eyes. “I wanna do it now,” She said.

“Well if you wanna give Jason a show, then you need to practice a bit.” Tara told her sister.

“Stand in front of Terry hun,” She told me as she reached for my hand.

As I stood infront of my sister in-law, my wife reached for my shorts, undid the button and dropped them to the floor. There I stood infront of my prudish sister in-wal with my cock hanging out. Less than 2 feet from her face. I could see her large heavy chest rise and fall as her breathing got faster.

“When seks hikayeleri was the last time you sucked a cock, or held one that wasn’t Jason?” Tara asked.

Terry tried to talk but her throat cracked. She cleared it and said “It’s been a long while since I have even seen one. Jason and I haven’t been together in almost 2 years. When we used to do it, we always had the lights off. He would climb on top of me, insert himself and go at it. I seen one a few months ago in a movie and I turn away quickly cause I felt so dirty looking at it.”

Tara grabbed Terry’s hand and brought it up to my long, soft tool. She rapped her sisters fingers around my shaft and said. “You are about to feel real dirty. Are you ready?”

Terry gave us both a small unsure smile and nodded. Tare reached her hand behind me and placed it on my ass, she pulled me in closer to her sister.

“Use both hands, Feel the heat of his skin. Rub and massage it. Smell it, taste it. Let it bring you back to life,” Tara told Terry.

For the next 10 to 15 minutes, Terry did just that. She fondled and massaged me. She brought my cock to her face and rubbed it on her cheeks and lips. She inhaled the musk from my hardening tool. She lifted it and placed her nose and lips on my balls and took a massive breath in. Then she shivered. Tara and I just watched and she introduced herself to my dick. We exchanged glances at each other now and then.

“Put it in your mouth, Taste the drop of cum building at the tip,” Tara told her.

Slowly Terry opened her lips and took me into her mouth. It was warm and wet. The thought that my cock was the one laying on her prude tounge after so many years was amazing. For a good thirty minuets I stood there as she sucked, licked and slurrped on me. My gourges wife sitting beside us with one hand caressing my ass, while the other hand rubbed my innner thigh. Every so often, planting kisses on my outer thigh while her sister ingulfed me.

Seeing my chance to raise the stakes, I stepped between the open legs of my siter in-law, pushing my cock deeper into the mouth. It forced her to pull back, as she did I pushed further. Her hands came up and grabbed my thighs as her head and upper body connected with the back rest of our sofa. I lifted my right leg and planted it on the sofa next to Terry’s leg. I did the same with the left leg. I pushed further and her head came to a stop. I bent my kness and took hold of the sofa back and started slowly pumping. It took a second for her to catch on. Soon she had one hand on each of my ass cheeks, gripping me tightly while i thrust in and out of her throat.

I spent the next hour and a half putting my prudish sister in-law in all kind of crazy positions, all except one. She wanted to make sure and save that. She wanted to make her husband watch, what she was told would be pure ecstasy. She came multiple times on that couch, so did I. Not a single drop of cum was wasted.

After our romp in the living room, we all showered together. While in the shower I pressed her against the wall. I took both wrist in one of my hands and raised them above her head. I pressed my body against hers and whispered dirty things in her ear. I could feel her shaking from excitement. Then I pointed my mushroom tip at her soaked pussy and pushed my way inside of her. I pumped away as she moaned and cried with ecstasy. Apparently I was Terry’s first introduction to shower sex. After her massive orgasim, both sisters hit their knees and worshiped my cock together. As they did, iI looked down and thought, (Im getting pretty good at this sister fucking thing.) After our shower, Terry put on all her clothes except her very large plain cotton panties. Instead, she asked Tara if she could borrow a pair of some sluttier panties. Tara brought her a green, laced g-string. She put on the panties and left. Tara came up with the awsome idea to film it. Damn I love my wife!

Tara decided she wanted the dick all to her self for awhile, so we went to our room and she got The DIrty Dave. When we finished we ran out and got a bit to eat and had a few beers. On our way back home, Terry called and said her and Jason would been over in about an hour. When we got home we set up a video camera in the corner of the guest room. On the desk I set up a small lap top, pointing the camera right at the bed. The last few pieces of tech were our phone, one on each side of the bed, in arms reach.

Soon we heard a knock on the door. As I walked to the door, I could hear Terry and Jason arguing outside. When i opened the door, Terry stoped arguing with her husband. Her head snapped in my direction and a huge grin appeared on her face.

“I dont know why we are her, they have nothing to do with it,” Jason complained as they entered.

Terry crossed the threshold of my home, stepped as close to me as she could. She put one arm around me and the other on my chest.

She turned to her husband and said, “I told you there was only one way to fix this, you said sex hikayeleri you would do anything, now you will do everything!”

Jasons eyes widened. His mouth fell open. He watched as his wife’s hand dropped from my chest to my cock. He watched as his wife’s mouth opened and pressed against mine while my tool grew larger in her hand. Terry broke our kiss, reached down and grabbed the waist of my shorts and yanked them down. She stood up and walked into the house. There I stood in the open door way with my hard cock pointing at Jason. “Come in,” I said

He followed his wife into our house. I closed the door after him and did the same. Terry made her way into our guest room where Tara waited on the edge of the bed. When Terry walked in she pointed to a spot on the carpet.

“Remove your clothes, all of them and sit on your knees right there,” she said.

“Honey, I ca…”

“shut your fucking mouth and sit,” she snapped at Jason mid sentence.

I stood at the door watching, slowly stoking my cock, this was already getting good. Terry turned to me and the smile reappeared.

“Mr. Amazing Dick, will you please sit her at the edge please?” she said flirtingly. Since I had left my shorts at the front door, I moved past my sister in-law and made my way to the bed, a huge grin on my face. I like being called Mr. Amazing Dick. I locked eyes with Tara and asked, “you good?”

“As long as you give my sister what ever she ask for, Mr Amazing Dick,” she said with a grin that matched mine.

I turned around, removed my shirt and sat at the edge of the bed, legs open. Peacocking with a ridged wood. I throbbed with anticipation, knowing that this cold, cunted wench who has denide her husband for so long was about to give herself fully to me, in plain view of her puny husband. My heart raced and my cock throbbed, then I heard her speak. Everything changed in a flash.

“Crawl to him and sniff his balls,” she told Jason.

“Put your face right up under his cock. If you dont, I will. And while I do so you can walk home and pack your shit.”

With his head down and a defeated look on his face, he did as she said. He got on all fours and crawled to the bed. Right up between my legs. Looked up at me and pressed his nose to my sack, laying my softing cock on his forhead.

I was stunned, I was not prepared for this. In a panic I looked to my wife. She was just as surprised. She shrugged her shoulders and said, “What ever my sister want’s.”

I turned back to this small frail man on all four between my legs. His face planted between my balls and shaft. He breathed in deep inhaling my musk. He whimpered as he did. Terry watched as she removed her clothes and stepped to my said. She lifted my right arm and wrapped it around her. She pressed her hard, hot nipple to my lips, while she ran her hand through my hair. I opened my mouth and sucked it in.

“Look at me Jason, Look at a real man sucking my titts. Can you feel him getting harder as he sucks my large, heavy breast?”

Curiously, I looked down and accidentally locked eyes with Jason. While my cock laid across his face, I sucked and licked at his wife’s warm mammaries. With the thrust of my groin I crushed my sack into Jasons face and moved my cock up his forhead. I pulled back, then thrust again. Again and again I did this as my hands fondled his naked wife and my mouth ingulfed her titts.

My hands pulled at her big fatty ass cheeks, opening them as my fingers found it’s way to her tight pucker. I pulled her close and her body connected with my leg, closing Jason in to my hot groin. It shocked him and he gasped. As he opened his mouth to express his surprise, I thrust forward and my balls found his open mouth.

With that I fell back and pulled Terry down on top of me. Her legs crashing into Jason’s head. I felt him pull away as to let her legs swing over me. Then I felt him place my hairy sack back into his mouth. His wife grinding away on me while his hungry mouth sucked my balls. I felt the pressure of his sucking, pulling at my vain filled sack. Terry’s wet, hairy pussy felt like a fire on my stomach. Terrys greedy mouth over took mine and her tongue pushed it’s way in and lashed at my own.

I felt Jason’s mouth let go of my balls. I felt his face on my hands as I pulled his wife’s cheeks in different directions. I could tell he was licking or kissing her asshole. For a few minutes he stayed there and worked on her tight pucker. Terry’s hand eventually moved behind her and found the top of his head. With all her might that one arm could muster, she pushed his head down and off her ass. Then another shock for me, his mouth went strait for the tip of my cock. In an instant he swollowed the length of my dick. He forced my dick as far as it could go, he came back up and then went back down. My sister in-laws husband was now furiously sucking my shaft as she sat up and straddled me. I looked up to see her large heavy breast swinging as she started grinding her cunt on me. As she was grinding away her large ass kept slamming into her husbands face as he sucked the dick of the man she sat on top of.

Then in an instant she swung her leg back and over my body and her mouth found its way towards her husbands and together they licked and sucked at my cock. With one hand out streched and rubbing Terry’s back I tilted my head back and found my angle, laying against the head board with eyes glued to the scene infront of her. One hand pinched her right nipple while the fingers of the other hand were buried deep into her vagina. With in a few minutes, Terry was back on top of me, this time she was ordering her husband to slide my dick inside her. He followed orders like a good little cuck. She forced herself down slowly on me, all the way to the balls. She sat there for a second. Her hands on my chest and my cock in her cunt. He eyes closed and her toung licked her lips. Then she raised her body and slammed back down. Once, twice then over and over. She rode my cock like this for at least 30 mins. Soon after Terry started, Tara moved close to me and kissed me ferocusly. I made out with my wife as her sister rode me, while her husband Jason found his way back to my balls.

After awhile Terry stoped and said, I’m ready to get dirty.”

Terry climbed off of me and I sat up. As soon as my cock popped out of Tery, Jason inhaled it into his mouth. He made sure to get every drop of wetness his wife left behind. As I stood up he backed up a little bit. I spun around to see my beautiful wife helping my sister in-law climb into the right position to meet The Dirty Dave. She Hung her head off the edge of the bed as I stood above her. I took my dick in my hand and softly slapped her face with it. My wife, being the awesome assistant she is, took my sister in-laws feet and lifted them up towards me. I reached out, grabbed them and brought them to settle under my arms. I bent at the waist and inserted my tool deep into her mouth. I started licking her hairy prude cunt as I pumped 1 finger in and out of her tight mud hole and my cock in and out of her throat. I buried my mouth deep into her lips. While I attacked Terry, I felt Terry moan onto my cock. I could feel the vibrations her mouth made, surging through my prick..

Then another shock, I felt a warm wet tounge lick the ring of my asshole. I have had my ass licked before. Shit, my wife and her other sister were ass eating champs. The shock was that a man was now eating my ass. Having a man suck me off was not really new to me. Having such a large cock in collage made me very popular. Not only the ladies but with men too. I had 3 different roommates while in collage. At some point in time, all three roomates got a glimps of the monster. It turned out the same all 3 times.

I must admit. I was really turned on. Here I was pumping my hard cock deep into my prudish sister in-laws throat, her cuck husband digging his tongue into my ass as I bent her up, Legs under my arms, ass in the air and my face buried in her large soaking wet lips. I lost track of time until she exploded and her juices filled my mouth and covered my face. I felt like I was drowning in bliss. I knew I was about to blow my own load soon.

I pulled my face from Terry’s soaked cunt and stood up. I grabbed Terrys hand and pulled her up. As I did so, I walked around the side of the bed. Helping her to sit up, but then pulling her further. Moving her on her stomach. When I did, I hiked up one leg, crawled up behind her and forcefully jammed my cock into her waiting womb. Like a crazy person, I furiously pounded away. Sending her into a large burst of moans and yelps. Then, I came. I stopped mid thrust and unleashed a sea of seman. A massive amount of cum erupted from my cock and filled my sister in-law’s married cunt. The sound my dick made as I pulled it from the sopping wet and sticky cunt, was instantly followed by the sounds of Jason manically licking and sucking on his wifes used pussy. With both hands, he held open her butt cheeks and devoured every drop of steaming fluid that dripped from her slit, as she laid there used and exhausted.

At the same time My beautiful wife Tara was pulling a strap on rig from the bag Terry had brought with her. Connected to the rig was some small insignificant plastic penis that my wife removed. She opened the drawer to her night stand and pulled out her second favorite cock, A clone of my own tool. It was a clear pink l.e.d filled replica made from a kit we picked up last year. Tara slipped the toy into the ring of the rig and strapped herself in. She walked up behind Jason as he lapped at his wifes lower half. She placed one hand on his back and pushed him further down. “Is this what your internet friend was gonna give you,” she asked him

She released a big wad of spit from her beautiful lips that landed square on Jason’s puckered asshole. Using the tip of the toy she spread the spit, then slipped it in slowly. Jason moved and squirmed under the weight of my wife. His mouth made noises against his wife’s used Vagina. As she begain to pump her toy inside her brother in-law, i moved to the head of the bed. I crawled under Terry and placed my well worn cock directly infront of her amazed face. While Tara pegged Jason, he continued to lick at his wife. His wife continued to worship my cock.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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