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The Dream Girls Pt. 01

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.




a short novel in ten parts


[WARNING: This ten-part story contains graphic depictions of sexual violence, hate speech, elements of non-consent and reluctance, coerced drug use, non-scatological interaction with human feces, and the copious consumption and expelling of various body fluids.]


Part 1: Hot and Bored

Friday, June 16, 2017

3:41 pm

Somewhere in California

Kim scrolled through Instagram endlessly on her giant iPhone, standing in her bedroom in the suite, and ran one hand through her lustrous, long black hair. She wore an oversize Alabama football jersey, very short jean shorts, an extremely expensive diamond choker, a matte black nose stud in her pierced left nostril, a diamond belly button ring, an ornate blue ring on her right ring finger, a diamond bracelet, and a thin silver anklet. She was ready to make a video.

She held the phone out and tapped the red record button. A smile broke across her entire face, and she sprang to life.

“Heyyy guyyys! We’re finally heeerrre!”

She flipped her waist-length hair back behind her. Kim’s voice was low and raspy, thick with pronounced vocal fry.

“This. Place. Is. Ah-maaah-zaaahnnn!”

Kim moved to her doorway and turned around to focus her face and tits in the video, with the living area and the entrance to the balcony in the background. She ended the turn with a little bounce so her tits would jiggle under the jersey.

“Okay, so there’s like this lower part of the room, right? And look—it’s a gosh dang balcony. OMG! We’re goin’ downstairs lahterr to hang out at the patio barrr—andit’sgonnarule!”

Personality exploded from Kim’s face and body language during the video. She did voices and laughed and seemed crazy and excited. You wanted to be her.

“Then, like, tomorrow, me and my boo—well, not boo boo, okay?”

She giggled and rolled her eyes.

“My Jessaboo of course, sillies—are gonna do some fitness stuff down there, too! BE THERE! Jeremy, @bamarockj48, thank you sooo much for sending me your jersey! How can I evaar repay you?”

Behind Kim’s face, Jessa thrust her own cute, beaming face and one arm out of her bedroom’s doorway almost parallel to the floor. Her eyes sparkled even from that distance.

“Hey boos! Kim-Kims, tell everyone I love them! Mwah! TTYL!”

Jessa disappeared back into her room, and Kim laughed with love in her heart for her wacky, silly BFF.

“She’s so silly! I hope, like, everyone out there has a bestie like mine! Jessaboo loves you, and so do I! Oh my god, we like totally love and appreciate all our fans so much! You guys totally rock our socks, okay? We, like, absolutely do this for you!”

She flipped her hair back again, this time with just a hint of seduction.

“Kim’s outies, scouties!”

She did one slow spin with the phone to show off her whole outfit and her legs and ass, made sure to do some closeups of all the jewelry, then held up the jersey to show her stomach and back and just the very bottom of her bare tits. She brought the phone to the front of her shorts, unbuttoned the top button and began pulling the zipper down—revealing that she was not wearing panties—then returned the video to her face. Kim smiled wide, did her signature giant wink, then raised the phone way into the air displaying the peace sign, another of her little trademarks.

Her finger tapped to end the video, and all of the charming personality melted off her features entirely. She watched the video six times before finally posting it to her Instagram account, then began snapping pics of herself in all kinds of poses. She snapped pics of her stomach and her legs, lifted the jersey up and snapped pics of her big tits, and then a lot of just her face. Right before each pic was snapped, warmth and emotion flashed across her face, then died once it was taken.

In the end, she snapped around 150 pics. After she was done, she scrolled through her feed for a while leaning against the wall in her room. She finally let the phone drop down to her side and looked vacantly through the doorway into the main part of the room. Almost an entire minute passed as she stood there. Then, she called out.


There was no reply. She barked louder.

“Fucking Jess!”

Still nothing.

Kim rolled her eyes and pranced out into the main area of the grand suite. The sprawling hotel room consisted of a mostly oval main room with a sunken living section containing two couches, a big chair, a coffee table and a humongous HD television. Counterclockwise around that room were a luxurious bathroom, Kim’s bedroom, Jess’s bedroom, the entrance to the balcony, and a fairly amazing kitchen. The floor was a spectacular finished dark hardwood, and the balcony looked güvenilir bahis out over a lush landscape of vegetation next to a fantastic man-made lake. Their room was on the third floor.

Kim found Jessa looking through a garment bag hooked on the wall of her own bedroom.

“Aidam didn’t ‘like’ two pics from yesterday,” Kim said into Jessa’s room.

Jessa continued searching, and pulled something out—a skimpy purple top.

Kim wasn’t getting anything from Jessa, so she picked up her phone again and walked down to the sunken section. She plopped down on the big chair, took a few selfies of just her body, and scrolled through her feed. Minutes passed, and Kim switched to Pornhub to watch a deepthroat video with the volume way up. Her eyes stared blankly at the screen.

Jessa came out to the doorway and leaned against it with her phone up. She wore a cheap black choker, a giant silver men’s Tag Heuer watch, and a long, emerald-green tank top. As she leaned against the door she moved the bottom of the tank top up to put her hand on her hip. Jessa wore nothing else except for a glittery gold waist chain.

“Like, what did you say, or whatever?” Jessa said, looking at her phone.

“What?” Kim said.

On the deepthroat video, a cute, young-looking teenage white girl nervously throatfucked a meaty, gnarly black cock. The girl definitely didn’t like it, and the other nude black guy with a fat belly holding her head down definitely liked that.

“Nevermind,” Jessa said.

The gagging and slurping sounds echoed around the quiet hotel room.

“What?” Kim said.

They ignored each other for a few minutes, then Kim stood up and walked into the kitchen watching the video to pour herself a glass of their concoction from a pitcher in the fridge—some mixture of Fiji water, cut up citrus fruit, some vitamin stuff and chia seeds. She drank the whole glass in one tilt, and some of the mixture dribbled down her chin.

Kim put the big pitcher back in the fridge, closed the door and came back to the center area still watching the video. Jessa still stood where she had left her. Kim ran her hand through her beautiful long hair again and yawned. They had just woken up a few hours ago.

“I need some married cock, like, soon or some shit,” she said.

Nothing from Jessa. She continued scrolling.

On the porn video, the teen girl was now trying to fit the other black cock into her mouth while another fully clothed black guy tried to shove his big fingers into her teeny tiny pink asshole. The girl squirmed uncomfortably and generally looked unhappy. The camera guy chortled a gravelly laugh and moved the camera around to put it right up to her sad, dick-sucking little face.

Kim clicked her tongue and let her mouth hang open a few seconds before she spoke.

“I’m, like, bored or whatever,” she said, the sentence descending into a particularly whiny vocal fry. “Wanna fuck?”

Jessa ran one hand through her own hair, seeming not to notice the question. She left her hand dangling above her head as her hair tumbled out of it.

“Jess! Did you fucking hear me?”

“Huh?” Jess did not take her eyes off her phone.

Kim opened her camera and flipped to selfie mode. She snapped off a few hot pics of her perfect face, then realized she was annoyed.

“I said do-you-want-to-fuck?” She took a deep breath and let it out. “I’m fucking bored.”

“Whatever, I guess,” Jessa said.

They both floated apart, turning away and shuffling casually into their rooms to get ready for fucking. Simply routine.

Jessa simply lifted her shirt up over her head and dropped it on the floor. She took off her choker and waist chain and removed the watch, placing them all into one of her pieces of luggage before opening a big chest that sat in the corner. She took out some oil bottles and some of their sex gear and put them on the floor. She held up a long, thick, transparent purple double dildo and took a selfie with it next to her head, then chucked it back in the chest and took a few more selfies.

Kim scrolled through her phone while she walked into her own bedroom and started getting naked. She carefully removed all of her jewelry and placed the glittering pieces into a glass bowl on the room’s desk. Then, she hung the jersey on a hanger and dropped her shorts onto the floor. She took a bunch of nude selfies, scrolled through them a few times, then grabbed a hair tie from the desk. On the way back to Jessa’s room, she placed her phone on the coffee table and used the hair tie to put her long hair up tight so it wouldn’t get in the way while she fucked.

Jessa had cleared her bed of clothes and other junk, and was in the process of oiling her body for sex. She held a big condiment squirter in one hand and was massaging some oil into her inner thighs. Kim walked into the room and grabbed another oil container to start oiling herself.

“Did you hear from Rachel or whatever?” Kim asked.

Jessa was busy türkçe bahis oiling her taut lower stomach and hips. She let Kim’s question hang in the air until she felt like answering it.

“Who cares about that fat fucking skank?”

“Like, fucking anyway, she’s supposed to bring us something and shit. God, bitch. Like, never fucking mind.”

That was it for their conversation. Kim got started oiling herself, and they worked for a few minutes in silence.

Kimberly Amelia Masterson—kimsssmwah (Kimberly Masterson) on IG, SC and a few other apps—was every bit of 25 years old. She stood 5’10, and at the gym—in tightfitting spandex—she was every man’s fantasy and every woman’s jealousy. Her skin was perfectly golden tan, her perfectly straight hair was a dark black that gleamed in the light, and her big round eyes were a stunning hazel color that pierced through her dark features. Her lips were wide and thick, her nose was perfectly straight, and her cheekbones were high and perfect. Her big, milky tits sat perfectly perched on her chest above a tight, flat waist. Her curvy hips surrounded a baby smooth waxed mound and pussy with succulent and inviting juicy lips. Her legs were just ever so slightly thick and her ass was a bubbly, slutty bouncing gift from god that swayed when she walked and could easily cause car accidents if she ever wanted it to. Kim was the prototypical Instagram girl—an exquisite, pornographic body meticulously sculpted and tirelessly maintained to be absolutely nothing more than a perfectly proportioned fuck machine.

Jessique Marie Antoinette Eloise Rose d’Avignon Courtalain-Bellamy—lalajessica (Jessica Marie Antoinette) on her apps—was newly 22 years old going on 15. She looked much younger than her age. ‘Jessa’ to most people, she stood 5’6 and was much more petite than Kim. Jessa was the essence of French femininity—she was three quarters French and one quarter Belgian. Her body was much more slender than Kim’s, and her skin was a pale cream unblemished by the damage of the sun. Her slightly curly, dirty blonde mid-back-length hair was elaborately braided back and scrunched into a kind of bun, and her big brown eyes sat on a lovely, royally elegant oval face, the face of duchesses and queens. She had just small handfuls of cute tits, her stomach split into that exceptional line indicating a dedication to her ab workouts but without the ugly bumpiness of a man’s six-pack, and the space between her thin ballerina legs was a wide gap. Jessa’s perfect little pussy was trim but not shaved, with a pretty dab of nearly platinum blonde peach fuzz. Her tight, meaty runner’s ass was supple and perky, and she had that envy of so many women—back dimples. Jessa seemed to be more than the average Instagram girl. Her graceful appearance was that of an untouchable elite, a timeless vision of classical beauty, the masterpiece of a virtuosic sculptor. To masturbate to her scantily clad, skin-filled Instagram feed was to masturbate to great art history.

Kim and Jessa were second cousins on their mothers’ side, and had been inseparable since Kim had been in 9th grade and Jessa had been in 6th grade. Their history was, in so many words, deeply, immensely disturbing. They had grown up fabulously wealthy, with all of the advantages and drawbacks that come with such a life. They were the singular products of a special kind of unsupervised extravagance. Their breathtaking naked bodies reflected the truth of their daily lives: they each spent hours per day working out and taking care of their skin, and they lived a life of pure, unadulterated leisure.

They finished oiling themselves, then did their usual routine, inspecting each other’s bodies to make sure the oil got everywhere. Kim made sure that there was a lot of oil on Jessa’s back and under where her ass joined her legs. Jessa made sure Kim’s tits were really lathered and wet. They set their containers down on the floor and looked at each other from head to toe, shining in the sunlight through the window and the lights in the room.

“I’m ready to fuck now,” Jessa said.

“I’m ready,” Kim said.

Kim and Jessa went from zero to hardcore in two seconds. They attacked each other’s bodies, grabbing and pressing their hot naked oiled skin together and eating each other’s mouths with a voracious appetite and loud moaning sounds to match. Kim’s hands squeezed Jessa’s tight white ass and found her asshole, and Jessa’s hands pulled Kim’s body into hers as hard as she could so she could feel those big slutty tits sliding and squishing against her own small breasts and chest. Their tongues rolled and twirled together, and their hands squeezed and pressed and groped.

Kim pushed and they both fell back onto the bed with her on top. They rolled around eating and sliding, grinding their pussies into each other’s legs. Kim sucked on Jessa’s tongue like it was a cock, then moved down to Jessa’s chin and sloppily covered Jessa’s lower face in juicy spit. She rolled her body back behind güvenilir bahis siteleri Jessa to spoon her, wrapped her arms around Jessa’s petite oiled body, and moved her hands all over Jessa’s slippery stomach and tits and legs.

“Kimmmyyy,” Jessa said, sounding particularly fake. “Mmm fuck me wike when I was in middaw schoow.”

Kim brought her hand up in a fist and stuck her thumb out, then jammed it into Jessa’s open mouth. Jessa sucked Kim’s thumb with all of her cheeks, her eyes wide open just like a child’s, and Kim used her other hand to squeeze one of Jessa’s little titties. She licked Jessa’s neck with big wet licks and raised her leg to grind her slick juicy pussy on Jessa’s tight asscheek. They moved like that for a few minutes, a big wet sucking and humping piston, moaning and sighing like veteran pornstars.

Kim pressed her lips to Jessa’s ear and opened her mouth.

“Ohhh fuuuck Jessieee!”

Jessa jerked her head away and spit Kim’s thumb out of her mouth.

“Ow, like what the fuck? Watch how fucking loud you are.”



Jessa sat up and climbed on top of Kim’s thicker body to straddle her gorgeous fat tits. She began grinding her tight pussy on Kim’s tits, hard enough to hurt, and put one hand on either side of Kim’s face. Jessa looked down into Kim’s eyes and opened her mouth to unload a large amount of drool way down onto Kim’s cheek and into her open mouth. Kim slurped it all up and licked her lips to make sure she got it all.

“More, Jessieee. Unnnggghhh.”

Jessa loudly hocked up as much as she could and leaned down, then spit forcefully into Kim’s face and smeared it all around, getting her fingers into Kim’s mouth with just a twinkle of violence. She brought her knees up farther and parked her pale white pussy over Kim’s face.

“Tongue,” Jessa said in a high monotone voice. A command.

Kim opened her mouth and stuck out her big fat tongue, and Jessa sat down on it delicately as if it were a sitting chair for a Lady, but she didn’t move like one. She humped and grinded Kim’s tongue and reached back to grab Kim’s tits as hard as she possibly could. The fat tit flesh squeezed through her fingers and made her even more wet. Kim’s muffled voice made ‘mmmph’ noises as she struggled to eat and breath at the same time.

“Ooh! Ooohyeaahhh! Ohhh Kimmmiiieees!”

She moved her body so that she could grind her asshole hard and slow on Kim’s tongue. Then she began sliding her entire asshole and pussy along Kim’s big wet tongue, back and forth like that, hard. Kim slurped and sucked and breathed heavy and fast. Jessa felt something warm coming.

“Shit, I have to fucking piss,” Jessa said.

She stood up off the bed and walked out of the room. Kim got off the bed after a few seconds and followed Jessa through the doorway, taking a brief detour to tap her phone awake and check for notifications. There were many, but none that interested her.

“Jess! Piss in the shower so I can get some!” Kim called out through the suite.

She clicked her phone off, checked the condition of her hair tie, then joined Jessa in the bathroom.

“Next time fucking tell me before I fucking sit down on the toilet.”

“Ew, why don’t you be more of a PMSing bitch.”

“You’re a dumb fucking cunt, Kim,” Jessa said.

She spread her legs wide in the shower stall and Kim knelt down in front of her. Jessa began to piss, and Kim reached her hands out in a cup to catch some of it. She took a deep sniff of it, then sucked it all into her mouth. Her eyes closed in ecstasy. She moved fast and opened her mouth to catch the rest, pushing her mouth up onto Jessa’s pussy and gulping rapidly. Jessa held Kim’s head against her pussy with both hands and drained her bladder into her cousin’s throat.

Just like every time someone drank piss from her pussy on their knees, Jessa remembered that evening from long ago. She remembered the smiling, handsome man kneeling in the bathtub of one of the third floor bathrooms in her Dad’s mansion, shirtless and waiting for her to pee. She was holding her dress up like he had told her to do, and the man had pulled down her panties. He was laughing like they were old friends, telling her that it was okay, to just start peeing, she didn’t have to be embarrassed. She remembered hearing the rest of the people at the party outside through the open window, laughing and talking. She remembered the terrifying animal noises he made when she was finally able to go pee into his mouth. She remembered the rest of that long, long night with the man in her own bedroom. She remembered being a very, very bad girl.

She finished pissing and shook a few more drops into Kim’s mouth.

“Fucking lick me clean so I don’t have to wipe.”

“Uggh-hugggh,” Kim said.

Kim licked all of the piss she could find out of Jessa’s little pussy, then stood up and walked out of the shower. They both stopped to admire themselves in the gigantic bathroom mirror, posing and smiling beautifully, holding their tits and turning to check out their slick, oily asses.

As they walked out of the bathroom and away from the mirror, their smiles disappeared.

“Gape my asshole now,” Jessa said.

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