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The Elevator Ch. 05

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Ava Addams

Okay everyone. This is the final chapter of Lauren and Adam. I really loved writing these stories. I wish I could drag them out longer. Anyway thank you for voting and for all the responses. I hope you enjoy this last chapter.


Lauren took her coffee from the sales clerk. She blew in it to cool it down some. Just as she turned she bumped into the person behind her. The coffee spilled out of the top onto the floor.

“Oh crap I am so sorry.” She looked up into Mike’s brown eyes. “Mike, wow I guess we keep bumping into each other.” He grinned at her.

“Yeah I guess so Lauren. Happy New Year to you by the way. What did you and what’s his name do for the day?” Lauren rolled her eyes as she watched his turn and ordered his drink.

“You know his name is Adam, Mike. We kept it pretty tame this holiday we just watched the ball drop on TV.” Lauren’s mind flashed back to that night two weeks ago. Yes, they did watch it drop, but Adam was pushing into her pussy as the ball dropped in Time Square on TV. He whispered the countdown in her ear as he pushed deeper into her pussy as he counted. Just the thought of that night turned her on. “What about you Mike? What did you and your fiancée do?”

“Sarah and I went to some parties and then crashed at the house. She was too drunk by the time the ball dropped.” He looked down and saw her ring on her finger.

“Wow, that is a ring. You and Adam getting married?” He looked like he was pretty upset at the idea.

“Yeah, he proposed Christmas. We were thinking a summer wedding.” She felt uneasy saying this to him.

“Don’t you think it is kind of soon, Lauren?” She stepped back and stared at him.

“No, I love Adam. And is this coming from you the guy that recently asked the girl he knew a month to marry him.” He laughed suddenly at her.

“Oh, now I get it. You are marrying Adam because I am getting married to Sarah. You are jealous. Wow I always knew you were competitive Lauren, but come on marrying a guy just to compete with me that is just ridiculous.” Lauren grabbed her coffee off the counter and picked up her purse.

“Are you insane Mike? Or are you just completely conceited to think that I plan my life around yours. I honestly could care less about you getting married. I love Adam that is why I am marrying him. Next time we see each other let’s just pretend that we don’t see each other.” She walked past him and into Tracey. He grabbed her arm.

“Look I’m sorry Lauren. It’s just I can’t believe you are getting married. That just means it is like completely over for us.”

“It is Mike. It’s been over. Look I have to go. See you later.” She walked away and bumped into Tracey.

“Oh my gosh I am having a horrible day,” mumbled Lauren to herself. “Sorry Tracy I didn’t see you there.”

Tracey smiled her fake smile. “I guess you didn’t you were having a slight argument with that gorgeous guy over there. Wait he looks sort of familiar? Do I know him?” Lauren looked at her watch. She so did not have time for Tracey. They had become cordial to each other recently. Lauren was trying hard to be nice to this woman for Adam.

“He was at that Breast Cancer party last year. His name is Mike.” Tracey smile deepened.

“Oh, yeah I know who he is. He owns the bars downtown. Wow I guess he is a catch for some woman. Wait, oh my gosh is he your ex Lauren?”

“You did the research on me Tracey you tell me?” She grabbed the rest of her stuff and walked away.

Tracey smiled to herself and got her coffee.


“Uhh Ashley that bitch gets on my nerves.” Lauren put her coffee on the table and head in her hands.

“What did Tracey do now Lauren?” Ashley took a seat at Lauren’s desk.

“First I ran into Mike. And he had the nerve to accuse me of marrying Adam to get back at him. Which is very laughable at best. Then when I start to storm off I run smack dab into Tracey. Tracy and her persistent calling and nosiness.”

“Forget about her Lauren. You and Adam will be married by this time next year. And with any luck he will get a new assistant. Preferably a good looking straight guy assistant that I could ravish.” She smiled in her chair.

“I suppose you are right Ashley”


Lauren walked into Adam’s office. She looked at Tracey’s desk and saw she wasn’t there. Thank goodness, thought Lauren. She knocked on Adam’s office door and walked in.

He smiled at her while he was on the phone. She took a seat and looked at him as he went over some business on the phone. He was firm and demanding with whoever he was on the phone with. She did not know what it was but, the strength in his voice and plus his sexy body in his blue shirt was turning her on. Lauren looked away to get herself under control. Every time she was around Adam nowadays she just wanted to jump his bones. She didn’t know what is was whether it was just the fact that she was crazy in love with him or if she was just extremely horny.

Adam looked at her with smoldering Escort bayan eyes. He watched her cross her legs and stare out the window. His eyes lowered to her hips. In the skirt she had on he could easily get a good view of her thigh covered by stockings. He watched her uncross her legs and then cross the other. She exhaled sharply and he knew she was turned on the way she kept crossing her legs. He started to rap things up on the phone. He hung up the phone and then glanced at her.

“So Adam are you ready to go? I have to go home and change and then we can head out to the movies.” She got up and grabbed her coat.

“You know what I would rather do right now Lauren?” He came up behind her and brushed his hard on against her butt. Lauren giggled as he pushed her onto his desk. He coat dropped to he floor.

“We always end up in this position Adam. We plan something nowadays and end up doing this.” Adam kissed her neck and tore open her stocking around her pussy.

“And what is so wrong with this, Lauren?” Lauren pushed her lips onto his harder and pushed her tongue into his mouth. Her lips felt bruised as she pushed onto his mouth harder. She tore open Adams shirt popping buttons on the floor. She rubbed her hands up his chest and let her fingertips glide up to his nipples.

Lauren leaned forward and rubbed his hard abs. She pulled her lips from his mouth. Adam groaned as she moved away. Lauren gripped her fingers around Adam’s nipple and pinched them slowly. “We no longer have a social life Adam. We are neglecting are friends.” Adam’s groaned and his lips moved back over her mouth. He pushed his fingers into her pussy. He let his middle finger push in and out of her pussy. Lauren groaned into his mouth. Lauren gripped his glass table as his fingers pushed harder into her pussy.

“You talk too much baby. Use your words like I want you to. Tell me to do you like it like this?” Adam unzipped his pants and let his hard cock free. He pushed slowly into her pussy and then out completely. He then pushed into her harder slamming his paper work onto the floor. Lauren gripped his back as he slid into her harder each time. “So do you like it hard or slow baby? Or maybe you like it this.”

Adam sat down on the chair behind him and pulled Lauren onto his cock facing away from him. He spread her legs and inserted his cock into her pussy. He bounced her slowly up and down on his cock. Lauren reached back and gripped his hand as he pushed her harder and harder onto his cock. He let his other hand come around and play with her clit. Lauren felt a tear roll down her cheek as she started to climax. ” Do you like it like this Lauren?”

Lauren moaned and felt her body start to jerk and shake as she squeezed Adam’s cock as she came. Adam lifted her onto his couch and pushed into her slowly as she slowly recovered from her orgasm. He loved her look after cumming. Her eyes always were glassy and she somehow had a glow. He watched her lick her dry lips and that sent him over the edge. Adam pumped into her hard and fast as he came.

“See Adam, we have no social life. It is 8:30 and her we are passing out on your office couch after great sex. We are neglecting others.” Adam sighed softly.

“Our friends can wait baby because when it comes to having sex with my gorgeous fiancée or going to see a movie with Mike and his girlfriend of the week. I think I am going to chose sex with you.” He kissed her on the lips softly.

“Speaking of me being your fiancée. My mom called and she wanted to know what date we picked. So I was thinking if you like then what about some day in June.”

“June is cool. Shit, I would marry you tomorrow in Vegas if you want.” They laughed.

“Yeah and my mom would kill you. She has to be there for her baby girl’s wedding. And I am sure you mom wants to be there to right?”

“Yeah I would guess so. So I think we should have an engagement party. What do you say?” He looked up at her.

“Yeah, sounds like fun. Do you want a big one or small? I can have Ashley start on everything tomorrow.”

“Whatever you want babe. All I want is you to be happy.” He kissed her cheek.


“So, Lauren everything is planned for you guys engagement party. You and Adam just have to be there around 8. And consider this my wedding present because you gave me a lousy two weeks to plan this thing.” Ashley looked at her best friend pull out dresses and throw them on the bed.

“Well I truly appreciate it Ashley. Maybe this will make you feel a little bit better. Will you please be my maid of honor?” She smiled at Ashley.

“Yeah of course. You sure you don’t want any of your sister in laws to be it.”

“Goodness no. I am not close to my brother’s wives. Anyway you are my best friend. I can’t think of anyone else to be my maid of honor.” She hugged Ashley.

“Wow, maid of honor. Well now I have to make sure your wedding is great.” Her blue eyes dazzled as she thought of how she would plan the bachelorette Bayan escort party.

“Alright I am going to get dressed. I’ll call Adam and make sure he gets there on time. Thanks again Ashley.”

“Okay, see you there.” Ashley walked out the door.

Lauren grabbed her phone and dialed Adams number. “Hey Adam we have to be at the party at 8. Do you want to ride together?” She looked at the ring on her finger. Every time she saw it she beamed.

“No, Lauren I am still out right now. I will just meet you there. What are you going to wear?” His voice got husky and low.

“You are curious to what I am wearing? Ok, I am surprised. I am going to wear a black halter dress.”

“Maybe, I didn’t clarify it enough Lauren. What are you wearing under that dress?” His voice was low and deep.

Lauren grinned at his words. “A black lace thong and strapless push up bra.”

“Ohh Lauren. You know what I want?” Lauren felt her pussy start to get wet as he spoke.

“What do you want Adam? Tell me what you want?” She let her fingers rub the outside of her thong. She felt the dampness that was on them.

“I want you to take that thong off. So when I want you I can take you tonight. I want to be able to stick my fingers in your pussy with nothing in the way. To easily be able to taste your sweet pussy anytime without any resistance. Can you do that for me baby?” His heavy breathing was all she heard on the phone.

Lauren let her fingers rub her clit slowly like Adam normally did. She pushed her finger into her pussy and then another. She let a moan release into the receiver of the phone.

“Answer me Lauren.”

“Yes, I can. I won’t wear any thing tonight.” Adam smirked to himself.

“Good and stop touching that pussy. I want it all tonight. See you later.” Lauren took her fingers and licked the tip of her finger.

“Hmm I don’t taste to bad.” She got up and got dressed.


Adam walked into the party and searched the room. He smiled and spoke to the people he recognized. The room was decorated in gold and white balloons and had a huge seafood and dessert bar. He grabbed a glass of champagne from the waiter. He spotted Tracey talking to someone. He walked over to say hey.

“Hey Tracey glad you could make it.” She grinned up at him and took sip of her drink.

“No problem. You know I am here for you my best friend and boss. I still can’t believe you are doing this though?” He looked at her and frowned some.

“I love her Tracey. That is what you do when you love someone.” She still grinned up at him.

“I know I know, its just you all have only been together what like 6 months now. But, hey I guess everybody moves on. For example her ex is getting married. What was his name again?”

“Mike, his name is Mike. He’s getting married, huh? I wonder if Lauren knows.”

“Knows, of course she does. Mike told her when he bought the ring. She supposedly was shaken up from it. But, then you popped the big question and look you two are getting married as well. I guess things just work out that way huh?” She grinned this time for real. She looked up at him and the look on his face was priceless to her. I really shouldn’t be this mean, thought Tracey. But, I so want him and that bitch definitely doesn’t need him. Now, he thinks she agreed to marry him because she was jealous about Mike. Or even if he doesn’t completely think that I sure have put thoughts of doubt in his head. “Adam what’s wrong you don’t look so good?”

“How do you know all of this Tracey?” His face was starting to turn red and his eyes were growing cold.

“Oh, I saw them a few weeks ago at the coffee shop. They were talking about it then. I kind of thought it was odd she was meeting him privately there, but hey I guess they are still friends.”

Just then Lauren walked into the hall. She was dressed as she told him in a black halter dress with her hair down and in curls. She laughed at a joke someone was telling her. Adam started to walk over toward her when he saw Mike walk in though the door. Mike wrapped his hands around Lauren and pulled her into a hug. She grinned and kissed his cheek. He whispered something into her ear and she smiled up to him. Adam had enough. He walked over to her and pulled her out of Mike’s arms.

“What are you doing Adam?” She looked up at him as he pulled her back.

He ignored her and looked up at Mike. “Why is it you always find a way to be around my fiancée Mike?”

Mike’s grin faded. “Look Adam I just came here to wish you all good luck on your engagement. No big deal.” He looked at Lauren.

“No, no don’t look at her to pity you and have her side with you. You said what you had to say now go. ” Mike put his present on the table and then left to walk out.

Lauren grabbed Adam’s hand and pulled him to the hallway. All there guests watched them leave. “What was all that about Adam? He just wanted to say congratulations.”

“Nothing, I just didn’t feel like seeing Escort him here. This is our day. Right, it’s just about us right?” He looked into her eyes. He needed to know that she loved him.

“Yeah baby. It’s just about us. Why are you acting funny?” He kissed her forehead.

“Forget about it. Let’s just go back to the party.” He grabbed her hand as they went into the party. They took their seats and Ashley stood up and explained when she knew her best was falling for Adam and how she knew they would make a perfect couple. Mark and others stood up and started talking about Lauren and Adam. Lauren smiled at him. Adam’s mind flashed to Lauren groaning under Mike. She saw her flash him the same smile she just gave him. He saw her on her knees sucking Mike’s cock and screaming his name during sex. He shook his head and tried to clear the thoughts out of his mind. The party finished and Lauren stood up and thanked everyone for coming. Adam smiled and thanked them as well, but he was mainly in a daze.


“Well that was fun wasn’t it? I really like what Mark said. I didn’t know you thought I was something special from day one.” She kicked her shoes onto the floor and fell onto his bed.

“We need to talk Lauren? Get up.” He took his jacket off and put it on the chair.

“Ah Adam can’t we just talk in the morning I am exhausted.” She sat up on the couch and looked at him

“No, Lauren it’s got to be now. How long did you know Mike was getting married?” She frowned up at him.

“I don’t know like 3 months now. Why?”

“Why? Why the fuck didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t think you cared he was getting married Adam. It’s not like you guys are buddies.”

“No, but you two are aren’t you. And from what I hear you were a little upset about the news.” He looked down hard at her.

“I was upset for like a second Adam. Mike means nothing to me why are you so upset about Mike? I don’t see why this matters.” She stood up and tried to grab his hand, but he pulled it back.

“What matter is that I am a idiot or at least you think I am. You only agreed to marry me because Mike was getting married. You were jealous and I was there the rebound guy. You know I was stupid to think you were over that guy. I really should have known. You defend him whenever I talk about him and then you meet up with him all the time.”

“You are so wrong Adam. I never meet up with him. I love you nobody else. You have to believe me.”

“Believe you why? You cheated on Mike with me and now you are cheating on me with Mike. I know Lauren. I know about the secret meeting at the coffee house and the other supposedly surprise encounters.”

Lauren felt the tears come down her eyes. ” I don’t know who told you these lies Adam. There is nobody else that I want to be with other than you. Mike and I ran into each other at the coffee house and those other times. We just say hello and goodbye. Don’t do this. Don’t let other people try to end this for us.”

“I love you Lauren, but we are through. The engagement is over.” He looked out the window to keep his eyes off her.

“Over just like that. No type of discussion or anything? Wow, and you say you love me. You are letting rumors end us.” Lauren started to feel her sobs getting louder. She wiped her eyes. “Let me guess Tracey gave you this information right. But, she probably made it seem like she was just giving you friendly advice. She wants you Adam. Why can’t you see that?”

Adam wiped the tear rolling down his face. “I trust her Lauren.”

“Why her and not me? The least you can do it look at me Adam since we are through right? ” Adam turned and looked into her glassy eyes. His heart broke as he saw her cry.

“She’s lying Adam. You don’t want this do you? Do you?” She stepped toward him.

“We’re done Lauren.” She stopped moving toward him and looked at the floor.

“Fine, I hope you and Tracey make each other happy. I hate your guts Adam. I fucking hate you. I hate that you made me love you and now you are ending it.” She grabbed her shoes and walked out the door.


Adam walked into his office in the same suit he had worn the day before. He passed out on his bed the night before after drinking too much. It had been a month since he and Lauren ended their engagement. He hadn’t heard from her since that day. He had only caught a glimpse of her as she walked into her place. Adam couldn’t remember how many times he almost knocked on that door and apologized. Tracey looked up at him as he entered.

“Adam you look like crap. Here come into your office let me fix you up.” She grabbed his arm and pulled him into the office.

“Here take your shirt off. I will try to get that stain out of it.” He took off his shirt and Tracey let her eyes roam over his chest. His body looked as hard a rock. He had a thin line of hair that led from his belly button down his pants. When he turned around Tracey stared at his eagle tattoo. She wanted to trace it with her tongue.

“Thanks Tracey I really appreciate this.” He sat down on the couch.

“No, problem. Even though I will be glad when you snap out of his funk you have been in.”

“Well like I said thanks for the help.” He laid his head back on the couch and closed his eyes.

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