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The Family Mansion Rewrite Pt. 12

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The Family Mansion 12: Donna

By Charlie Flemming

Copyright 2020 Charlie Flemming

Donna coming over to the Slope Family Mansion really late was not uncommon. There was a spot on the other side of the wall in front of the house where she could park her car just off the side of the road. It was fine since the road was rarely used by anyone not living in that mansion. Right after she did, she took out her phone and quickly wrote Lexi a text message.

DONNA: What’s up, you curly-haired cunt!? I’m at your house

Donna waited a moment before getting a reply.

LEXI: Alright you straight-haired slut, I’m coming down

Being that they both had red hair, one naturally curly and the other naturally straight, comments like these were common between the two friends.

Donna got out of the car, but not before reaching in the back and grabbing a plastic bag she had prepared before coming over. She walked across the yard and as she was approaching the front door Lexi pushed it open from the other side.

“Hey pretty lady,” Donna said as she walked up the front steps, she held up the plastic bag she was carrying, “I brought half a bottle of tequila and half a bottle of wine. It’s what was left under our kitchen sink after Mom’s last get-together.”

Lexi glanced at the bag then looked back at Donna, “Well, I just needed to talk. I wasn’t saying we should get drunk and party, or something.” Truthfully, Lexi was worried because the only other time she and Donna drank together Donna had tried to kiss her.

“Oh don’t worry about it,” Donna said, wine made her very horny and she knew it, but she was really just hoping to loosen Lexi up enough that she’d get her to tell her some sex fantasies she had about her brother, not to mention whatever Lexi couldn’t tell her over the phone. “I just want us to have a good conversation and alcohol helps.”

Lexi thought about this but was still distrustful of her friend, “Okay,” she said anyway, “but I don’t want to drink too much. One glass each, and no tequila.” Lexi had never had liquor before but had heard it gives you hangovers, something she hadn’t experienced before but they sounded really awful. If she knew a bit more about drinking, Lexi would know any alcohol could give you a hangover and not just liquor, but she was a bit naive when it came to drinking, to say the least.

“I insist we take one shot first,” Donna said, “If you drink wine first and then tequila you’ll definitely get a hangover. If you do it the other way, you won’t.” Donna actually wasn’t sure about that, but she’d heard the rhyme before, “wine before liquor, you’ve never been sicker.” She repeated to her friend.

They went into the kitchen so that Lexi could get glasses. The kitchen was essentially planned by a person who designed kitchens for college campuses. It was about ten times bigger then it needed to be for a family their size. Not to mention the amount of food in the pantry or the multiple fridges that James insisted on keeping fully stocked at all times. There was also a wine cellar that could be accessed from a hatch in the middle of the room and led into a basement room that couldn’t be entered from everywhere else. It had many bottles of both wine and liquor, but Liz insisted it was kept locked up with a padlock and only she and Bri had a key.

From one of the many shelves, Lexi got down two wine glasses and two shot glasses and took them back to the counter where Donna had already taken the two bottles out of her bag. Lexi put the glasses on either side of the bottles so the wine glasses were closest to the wine and the shot glasses were next to the tequila.

“I’m still not sure about drinking tequila,” Lexi said as she eyeballed the bottle suspiciously, she’d heard if you drank liquor that instantly made you an alcoholic, but Lexi also thought that smoking marijuana immediately made you addicted to heroin, she wasn’t stupid just easily impressionable due to lack of experience with the real world, “I’d much rather drink the wine.” She added.

Donna put her fingers up to the side of the wine bottle to demonstrate how much was in it, “I know you prefer wine, but there’s not a whole lot in there, probably only enough we could each have a glass, but that’s it. So I brought the tequila as well. Here, we’ll do a shot and you can see how you feel about it.” Donna grabbed the bottle and poured a shot for each of them in the tiny glasses to the side. “Actually, do you have salt and a lime? I should teach you how to do a real shot of tequila.”

Lexi cocked her head to the side curious what a “real shot of tequila” entailed. Though she was still suspicious of the liquor, she still felt she wanted to try out this new life experience. “Okay,” Lexi said after a moment, “Fine.” She sounded annoyed like she always did when she realized that Donna had just coerced her into something.

“Yay,” Donna squealed as she went into the pantry Girne Escort to get salt and a lime. She grabbed a knife on the way back and sliced it up on the counter in between them, “Pour the shots while I cut this.” She told Lexi.

Lexi did so and when she put the bottle back, Donna had finished chopping the lime. “Now what?” Lexi asked.

Donna licked the back of her hand before saying, “It’s simple, you lick the salt,” Donna poured salt on her hand, “Then you do the shot,” she pointed at the shot glasses, “then you suck on the lime,” Donna grab two slices of the fruit and placed one in front of each of them, “Got it?”

“I guess so,” Lexi said as she grabbed the salt and was about to pour some on the back of her hand like she had seen Donna do, but before she could Donna grabbed her hand and pulled it to her mouth so she could lick it.

“You have to make it wet first,” she explained when she gave Lexi her hand back.

Lexi only rolled her eyes as Donna licked her. It wasn’t surprising to her in any way, Donna was always doing shit like that, like grabbing her tits suddenly and going “honk, honk,” or hugging her from behind and whispering, “You smell sexy, slut,” in her ear, or similarly weird things like that. Lexi considered it all to be in good fun and was mostly used to this type of treatment, and licking her hand wasn’t that abnormal considering it was Donna.

Of course, this was all part of Donna’s secret plan of slowly seducing Lexi, followed by Nathan once Lexi warmed up to the idea, and then getting the two of them to fuck her in a threesome. She still didn’t think it would ever happen, but Donna knew if there was even the remote possibility of Lexi and Nathan making love (especially if Donna could be there), she was going to try to get them there.

Lexi took her hand back and poured salt on the part Donna had just licked, “So, I lick the salt, then take the shot, then suck on the lemon?”

“Lime,” Donna corrected, “and yes.” Donna raised her shot glass in the air, “A toast to you, my friend,” Donna said.

“Aw, thanks,” Lexi smiled, causing Donna to blush because Lexi had a beautiful smile, Lexi raised her glass to Donna’s and they clinked together.

While Lexi warmed up to tequila downstairs, Liz lay in her bed unable to sleep. Her thoughts just kept going back and forth between thinking sexual thoughts about her son, Nathan, to sexual thoughts about her daughter, Brooke, and in both cases, she tried to force herself to think about anything else but just couldn’t seem to. So she lay awake in her giant bed, horny as fuck, but unwilling to do anything about it.

Maybe I should call my therapist, Yumi, she thought but glanced at the clock and knew it was too late to bother her, and Liz had never talked to her outside of her sessions before and she wasn’t sure if it was really allowed. Thinking about Yumi made her try to imagine what Dr. Kim might say, or have Liz do in order to calm down her Sex Demon.

Liz recalled something Yumi told her to do when she had problems with James in the past, to visualize whatever the problem was as something she could talk to and maybe try to reason with it. However, whenever Liz did this in the past she would just conjure up the image of James and imagine herself yelling at him. Probably not what Yumi wanted from Liz, but it usually helped anyway.

This time, Liz visualized her Sex Demon. It wasn’t hard since she had already imagined her earlier as a mix of Liz herself and the classical interpretation of Satan with horns, red skin, and, for some reason, a metal dildo in her ass.

Liz imagined herself facing the naked devil who had one hand shoving the dildo in and out of her asshole while another hand was on her massive tit, tweaking her nipple with clawed fingers. The Sex Demon hissed at Liz, sticking out its forked tongue in the process.

“Why are you back all of a sudden?” Liz pleaded with her.

“I never left sweetheart,” The Sex Demon replied, “it’s not my fault you tried to hide me away so I can gather strength and take you over as I please.”

“But why my children?” Liz asked, feeling lost and alone, “I’m their mother, I’m not supposed to have these feelings for them.”

“Sexy feelings,” the Sex Demon observed as she ripped the dildo from her asshole and started deepthroating it.

Liz looked down, feeling defeated, “But I’m supposed to protect them,” she said desperately, “not corrupt them.”

Liz’s Sexual Demon took the metal dildo out of her throat and threw it behind her with a metal CLANG as it hit the imagined ground behind her. She stepped towards Liz and grabbed her throat, forcing Liz to look her in the eyes, “After you caught Brooke yesterday, I think we can both say she’s already corrupted. And after dinner, she was practically begging for you to fuck her.” As the devil said this she stuck out her forked tongue and licked from Liz’s chin, up her cheek, across Magosa Escort her nose, and right up the middle of her forehead before receding back into her mouth so she could finish her statement, “And Nathan, that boy doesn’t know a single thing about women. He could use some corrupting and after the day you two have had I would say he wants it even more than you do.” The Sex Demon laughed, triumphantly, “He just doesn’t know it yet.” And then she kissed Liz while simultaneously ripping all of her clothes off in one swipe of her claw and then used that same claw to penetrate Liz’s sopping wet cunt as her impossibly long tongue went down her throat. Liz did nothing to resist her, she knew everything she was saying was true.

In real life, Liz forced the image away as she also threw her blanket off of her. Well, that didn’t help at all, she thought bitterly as she sat up in bed feeling very hot. What the hell is wrong with me? Why am I just so focused on my son’s huge cock or Brooke’s perfect body… This made her remember how beautiful and inviting Brooke’s pussy looked when she bent over in her room earlier, this image was met with her son’s massive dick and huge balls and she started wondering what the two would look like together…

“AAHHHH!” She yelled in frustration as she got up from the bed and started pacing around her room as she coerced her perverted imaginings away. Her room was soundproof so she didn’t have to worry about anyone hearing her. “Why the fuck am I so horny? Why the fuck can’t I get these thoughts out of my head? This is just like with my father, whom I had to run away from because of how much of a perv I fucking am, and… and…” Mentioning her father made her remember how badly she felt on the day of his funeral that she never told him how she felt so they could at least move past that and be a normal father and daughter again. She wished she had told him. I don’t want to regret anything like that ever again, she thought to herself. She grabbed her silk robe and went out the door.

Liz felt like she was walking in a dream, she didn’t even notice the sounds of soft voices talking and laughing in the kitchen as she walked out of her room, and before she knew any better she was standing in front of her son’s bedroom door. She cringed, not knowing if she should go through with it. She wasn’t sure how she could admit this to her son, but she also felt she couldn’t continue without admitting it to him. Liz stood there for several minutes unsure of how to proceed.

Nathan lay awake in bed. He had an erection under his blanket but wasn’t going to masturbate thinking about his mom. But then the door burst open and his mother came in. She was completely naked, her big boobs seeming to bounce on their own as she walked into the room.

“Oh dear,” she said in a motherly tone as she took his blanket off him, “It looks like you have an erection and your mother is going to have to take care of it. You’re forcing me to do this.”

“Wait, stop-” Nathan said but it was too late as she had already sucked half his cock into her throat. Nathan moaned out in intense pleasure, and though he thought he’d never received a blowjob before this felt very familiar to him.

Liz took her son’s cock out of her mouth, “Hmm, I don’t think this is going to be enough to tame this wild beast,” she said and as she did she got on the bed, “I’m going to have to fuck you now!” She moaned excitedly as she positioned his cock at her moist entrance.

“Mom, it’s wrong-” Nathan pleaded but again he was too late…

“AH!” Nate shouted as he woke in bed from what he considered a horrible nightmare. He pushed his blanket away from him, waking in a cold sweat and feeling disgusted with himself. He noticed that just like in the dream he had an erection.

Liz heard her son shout from beyond the door and her motherly instinct kicked in and she pushed her way into the door, “Are you okay? Oh…” her voice trailed off as she could see her son was sitting up by the moonlight and his enormous cock was hard again. It’s like he said in the doctor’s, she thought, he really does need multiple orgasms throughout the day. Her pussy pulsed with desire at the thought of her son cumming so many times every single day.

Nathan grabbed his slightly damp blanket and threw it over him, “sorry, I usually sleep naked,” he explained as he turned on his light. He then noticed his mother was only wearing a robe that gripped at her body and showed off her shapely hips, not to mention her boobs pressed together exposing her glorious cleavage. He looked down and saw her sexy, perfect legs before looking entirely away from her. “Why’d you come in here?” He asked.

“Um,” Liz had to gather her thoughts, even though Nathan had thrown a blanket over himself there was a very obvious tent distracting her, “I heard you yell and I thought you might need help.” She said, then sighed, might as well get Kıbrıs Escort it out of the way. She thought before saying, “Actually, Nate, there’s something else I wanted to talk to you about.” She sat on the bed next to him. “It’s about today-“

“Mom, it’s okay,” Nathan said, interrupting Liz as he looked back to her directly in her brown eyes, “I’m sorry any of that happened. It’s all my fault for forcing you to-“

Now Liz interrupted her son, “You didn’t force me, Nathan, it’s my fault for finding you so sexy.” She couldn’t believe she said that but looking into her son’s beautiful blue eyes was keeping her from being subtle. “I can’t help myself around you.” She admitted deciding that she had come this far already.

Nathan really was inexperienced, “Wait? What do you mean?” he asked, legitimately confused.

Liz had to look away from him right then, she couldn’t admit this to his face and instead looked at his discarded clothing on the ground by his bed, she felt on the verge of tears as she started talking, “I mean that I’ve recently noticed what a fine young man you’ve grown up to be. That I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t attracted to you. That I wasn’t having thoughts a mother shouldn’t have for her son. That I-“

Nathan couldn’t stand seeing his mother like this, and, completely out of instinct, he grabbed her so she was facing him and kissed her on the lips.

Liz was confused for just a nano-second before she started kissing him back. She realized this was what she really wanted to come in there anyway. She wanted Nathan to return her feelings for him. She wanted to be sure it wasn’t something she was forcing on him.

Liz opened her mouth and accepted Nathan’s tongue into it and wrapped her own tongue around his. She was already addicted to the taste of his saliva. Her hands were moving on their own, brushing Nate’s old blanket to the ground before wrapping all ten fingers around her son’s thick shaft…

Downstairs, Donna and Lexi had three shots each and the bottle was now empty.

“Wow, I think I am an alcoholic now,” Lexi said, “because I love tequila!” This was only the second time she’d drunk anything so she was already pretty tipsy.

“You don’t become an alcoholic just from taking a few shots,” Donna said with a laugh, she grabbed the wine bottle and filled the two glasses, “But before I let you drink any of this,” she said as she pulled both glasses to her side of the counter, “You have to tell me what happened that you couldn’t tell me about over the phone.”

Lexi bit her lip in thought, but the tequila made her think she really didn’t have anything to hide, this was Donna after all, “Okay, but promise you won’t tell anyone.”

“Of course,” Donna said, “I already promised if you remember.”

“Oh yeah,” Lexi giggled at herself, “I forgot!” Then her voice got really low as she leaned in close.

Donna leaned in slightly too, looking from Lexi’s blue eyes to her pouty lips, hoping her best friend was about to kiss her.

“I touched Nathan’s cock last night,” Lexi whispered, and then blushed and looked away. Then looked back, laughed, and said, “Okay, now give me that wine.”

Donna was slightly speechless as she slid the glass across the counter. She took a sip from her own glass before asking, “How did that happen?”

Lexi took a huge gulp from her glass, spilling a little on her shirt, “Woopsie,” she said, giggling again. “Well, he was asleep at the time. I told you he slept naked.” Lexi put her glass down on the counter as she made a circle with both hands and acted like she was jerking someone off with them, “I just jerked him off a bit, I didn’t get to suck it.” Then she laughed again, “Oh no, hahaha, I didn’t mean to say that part.”

Donna had seen the fake cylinder that Lexi had left in between her fingers, “Wait, his cock is that thick?” She asked.

Lexi looked down at her hands then back at her friend, “At least,” she said.

“And he slept through you fondling him?” Donna asked, intensely curious.

“Yeah,” Lexi said, “Nathan could probably sleep through an earthquake.” With that statement, she then drank the rest of her wine. “Aww,” she whined, “All out.”

Donna poured about half her glass into Lexi’s and asked, “You know what? I don’t believe you.” Donna said with a tiny smirk.

“What do you mean?” Lexi said as she greedily grabbed the half-full wine glass.

“I don’t believe you saw your brother’s cock, or that you touched it.” Donna said, mischievously “I think you made the whole thing up.”

Lexi stood up, angry, “Fine, then I’ll show you.” She glanced at the clock, “He’s definitely asleep by now.” She downed the wine that Donna gave her and put the glass down before marching out of the kitchen.

Donna quickly drank her wine too and followed her friend.

Lexi marched up the stairs but stopped when she was at the top. Donna was soon behind her.

“What’s wrong?” Donna asked in a whisper.

“I hear voices,” Lexi whispered back.

Donna listened too and could hear at least two people talking in soft voices. Lexi started walking slowly towards the source of the sounds.

The two of them slowly approached Nathan’s bedroom. The door was open by a few inches.

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