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The First Indiscretion

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This is my first story. This is merely a fantasy, nothing more. Names have been changed.


My wife and I were married young. She was my first love, and the first woman I had been with. I was so taken with her during my high school years I did not bother with other girls — they didn’t seem to match her class. So when we got together, she was my first. Now that we’re married, she’ll be my only partner. That being said, I’ve always had a strong imagination and I often find myself fantasizing about what could have been with others. There is one girl in particular that I haven’t been able to get out of my head. The problem is she is my friend Mark’s wife.

I have a thing for short women, and Alli is no exception. She is just barely 5′ 1″ with elegant curves and weighs in at just 122 lbs. Her breasts are a perfect B and fit her form well. Alli always maintains herself and puts on the right amount of make up to look very, very elegant and attractive. It is something my wife neglects because she “doesn’t feel like it”. Alli married very young to a man several years her elder — the reverse of my wife Cindy and I. Alli’s 21 year old frame was petit and perfectly formed with “child bearing hips” that demanded a double take if you were to see her on the street.

Alli and Mark are a very conservative, highly religious couple being practicing Mormons. I had heard there was basically no sex allowed unless you were trying to make a baby, and even then it was highly regulated. Undergarments, lights off, no dirty talk, missionary position — cut and dry love making for procreation. There isn’t anything wrong with that, but I think the needs of the couple should dictate what happens in the bedroom myself.

I ended up at Alli and Mark’s home to help do some work around the house. I had a business deal that day so I asked if I could use their computer to see if the e-mail had come through yet. They obliged, and I went off to the office. When I went to sign into my e-mail, it took me to Mark’s account automatically when I saw a chat with his wife in there. The preview immediately came up and I was shocked:

Alligirl86: What are you doing up there?

Marksman_oo: Studying

Alligirl86: Do me. Now.

Alligirl86: Downstairs bedroom.

Marksman_oo: ok.

Alligirl86: We need a condom.

I was immediately turned on. She normally seemed İstanbul Escort so quiet and shy — to hear that tone in text of her being assertive about sex was a huge turn on. Just then, she walked in behind me.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Uh…umm” I stammered as I tried to make up an excuse, “It came up automatically…”

“It’s ok. See anything you like?” she asked flirtatiously.

“Uh, well…” I was at a loss for words. “I didn’t expect you to talk like that.”

“Oh…Mark doesn’t always like it. He’ll start quoting scripture sometimes when I do.” Replied Alli, almost woefully.

I took a breath and decided to go out on a limb, “You shouldn’t have to forego your own needs. He should take care of you…”

I could see her eyes light up and she got a twinkle in them. She put her hand on my leg, slowly inching up my thigh, as she said, “Maybe…you could sometime.”

I didn’t know what to say. I love my wife — I love our kids. I love Alli and Mark, and their kids. I was so torn inside. Deep down I wanted to rip her clothes off and fuck her dirty right there. I was imagining holding her afterwards in my arms, naked (which isn’t allowed in Mormonism according to some sites you can read online), and then tenderly exploring her body in a way I’m sure she hasn’t had before. I wanted to make love to her as deeply and as passionately as I do my own wife.

“Alli…” I said quietly, “…I…can we talk about this later?”

“Sure. I better go see what Mark is doing in the other room.”

I finished what I needed to do online then went out to see Mark. We got started on the yard work and didn’t say much the entire day. I couldn’t stop thinking about Alli, her petit little figure — her round, soft face; the highlights in her hair drove me wild. I’m surprised Mark didn’t notice the boner I was sporting all day. I tried to avoid looking at her, but I swear every time I did she would give me this sensual look as if to try to tease me. When she brought us food she’d give me a sort of wink and a nod with a lick of the lips.

I went home that evening to my wife Susan and made passionate love with her when our two boys were asleep. We did it more that evening than we had since when we were engaged. We made love, fucked, sucked, and I otherwise destroyed her pussy that night. I couldn’t get enough, all the while Anadolu Yakası Escort imagining Alli as we did it. And as we did fuck and I looked down and saw Alli, I smiled, kissed her passionately, then rammed my cock into her until she cried out in pain and pleasure. Her pussy clinched on like I was getting a hand job and she came all over my dick as I unleashed the third load of the evening into her pussy. She was absolutely sopping wet, and kind enough to clean me off with her mouth when we were done before rolling over and going to sleep.

Later that week, Alli and I met to go over some landscaping details over coffee. As I sat outside the Starbucks, I debated whether or not I should go in to see her. I knew I was being tempted and I didn’t think I could control myself. Being alone with her meant I could lose control. We sat and sipped coffee for a few minutes before she brought up our conversation from earlier in the week. I immediately started blushing, but she was very forwarded. She explained to me that she loved Mark tremendously and was very happy with him, but she felt she needed to please a man sexually, as if it were some sort of duty. She was sure to not insult my wife, insisting that she could tell that my wife was doing a good job but a little extra didn’t hurt.

“So,” she began, “I have time now. We’re going back to my place.”

I lost it. I had a raging hard-on and would have followed her to the end of the earth — naturally it seems that was the same place we were heading — to their house.

We arrived quietly, entered through the garage door without speaking. I followed her into the house, without making a noise, back to the bedroom. Once in the master bedroom, she turned to me and gave me a fierce look of passion. I grabbed her hips and pulled them towards me quickly, joining hers with mine as I moved in to secure my first passionate kiss of infidelity. As we began kissing the lust was building and we anxiously attempted to strip the clothing off of each other. Her hands fumbled with my jeans and mine with her sexy skirt and blouse. As I pulled her blouse over her head, it became caught on her nose giving me complete control of her arms and revealing her very supple breasts, being held in place by a wonderfully simple white bra. With her arms under my control I moved towards her, pinning her against the Üsküdar Escort wall. Still blinded, she let out lustful moans, knowing she was under my control. Our tongues swirled in each other’s mouths, with our spit mixing and creating a warming sensation in my mouth. I finished pulling off her blouse and looked at her face. It was angelic. Her hair had that “fuck me now” look — still made up but slightly askew from being ruffled — and I did my best.

I took reached down and grabbed her ass, lifting her light frame onto mine and carried her to the bed, her skirt still around her form. I hiked it up her thighs and spread her legs as I climbed on top. Looking her in the eyes I said sweetly to her, “I’ve always loved you. Take my gift.” She smiled as she knew what I was talking about. Her legs opened and the head of my cock touched the sweet warmth of her pussy lips, which were salivating with delight at the prospect of being invaded by my manhood. I moved the tip up and down to drive her wild a bit and to lubricate myself before slipping into her velvety canal.

It was unlike my wife’s pussy — unlike anything I had had before. My wife wasn’t loose, but after two kids and a lot of fucking it didn’t feel anything like this. Alli’s petit frame also lent itself to having a small, tight pussy, even after two kids of her own. It struggled to stretch to receive my size, and she let out sighs of delight at trying to please me. As I slowly thrust back and fourth, I could feel my cum building. The fact that I was fucking her was fulfilling many fantasies of mine — infidelity, fucking someone new, fucking someone’s wife, and fucking Alli — I couldn’t hold back. I looked her in beautiful eyes, gave her a sweet kiss of passion and told her I loved here again before unleashing an epic load of hot cum into her pussy. I slowly thrust in and out as I moaned, attempting to spill as much of my seed into her fertile grounds as possible before retreating. As I was cumming, I heard her gasp for air and close her eyes as her insides grasped onto my cock as if to give it a handjob and acquire every last drop of my seed.

I pulled myself out of her warmth, now slathered in our mixed juices, and laid next to her. She took her skirt off, slid down me and removed the remainder of my clothes before licking up our juices from my cock. When she was finished, she cuddled close to me. We stared into each other’s eyes for a long time before drifting off to sleep, not worrying in the slightest about what was to become of our indiscretion. All we knew at this point was that we had just had the most mind blowing love making of our young lives.

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