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The First Time with Helen

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This story, to my shame, is absolutely true. To save embarrassment to Helen, I have changed her name and some of the smaller details that might give a clue to her real identity. I don’t know who will read this and would hate for it to get back to her and cause any difficulties.

I met Helen on line. Her handle was “Lady of Kent”. The chat line was a free forum, I can’t remember which one it was now and it doesn’t really matter. Just that it was the vehicle that brought us together. We chatted over several months, slowly discovering little snippets about each other, developing an on-line friendship and enjoying each other’s point of view.

However, in the nature of these chat-lines, we got onto things sexual. It was light hearted banter or flights of fancy only.

Helen’s sexual experience was limited to say the least. She had married her first lover and apart from a one off with someone she had fallen for several years before, had never stepped out of her marriage. The one off was something she regretted deeply and realised that he had groomed her for his own gratification. It was only the one time.

Sex for her, was the once weekly missionary position, no variety, no excitement and very likely, nothing more than something functional. Her marriage had lasted for eighteen years and, apart from the initial setting up home and having children, had become stale and boring. I guess Helen was at the point in her life when she looked critically at herself and realised that time had passed her by and if she didn’t do something quickly, she would be too old to find that spark of excitement she read about in magazines. I suppose she might have also thought that her girls, three of them, were holding her back from her desire. Helen wanted to learn, go to college and become self employed as an accountant. A dilemma to any woman, the pull of self development and opposite draw of motherhood, something Helen felt acutely.

I, on the other hand, could be considered something of a slut. My dick escort bayan pointed the way and I invariably followed. I rarely, if ever, refused the opportunity to fuck an available woman. My thirty year marriage had survived by some miracle, mostly because I had managed to keep the two sides of my persona separate and also, I loved my wife. Loving her though wasn’t enough for me. I liked the thrill of the hunt. I liked the conquering and submission of will. I had had many lovers over the thirty years, but always came home to a wife who loved me totally, with a blind faith that I really didn’t deserve. Sex between my wife and I was anything but boring. Jen had discovered her liking for bondage, light sadism and masochistic sex. It made for interesting nights and repeated washing of bedding.

Lucky man you might think. I would have to agree, but I had a greed and hunger and as I said, loved the thrill of the hunt, chase and submission. Helen was, initially, the next subject of my attention. Chatting with her on-line was part of that hunt where, by stealth I gradually broke down her defences until we met one fateful day.

Neither of us could be called perfect specimens of the human race or particularly beautiful, but, in that short meeting on a sunny day at a Kentish zoo, physical attraction had been added to the on-line fancy we had developed. We didn’t make love on that first meeting, but subsequent chats on-line took on a whole new direction. Gradually, Helen was persuaded that she really wanted to fuck my brains out and vice versa. I could be a calculating bastard, but that is just one of the weapons in the arsenal of a serial sex predator. Helen really had become enmeshed in a web of my making, my trap if you like. All that was needed now was the opportunity to spring it, then, once sprung, have my way and notch her as another conquest. (I will offer no defence to any accusation that I was a complete shit).

Helen provided the perfect opportunity. She was to travel to escort London with the company she worked for and be the representative on their stand at a wine exhibition in Olympia. Although she only lived approximately two hours travel away, she decided to stay in town. Now, I am sure that in the back of her mind, the chance to spend a night or two, away from home and in the arms of a lover, had more than a little to do with her planning.

I visited her while she was on the stand selling the wines her boss had brought up from Kent. Of course, she had dressed for the occasion and looked fabulous. Wickedly, I goosed her and was pleased to see her blush scarlet while offering tasters to prospective customers. How she kept a straight face and level voice as she spoke to them with my hand up her skirt from behind beats me, but she did.

Helen had to be careful. Her boss was around and he knew her husband very well. I suppose the danger of discovery added to the thrill. She had been booked into a bed and breakfast locally to Olympia for the two nights she was to be away. I had other ideas though and had booked a suit in Selsdon Park Hotel just outside of Croydon. The cost I though, was worth it and would of course, impress her. Looking back, that might have been a mistake. It led to all kinds of troubles and recrimination, eventually to disastrous consequences to her marriage.

The show finished for the day. Helen went to the B deriving as much pleasure from taking my partner to the highest heights I can possible reach as having my own orgasm.

“Alan doesn’t know what he has missed then.” I suddenly knew that he had missed out on one of the most accommodating and wonderful sex partners I had ever had the privilege to have met. Helen’s capacity for sex was without bounds. If only he had taken the trouble to find out.

I realised she was crying, tears trickled over her little nose and I knew that she had realised the same as me, her husband couldn’t care less. All he wanted bayan escort was a quick fuck on a Saturday night with no regard for her wants and needs. It made me sad to think that she had had to wait for so long to experience the overwhelming crescendo of an all-consuming orgasm. But, at the same time, I was pleased that it had been me that had taken her there.

Eventually, Helen calmed and we began to kiss again, her heat radiated out from her as she began to become aroused. I fondled her tits which now had hardened nipples, puckering the skin of her areoles in little peeks of need. I suckled on them and teased with my tongue. She clung to me, forcing my mouth harder against her breast. I lightly ran a finger across her stomach which produced a tremor from her. I was finding areas of her body that responded to touch and stimulus. I loved the exploration and delighted at each new place. The inside of her elbow had her gasping as I gently nibbled and pinched her skin with my teeth. That and cupping her sex, rather than entering her, soon had Helen writhing, her hips gyrating in pelvic thrusts as she rubbed her sex against my hand. She was soaked again. Her secretions coated my hand and her hair and I marvelled at her ability to be so ready for me. Without breaking contact, I rolled her onto her back and threw my leg over hers until I was between her thighs. I waited for a short while, staring into her eyes that looked back at me, wanting and pleading. Slowly, I entered her body, pushing my cock into her, inch by inch. It was divine and her heat enveloped me in a warm cocoon. Starting really slowly, I pushed into her willing sex, keeping eye contact, my hands kneading her tits. Helens knees came up as my full length slipped inside and then withdrew, only to be pushed back again until I bottomed out.

Gradually, the pace increased. As much as I wanted to come, I intended this to last as long as possible and for her to get the maximum out of it. She deserved the very best of me and I intended to give her that. I was acutely aware that she had been extremely brave to be here in the first place. Had entered into something she had no fore knowledge of and was in a world of the very different. That bravery deserved to be recognised and rewarded.

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