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The Game Ch. 02

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The feedback for this story was amazing. Keep it up. Many of you wanted the mother to get involved, sorry I just don’t go for incest.

* * * * *

All pleasure forgotten, Sonora was off the bed immediately. Her mother was sprawled out on the floor, insensate to the world.

“Alen, what do we do?”

Alen was also up and was slipping on his pants. Panic was rising quickly in his throat. Would Sonora’s mom be all right? What if she remembered? What would their parents do? The panic took over. Alen ran down the hall and to the phone and dialed 911.

Two hours later Sonora, Alen and Alen’s dad were gathered around a hospital bed waiting for Sonora’s mom to come to. The hospital staff had assured them it wasn’t serious; she would be fine when she woke up. They didn’t have to wait long. Within minutes she was fully awake and staring at her children.

“Never, never again in my house,” she uttered, her face pale.

“What is it hon, what happened?” Alen’s dad asked.

“They were, they were, having sex Richard. In my house. My God, they’re brother and sister!” she answered.

“They WHAT!” He turned to stare at his guilty looking kids.

“I, we, well we’re not really related you know,” Alen answered weakly. He took Sonora’s hand in his for support.

“Like your mother said, never again. I will not hesitate to throw both of you out if either of us catch you. I would advise both of you to stay away from the other.”

It wasn’t long before life was back to normal. Only now Sonora and Alen sorely missed each other. They rarely allowed themselves to be in the same room. Doors were closed and locked, the bathroom off limits. When friends went out, neither would go at the same time.

As time went by Sonora became withdrawn and unhappy. Spending most of her time in her room, Sonora rarely went out. Alen on the other hand, partied nearly every night. He had a new girl for every week. Deep down he knew he was trying to find what he had with his stepsister. Every time he took a new girl to bed he felt horrible afterwards. It never felt like it had with Sonora and somehow he felt as if he had betrayed her.

Their parents became increasingly worried for both their children. They didn’t connect the incident from a few months ago with the current problems however. Both believed that Sonora and Alen were just getting worried about college. It was only two weeks to graduation. They found themselves güvenilir bahis wishing that time would pass faster. They felt that as soon as the kids immersed themselves in their new lives they’d be fine. Alen and Sonora found themselves wishing the same thing. They hoped that college would distract them from thinking about one another.

Time seemed to drag by for the next two weeks. Try as they might neither could get excited. The night before the ceremony Sonora found herself lying on her bed thinking about her mundane existence. She longed for the time of the excitement when she had teased Alen to sweet submission. It had never really occurred to her to defy her mom. She feared being disconnected from her family by being tossed from the house. But in college she wouldn’t be living at home. How could they throw her out?

Sonora smiled to herself; she knew exactly what she would do.

She was up early the next morning to get ready for the busy day ahead. Sonora took extra pains on her appearance. Especially the parts most wouldn’t see. Her legs became silky smooth under the razor, her private, curling bush of hair was neatly trimmed. The final touch was the sheer underwear she had bought to tease Alen. The bra and thong were sinfully black yet quite see-through. They detailed her figure perfectly.

That same morning Alen woke late, barley taking any time in dressing. Why should he? He just didn’t care. When he finally emerged from his room, he found Sonora leaned against her doorframe sending a siren’s smile in his direction. His jaw dropped. What was she trying to do to him?

For the rest of the day Alen found himself staring at her. Throughout the graduation ceremony he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. He tripped when he accepted his diploma and didn’t realize when the ceremony was over.

“This is it,” he thought to himself, “I have to have her.”

That night after the long party held in their honor Sonora and Alen were left awake while their parents slept. Sonora smiled innocently at Alen,

“You wanna go for a drive to relax?” She asked

Alen swallowed hard, “Sure, anywhere in particular you want to go?”

“I was thinking we could go out to the lake.”

He swallowed again, he knew of several couples who were going there tonight to further celebrate graduation. “Oh well, who will know?” Alen thought to himself.

“Great, lets go.”

Fifteen minutes later Alen’s truck türkçe bahis pulled up to the small beach that looked over the sparkling lake. Alen switched off the lights and took the key out of the ignition. They were plunged into almost complete darkness. The moon provided the only light.

“Well.” Alen gave Sonora an uncertain look.

“Well, lets go down to the beach,” she said as she got out of the truck.

Once both were outside, the sounds of sex reached their ears. There were definitely others out here celebrating. Sonora smiled at Alen and took his hand. She led him down to the sand where she spread a blanket and sat. Alen sat beside her.

“Well,” he repeated dumbly.

Sonora rose and straddled Alen’s hips. She could feel the bulge in his pants. “I wanna fuck.”


“They’ll never know. Besides, in college, we’ll be in the dorms. We can do whatever we want.”

Alen didn’t need to be told again. He rolled his hips, fitting himself up against the beauty on his lap. Sonora brought her shirt up and over her head quickly, then stood up to remove her pants. Alen gasped,

“Oh my god, I’ve missed you so much.”

She bent over, giving him full view of her breasts that were still contained in her sheer black bra. Slowly she unbuttoned his jeans, teasing him. Alen couldn’t take it; he gently pushed her away and stripped off all his clothes in about three seconds. Sonora giggled,

“You have missed me.”

His cock was standing straight up, pre-cum already oozing from its angry purple tip. Sonora reached out her delicate hand and grasped him. Alen moaned as she began to stroke him. Before long he pulled her down, and they lay together on the blanket. Once they lay together Alen quickly shredded her undergarments to get to her naked body.

Alen positioned himself above her, where he began to pay homage to her full breasts. Cupping them, his thumbs caressed around her nipples, refusing to touch them. Sonora writhed beneath him, begging him to touch her. Finally, he brushed his fingers over her aching nipples before gently pinching and rolling them.

He looked her in the eyes as he lowered his head to one peak. Gently he attacked it, sucking the mound deep into his mouth. She moaned loudly. After paying excruciating attention to one, he moved to the other and repeated his performance.

By this time Sonora was grabbing at Alen’s body, trying to pull him closer.

“I see you güvenilir bahis siteleri missed me too. Be patient, I want this to last forever.”

Alen pulled her arms away from him and traveled down her body to her lightly haired vee. One hand parted her and began slowly stroking. She whimpered and bucked up into his hand. His fingers dove deeper till he found her swollen bud. Taking it between his thumb and forefinger, Alen rolled it back and forth, eliciting more frenzied moans from her parted lips.

Feeling her impending orgasm, he inserted two fingers into her hole and began pumping in and out. Sonora rose to the occasion and began bucking against his fingers, fucking his hand. Suddenly she went rigid and he felt her opening clasping at his fingers frantically. Sonora let out a keening wail and was still.

Alen stretched out over her body, his erection pressing against her belly.

“Are you ready for more?” he asked.

Sonora heaved against him and suddenly Alen found himself on the bottom.

“The question is, are you ready?”

Sonora captured his mouth against her, meshing her lips with his. Slowly, she traced her hand down his well-muscled chest, his waist and hips until she felt his insistent erection. With great care, she guided him to her wet opening.

Slowly, slowly she lowered herself on his throbbing cock. They groaned in unison as she sunk lower and lower until she was sitting astride him. Sonora paused before repeating the motions. It was taking all of her self-control not to plunge quickly up and down.

Alen took the decision from her as he grabbed her hips and began lifting her up then down at a furious pace. Sonora matched him as she lay atop him gasping for breath. Both were getting nearer and nearer. She felt Alen’s cock twitch inside her once, twice, and she was gone. Her orgasm triggered his. He pumped into her hole wildly, shooting his load into her depths. All too soon they both lay panting on the blanket, covered in sweat.

They lay in each other’s arms, somewhere between sleep and wakefulness for some time, neither wanting to ruin the moment. Finally Alen spoke, “That was amazing.”

“Mmm-hmm,” was her only reply.

“We should prolly go home before they wonder where we went.”

Sonora groaned, not wanting to leave his arms, but she knew he was right. She reached down and gave his cock a quick squeeze before struggling to her feet. She held out her had to help him up.

Once Alen was on his feet, Sonora stood on her tiptoes and pecked him on the lips; “I can’t wait for college.”

The End of part 2, I’ll more than likely write about Sonora and Alen’s adventures in college.

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