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The Garden Shed Ch. 07

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All persons engaged in sexual activity in this story, are over 18 years of age.


This story took place in the 1970s in the United Kingdom when the ‘World Wide Web’ or Internet as it is known today, was barely an infant and not available to private individuals. As for mobile phones, they were only at an experimental stage. This meant that knowledge of sex was gleaned mostly by chats with ‘experienced’ friends or looking at adult magazines aka Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler and so on.

Boys and girls were nowhere near as mature or knowledgeable about sex at age 18 compared to many of today’s 14 or 15 year olds, thanks mainly to the multitude of internet ‘information’ that can now be accessed by anyone that can type ‘sex’ into a search engine.

All of this is to set the scene for you, to make you aware that in the 1970s, unlike the present, many boys and girls at age 18 were considerably naïve when it came to real sexual encounters.

Obviously, if you have read the previous chapters you will be more in tune with the characters.


Since our risky, but very exciting episode in the kitchen, we hadn’t had much opportunity to be alone for long enough to do much else. We had continued to touch and excite one another during the regular half hour we spent most evenings clearing up after dinner, but nothing on the scale of the previous time. Mom looked pleased that we seemed to be getting along better and acting more like adults, so we wanted to keep it that way, and tried not do anything to make her think otherwise.

Another couple of weeks went by without us having any alone time, but I had kept the cum flowing into tissues, at least daily, just remembering the feel of my sister’s body and reliving all the things we had already done. I am sure Sue was doing something similar in her room from time to time, but we didn’t discuss it.

On Monday of the following week, Mom looked hard at me as we were all having breakfast.

“Ben, you need to get a haircut, you’re going to look like a girl soon,” she said.

“Aw Mom, it’s not that long,” I replied, “anyway, lots of my friends have long hair.”

“That may be, but yours is looking decidedly scruffy, isn’t it Mike?” she asked, involving Dad, who had his nose buried in his paper as usual.

“Yes dear.” His usual response.

“See, even your dad thinks so,” she said.

“I’ll get it done when I get time,” I said, in between mouthfuls of toast, hoping to close down the subject.

“I am sure you can find the time Ben,” she carried on, then paused a minute. “In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve got a trained hairdresser in the family,” she said, looking at Sue, “I’m sure your sister could do it for you.”

“What, let Sue cut my hair?”

“Why not?” She does mine. Can you see anything wrong with it?” she said, turning her head this way and that.

“No, but…well, she does ladies hair, it might make it look even more like a girl’s hair.”

“Of course not, hair is hair, isn’t it Sue?” Mom said, pointedly looking at Sue for confirmation.

Sue had the faint beginnings of a smirk on her face, “I guess so,” she confirmed.

“There, that’s settled then, your sister can do it, and as a bonus, it won’t cost you anything will it,” she said, triumphantly.

“I’m not going to sit in that salon with all those women around giggling and whispering,” I stated.

“Don’t worry Ben, I can do it after the salon closes,” Sue said, ” Mrs Collins often lets me lock up if I have a late customer, I’ll ask her tomorrow and you can pop round after college on Tuesday evening.”

“Or you could do it here?” Mom said.

“I could, but there would be hair everywhere and they have the right chairs and special washbasins in the salon, it will be easier there,” Sue replied.

“Yes ok,” Mom smiled, “I suppose you probably won’t want me watching you either Ben,” she said. “There,” Mom chimed in again, “that wasn’t too difficult was it Ben, all sorted.”

I glared at Sue who was grinning now at my discomfort. What was she playing at, I thought we had become good friends?

The last thing I wanted was Sue hacking at my hair, I couldn’t understand why Mom felt it was so important, but I knew I couldn’t get out of it now.

“Thanks Sue,” I said, moodily, “I will really look forward to it.” I scowled at her.

“Oh, you should,” Sue said, “I am very good at it, I might even treat you to a head massage that we have been practicing lately.” She had that grin on her face that I had seen before, and her eyes had taken on a sparkle.

“Think yourself lucky that you have such a talented sister,” Mom blithely continued, “I am sure she will make a good job of it.”

“I’d better go,” Sue said, getting up from the table, “I don’t want to be late for work. Don’t forget Ben, Tuesday evening, I’ll tell you a time later.”

She got up and as soon as she was out of Mom’s eyeline, grinned at me and raised her eyebrows.

What did that mean, I wondered, there is no fun in getting your haircut…or so I thought.


She escort ilanları had told me the same evening, in front of Mom, that her boss didn’t mind her staying a bit later on Tuesday and for me to be at the salon at 6pm. She assured me that all the customers and other staff would have left by then, so I wouldn’t have to be embarrassed. It seemed I had no choice.

As arranged, I turned up at her workplace around 6pm, to find the door locked and the ‘Closed’ sign up. I tapped on the window and after only a few seconds, I heard the lock being turned and Sue opened the door.

“Ahh you made it then?”

“Looks like it,” I said.

“Come in then before someone thinks we are open and wants an appointment.”

She shut and locked the door behind me, then ushered me past the reception desk to the row of empty chairs, each with its own washbasin behind it.

I saw she was wearing what I can only describe as a cream coloured, coverall uniform, that was knee-length and buttoned right up to the neck. It was slightly tailored to the waist, and was tight over her breasts, so that it showed off her figure. I guessed it was a practical garment to protect her clothes from hair, water and whatever products they used on their customers, but she looked good in it all the same.

“Right,” she said, very business-like, “take your coat off and put your arms through this gown, and then sit in one of the chairs so I can see what needs to be done.”

“I don’t want much done,” I emphasised, as she tied the gown behind me, and I sat down.

“I have to cut it a bit shorter and tidy it up, unless you want Mom on your case later?” she said.

“Yea, ok, let’s just get it over with,” I said, disingenuously.

“Right, lean back and let your neck go into the cut-out of the washbasin.”

“Like this,” I said, feeling her pulling my hair from round my neck so it hung in the basin.

I heard the water running, and her hand splashing in it, presumably testing the temperature.

“Yep, now just stay still.”

When I go to the usual barber shop, he just cuts it as it is. This was a new experience and I didn’t know what to expect. I suddenly felt the warm water spray on my head, and her hands helping to wet my hair. Once she was satisfied it was good and wet, she stopped the water and I heard her pumping something into her hands then starting to rub it into my hair. The feel of her hands as she firmly massaged what I assume was shampoo into my hair, was surprisingly pleasant and I began to think that maybe this might not be as bad as I thought.

Once the shampoo was fully and deeply massaged into my hair, she reduced the pressure on her hands and started to massage more gently, running her fingers all over my scalp. Wow, I was getting to like this. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the feelings I was experiencing. It was very relaxing, but also a bit sensuous in the way she was doing it.

Eventually, I heard the water running again and she washed it all off, using the warm water and her fingers combing through my hair to remove the soapy suds.

I was sort of disappointed as I thought that would be it, but she repeated the operation with some other solution. I wasn’t sure what.

“Conditioner,” she said quietly, almost reading my thoughts.

I was really getting to like the feelings she was giving me. No one had done this for me before and I was starting to see the attraction of the process. I wondered if all her usual clients got the same treatment and if they felt any ‘feelings’ when she did it.

She carried on; rubbing my temples, the back of my head, round the centre, and generally moving me into a state of relaxation. Whether it was the intimate contact or just the way she was doing it, I wasn’t sure, but I also felt an edge of something almost sexual in her touch.

I didn’t know how long she had been doing it, but it had to come to an end. The water ran again, and she repeated the rinsing until it all the solution had been washed away and then towelled my hair to get rid of the excess moisture.

“Okay, you can sit up now.” she said, “time to cut.”

She swung the chair round, combed my hair out and started cutting.

I have to give her credit, she was fast. The scissors flew round as if they were wielded by ‘Edward Scissor Hands’, and fairly quickly, a mountain of hair surrounded the chair. She then appeared with a cut-throat razor, which worried me a bit.

“What you going to do with that?”

“It’s just for layering,” she said.

As she passed by, I couldn’t resist moving my hand from under the gown and stroking her pert bottom.

“Hey, keep still if you want to go home with both ears,” she said, moving away.

I could see her grinning in the mirror. I sat like a statue.

It didn’t take her long to do the finishing touches and then dry it all off with a warm-air hairdryer.

“Well Sir, what do you think?” she asked, holding a mirror behind gaziantep escort ilanları me so I could see the back.

Actually, I was impressed. She had done just enough to satisfy Mom, without scalping me.

“That’s much better than I expected,” I said candidly.

“I think it’s much better than it has ever looked,” she said, “but if you are not satisfied…” she picked up the razor again as an implied threat.

“No, that’s great, thank you. Can I get out of this now?”

I stood up and she undid the gown.

“Are we going home now?” I asked.

“Not quite,” she said, a twinkle in her eye. “You haven’t been here before have you?”

“Err..no, why?”

“I will just give you a quick guided tour then.”

“Around a salon?” I queried.

“Yeah, just follow me.”

She led me further back into the salon to where there was a heavy curtain. She held it to one side and motioned me through. I was a bit intrigued; she was obviously going to show me where she worked, but I didn’t think it could be that interesting.

Through the curtain, was a short corridor with a couple of doors.

She opened the first one to reveal a small kitchen with a table and a few chairs.

“This is where we can have coffee or lunch if we want.” she said.

“Fascinating,” I commented, not hiding my disinterest.

She closed that one and moved to the second one.

“And this,” she said, opening the door, “is our new massage room.”

“Massage room?” I repeated, looking in and seeing a long, padded, sort of table with a hole cut out at one end.

“Yeah, lots of salons are branching out into other beauty therapies, massage being one of them. Ladies only of course, usually shoulders or back.”

“Do you …like…do it?” I asked.

“We have a trained masseuse, but she has been teaching me the basics, it’s useful to have more than one skill.”

“Hmm, I guess.”

“So,” she said a bit huskily, “do you want to try it.”

“What,…you mean, you massage me…now?”

“If you want to,” she said, blushing slightly.

“I dunno, not something I thought about,” I said, meekly. “What would I have to do?”

“You just get undressed and lie on the massage table, I warm some oil and rub it over your skin.”

“So,…naked you mean?”

“Yeah, of course.”

“Is that what the ladies do?”

“No, they only remove the appropriate clothes, but you’re a special case,” she grinned.

“Ohh, I see…it sounds good, but what if someone comes by?”

“I don’t think they will, they are all at home having dinner by now.”

“You’re sure? It would be difficult to explain if they did.”

“Don’t worry, the door’s locked. If I turn the lights out in the salon, it will look like no one’s here.”

“It’s getting me excited though already,” I said, feeling my cock starting to react to where she might massage, “are you getting any feelings like that.”

“I am a bit, it would be fun and a bit naughty, don’t you think?”

“Yea, it would,” I said, the thoughts of her hands all over my body, giving me a semi-erection with anticipation.

“Ok then Ben, I am going to put this paper sheet over the table. Take all your clothes off and put them on that chair, then lie face down on the table. I’ll just go turn the lights out and be back in a moment.”

She gave me a few minutes, and by the time she came back, I was lying as instructed, on the massage table on my front.

“Put your face into the cushioned hole, and let your arms hang down each side, towards the floor,” she said, “I will start on your neck and shoulders.”

I did as I was told, and closed my eyes, waiting for her touch. I heard a switch flip, and then some quiet music began to play.

“I’m just getting rid of my overall now,” she said, explaining the slight delay in starting, “massage is hot work.”

As my head was buried in the massage table cut-out, and I had my eyes closed anyway, I felt, rather than saw, her presence at the head of the table, and then her warm soft hands already covered in oil began to slide over my neck and shoulders.

Never having had a massage before, I didn’t know what to expect, but after only a couple of minutes, it was already feeling good.

She moved her hands firmly but sensuously over my muscles, moving and warming them with the oily friction. She moved from one shoulder across my neck to the other, then halfway down the centre of my back, and repeated it. Yes, I was really getting into this now, it was very relaxing, but having my sister doing it was also arousing. It was surprising how much strength she had in her small hands as she gradually increased the pressure.

She continued with this for some minutes, it was difficult to keep track how long, then she moved around to one side and moved her hands lower, rubbing and gently palpating my middle and lower back.

“Mmm that’s nice,” I murmured.

“Good, just relax.”

I did.

She moved lower, using her thumbs gaziantep escort bayan ilanları to press the muscles and slide over them firmly. It felt like she was pinching the skin all down my back, like I’ve seen Mom do when she is pinching the edges of pastry together; she was doing it so quickly that it was pleasurable rather than painful. I could feel my skin warming up as she pinched, probed, pressed and teased my muscles, forcing them to relax even more.

Before long, I felt her starting to massage near my bottom, a bit firmer than on my back, loosening it up by moving my buttocks apart, and then pulling them from side to side then up and down. She occasionally applied more oil so that her fingers were always gliding on the skin and not actually rubbing it.

I next felt her hand delve down between, almost down to my ball sack, but not quite. She seemed to slow down as she passed my tight ring, giving it a small bit of attention. I had only experienced her touching me there once before, but the way she was doing it was so sexy that I was getting fully hard very quickly. With one hand manipulating each globe in turn, she gently inserted the tip of her finger into me each time. This was becoming a hell of a massage.

Once again after a few minutes of this, she moved further down, concentrating on the backs of my thighs, but running her hands all the way up to stroke the underside of my balls with her fingers. It was slightly uncomfortable lying on my hard cock and I shuffled a little to try to make it more comfortable.

“Are you ok?” she asked, not stopping her hands from moving.

“Err, sort of, but I am a bit squashed,” I replied.

“Oh, yes, sorry, we don’t have that problem with ladies,” she giggled a little. “Perhaps you should turn over and lie on your back now.”

“Well, I can do, but I am, you know, hard,” I said, even now just a little embarrassed at the thought of being the only one naked, and my cock would stick straight up.

“I hope you are,” she said cheekily, “after all my effort here. Turn over carefully, I don’t want you to fall off the table.”

I did as I was told, turning with my back towards her until I was lying flat and my cock was reaching for the ceiling, It was only then that I saw Sue since she had started the massage and was shocked to find she was completely naked.

“Sue,” I spluttered, “you’re naked too.”

“Well spotted,” she grinned, “I only ever had my work overall on since you arrived, and I said it was hot work.”

I looked her up and down, a faint sheen of perspiration on her forehead, her nipples already hard on those pert breasts, her narrow waist and dark triangle of hair, all so close to me.

“Looks like he needs some attention now,” she said, studying my cock and still grinning at the fact she had been naked all the time, and I hadn’t realised.

She oiled her hands again and wrapped them round my cock, slowly, but exquisitely sliding them down from the top, pulling my foreskin down and exposing the already wet purple head. I hadn’t had the sensation of anyone using oil on my cock before. It was entirely different to doing it dry and using the foreskin to apply the light friction to the sensitive head.

Her soft, slippery fingers, quickly mixed my pre-cum and the oil together as she moved them over the head, turning her hands almost in a squeezing motion, but without applying much pressure. My cock bounced with small spasms, as she slid her hand and fingers this way and that, over the whole length, in long languid strokes.

She cupped my balls and oiled them too, using one hand on my cock and the other around and under my balls.

“Oh God Sue, that’s just amazing,” I gasped, between the small groans I didn’t realise I was making.

“I thought you might like the ‘additional services’ to your haircut,” she said.

As she continued her ministration on my cock, I put my arm round behind her and cupped each cheek of her firm bottom with my hand, alternately squeezing and stroking it.

“Mmmm,” she murmured.

I ran my finger down her cleft as far as I could reach underneath, to the bottom of her pussy. She moved sideways slightly, more level with my waist and opened her legs a little, allowing me to fully reach her pussy from behind. I sought out her full pussy lips that were already wet and let my finger run up and down between them. Now it was Sue that groaned a little, but she never paused in her oily stroking of my cock and balls.

Turning my fingers slightly, I was able to find her entrance and inserted one finger, then finding her insides so slippery, the second finger. As they went in, involuntarily, she sort of lifted onto tip-toe momentarily, then settled back down as my fingers slid in as far as I could reach. She did pause briefly then, closed her eyes for a moment, then carried on.

The massage had changed now to become mutual masturbation; she wanking my oiled cock, and me gently finger fucking her to the same rhythm. I used my other hand to find a nipple and tease it gently between my fingers.

“Oh, yes Ben,” she whispered, “that feels so good.”

“Mmm, for me too,” I said, feeling that if she carried on much more, I would certainly come.

She was getting wetter by the second, my fingers making as much of a sloshing noise as hers on my cock.

“Sue…I…I’m getting close, are you?” I asked, nervous that I might come long before her.

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