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The Girl Ch. 3

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The tenderness of the moment had erased my lust and replaced it with the right mood for what I had intended to show her in the first place. I held her to me, my lips and nose resting on the top of her head, smelling that gorgeous hair, feeling it soft against my lips. My arms were wrapped comfortably around my lover.

“I love you, Johnathan,” she said quietly after a moment.

This was just too amazing. I had only met her half an hour ago, and here she was deeply in love with me – and more amazing still, I found myself falling madly in love with her, as well. I smiled and kissed her head.

“I love you too, Desiree.”

She looked up at me again, and smiled with such innocent love in her eyes that I knew I could never let her be hurt. Then she rested her head against my chest again.

“Johnathan?” she asked.


“Show me lovemaking, please.”

“Sweetheart,” I replied.


“I am.”

I saw her smile again.

“I thought you said lovemaking involved sex?”

“I said lovemaking does not necessarily involve sex, lover.”

“Oh. But it can?”

I rocked her gently.

“Yes, it can.”

“Then show me the difference between sex sex and lovemaking sex, please.”

I smiled again. “Alright, love.”

We layed down together and I held her to me. We spooned, the lengths of our bodies touching. Her back was to my chest as I held her. I whispered to her that I loved her and that I was so glad that she was mine. I told her that she was my dream come true and that I was going to make sure she was safe and loved for the rest of her life. She smiled.

Then I nibbled her ear. She was still, unsure what was happening, what I was doing and why, but in a moment she began to relax and enjoy the sensation. I softly blew cool air over her ear, and she shivered. Then I let my hand rest on her shoulder. My palm was hot with energy, and she jumped a little in surprise, but when the heat did not bring pain, she relaxed.

My hand slowly moved down her arm, in a broad caress, and then back up, and she found it impossible to keep her eyes open. Her breathing began to slow as I touched her in this loving way, and she relaxed more and more. I slid my hand across her shoulder, then and over to the top of her chest above her beautiful softnesses. Her nipples showed against the thin tank top she still wore, and I whispered to her to take it off. Getting up on one elbow, removed it rather unceremoniously, and then asked me what to do with it.

“Toss it aside,” I said. “Let’s not worry about that sort of thing for now. We’re making love.”

After dropping it over the side of the bed, she returned to the position she’d been in. Now, for the first time, I gazed at her lovely back. She was heavily freckled about the face and shoulders, and they sprinkled down her back as though they had been dropped on her from above, thinning to almost none at the bottom of her shoulderblades. Her back was smooth, and I could not help but to caress it, first with fingertips, then with my whole hand. She shivered again as I did, with her skin going into goose pimples for a moment in response to my light touches.

Propping myself up on one elbow, now, I was high enough above her shoulder to see the outline of her beautiful breasts. They were almost devoid of freckles, though she had some on her chest above them. Small curves, but proud, they stayed as they had been while she’d been standing, even though she was on her side. Their gentle curvature seemed to offer up her nipples to me only tentativey, and her round areolas were so pale that it was difficult to see them against the skin surrounding them. It was easier to see them because they were contracted in pleasure and arousal than it was to distinguish them by their color. Her nipples as well were erect, standing out from her breasts like pink pencil erasers.

I was thrilled. She’d been made to my specifications exactly. I was having a hard time not jumping out of bed and doing a happy dance.

My hand slid down to where it had been before she’d taken off her tank top. The smoothness, the softness of just her warm skin was enough to make my eyes hint at tears. She was so beautiful to me that I could almost not bear it.

My hand stayed there a moment, as I considered her, drinking in the sight, enjoying the warmth of her body so close to my own, the paleness of her skin, the freckles, the curve of her hips as they flared out, her softnesses, and that backside that was almost too perfect for my eyes to believe. I let my hand roam down her side, enjoying her waist, the easy flare of her hips, her muscular upper thigh, and then back down onto that graceful little backside. It was all so perfect, felt so good.

I allowed my hand to stray to the front of her hips, and over what of her mound of Venus I could touch with her legs resting closed, then up to where her belly canlı bahis button would be if she had been a born woman, exploring that difference for a moment. From there, I sent it further up over her stomach. I reached the bottom of her breasts, and allowed my hand to slowly slide up onto one of them, which was amazingly sensual and delightfully soft. It was like touching a woman’s breast for the first time again, and I marvelled at how nice it felt.

I’d become lost in my attentions and had not noticed her breathing had begun speeding up again. Her eyes were still closed, and her nipples stood like conquering mountainclimbers atop gently rolling hills. I allowed my hand to slide over her right breast, and she moaned as the soft caress sent shivery pleasure through her from her nipple and areola. I caressed her breast for a few moments, pleasuring her enough to elicit several more soft moans from her.

“Lay on your back, Desiree.”

She let herself roll half way over onto her back. Her eyes opened, and searched mine as I gazed down into them. The expression she wore was one of aroused relaxation, and I could see she was wanting more. Now that she was on her back, I could more easily reach the other breast, and I caressed it, now, as well. Her eyes once again closed. I heard her moan faintly, and it pleased me.

“This is called foreplay. This is where we touch each other lovingly and bring eachother pleasure and arouse one another slowly, before we become intimate physically. Foreplay is part of lovemaking. I will teach you how to reciprocate in a little while. It’s not lovemaking if there is no reciprocation.”

“Mmmmm,” she said. “Does it please you to touch me this way? Is my pleasure your pleasure?”

“Yes. I enjoy bringing pleasure to my lover, just as I enjoy receiving pleasure from her.”

Desiree smiled, and closed her eyes again, surrendering to my touch. I allowed it to play about her body lightly, caressing her chest, neck, face, shoulders, stomach, hips, thighs and waist. All the while, I watched what I was doing, and saw her bodily responses, and it filled me with love for her, and aroused me at the same time.

“I love your freckles,” I said. “You are so beautiful. I think I will call you my ‘cinnamon girl’.”

“Does that replace the name you gave me earlier?” she asked, opening her eyes a moment.

“No. Your name is Desiree, but I will call you my cinnamon girl occasionally as well.” I smiled.

She smiled back. Instead of closing her eyes again, this time, she looked at me with that smile on her face, a light smile of contentment, and then she reached over and pulled me to her and into a kiss. It was an innocent kiss, a beautiful kiss. I returned it, taking her upper lip between my own lips, and licking it a moment before doing the same with her lower lip. Then I softly suckled her lower lip a moment and let it go.

“What is that, Johnathan?” she asked of my actions.

“That’s part of the way I kiss,” I replied.

“Should I kiss like that too?”

“If you feel the urge to,” I smiled. “But don’t do it just because I do. Do what feels natural.”

She returned my smile once again.

“I will try it.”

Pulling my head to hers again, she kissed me as she had before. She did as I had, taking my upper lip into her mouth slightly, licking it, and then my lower lip. Then she licked my lower lip and suckled on it for a minute before releasing it.

“Was that good?”

“You did exactly what I did. Did you enjoy it?” I asked, avoiding her question.

“I enjoy touching my lips to yours, Johnathan. It feels like something moving in my stomach when I do that It feels good.”

“That’s called butterflies in your belly. That happens when you’re enjoying something intimate with someone you care about for the first times.”

“Aren’t butterflies insects?” she asked, looking a bit worried. “There are insects inside me?”

I could not help myself and laughed aloud.

“No, silly. It’s slang again. The sensation feels like butterflies flapping their wings in your tummy. That’s why it’s called butterflies.”

“Oh. I understand.” she smiled. “You teach me a lot of interesting things, Johnathan. I like learning from you.”

I held her close and kissed her forehead.

“Would you like to try a different way of kissing?” I asked.

“Yes, please.”

I approached her slowly, parting my lips slightly, placing them on hers so that her upper lip was between my lips and my lower lip was between hers. I sucked her lip a moment, then lightly caressed her lips with mine. She shivered. Then I put my lips against hers, top lip on top lip, bottom lip on bottom lip, and opened my mouth a little more, pulling her lips open with mine. I licked her lips, and then sought entrance to her mouth, looking for her tongue, which I found waiting there, unmoving. I allowed the bottom of my tongue to glide over the top of hers, and then pulled a little bit away.

“This is called French kissing,” I said. “I call it ‘tongue ballet’ because it’s like dancing bahis siteleri together using only the tongues. Follow my lead,”

It didn’t take her long to understand what to do, and as she picked up one part of it, I introduced another, and soon we were making out rather passionately.

“Oh, Johnathan,” she said between licks and kisses, “This feels so good…”

I gave her several minutes of this experience before I pulled away. She tried to follow at first, but I put my finger to her lips intending to hold her back. Instead, she promptly began sucking my finger, with a surprising combination of gentleness and passion. The look in her eyes told me that she was growing heated and it would not be much longer that I could do these things with her before she would want me inside her.

Her sucking felt good, and I noticed stirring in my loins again as the sensation brought back pleasant memories of what she had done just minutes ago. It seemed for a split second that she was sucking my cock through my finger, and the sensation was in both places at once. My whole body involuntarily twitched. My own arousal was growing in strength and momentum.

Bringing my head down to kiss her between her collarbones, I held my arm still so she could continue her suckling as she pleased. Then my lips traced each collarbone lightly from the inside out to each shoulder. Her suckling did not last long as she forgot herself to the sensation of what I was doing. With the hand of the finger she’d been sucking on, I caressed her face, tracing little wet lines with her own saliva. Her eyes closed and soft sounds of pleasure came from her as I kissed and caressed with my lips down to between her breasts.

As she arched her back slightly to my touch, I slid my lips lightly over her left breast until I came to that rounded patch of roughness around her proud nipple. Her heartbeat was obvious. As my mouth approached that hungry suckle nub, I exhaled slowly, sending hot, moist breath over it before my lips made contact. Her response was a tortured groan.

My tongue found it’s way to her areola and encircled her nipple with warm wetness in a slow, leisurely fashion, around and around. She moaned again softly, and lifted it up to me, trying to get me to take her nipple into my mouth. Instead, I lifted my head a bit, pursed my lips into a tight ‘o’ just above her now-wet nipple, and inhaled hard. This had the dual effect of drawing a lot of cool air over her nipple and areola, chilling it, and then as it was sucked into my mouth, suddenly reversing the chill. By the sounds she made in response, she liked it.

I performed the same little trick on her right breast, while gently rolling her left nipple between my finger and thumb, and was met with sighs and mews of pleasure from her. Then I began dedicatedly suckling, making sure she enjoyed the texture of my tongue across that delicious knob on her bare bosom.

Apparently, she liked it, because she started running her hands through my hair and groaning as I did it. I love suckling my lover’s breasts, so I was having a good time. But when she started to shiver, then shake, I suspected she was coming to the edge again. Her hands were all over me as I continued suckling her into oblivion, her back arching suddenly enough that I had difficulty not biting her when she shoved herself into my face so hard. A loud groaning escaped her mouth, getting louder as she went further and further into it.

My right hand left her nipple and slid down her stomach and beyond, finding her legs spread, her pussy ready. My hand cupped her mound as she convulsed in her orgasm, and my middle finger found it’s way down between her lips to touch her clitoris, which sent her into a spasm of pleasure so hard it almost threw me off her. Her writhing was growing almost violent now, and I could not track her breast anymore. I pulled my hand away as well, for fear of hurting her, and with the stimulation gone, she settled down a bit. Panting, she pulled my face to hers and kissed me with surprising passion and expertise. That kiss ignited in me the same level of passion she was feeling, somehow. I was not surprised in the least when I saw in her eyes a begging look.

“Please, Johnathan, please, I need sex! Lovemaking is driving me crazy!” she cried out. “I want to have you inside me again,” she said as she bit her bottom lip and looked up at me with pleading puppydog innocence. Hello! That was such a turn on. It wasn’t like I wasn’t already hard, but that certainly sent a surge through me.

“This time, we are going to do it a little bit differently,” I said, forcibly controlling myself.

She frowned, her lip still between her teeth, and gave me a pleading look with a whimper that almost made my control melt. I slid myself on top of her, enjoying the sensation of her chest against mine, her stomach against mine, and positioned my throbbing stiffness between her legs, but I did not try to put it into her yet. Her hips raised slightly in anticipation, her breath coming in semi-gasps, her legs wrapping bahis şirketleri around mine. It amazed me how much she was doing on pure instinct. I kissed her again, and she put her arms around me, holding me to her, caressing my muscular back, enjoying. The sensation was bliss for me, who loves to be touched that way.

In response, I slid my arms under her, holding her as she held me, and kissed her with renewed passion. I almost forgot about her puppy dog look begging for me to be inside her, so much was I enjoying the kissing, but she began insistently thrusting her hips into me, and the reached down and tried to guide me into her. I stopped my kiss, grabbed her wrist and stopped her.

“Uh-uh-uh!” I smiled. “Let me.”

Putting her arm aside, I slid my own down between us, and in between her legs. I again let my hand caress her mound, enjoying the heat radiating from it and the slit that pulsed rapidly, synchronized with her pounding heart, which I could see plainly enough in her heaving bosom. I allowed the back of my hand to brush lightly against those lips and then against her clitoris again. She jumped a little, and then rasied up to increase the pressure on it a little. I allowed it, and she began to buck a little as I rubbed it back and forth.

“Please… please…” she gasped.

“Please what?” I demanded.

“Please, I need to feel you inside me again…”

I looked into her desperate eyes with a wicked smile on my face, and without ever letting our eye contact break, I moved my hips so that my thick hot cock was sliding over her thigh and my head was caressing her outer lips. She almost cried in frustration at the pleasure I was forcing her to endure, and she tried to track my member with her hips and take me in. Bringing my hips forward, I caught her just under her now tightly hooded clit, and my shaft was guided down and into her eager depths by the valley of her inner lips.

She knew she had me, and eagerly arched to bring her hips up to meet me, swallowing me into her with one easy thrust of her loins into mine. She was so loose now with her arousal, and so wet that it was almost impossible to feel her as I slid in so easily. Sliding home inflamed her and she began trying to buck me in and out of her in her desperation for this pleasure she was feeling. I slid in as deep as I could go, my hips flush against her sex now as she raised her legs up and to my sides to grant me better access. When she tried to buck again, I lowered my hips and brough hers down onto the bed that way, effectively pinning her down.

She tried to buck my weight, but I forced her hips to stay where they were with mine, never once taking my eyes off hers.

“You’re not making love to me, silly,” I laughed.

“I want sex!” she almost screamed.

“You want sex? I’ll give you sex. How’s THIS?” I said, almost growling, and pounded into her just once, then pinned her again. She cried out in surprise and pleasure.

“Please, please, please…” she begged as she started crying for real this time. I layed down on top of her, slowly, and kissed her forcefully. She returned it with equal force through her tears of frustration, almost growling at me ferally. Deliberately, with measured strokes and steady force, I began pumping in and out of her. It was a delicious feeling, though she had loosened up and lubricated so much in her extreme state of arousal that I had trouble feeling her. It did not matter anyway, because this time around would take me a long time to come. She, on the other hand, was already furiously bucking at me, forcing me to speed up, until I was arched over her, fucking her at such a high speed and with such force that I wondered how long my stomach muscles would hold out.

She was right there, though, and within seconds, was tensing her entire body. Her face grew red as she bore down on her orgasm without breathing, and her eyes were so tightly shut that the last of her tears was squeezed out and rolled away. I continued into her with that hard, fast pace, and then she broke the crest of it and screamed with abandon as the most powerful orgasm she’d had yet overtook her. She somehow grew nails right then, and reached around to my back, implanting them in my flesh with incredible force and then tearing them down my back. Her stomach had tightened so much that it had formed into only a narrow band of muscle, and her face looked as though it would tear apart with the pain she appeared to be in. Her hands came free of my back and grasped at empty air, and finally, she was able to inhale again.

Again she was sobbing. She cried with abandon, and then grasped my face and pulled me into a kiss of such force that I thought my lips would be crushed. Holding me to her as close as she could, crying in my arms, she sobbed out her love for me. I held her and let myself relax and breathe while she cried it out.

“I love you, too, baby girl.”

She cried for several minutes, holding me there, my face in her hair. When she had stopped, and she was running her hands through my hair, I lifted myself up and looked into her eyes. They were bloodshot and puffy and red, but in those pools of sapphire I could see her raw emotions, and a love for me so deep and strong that I was taken aback for a moment.

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