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The Girl Next Door Ch. 02

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The sight of this little vixen licking my spunk from her tits made my cock swell and in just a few seconds I was hard again.

“Do you want me to lick you again?” Dawn asked, stroking my dick.

“How about I lick you instead” I grinned wickedly, looking over my shoulder at her skimpy briefs. “What do you mean? Down there” she said, her eyes as big as saucers.

I just grinned again and slid down till my head was lying on her smooth stomach. I traced lazy circles across her abdomen with my fingertips and smiled as her hips bucked in anticipation. Very slowly I untied the string on one side of her briefs and lifted the material away. I could hear Dawn’s breath coming in short gasps as I ran my fingers very slowly south. Her pubic hair was so light that it was almost as though she was shaved, so clearly could I see the outline of the slit bisecting her pubis. I slid down further until my head was level with her pussy and inhaled the musky scent of her sex. Gently I kissed and caressed her thighs working slowly ever closer to the centre, nearer and nearer my goal.

When I finally brushed my mouth across her outer lips she gave an involuntary moan and her legs whispered apart, her hands guiding my head down, not knowing what was about to happen but desperate for release, something that would ease the ache she felt. She thrust her palm flat against her mound, pushing her hips up to increase the pressure but I pulled it away and she cried out in longing. Although she was a virgin, she had obviously enjoyed the pleasures of her own body and as she closed her eyes and let her head roll to one side I could hear her moaning “make me come, please, make me come,” over and over.

I used my thumbs to ease back her cunt lips and as I did the juices of her need ran out soaking the sheet below her anus. Tentatively I dipped my tongue into her honey pot, savouring the tangy sweetness, flicking in and out ankara escort like a demented adder. “Oooooooooh, baby, don’t tease me.” She panted. Not wanting to disappoint I swiped the broad top of my flattened tongue from the very bottom of her gaping hole to the very tip, from where I could see her hardening clit poking out from its hood. Up and down I swiped, putting on more and more pressure until she was begging me to stop.

I knew she must be close to coming and I quickly sucked her clit into my mouth while at the same time slipping 2 fingers of my right hand into her tight little cunt, rubbing just inside and at the top of her entrance, stimulating her clitoral shaft from both ends. As her hips bucked and her head whipped from side to side I slipped the index finger of my left hand, slick with her love juices, passed her relaxed sphincter and into her anus. This last piece of stimulation was too much and she screamed with joy.

“I’m coming. Oh god I’m coming. Oh please don’t’ stop. Suck my clit. Finger my arse. Oh, oh I can’t stand it. Ohhhhhhhhhh.”

As her orgasm began to grip her whole body, a red flush seemed to race up from her groin and across her tits, making them swell even larger, the nipples standing out proudly. The surge of blood carried on up her neck and across her face making her feel completely warm all over and the hair on her head seem to stand on end. As the orgasm raced upwards her juices gushed out and I slurped greedily, trying to drink as much in as I could.

I slowly withdrew my fingers and the sensation made her shudder. She was clawing at my shoulders drawing me up until she could kiss me, using her tongue to lick her juices from my lips, the taste seeming to excite her even more.

“That was the most incredible thing I have ever felt” she gasped, ” I’ve never come like that on my own, ever.”

“I thought you were going to pass out” I smiled.

“I ankara escort bayan think I did” she smiled back, kissing me once again. As I felt her tongue pushing against mine I knew that I had to have her, right here, right now. She looked into my eyes and said, “I want you to be my first. Please fuck me, be gentle, but please just fuck me. “

Although I wanted to steam straight in, ramming my cock to the hilt in her lovely tight pussy, I could tell she was nervous. I rolled onto my back and told her to straddle my thighs; with her on top she could dictate the pace and stop me getting carried away.

She sat up and the view of her wonderful ripe tits swinging over my groin made my cock twitch. She grabbed it and gave it a couple of strokes, ” aren’t we the eager beaver,” she laughed, the laugh turning to a groan as I reached up and rubbed her nipples. ” Ooooh yeah! Come on! I want you to fuck me. Push your big cock in my tight pussy”

She raised herself up and guided my cock to her opening, rubbing the head across the puffy lips of her sopping cunt, the sensation making us both groan with delight. Very slowly she pushed the head inside, her eyes wide and her breath coming out in little pants. We stayed like that for nearly a minute, just the head of my cock held between her lips, both of us savouring the moment. Slowly she started to sit back, my prick inching gently into her hot passage. God she was tight, I didn’t feel any sort of barrier, but as a regular to the pleasure of her own fingers I guessed that little obstruction had gone a long time ago, instead I felt as though her whole cunt was gripping my prick, almost sucking me in.

Dawn’s face was a picture of joy as she took more and more of my shaft into her very centre and when she finally felt my balls against her ass and my helmet brushing her cervix she closed her eyes and sighed. I didn’t want to spoil her moment escort ankara but the urge to start pumping in and out was almost too much to bear. She looked down, smiled and then lifted herself forward, my cock sliding back out again until only the head was held inside her. Back down, this time a little faster, and then back up again, up and down, over and over.

I closed my eyes concentrating on enjoying every second of this fantastic moment. Here I was, being fucked by the most beautiful little virgin in the whole neighbourhood. Well she wasn’t the innocent they all thought, oh no, not by a long way. When I looked up Dawn had her eyes closed, lost in her own little world of pleasure, rocking up and down on my prick, keeping a nice steady pace, the sort that would soon have me unloading my second package of the day. She had her hands on either side of my head for support, a position that meant those luscious orbs were perfectly placed for another good sucking. I grasped one in each hand pushing them together so that I could swipe my tongue across both nipples just by twisting my head from side to side. This drove Dawn wild, her hips pumping back and forth, mashing my balls against her anus, my pubic hair soaked in her juices.

“Oooh baby, I’m gonna come any second,” I gasped.

“Hmmmm, come, come for me. Jet your hot spunk into my wet cunt.”

The dirty words of encouragement coming from her sweet little mouth were like music to my ears. I grabbed her thighs and thrust upwards as hard as I could, all thoughts of gentleness fled from my mind as I impaled her writhing body on my shaft. The orgasm started in my toes and as the feeling spread up through my legs I felt my balls tighten and my cock spasm as I shot load after load into her. Dawn was pulling on her nipples, squeezing her lovely tits, her head thrown back, face screwed up in concentration as she felt another orgasm grip her body. As she felt me spurting inside her she let out a wail and collapsed on top of me, smothering my face with her heavy tits.

We both froze as a new voice said quietly.

“So, you finally got to fuck the boy next door.”

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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