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The Girl Next Door Pt. 01

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It was just after midnight, I was out just beyond the patio, sipping a drink. The barbeque had been a big success, everyone had a good time, except myself. My wife was giving me the cold shoulder, after 10 years, I guess we’d just found out that there wasn’t too much to hold us together. Our sex life was almost non-existent, once every couple of months was what it boiled down to, and at 35, I decided it was time to cut that damn cord. I could start over again while I was still relatively young. The party was over, my wife was snoring loudly away in our bedroom, I faced another lonely night in the guestroom, and I needed to get away from what I had come to hate.

“Hey, Mr. Robsin.”

I looked up, smiling at the sight of Roxanne Silverton. She was our neighbor’s 18-year-old daughter. She was a nice girl, long brown hair in a ponytail, she looked to be about 5’6″ inches tall, I guessed her weight to be about 125 pounds, warm brown eyes, a nice perky chest that looked to be about a 34C, and a warm smile. She was wearing a button-down blouse and a short skirt that showed off her sleek, smooth legs.

“I saw you from my bedroom window, I really enjoyed the barbeque, what are you doing out here, all by yourself?”

Before I could even begin, she said, “Troubles with your wife?”

That started me going, and I said, “Yeah, getting married 10 years ago, now I see it was a mistake. There’s very little to hold us together, and I think it’s divorce time. Jeez, we only have sex once every few months…”

I trailed off, damn I was getting way too personal.

Her brown eyes were warm and inviting, and she purred, “That’s not good, a man had needs, denying a handsome, sexy man like you is not what a wife should do.”

Roxanne stood a few feet before me, I saw her reach under her skirt, a few tugs, and I watched wide-eyed, as a crumpled ball of black fabric fell to her feet. She picked them up and gave me a grin. She unbuttoned her blouse, she was not wearing a bra, letting her perky 34Cs out to the night air. With her blouse spread open, she then lifted up her skirt to show me her pussy, HOT DAMN, she was waxed totally bare and smooth, I almost couldn’t breathe, that was sexy beyond all measure.

A tiny piece of my mind tried to put the brakes on, but when I stood up and she stepped right up to me, her nearness and my raging hard-on crowded out any rational thought.

She cooed, “Would you like to sniff my panties, honey?”

I couldn’t speak, I nodded, and her black thong was under my nose, she purred, “Sniff it, smell how hot I am, sugar.”

The scent of her hot spicy juices patterning the crotch of her panties drove me up like a rocket, I felt as hard as tempered steel. She looked down, seeing my tent pitch, giving me another eager grin.

Roxanne purred, “Would you like to suck my tits? Feel my pussy? Lick my pussy? Fuck my tight little 18-year-old pussy?”

Her hand reached down, opened my trousers, she wrapped her hand around my cock and cooed “Ummm, oh my god, you are so hard, I love a cock as hard as yours. I bet I’d love to suck it, bet you could give me a good hard fuck. Feel my pussy, feel how hot and juicy I am.”

I reached down and slipped my fingers under her skirt. Running my fingers along the seam of her bare pussy, the feel of her smooth, hairless pubic region made me tremble, I could feel the slicking up, and I quickly slid two fingers in, Roxanne giving off a soft growl of pleasure as her juices surrounded my fingers.

After pumping in and out for a minute, she purred, “Now take them out, and lick your fingers clean, canlı bahis şirketleri taste my juices.”

I slipped the fingers into my mouth, and my taste buds lit up at the hot, erotic taste of Roxanne’s juices.

I felt Roxanne’s other hand reach down, cupping my balls.

Roxanne cooed, “Your cock is so hard, Mmmm, I can feel your big, full balls, all ready to gush their sperm deep inside me. And I want that, I want that now. Follow me.”

She led me next door, and around the side of the garage. There was a staircase leading up, and she led the way. At the top of the staircase, she led me into the attic of the garage. There was carpeting, a small sofa, and a double bed.

“Since we don’t have any big trees, this is an ersatz tree house that my Dad made for me. That bed is so nice and comfortable. How long has it been since you’ve gotten any loving sugar?”

The warm coo of her voice made me shiver with anticipation, and I whispered, “Seven and a half weeks.”

“Oh, that’s torture, so cruel. You must be so pent up.”

At my nod, she purred, “Let me take care of that honey. First, I’m going to relieve the pressure a bit, you must be ready to explode.”

In a few moments, she had us both stripped down, and she knelt before me.

She purred, “Don’t try to hold out sugar, just let it go.”

Roxanne’s head moved forward, swallowing my 8 inches, the feel of her hot wet mouth was amazing. She swallowed me right to the balls, damn it felt like heaven.

“Oh yeah baby, suck me, make me cum!”

Roxanne did exactly that, her mouth warm and alive, her wetly gripping lips milking me with an exquisite slide, her tongue swirling around my cock making my prick tingle, damn she was good. I lasted maybe all of a minute, I could feel a huge rise.

“Oh fuck, gonna cum baby, fuck fuck FUCK!”

Roxanne kept her lips around me, and I erupted, my cock felt like a firehose as my backed up spunk jetted into her mouth. I could see Roxanne swallowing more than once, as I poured the built-up passions into her hot, wet mouth. She kept me in, nursing at my prick, eager for every last drop.

When she released my prick, she stood up, smiled, and said, “Mr. Robsin, you tasted so good, you must eat right, that’s the best tasting cum I’ve ever had. I’ve sucked off 20 boys, but your cock, a Man’s cock, gave me the best taste ever.”

She smiled at me, and continued, “Now, let’s do all those wonderful things I said just a few minutes ago. Now that you’ve sniffed my panties and felt my pussy, lick my tits.”

I said, “Roxanne, call me Dennis, Your tits look amazing, I’m gonna love sucking them,”

My mouth descended, her stiff, perky nipples so inviting, and I latched my mouth around her right nipple, it was stiffly erect, and I licked and sucked at it.

“Oh yes Dennis, keep doing that, I love it!”

I gave her throbbing nipple gentle nibbles, making her moan deeply, as I switched over to her left nipple. Her growls of pleasure were like music to my ears, she arched her back, pushing her tit into my mouth, and her mouth opened wide in ecstasy, closing her eyes and holding my head to her. I went back and forth, when I lifted my head, her nipples were reddened and throbbing, gleaming with saliva, face to face with Roxanne, her brown eyes were alive with lust.

“Ummm, Dennis, that was the best tit licking I’ve ever had. Now, would you like the full-on taste of my tight pussy?”

“Oh yeah Roxanne baby, how would you like it, laying back, or riding my face?”

In answer, she lay back on the bed, spreading her thighs wide, giving canlı kaçak iddaa me a come hither smile.

“Just like this honey, come to me, bury your face and go crazy on my cunt!”

I quickly did so, my face was inches from her, the scent of her arousal filling my nostrils, making my cock twitch. I brought her legs and draped them over my shoulders.

Roxanne cooed, “Oh yes honey, this is how I like to be eaten the most.” With a sexy growl, she urged me on, “Now eat me, lick my pussy, eat me, I’m so fucking hot, make me cum all over your face!”

I leaned in, my breath puffing against her, then my tongue slipped out, and slid up her slightly parted lips. Roxanne let out a growl as I ran my tongue up and down her lips, tasting the juices, then I parted her pink seam with my tongue, and slid inside.

Pausing, I cooed, “Roxanne, can I stroke your pretty asshole?”

She panted, “Oh fuck, yes, do it, I LOVE it!”

I slobbered over two of my fingertips, then slid them down. I felt my fingertips make contact, Roxanne growled with pleasure, and I ran my fingertips over and over her twitching asshole. I quickly buried my face back in her soaking pussy, licking eagerly, tasting the juices of her arousal, wanting a face full of juices. Roxanne grabbed my head, pulling me tightly against her box as my tongue went up, licking at her rock hard clit.

“Yes, oh fuck, yes, there, right there, oh fuck I’m so close, keep licking me, keep stroking my asshole, oh fuck, make me cum Dennis!”

I eagerly did so, and I drove a finger into her asshole, I felt her body buck beneath me, her legs tightening around me, keeping me pressed tightly against her.

“Yes, yes, oh fuck, feels so…yes, yes, yes, FUCCKKK!”

I felt her pussy start spewing juices as she let out a loud howl of pleasure, Roxanne’s body shook, her juices coating my face, as she rode her climax. She kept her pussy tight against my face, mopping me down as she rode that glorious crest, until she slumped down, her body twitching, as she felt her orgasm start to ebb.

“Oh Dennis, that was fantastic! I love a real man who knows how to eat pussy!”

My cock has raced back up to a full hard-on, and Roxanne purred, “I want your balls in my mouth.”

She lay back, I knelt over her, her full luscious lips open wide for me. I lowered down and felt the warm wetness as her mouth slipped over my balls. The sensation was electric as I felt both my balls sliding inside her hot, eager mouth. I could feel Roxanne’s lips close around the top of my ball sack. I felt her gently sucking at me, her tongue licking my ball sack, stirring them around. Holy fuck, I’d never felt anything like it, I felt my eyes roll back.

“Oh yeah baby, suck my nuts, fuck, feels amazing!”

The feel of her giving my balls a tongue wash was beyond amazing. I felt her hand gently grasping my cock, and she let my balls slip for her hot, sucking mouth.

Roxanne cooed, “Now that you’ve sucked my tits, sniffed my panties, felt and licked my tight pussy, and my mouth has worked over your big cock and balls, you need to fuck my tight little 18-year-old pussy. Oh yes sugar, you need the relief of a warm wet cunt milking you, eager to be painted with your white, hot cum. Let my 18-year-old warm wet cunt be the lucky one. Do me face to face honey, I want to see your face as you explode inside of me.”

Getting into position, I quickly notched my prick against Roxanne and pushed forward, slowly impaling her hot, wet heat. I grunted with sheer pleasure, enjoying Roxanne’s matching coos of pleasure as I drove in slowly, eager canlı kaçak bahis to draw out the pleasure of that first plunge.

“Oh yes, Dennis honey, your wife is mean. God, it feels so good being taken by your big hard cock, now, bury it, all the way!”

I eagerly did so, driving in the last couple of inches. Roxanne let out a loud moan as I bottomed out, my 8 inches were in, my balls smacked against her ass.

“Ummm, so filled up, so stuffed, I love getting my tight pussy stretched out. Give me a hot ride lover, I want all your cum!”

The sensation of being buried right to the balls, and the knowledge that I was about to plunder my neighbor’s sweet 18-year-old daughter just made it all the more heated. I pulled back and got a rhythm going, pulling out halfway, then plunging deep, the silky feel of Roxanne’s sweet young teen tightness, seeing that look of dawning rapture, the bliss and joy play her face, made me groan with lust.

“Faster lover, fuck me faster, I love it!”

I started to comply, feeling her inner pussy loosening up a bit, as she adjusted to my 8 inches. Roxanne kept her eyes wide open, looking deep into mine, she wanted to look at me all the time I was inside her.

Roxanne gasped, “Kiss me, Dennis, just like a lover, kiss me while you fuck me!”

I quickly covered Roxanne’s mouth, opening to me, letting my tongue slide right in, and our lips clung to each other, the heated, tongue filled swirls of passion made my cock throb and tingle, the spunk building up. She kept her eyes wide open, and so did I, enjoying the glow of pleasure sparkling in her eyes, I picked up the pace, Roxanne’s body was virtually vibrating, she broke the kiss, starting to gasp, and told me what she wanted.

“Oh Yes, Dennis let me have it, I want to feel your throbbing cock exploding and squirting wildly inside me, filling me with a sizzling load of your hot, pent up cum!”

I lasted another 10 seconds, then the heated lust and the sexy, somewhat forbidden but oh-so-hot nature of fucking my neighbor’s 18-year-old teen daughter made my balls lurch, and I knew I was gonna explode.

I growled out, “Fuck, oh fuck baby, gonna cum, gonna fill you, sweetheart, yes, yes, YES!”

Roxanne howled, “Yes, do it, honey, fill me, oh my God, cumming, oh fuck I’m cumming too, shoot it, squirt it, yes, yes YES!”

I could feel her body tense up, wrapping tightly around me, and a drawn-out keening wail of pleasure filled the garage. Her pussy clamped down, became the ultimate gripping tightness, milking at my cock, and I went over the edge with her. My cock swelled up tight, drawing a growl of pleasure from Roxanne as I nudged open the top of her cervix, my cock head at the entrance to her very womb. The look of orgasmic rapture on her face brought on the explosion, and I howled as I went off, my cock tossing off wildly deep inside Roxanne’s tight teen cunt, my throbbing prick jetting my sperm directly into her eager womb. That thought made my cock go crazy, jerking in repeated pulses, each pulse squirted more hot spunk, it seemed to go on and on, the spasms milking me wildly, making sure that she got every drop of my load.

As the orgasmic sensations started to ebb, Roxanne’s eyes looked into mine. Her eyes were calm, satisfied, no guilt, no shame, no regrets, just sheer enjoyment at what we had done.

Her voice, as soft as a caress, purred, “Stay with me Dennis, I sleep out here a lot, and I’ve longed to have a hot, sexy man with me.”

The choice of a warm, sexy teen that I had just made love to, versus a cold and empty bed in the guestroom was no choice at all. She pulled the blankets over us, and I felt her snuggled against me.

I was entering a new direction, I wasn’t sure which way it was going to go, but I did not want to look back in the future, and lament on that road not taken.

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