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The Hack Pt. 01

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The end of Seth’s last summer break of college was rapidly coming to a close. For Seth, it meant sleeping in until lunch and watching “Game of Thrones” would soon be replaced with early morning classes and long hours in the computer lab. Summer was a two month rejuvenation for the long months of hard work in the classroom.

Seth was a senior project and a few lecture classes away from graduating with a double major in Computer Programming and Engineering. A double major in those fields was a near herculean feat on its own, but even more so because he was doing it in just four years.

Most people of Seth’s intelligence would be considered a nerd, but to characterize him as such would be selling him short. Sure, Seth was smart; but he was not hindered by social awkwardness or lack of physical coordination, like the caricatures of sitcoms would draw to mind. Seth had been a decent athlete in high school, playing on the basketball and track teams. He had also been popular enough to earn the role of class president and be considered a friend to most anyone he came in contact with.

With so many superlatives, it would make you think that Seth would have been the “golden child” to any set of parents. In most cases you would be correct, but unfortunately for Seth that was not true for him.

Seth was born 14 minutes after his twin sister Amber. It was a small gap, but one that seemed to span much more than just their time of birth, as it seemed to continue through every facet of their lives.

Amber was the first to accomplish everything. She spoke first, walked first, potty trained first. When they got into school, Amber always seemed to best Seth’s accomplishments. One year Seth made All-Region for basketball and Amber ended up making All-State. While Seth was named class president, Amber was elected Student Government president. It was a constant struggle that drove Seth as he tried to find a way to receive recognition over his sister.

Seth was a genius, but Amber somehow found a way to match his grades. Amber had the common sense of a jellybean, but had incredible book smarts. Even though Seth was certifiably the smarter of the two, it was Amber who received Valedictorian and got the most scholarship money heading to college.

Fortunately, college had allowed Seth to slip out from under Amber’s shadow. The two went to rival state schools that were about an hour from home. Seth, finally free from the popularity of his sister, was able to shine on his own and enjoy an active social life.

In college, Seth experienced attention from ladies for the first time. In high school, all of the attractive girls in school were friends with Amber, the queen bee and prettiest girl in school; and none of them wanted to risk their friendship by dating their friend’s brother. Seth was a handsome guy, though. When he arrived on campus as a freshman he was immediately befriended by handfuls of gorgeous girls.

In high school, Amber and Seth’s relationship was a little strained; but the distance of being at different schools actually brought the two together, especially in the summers. Their childhood arguments were no more, as they would spend their summers hanging out, swimming at their pool and catching up on TV shows they missed during the school year.

Seth sat starring at the paused TV screen, waiting for Amber to come home so they could finally start their show. Amber had uncharacteristically gotten up early and left the house. She left a note saying that she would be back soon and for Seth to not start watching their show without her. The wait was painful for Seth, who was anxious to see how the cliffhanger from the previous episode would be resolved.

Finally Amber walked through the front door, with a shopping bag in-hand. Amber took great pride in her appearance, which made it even more surprising for Seth to realize that the bag was not from a clothing store, but instead from a cell phone store.

“It is about time,” Seth said with a groan, as he scrambled to get the remote ready to start their show.

“I know. I got to Verizon when it opened this morning, but it still took me forever. My phone got dropped in the pool at my friend’s last night, so I had to get one first thing this morning.”

“That sucks. What are you going to do with your old phone?” Seth asked.

“I don’t know. Throw it out, probably. It won’t even turn on anymore, so it isn’t worth me saving,” Amber said as she flopped down onto the couch, scrolling through her new phone.

“Mind if I take it? I might be able to find a way to salvage it. If nothing else, I can use the parts from it for something.”

“Sure,” Amber said reaching into the bag and tossing Seth her old phone, “Work your nerd magic on it. Turn it into a Transformer or something.”

Seth slipped the old phone into his pocket and started up their TV show. Seth had long enjoyed taking phones that other people thought were broken and fixing them up to sell online. Little did Amber know canlı bahis that her “broken” phone was going to earn her brother some nice spending money.

The siblings sat and watched their shows for about an hour. Amber began to doze off and finally Seth stopped the show and woke her up to tell her to go take a nap. The early morning and supposed late night partying with her friends had left Amber worn out.

With no shows to watch while Amber napped, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to play with the broken phone that Seth’s sister had given him. He took the lifeless phone into his bedroom, which doubled as his nerd lair.

At one end of the room sat the operating table, a place where many a cell phone had been brought back to life from the clutches of death. Seth set the phone down on the table and began to take it apart.

Amber had been right, the phone was badly water damaged. Seth began to take his special tools and remove the water that had become wedged in the crevices of the device. It was a slow process, but eventually he removed the excess moisture from the device. Connecting the phone to a power source, the battery appeared to be holding a charge. This was a good sign given how this was one of the most expensive and difficult parts of the phone to replace.

With the phone connected back to power, it was time to boot it up. Seth pressed the power button and saw the light on the small micro-processor flash on. The phone was brought back to life. However, when Seth looked at the screen there was no image appearing. He pulled out his multimeter and checked the connection at the screen. Much to his disappointment, no power was flowing to the screen, it was fried.

A replacement screen was going to cut heavily into Seth’s profit margin on selling the refurbished phone. He was convinced that he could still make some money on it, as long as the rest of the phone didn’t need anything replaced. Before he was going to order a new phone screen, he needed to know if the rest of the phone was operational.

This was not the first time Seth had dealt with a phone that didn’t have a working screen. He actually had found a way a few years prior to connect the visual output from the phone to his computer, which he could then view using a cell phone emulator. This emulator allowed him to control and run tasks on the phone from his computer, with the same view that you would have on a normal phone screen.

Seth rigged the phone up and connected it to the computer. The emulator loaded and began to process the information from the phone. Within a few seconds, the phone was synched to the computer. A selfie of Amber and her boyfriend popped up on the computer screen. This lock screen was a good sign, because it showed that the memory storage on the phone hadn’t been damaged.

Seth pulled up the number pad and entered the digits of their birthdate into the phone, which caused the lock screen to disappear and fade to the home screen. The home screen was loaded with pages of apps that his sister had downloaded to the phone. Everything from Instagram to Candy Crush was littered across the screen.

Opening up apps, Seth began to test the functionality of the device. The phone quickly connected to both the cellular and wireless networks, showing that all was functional with the most expensive parts of the device. The phone seemed to move a little slower than Seth’s, but much of that was attributed to all of the apps hogging the memory on Amber’s phone.

Pleased with the function of the device, Seth flipped over to his favorite tech website and placed an order for a new screen. When the new screen arrived, Seth planned to wipe the devices memory and put it up for sale.

When the order was placed, Seth flipped back over to the phone emulator to shut it off and head downstairs for a snack. However, the phone screen had two text messages showing up as new on the phone. Seth was left with a decision, shut off the device or click the “View” button and see what the texts had to say. His curiosity got the best of him as he quickly clicked the “view” button, bringing up all of Amber’s text messages.

Being as popular as Amber was, the list of conversations on her phone stretched a mile long. Group messages with different sets of friends, along with individual conversations with almost all of her friends. The phone was now a clone of the new phone his sister had purchased, since it synched up with her wireless number and online account. This didn’t mean that Seth was seeing what his sister was doing on her new phone, but he was receiving all of the information that was sent, received or saved on her new device.

The two new texts were from Amber’s best friend, Lindsey, and Amber’s boyfriend, Drew. Seth clicked on the conversation with Lindsey and saw the tail end of their conversation about her getting a new phone.

“Glad you got a new 1..was sooo bored without you to talk 2 lol,” the newest text message said.

Seth then flipped over to the bahis siteleri conversation with Drew. That conversation was much the same, as Amber had been obviously filling in her boyfriend about her new phone and telling him about her day.

“Luv u babe! Let me know when you get up,” the newest text message said, obviously in reference to the nap Amber was taking.

All very tame, boring messages, much like the ones that were visible in the rest of the text chain. Seth was a little disappointed, although he wasn’t surprised. Amber was always considered as the “good girl” in high school and he had no reason to believe she would have strayed in college.

Since he was already snooping, Seth decided to scroll up through her texts with Drew some more. Curiosity had gotten to Seth when he opened the text messages and was only growing now that he had gone down the rabbit hole.

As he scrolled his eyes passed across text after text of mushy messages about how much they love one another and heart emojis. Occasionally, the string of mush would be broken up by a message talking about their day, but those messages were few and far between. It amazed Seth how his sister could text her boyfriend so often and have so little to say to him of substance.

Seth was just about fed up with reading Amber’s messages when he stumbled across a picture Amber had sent Drew of her long tanned legs in the foreground with their pool in the background. Seth flipped through the pictures and saw a smiling selfie of his sister wearing sunglasses laid back on the pool chair tanning. The next few pictures were also selfies, which didn’t surprise Seth given how many his sister took in a given day.

After passing a few selfies, Seth came across a video file. The thumbnail was of Amber’s face in a dimly lit room. Based on the pink wall color, it appeared as if the video was taken in Amber’s bedroom. Seth clicked on the video and let it play.

“Hey baby,” Amber began to say in the video, “it is late and I know that you are already asleep, but I just wanted to let you know how much I miss you. I can’t wait until we are back at school together and I can be with you every day. I enjoy being at home but I miss getting to snuggle with you. I wanted to make you this little video for you to let you know that I was thinking of you. You always seem to like my late night videos.”

Amber giggled and took a deep breath, before saying, “This is for you!”

The phone began to rustle and shake as Amber’s face faded off the screen. The dimly lit room caused everything to appear out of focus and dark, but after a few seconds the rustling stopped and the video came back into focus.

The camera was sitting upright on Amber’s bed and all that was in view were the tops of Amber’s thighs and her short sleep shorts. Slowly a delicate tan hand came into view and slowly slipped inside Amber’s waistband. The outline of fingers could be seen running down the inside of her shorts, followed by a light moan.

Seth sat stunned at what he was seeing. The moan caused him to snap back to reality, as he quickly reached across his desk and shut his laptop. Seth just sat and stared at his wall for a moment, slightly disturbed at what he had just discovered.

Amber and Drew had dated for some time, so Seth knew they were close, but it had never registered that his sister had a sex life given her crystal clean persona. Amber never really even kissed her boyfriend in front of the family, but it was obvious that behind closed doors she was significantly more intimate.

Seth finally shook off his shock and decided to leave his bedroom before he got into anything else he might regret viewing. He walked back downstairs and plopped onto the couch, flipping through the channels trying to forget what he had just seen.

A few minutes later, Seth could hear rustling coming from the top of the stairs. Amber appeared around the corner of the stairwell, wearing a bathing suit cover and carrying a towel.

“You have a good nap?” Seth asked.

“Yeah, I needed a quick snooze. I’m going to lay out for a little bit before it gets shady out back. Do you want to join me?” Amber asked.

“No, I think I’ll just stay inside.”

Amber left the room and went out the backdoor to the pool. Seth got up and went to the kitchen to grab a drink and a snack. As Seth moved around the kitchen, his eyes continued to stray over to the kitchen window which looked out to the pool deck. Amber was laid back on a deck chair with her long blonde hair tied back in a ponytail; her bright red bikini shown off the contrast of her dark skin.

Seth had seen his sister in a bikini over a thousand times. Since they were kids, they spent every summer at their pool when the weather allowed. However, this was the first time that he had really noticed the way his sister looked. Seth always knew that his sister was a pretty girl, it was impossible to not notice that, but he had never felt the feelings that he was currently feeling bahis şirketleri about her.

Until today, Seth hadn’t noticed how firm and perky his sister’s breasts were. He never thought twice about her strong long tan legs. Amber’s thick long blonde hair had never been more than the reason it took her so long to get ready. Seth never thought of his sister as sexy or hot, but now he couldn’t help but look at his sister sexually.

Seth took his drink and snack back into the living room and did his best to not think about his sister.

“It is all because of that stupid video,” Seth kept telling himself, “You aren’t turned on by your sister. You are just feeling this way because you happened upon a video you weren’t supposed to see.”

It didn’t really help. The more Seth tried to not think about his sister, the more his mind wandered to her. Seth knew you weren’t supposed to feel this way about a family member. He was ashamed of how hard his cock was pulsating in his pants and how wet he was from being turned on by the thought of his twin sister.

When Amber came back in the house, she was on the phone. She walked through the living room, not even addressing Seth’s presence. The towel was draped over her shoulders as she climbed the steps back up toward her bedroom. Seth’s eyes wandered to her ass as he watched her perky cheeks sway back and forth as she took each step. The red fabric rode up some into her crack, revealing a decent portion of her bottom, including the clear tan line from where her bikini bottoms normally sat.

Seth was incredibly shameful, but also now very horny. On one hand, he felt horrible that he was having these thoughts about his sister; but now, he was trying harder than ever to justify his feelings to himself.

“My sister is a beautiful woman. Nothing is wrong with me appreciating the beauty of a woman, it is only natural.” Seth told himself.

Seth knew it wasn’t natural. He realized that his angel of a sister would be sickened if she knew that her own brother was gawking at her ass. However, Seth couldn’t help it. His sexual curiosity was taking over and no matter how guilty he felt, his conscience wasn’t going to take back control.

Later that night, Seth lay in his bed watching the minutes tick off his illuminated clock. It was almost 1:00 AM and sleep was the furthest thing from Seth’s mind. The entire evening he had tried to avoid his sister in hopes that he would begin to forget the feelings from earlier in the day, but that was in vain. Finally, Seth got out of bed and locked his bedroom door and turned on his desk lap and opened his laptop.

Seth hadn’t touched the laptop since closing it earlier in the day. When the computer screen came to life, a freeze frame of his sister’s video sat paused on the screen. His hands began to shake as the reality of what he was doing set in. He plugged up a set of headphones and put them in his ear. He glanced once more back at his bedroom door to make sure the lock was turned the right direction, and then he pressed play.

The scene came back to life where it had abruptly stopped earlier in the day, the dimly lit view of his sister’s shorts with the outline of a hand moving up and down inside them. There was very little sound as the video continued to play. The only noises that could be made out were the rustling of the fabric on her shorts and the suppressed heavy breaths of his sister. After about twenty seconds, a light moan could be made out. Seth had never heard his sister make this noise before, but he could tell by the light tenderness in the voice that it was his sister.

The motion of Amber’s hand finally stopped and the camera rustled around again and lost focus. This time it was only momentary as she had just stopped to remove her shorts. Now Seth was staring at his sister’s white cotton panties. There was little to the design of her panties, but that didn’t mean anything to her super aroused brother. The panties had a slight dark spot where it was obvious that Amber’s wet pussy had leaked.

Seth couldn’t take it anymore. He stood from the chair and ripped off his shorts, grabbing a towel off the floor in the process. His dark dick was soaked in precum at the sight he was witnessing. In the video, Amber’s hand slipped back into her panties and began to stimulate herself. Occasionally, Seth could make out the outline of Amber’s pussy lips. Seth was now vigorously stroking his cock as the video of his sister continued on the screen in front of him.

Seth could feel himself getting ready to cum when the camera began to move again. It panned up to his sister who said, “Love you, babe,” and the video ended. Seth closed his eyes and released his orgasm as the final image of his sister was burned on his brain.

Seth had been masturbating for many years now, but no orgasm had ever felt so strong or relieving. As the feeling of pleasure began to subside, guilt started to creep in.

“What did I just do?” Seth whispered aloud to himself.

His warm cum sat smothered along his hand and the towel as his cock began to soften. Seth cleaned himself up and put his shorts back on. He returned to bed feeling less anxious than before but still not sleepy.

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