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The Healing Garden

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It was a warm day in June. Gina walked the stone path to Sam’s back yard, chilled bottle of wine in hand. She had told him she would stop by today for a few minutes, to help celebrate his first week without chemotherapy. The two worked together, but in different departments. They had become friends over many weeks of lunches in the company break room. She learned he had been winning a battle against cancer, but the treatments had been brutal. He’d been sick almost every day for six months.

Over the months Sam had shared with Gina that his wife had moved out around the time of his diagnosis. Each Friday he endured a treatment that left him violently ill, exhausted and emotionally drained all weekend. She was amazed at his determination in keeping that pace for months, and still showing up to work each Monday. Gina had shared with Sam that her own marriage was loveless, that she was just biding her time with her husband until the kids were a little older. But talking to Sam she realized that her problems were small; at least she had her health.

Last week Sam told Gina he had finished chemo, and taken the final treatment. She saw an unfamiliar sparkle in his eye. Sam said he could not wait to live his life again, to work in his backyard garden, to go out with friends, to feel desire for a woman and to please her. He confided in Gina that while he’d been going through the treatment he had no energy for sex, and now he was worried if his sex life would ever recover. Would his body even work the same? He said he wished he had someone to help him ease back into sex without expecting too much, to test his abilities because he was so nervous. Since he didn’t know anyone willing to do that without a commitment, Sam said he would just focus on other things for a while and let the sex work itself out; he had missed so many little joys during his illness.

Sam’s plans for the first weekend without treatment were to relax and spend time in his yard, something he said he had missed doing. Gina mentioned she would have a little free time between errands, so he invited her to come by and see his work.

As she entered the back yard gate she could see that he’d been working on the garden that morning. The stone path was neatly edged, the lawn was freshly cut, and the flowerbeds had new mulch. A wheelbarrow sat near the patio, where she saw Sam stretched out on a lounge chair asleep. He was wearing cut off jean shorts, and his baseball cap was tipped over his face for shade.

Gina contemplated placing the wine bottle on the patio table, and then sneaking away quietly so Sam could sleep. She stood looking at Sam for a long moment, admiring his shirtless chest. She had never seen him outside of his typical work khaki pants and collared shirt. Even after being sick for so long, his arms looked strong, and his stomach taut.

Gina sat the wine bottle on güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the table, but instead of sneaking away she walked toward the sleeping Sam. Standing over him, she slipped her shirt off revealing her lacy pink and black bra. For a woman in her 40’s she knew she was still sexy and worked hard to keep her body in shape. Despite her workday look she always dressed in frilly underthings underneath, and today was no different. She reached down to rub her full breasts, dipping a finger into the sheer fabric to graze a nipple. She licked her lips thinking about what she was going to do next.

Gina bent over Sam, lightly running her hands over his chest. Deep in sleep, his chest rose and fell with each breath but her caress didn’t cause him to move. She placed her shirt on the ground as a cushion, then sat on her knees by the side of the lounger. Slowly, she massaged his thighs, gradually reaching higher until her fingers were on his upper thighs underneath the edge of his shorts.

Suddenly Sam jumped, sitting up halfway on the lounger, swearing, “What the fuck…!” His quick motion knocked Gina off balance, causing her to fall slightly backwards but still keeping one hand on his thigh. She started to wonder if this had been a mistake, but it was too late to sneak away now. She waited for him to fully wake up…..would he tell her to go?

Sam shook off the deep sleep and looked around. He sat up, with his legs on the side of the lounger straddling Gina. He realized he had fallen asleep on his patio chair, and that Gina was with him. Looking down at her, he reached out a hand to help her rebalance. Then he felt her hand on his thigh, and saw her nearly naked breasts spilling out of her lacy bra.

“Um…” he said, stammering. “Are you, I mean what? I don’t know if I ….” She could see the desire in his eyes as he took in the sight of her, kneeling between his legs.

Gina reached her hand up to his mouth, and put her finger on his lips, saying “shhhhh, hush” and shaking her head as if to say no. He understood. There was no need for talk or worries. She placed her finger over her own lips, as if to hush her own words.

Gina, sitting up on her knees between Sam’s legs, kept one hand on his thigh while rubbing the other hand up to his neck and then down his back. When she reached his belt, her hand ran along it to the front of his pants. Sam leaned forward to kiss her passionately. ?His hands were alternately cupping the back of her head and then trailing along the sides of her breasts. She was breathing heavily as her hand continued to rub his cock though his jeans; she started to feel a growing bulge.

Gina kissed his neck and the side of his face, working her way over to his ear, breathing heavily and moaning softly. She kissed her way down his body as she lowered herself all the way onto her güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri knees. A moment later she was kissing his cock through his pants. Sam could feel the warmth of her breath through the fabric and it made him throb. They were nearly shaking with anticipation. Without a word, Sam removed his belt then slowly lowered his zipper. He stood slightly to pull his shorts and boxers down, and Gina quickly pulled them off and tossed them to the side. She gasped excitedly as his cock sprang toward her hard as a rock, pointing right at her face. She admired how he was neatly trimmed, and his cock was smooth and beautiful. She instantly wrapped her hand around the base of it and stroked upward. A glistening bead of precum rewarded her effort. “Mmmmm…,” she said, showing her appreciation for his amazing cock but trying to keep the silence.

She paused there, looking up at him, her mouth opened and poised to swallow his shaft. A low moan escaped Sam as his cock throbbed in anticipation. Gina closed her eyes and lowered her mouth over his cock. She kept her mouth opened wide though, so her lips barely touched him; he could only feel her hot breath as she slowly surrounded his throbbing dick with her open mouth. When her lips finally closed on him, the sudden warm wetness sent a shudder through his whole body. More than half of his length was engulfed as he felt her mouth surround him the first time. After months of uncertainty, Sam smiled as he looked down and saw his hard, healthy cock in Gina’s mouth.

She slowly dragged her lips up his shaft until only the head was still between them. ?Gina’s mouth opened again and she took him in deeper, a little faster this time but still not touching on the way down. Her mouth closed tightly as she sucked her way back up his rod. She did this a couple more times. His cock was so hard it ached, and Sam wanted so badly just to cum and release months of built-up pressure. But Gina was intent on toying with Sam a little longer and was taking her time about it.? Once she had turned his shaft to granite with a few sensual sucks, Gina let his cock fall out of her mouth and ran her tongue all over him from tip to base pausing to softly lick his balls. She lapped them gently, teasingly. He pleaded with her with his eyes, tugging at her hair to pull her back up to his cock. She had other plans.

When her tongue found its way to the base of his ball sac, Sam thought he might lose it. Gina was a woman knew what to do with her tongue when it came to licking a man’s balls. Then she pulled back, running her tongue up the underside of his cock and leaving a trail of her saliva along his swollen vein. When she reached the head, Gina took it into her mouth and plunged down on his shaft. This time her lips were wrapped tightly on it, pushing the skin of his cock back as she took most of it in. She güvenilir bahis şirketleri bobbed on him, giving a good, tight-lipped sucking for a few moments before settling back on her heels smiling directly at him, panting.

Gina reached under her skirt, bunching it up around her upper thighs and revealing to Sam her lacy black panties. Moaning, she pulled aside the sheer damp crotch to expose her puffy pussy lips. Sam reached his fingers into Gina’s bra to pinch her hard nipples, and watched mesmerized as Gina rubbed little circles around her clit until she came on her hand within seconds, groaning.

“Sorry, I was just so hot from sucking you….” Gina said breathlessly, stopping mid-sentence when she remembered they were being silent. She smiled deviously, reaching back toward Sam’s throbbing cock. She wanted to play a little longer.

Gina’s mouth closed over his cock again and she bobbed with an unhurried rhythm on his throbbing shaft. He moaned as she moved slowly enough that he wasn’t in too much danger of cumming, but fast and deep enough to keep him on the verge. She turned her head slightly from side to side as she sucked, letting her tongue caress the full underside of his cock.

A few times she paused at the bottom of the stroke to get more cock into her mouth. She was taking in about three-quarters of his length as she bobbed, but would force herself down almost to the hilt every few strokes. He could feel the head of his cock pressed against the back of her throat as she crammed the full length into her mouth. Gina went on like that, steadily sucking and occasionally impaling herself on Sam’s shaft.

When she finally settled in and started sucking and bobbing in earnest, her hands were wrapped around the cheeks of his ass. Gina turned up the intensity, her deep sensual sucking going even faster. Both knew there was no holding back. As Sam felt himself approaching the point of no return, the muscles in his thighs tightened and his back arched, pushing his cock further into Gina’s mouth. Gina didn’t slow down or hesitate as his shaft hardened and swelled to the bursting point. Her lips continued their velvety-smooth caressing of his member even as his balls tightened and then released. Sam groaned and shuddered as the first massive gob of cum surged from his cock into her mouth. Gina dutifully kept sucking, drawing two more spurts of cum. ??She gently sucked a little longer, her touch smooth and unhurried.

Sam let out a huge sigh of relief, and smiled as his hand caressed Gina’s head. She looked up at him, wiping a drip of cum from her lips and giggling, “mmmmm,” she said.

“What I was trying to say before,” Sam said, “was that I didn’t know if I could even get it up because I jacked off in the shower a few hours ago. I haven’t done that in so long, I just didn’t think I could go again. But wow….just…thank you.”

Gina stood up, adjusting her bra and skirt, and pulled her shirt back on. She smiled and kissed Sam on the cheek, then walked away knowing he had regained not only his health but also his sexual confidence. “It’s a pleasure to help a friend in need,” she said as she closed the garden gate behind her.

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