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The Hitchhiker

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I shouldn’t be out this late but I need a ride.

My thumb is out and I’m hoping someone stops that isn’t a serial killer.

My skirt is too short for this time of night and the wind kisses my legs roughly, leaving goosebumps across my thighs.

You see me in your headlights, a solitary streetlight illuminating my luscious figure.

All soft and full with curves curving just right.

Slowing down you drink me in with your eyes and watch me reach down to pick up my bag in one long smooth motion.

You want me in your car.

I’m the fantasy you think of.

I’ve the sultry walk that belongs to temptation and I’m walking towards you, my hips swaying.

You watch me open the door in silence and slide in, my skirt riding up just the tiniest bit.

I see you looking and I wriggle in my seat so it slides up more.

I want you to look.

You’re the fantasy I think of too.

I look up at you and see you looking at my bare legs. I can see lust washing across your face.

Your eyes are fixated on my body and I heat up under your gaze.

My cheeks flush with excitement.

I can feel the fabric of my shirt rubbing against my hard nipples and I pinch them boldly.

My eyes hold a challenge as I look at you.

You are exactly what I want.

You’re a handsome stranger on a long long road that I want to fuck.


You pull out on the road and start driving, I don’t bother looking where we’re going. Suddenly I don’t care about anything except the sight of the bulge in your pants telling me that you are hard beneath your jeans. Hard for me.

The thought excites me more and I can feel how slick I’m becoming when I rub my thighs together.

You see me looking at you out of the corner of your eye, you’re shy today.

I don’t mind, I kick off my left shoe and place my foot on the dash daringly.

Turning my hips towards you I start to slide my hand down my body.

I cup my breast as you watch, I hadn’t even noticed you’d pulled over.

I see desire on your face and it makes me feel powerful.

I’m seducing you.

My hand slides gently over my soft belly, down the side of my thigh and I pull it slowly up my wet panties.

A thrill goes through me as I drag my nails gently over my clit.

You can see the excitement in my eyes as I look up at you. My look says I want you.

You look so sexy and smell so good, your masculinity is intoxicating.

I slide my hand inside the band of my panties and reach for my hot pussy as our eyes connect, sliding my hand further and further until my fingers are buried in the heat of me.

I moan for you.

Your cock is straining to get free, I can see it twitch in your jeans when I moan.

You like a bit of noise.

“Take off your pants” I say with a nod of my head, and a slow saucy smile.

“Entice me.”

You oblige as I look on, taking your time.

Button. Zip.

You pull the elastic of your underwear slowly down and your cock springs out, fully erect and needing a woman like me.

A woman that knows what she wants.

I kick my other shoe off and put my güvenilir bahis leg down so I can turn and lean over you, my hands on the door and the back of your seat as I lower my face to your cock, blowing gently on the tip.

“You’re so sexy.” I say under my breath, quietly breaking the silence. As I speak my breath warms you and my hair tickles your hip, I want to know what you taste like.

You breathe in sharply as the tip of my tongue starts to draw small circles on you.

My hand drags up the inside of your thigh to wrap itself around your thick shaft.

Slowly my lips kiss and suck you gently, so soft around you.

Suddenly I’m not so gentle, I’m giving your cock a passionate kiss, all warm wet tongue curling around the head of your cock, stroking you.

I hear you moan as I finally slide my lips down the length of you, enveloping you in my hot little mouth, pushing my face down until my throat is full of you.

I feel you twitch inside my mouth and I start sucking again gently.

I feel soft and tight and wet around you.

You can feel my tongue curling around the underside of your hard cock, moving up and down as I suck.

You start to move your hips, wanting to get deeper into my mouth. Wanting to feel me swallowing all of you.

I pull back a little and release you cock from my mouth, licking it slowly as I do.

“Fuck my face.” I say, low in my throat.

And you do.

You gently push my head back down, pulling loose hair to the side so you can watch.

As I slide you back over my tongue you start to move your hips.

I stay still as you move and it feels so good. I love watching you move.

Bucking you hips faster and faster as you get closer and closer to cumming.

I swallow the length you down my throat as you thrust deeply into my mouth.

The muscles in my throat are milking you, you thrust faster, and harder.

My pussy is dripping, I want to know what your cum tastes like.

I can hear you moaning and I moan too, giving your sensitive cock a whole new sensation.

“I’m going to cum” I hear you say as you keep sliding quickly in and out, in and out, deeper.

I swallow until my throat is full of you and my muscles are pulling on you, sucking your cum out.

You can feel your orgasm building, every time I swallow it sends bolts of pleasure through you. You feel it waxing and waning, getting stronger and closer until you lose all control and explode inside yourself, you’re pushing your cock deeper down my throat as you climb higher and higher into pure pleasure.

All your thoughts disappear as you find blissful release inside your orgasm.

You moan deeply as you’re peaking and shudder as you begin to pulse over and over, emptying yourself into me.

Stream after warm stream is hitting the back of my throat, you cum hard as I milk you with my mouth.

I love how it feels as you pump the last of your cum down my throat, dragging it over my tongue with your cock as I lift my head, you taste so good.

I swallow again and lick my lips.

I can hear that breathing is ragged, it gives me sense of power.

I türkçe bahis have made you lose control and I feast on the thought.

You stare at me in wonder, your pupils still dilated with desire, your cheeks flushed and hot.

I am a wet dream, sitting in the seat next to you with a wet pussy and a tongue that can still taste your cum.

You reach over slowly, running your fingers up my thighs.

My lips curl up in a seductive smile and I cross my legs and shake my head.

Confused, you look back up at me.

I lean forward to slip on my shoes as you start the engine.

Back on the open road you try to concentrate on driving. The air smells like my arousal and you feel your cock stirring again.

I notice, I always notice.

The way I can make your body respond is intoxicating.

In the silence I wriggle closer to you. You can smell my perfume and feel my breath on your neck as I lean forward.

I softly and slowly begin to whisper in your ear, each word hot and heavy with want.

“I want your fingers sliding in and out of me, coating your fingers with my sweet juices. I want to fuck your hand.”

I pause, my breath warms your neck.

All you can think about is my neat little pussy. About how tight and wet it would feel against your hot skin.

“I want to lie back as you slide your face between my warm soft thighs and taste me.” I say. I lick your ear with the tip of my tongue, “I taste sweet and earthy. My pussy is dripping with the taste of a woman. With the taste of wild honey.”

You let out a sigh and I know you’re imaging how I taste. Imaging the erotic scent of me. Imagining my warm thighs gently gripping your head.

I lick my lips against your ear as you drive.

“I want to rock my hips and push my pussy onto your tongue,” I say, “trying to get you deeper and deeper.

I want to fuck your face.”

I feel you shift in your seat as your cock swells in response to my fantasies.

Growing and pushing at your jeans.

I keep going, thrilled by your reaction.

“I want to climb on top of you, riding you harder and harder. Grinding into you, guiding your hard cock to my g-spot.

I want to rib my fingertips in circles over my clit as I slide myself onto you. Up and down, faster and faster.”

My voice is so seductive, so rich and deep. You can’t think of anything else but the road ahead and my voice in your ear.

“I want to feel my muscles tightening inside me, feel them holding your cock tight as I ride the peak of the wave.

I want to grind down on you, pushing every bit of you deep inside me as the wave crashes. As I fall into stars in my closed eyes and pleasure that shoots through me.

I want you to feel my tight pussy contracting uncontrollably as wave after wave of bliss rolls through me, pulling your hard cock into me with the clenching walls of my soft soft pussy.”

I moan at the thought of it and dip my head to gently bite you.

A shiver runs through me, so turned on by my own fantasy.

Teasing you is teasing me and I try to keep my hands from reaching down to stroke my heated pussy güvenilir bahis siteleri through my panties.

I can see the outline of your cock through your pants and you shift under my gaze.

“I want to use your body to make myself cum.” I say, “To make myself pulse around your fingers. Your tongue. Your stiff, insatiable cock. I want to drag your orgasm out of you with mine. Filling me as I float on waves of sensation.”

I hear you groan low in your throat.

“But I won’t.” I say, sitting back.

I stare straight ahead. Letting the silence settle. You don’t say anything, waiting to see what else I will say. Waiting to hear how my fantasy ends.

“I will play this over and over in my head. For hours.” I say in sultry tones.

“I will get more and more turned on thinking of your body.

I won’t touch my sensitive pussy though, I want to enjoy my arousal. I want feel my skin grow hot and my pussy swell, aching to be touched. But I won’t touch.

I will stand naked in front of the mirror” I say, playing it out in my head as I speak, “and watch myself swaying as I run my hands over my heated skin. Cupping my breasts and squeezing my sexy arse.

I’ll bring my hands up slowly, dragging my fingertips up and into my hair to find two fistfuls and tug gently. The sensation makes me moan.”

I let my words hang for a moment, spicing the air.

“My thighs will begin to rub together, sliding in my juices.

My knees will be bent so I can sway my hips from side to side, rubbing my begging pussy on one thigh then the other.

With my arms above my head I’ll move my hips, rocking them forward and back, over and over, making my hot pussy lips slide against one another.

As the friction builds I’ll buck my hips, desperate to cum. I’ve been thinking of you for hours. Building the tension inside of me. Seducing myself.”

I can hear you breathing faster, as full of desire as I am.

“My breath will come faster, I’m imagining you fucking my mouth. My thighs move faster, my hands tug my hair, I’m thinking of you.

I’ve been thinking of you for hours, teasing myself. Working myself up always makes me cum intensely and incessantly.

My wet pussy lips are moving over my clit as I squeeze my thighs together over and over.

I’ll feel that delicious feeling that promises release and rub my wet thighs faster.

My orgasm will take over my entire body and my knees will shake.

My hands and their fistfuls of hair will pull my head back while moans are being pulled from my mouth.

Waves of pleasure will crash through me as my orgasm, that has been slowly building for hours, is dragged out of me.

My hips will jerk forward again and again as I reach a second peak.

I can hear myself losing control again and I explode into bliss, squirting down my thighs. Making them wet as I keep cumming and cumming, my thighs dripping with all my juices..

And I’ll be thinking of you.” I whisper, “Imagining you.

Cumming for you.”

The lights of the next town wink in the distance.

We drive in silence. Each lost in our own imaginings.

You pull up at my stop.

You’re shy again and I smile. It’s cute.

“What’s your name?” You ask as I reach for the door handle, ready to disappear into the night, home to my mirror.

I smile again.

“Anything you like.”

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