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The Hunt Ch. 04

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“It seems you underestimated me this time. Sasha.”

“So it appears.

He tossed her some restraints, “Secure your arms behind.”

“This will be fun, “Donna remarked.

“Be quite slut,” Jacobs said,”You do the same.”

He looked at them approvingly, “Two beautiful naked women at my mercy.” He attached a collar to Sasha and than a leash. “Crawl to me, my prize.”

The Jungle Girl had no choice as she went over to her conqueror.

“Very nice, pretty girl” he said in a mocking tone. Steven gave her a passionate kiss that lit her on fire; then to her surprise released her.

“I don’t understand.” A confused Sasha said.

“It’s simple”, Steven said as he undressed. “You captured me, I just returned the favor. You know that this male can hold his own with you. We can have sex as equals.”

“What about me?” Donna cried.

Sasha walked over pinched her nipples, “You forget yourself slave.” Sasha looked at Jacobs. “I freely offer myself and my property to you.” Sasha knelt, “Tonight you are my Master.”

“Very well my slut on your back.”

The Jungle girl eagerly obeyed and has her hands tied above her head.

“Donna, next to her on your belly.” Jacobs began spanking the blond while playing with Sasha breasts and pussy.


“What do you say slave? He demanded.

“Thank you Master, sorry Master.”

“Donna you did not come close to taming this wild beast.”

No Master.”

“Than you need more punishment.” He grabbed a paddle and started whacking her.


“Consider this your punishment for arrogantly thinking you would capture her Side Escort twice.” He started slapping Sasha’s breasts. “As for my lovely slave, you asked to be dominated.”

“Yes, I want to experience this male domination. I want to test my limits.’

“You shall.”

“One advantage of you successful campaign, we have the entire plantation to ourselves, “Steven remarked.

He had hogged tied Donna and stuck a dildo in her pussy.

“Enjoy yourself, “he said as he climbed on Sasha shoulders. “I felt how strong you were. Give me a ride.”

“As you wish, Master.” Sasha began walking though the grass, while Steve swatted her ass with a crop.

“I am so glad that I changed my mind at the last moment and stayed.”

“Why did you sir?” Sasha asked.

“Kneel, “Jacobs got off and grabbed her, “No woman has ever intrigued me like you.” He pushed her to the ground. “Enough with the dominance play I want you. Now!”

She spread her legs, “I’m yours fuck me!

He grabbed her hips and thrust in.” You are my Jungle Bitch!”

“I’m your bitch for now, now take me damm you!” As she grabbed his neck and brought him close.” Yes” The pleasure went through their bodies.

“Oh ya, I’ll tame you my slut! He flipped her over and forced her breasts on the ground. Sasha growled she had never let a man take her anally.

“I’ll make you mine, “as he pumped.

They both had a great orgasm.

As they both rested on their backs, “I’ve decided something,” Sasha said.

“What he asked?” he asked lazily.

She jumped on top of him, “Time for my rebellion.”

“So Side Escort bayan much for you being my slave.”

“You don’t want a slave,” she told him. “You want an equal.” Pinning his arms above his head and putting her pussy over his face. “Now suck!”

Steve needed no urging, “Yes that’s it! I want it!” Sasha dominated him almost knocking him out with her smothering.

She got off with her back to him, ‘I believe you call this reverse cow girl.”

“So much for the primitive savage.”

“I read Donna’s B & D info after I captured her. Now give it to me.”

He need no urging grabbing her wrists and pumped his tool into her.


As she feel back, he grabbed the ropes and tied her hands together.


He climbed back on top, “Your rebellion is over.”

She grinned, “I need lessons in overcoming evil sex fiends.”

“How about a lesson on sharing a slave between 2 Doms?

Walking hand in hand, they came back to Donna.

Sasha pulled out the dildo, “Thank you Mistress.”

Sasha looked at her teacher, “What did you have in mind?”

Steve untied Donna, “It’s called a spit roast.”

Donna sighed, “I am the roast right.”

He spanked her, “That you are slut. I did warn you about failure.”

“I can’t believe you are siding and helping Jungle Girl. We are more alike.”

“No, you have no code, I always did.” He reflected for a moment and then squeezed Sasha pussy gently. “I do think you need a name change.”

She returned the gesture on his cock making it hard. “Name?”

“Jungle Mistress suits Escort Side you better.”

“Jungle Mistress?” she let it roll in her mind. “Yes it does, Slave you will now address me as Jungle Mistress.”

“Yes Jungle Mistress,” Donna bit out.

“Now”, she said imperiously. “Crawl to the dungeon”. She looked at Jacobs. “How was that?”

He lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around his midsection. “Better. Let’s try a stamina test; I carry you while we hold a kiss. “They locked lips.

On entering the dungeon, Donna knelt, head facing the floor.

Sasha grabbed a strap on and fastened on her waist. “Suck cunt!”

“Yes Jungle Mistress.”

Steve grabbed Donna hips and opened her ass cheeks he was already hard. “Yes Slave, you are now in your proper place.” He began pumping.

Sasha grabbed her heart, “Deep throat it.”

The two Doms went all out making Donna limp and weak. She collapsed to the floor.

“Enough Jungle Mistress”, she pleaded.

No slave, “the brunette replied. “We are sharing you. “They switched positions. On your back,” Sahsa rammed her tool into the blonds’ pussy.

Jacobs leaned over and kissed his love, “You are a natural at this.”

“Yes but I want to be fucked. “She withdrew and took off the strap on.

Jacobs through her roughly on the bed and climbed on top.


Sasha woke up, the bed was empty. Her slave was in her cage wearing a frown.

“You can’t mean to keep me.,” she cried,

“Yes I am”, Sasha replied as she went outside. “I said you were going to jail. I am your judge, and my ruling is sex slavery for you.”

She went outside and saw the man she was attracted to, sitting on the beach and looking pensive.

Sitting next to him and resting her head on his shoulder. “What are you thinking?”

He looked at her very seriously, “Our future.”

To be continued

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