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Big Dick


by Pink Panther

Hi everyone! No, I”m not going to disclaim. We”re done with that. So here we are with a new chapter. I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for the feedback following chapter 35; which is much appreciated. Please keep it coming! Send your comments ail and I”ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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October 1960

For Alex, the weekend began with a football match, away at Northridge. He knew from his experience the previous year that their opponents consistently produced the best teams in the area. Their latest recruits were no exception. After scoring an easy victory the previous week, the Woodchurch team was thoroughly trounced, losing by four goals to one.

In attack, they struggled to break down a resolute defence, while at the other end, their defending was chaotic. Despite his efforts to get them organised, time and again they were caught out of position. And although team captain Wade played well enough, he showed none of the ability to marshal those around him that Etheridge possessed. In fact, without Beckett”s brilliance in goal, it would have been considerably worse, with their opponents scoring seven or eight.

It was a concern, but not a serious one. A defeat like that might be just what the team needed to focus their minds on what they needed to do. So Alex had no plans to change anything in the way the boys trained, confident that the boys would soon get used to it and the results would follow.

The rest of the weekend passed off quietly. As it was not one of religious significance, the choristers at the schools where Gordon and Martin taught had gone home on the Friday, along with all the other boys. Accordingly, Alex spent the Saturday afternoon having a very pleasant one-to-one with Whitney. Afterwards, he went to Joanne”s flat for dinner before taking her to a film. The following morning, he drove to his parents” house where he enjoyed an excellent Sunday lunch and an equally splendid high tea, not returning to the flat until late in the evening.

It was now Monday morning. As they were on their half term break, he”d arranged to meet Bradshaw at half past ten for the first of their tutorials. He was looking forward to it with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. The fact was that he was venturing onto unknown territory. The younger boys he”d been with during his time at prep school had had at least some idea what to expect before he”d even touched them.

By contrast, Bradshaw, as far as he could tell, had no idea at all. Alex had finished their last two tutorials by patting the lad”s thigh just above the knee, and then only for a second or two. While Bradshaw had seemed perfectly happy for him to do that, the boy had given no indication that he”d be amenable to things going further.

That was a worry. How far would he have to go before he knew whether Bradshaw would welcome sexual contact? The lad was a pretty strong character, but would he have enough about him to speak up if Alex did something that he didn”t like? Over the previous couple of weeks, Bradshaw had been pretty well eating out of his hand. Perhaps the boy would go along with his advances, fearful of losing the attention and support that he was providing.

If that were the case, Alex knew that he might get as far as fondling the youngster”s cock, only to find that the lad still didn”t become aroused. That, at best, would be an embarrassing disaster. Were Bradshaw to report the matter, it would finish his teaching career and would probably result in him spending time in jail.

Alex decided that he must not allow that to happen. During the course of the week, he”d begin to stroke Bradshaw”s thigh. Unless he could see that the boy was becoming aroused, he would go no further, and after three such failures, his attempt to seduce the lad would have to be abandoned. It seemed to be the only course of action that offered a reasonable prospect of success without things going dangerously far.

At twenty past ten, he set off to drive into the town centre. As he turned towards the Kings Head, he checked his watch. It was a couple of minutes before half past. Approaching the appointed meeting place, he was delighted to see Bradshaw there waiting for him. He was pleased too that although the lad wasn”t in school uniform, he was wearing his grey school shorts.

He brought the car to a halt, reaching across to open the front passenger door.

“Good morning, sir!” Bradshaw greeted, giving his teacher a big smile as he settled into his seat.

“Good to see you,” Alex said warmly. “How”s your weekend been?”

“Okay, thank you sir. We didn”t play very well on Saturday, did we?”

“No, we defended very poorly.”

“You keep trying to tell them where they”re supposed to be, but they forget. They were all over the place.”

“I”ve asked Wade to try to keep them in line, but he hardly said a word.”

“Oh, he”s too quiet sir,” Bradshaw commented.

“Mr Forbes wanted you as captain,” Alex went on. “But with me teaching you one-to-one, I didn”t think that was a good idea. It might have made you look like the teacher”s pet, which wouldn”t have been fair on you.”

“Yes, I understand, sir,” Bradshaw said, smiling.

Having arrived at the flat, they spent the next hour solving simultaneous equations and using them to solve problems. The time simply flew past, Bradshaw”s natural aptitude matched by his enthusiasm and his capacity for hard work.

Alex found it invigorating. The rapport that he”d developed with the lad in just a few weeks was quite extraordinary. For them to complement that with a sexual relationship would be the ultimate. He”d become the boy”s mentor, just as Gordon so often was with the cathedral school”s most talented musicians.

“You”ve done well again today,” he said warmly, his fingers gently stroking the lower reaches of Bradshaw”s left thigh. “You know what you have to do for homework?”

“Yes sir,” Bradshaw confirmed, smiling.

Alex glanced across. The lad seemed to enjoy having his leg massaged, but there was no sign of him becoming aroused. It was not the reaction he”d been hoping for. He wouldn”t give up yet, but the signs were not promising.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Michael rolled onto his back, bringing Chris over on top of him. He was blissfully happy. They”d just had wonderful, uninhibited sex. His relationship with Chris was right back to where it had been before the summer holidays. Things could not have been better.

“I think you enjoyed that,” he said, smiling.

“No question about it,” Chris answered. “So after lunch you”re coming to mine?”

“Yeah, that”s what we said.”

“And you”re staying the whole afternoon?”

“Yeah. We”re playing bridge, aren”t we?”

“That”s right. You”re not seeing Mr Faulkner then?”

“No, I told him I”d see him tomorrow.”

“Oh well! I guess he”ll be seeing other boys.”

“Actually, I”m not sure he will. The boys we meet at weekends have all gone home for half term.”

“What about Troy?”

“Oh, he”s met someone special. That”s what Mr Faulkner said.”

“Did he say who it was?”

“No. When I tried to find out, he told me not to ask silly questions. Anyway, we haven”t seen Troy for weeks.”

“Oh, I see.”

“D”you remember Simon Holdsworth?” Michael asked, changing tack. “You met him at the end of the summer holidays.”

“Yeah, I remember, small and blond, but with a very nice cock.”

“Well, he called me on Sunday evening. He”s coming over on Thursday. You can join us if you want.”

“So it would be you, me and Simon?”


“Sorry, I don”t really fancy it,” Chris said, pulling a face. “It was okay the last time because we could pair off. But with three of us . . . I just don”t like the idea.”

“Fair enough,” Michael said, knowing better than to try talking Chris into it.

“I suppose you”ll be going to Mr Faulkner”s place in the afternoon.”

“Yeah, I expect so.”

“Well, I guess I can manage without you for a day,” Chris said, with an air of mock-condescension.

“I”ll make it up to you the rest of the week,” Michael promised, drawing his friend into a sensuous kiss.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was Tuesday afternoon. Alex was pottering around in his flat. At quarter to four, the doorbell rang. He went to answer it.

“Punctual as always,” he said, ushering Whitney inside. “I”m guessing you and Newton have been enjoying yourselves.”

“Yes sir.”

“So how are you getting along now?”

“Really well sir. It”s just like it used to be.”

“Well, remember what I told you.” Alex said, taking his usual place on the sofa. “Newton”s special. Make sure you look after him.”

“Yes sir,” Michael said, sitting down next to him.

“I hope you”re feeling horny,” Alex said, reaching across to stroke the teenager”s thigh.

“I”m always horny, sir. You know that.”

“Well that”s good! This”ll be the first sex I”ve had since Saturday. That”s three whole days! By the way, have you heard escort kocaeli from Holdsworth?”

“Yes sir, he”s coming over on Thursday. I asked Newton if he wanted to join us, but he said he didn”t. He said he would have if Stainham had been there, because we could have paired off. I had to tell him that we don”t see Stainham anymore. I didn”t bother asking Newton if he wanted to come here because I knew what he”d say.”

“Oh, that”s fine,” Alex said, drawing Whitney to him. “I”ll look forward to entertaining you and Holdsworth on Thursday afternoon. I”ll pick you up at the Kings Head, two o”clock.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was Wednesday morning. After checking that the lad”s homework was all correct, Alex and Bradshaw spent fifty minutes exploring the geometry of the circle. The boy simply lapped it up. As a result, work that in the normal classroom setting would take a week, was covered in less than an hour.

Alex was entranced, the youngster”s energy and enthusiasm quite extraordinary. As teacher and pupil, Bradshaw was already his boy. He couldn”t imagine that he”d ever make such a close connection with another lad as the one he”d established with Bradshaw. There was only one thing missing.

Once again, Alex allowed his hand to stray onto Bradshaw”s thigh, gently stroking it while he set the boy some homework. He left it there for longer than he had previously, fifteen seconds, maybe twenty. He sneaked a quick peek. The signal he was looking for was conspicuously absent.

Alex was disappointed, unable to read anything into Bradshaw”s passive reaction. The lad seemed to like it. He hadn”t shown the slightest sign of becoming tense. But was he simply going along with it, accepting it as the price for all the attention he was being given? It was impossible to tell.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Returning to his bedroom, Alex began to put on his clothes. He was very pleased with life. He had every reason to be. He”d just left Noel in the bathroom. Ten minutes earlier, he”d fucked the lad senseless. As soon as he was fully dressed, he strolled into the lounge. Martin was sitting in the armchair.

“Well?” the young choirmaster asked.

“Wonderful!” Alex said, smiling. “Thanks for bringing him.”

“No, thank you for allowing us to come here. Tell me, have you found anyone yet?”

“Not really,” Alex said defensively. “There”s a boy I”ve been working on, but it”s hard to tell whether he”s really interested. Oh, I”m almost sure he”d go along with it, but I”m looking for more than that. The last thing I want is to get his underpants down and find he can”t get a hard-on.”

“Quite so,” Martin agreed. “I wouldn”t want that either.”

“So how are you getting on with Long?”

“Oh, we”re almost there. Arrowsmith asked if he could fuck the lad before half term, but I told him to wait. I didn”t want Long going home with a sore bottom. But a week or so after we get back, he”ll be ready. He”ll need another week after than to get used to it. Then I”ll bring him here.”

“Sounds wonderful!” Alex said, smiling broadly. “Will you leave Arrowsmith to get on with it, like Gordon does?”

“Oh no! I have to watch. I love to see the expression on the younger one”s face when he realises he”s got another boy”s cock inside him.”

“Yes, I can imagine. Well, I look forward to meeting him.”

“I”m looking forward to meeting your new boy too,” Martin said. “I hope you find one soon!”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The following day, Michael waited anxiously at the station. Finally, Holdsworth”s train arrived, a few minutes late as it often was. Less than sixty seconds later, the boy appeared in the ticket hall.

“Hi!” Michael said, smiling warmly. “Good to see you!”

“Where”s Jez?” Simon asked.

“They”ve moved away,” Michael explained as they made their way out. “They went about a month ago, somewhere near Birmingham, I”m not quite sure where.”

“Oh, that”s a shame! I was looking forward to seeing him again. What about the other kid?”

“You mean Chris? I asked him if he wanted to come. He said he didn”t, because there”d only be three of us.”

“I suppose he doesn”t like the idea of being piggy-in-the-middle,” Simon speculated.

“Probably,” Michael agreed. “He didn”t actually say.”

“So it”ll just be you and me then?”


“Are we going to Mr White”s?”

“Yeah, this afternoon. He”ll pick us up at two o”clock.”

Fifteen minutes later they were back at the house.

“Would you like a glass of lemonade?” Michael asked.


After quickly downing their drinks, they headed up to Michael”s bedroom. With the curtains safely closed, they began to undress each other. Within a couple of minutes, they were down to their underpants.

“Okay,” Michael said. “On a count of three; one, two, three!”

The boys quickly pulled down each other”s pants. Michael”s eyes almost fell out. Simon”s cock was even bigger than it had been the last time he”d seen it, as long as his own, and thicker. On a lad who stood less than five feet tall, it looked huge.

“Bloody hell!” Michael gasped. “What have you been feeding that thing?”

“Just the usual. I hope it stops growing soon though. It”s getting embarrassing. The boys in my dorm call me Tripod!”

“I bet Southcott likes having it up his bum!”

“He seems to. He”s been getting plenty of it.”

They snuggled up on the bed.

“Mr Smith”s got a new boy now,” Simon said casually.

“Really? What”s he like?”

“Nice. Quite tall for his age and a bit skinny. Skinnier than me anyway. He”s blond too, but his hair”s got a bit of a wave to it. His dick”s only small, about two and a half inches, but it gets really hard.”

“So have you been with him?”

“Yeah, we”ve done a few things. He sucked me off, and I”ve had my finger up his bum. And I”ve sucked him, of course. He”s pretty good at sucking. He swallowed my spunk just like that.”

“Nice! What”s his name?”

“Van Kerkstraat.”


“Van Kerkstraat. It”s Dutch. I mean, he”s not Dutch. The family”s been here for generations. But the name”s Dutch.”

“Oh, right! How old is he?”

“He was eleven a couple of weeks ago.”

“But you”ve not fucked him yet?”

“No, he”s not quite ready,” Simon explained. “Mr Smith says it”ll be two or three weeks after half term. Then I”ll get to take his cherry.”

“Wow! I bet you”re looking forward to that.

“Sort of. I mean, it”s a big responsibility, isn”t it? I don”t want to mess it up.”

“Yeah,” Michael agreed. “That”s how it was the first time I fucked Chris. I was so nervous!”

“Hmmm! It”s a shame he”s not here. He”s nice!”

“Yeah,” Michael agreed. “He”s very stubborn though. If he says he doesn”t want to do something, that”s it.”

“Actually, it”s okay, it being just you and me. I never told you what happened at the end of last term, did I?”

“I don”t think so.”

“No, I didn”t want to say anything in front of the others. It”d have made me sound . . . you know!”

“So what happened?”

“A couple of days before term ended, Mr Smith asked me to go to his house after supper. When I arrived, Marchant and Johnstone were there.”

“They were your two older friends, weren”t they?”

“Yeah, that”s right. They”ve left now. I hadn”t expected to see them because they weren”t in our boarding house. Mr Smith just let them come over a couple of times a week so they could see me. Anyway, there they were. So we got undressed. Johnstone lay down on the bed and told me to sit on his cock. So I did, you know, facing the same way he was, so I had my back to him. I was just getting settled when Marchant lifted my legs up and stuck his cock in as well!”

“Wow! What was that like?”

“Quite painful, actually. Very exciting though. Johnstone just lay still while Marchant fucked me. Fortunately, he didn”t take very long. It was always like that with him. After he”d cum, he just held his cock there while Johnstone fucked me from underneath. I think he must have been really turned on because he didn”t take very long either. After they”d finished, I sat on Mr Smith”s cock while Johnstone sucked me off.”

“Wow! That is wild! I”m not surprised you didn”t want the other lads to know about it.”

“Can you imagine us two doing that with Southcott?” Simon asked.

“Definitely!” Michael said, grinning.

“It won”t be this term; there isn”t time. But leave it with me. I”ll see what I can do. So what are we going to do now?”

“Would you like to fuck me?” Michael asked.

“Actually, I was thinking that this morning you should fuck me. Then this afternoon, when we”re at Mr White”s, I”ll fuck you. It”ll give him something different to watch. Then he can take his pick, can”t he?”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The car stopped right next to them. Michael and Simon quickly got in, Simon in the back, Michael taking his customary place in the front. With the two boys safely onboard, Alex drove back towards the flat.

“So what have you two scallywags been up to?” he asked.

“Oh, just the usual,” Michael said, grinning.

“Meaning?” Alex demanded.

“Whitney fucked me, sir.” Simon told him.

“And how was that?”

“Oh, it was kocaeli anal yapan escort smashing, sir!” the blond boy enthused.

Alex glanced across at Whitney, who grinned and nodded.

“Excellent!” Alex responded. “And what would you like to do this afternoon?”

“We thought that I could fuck Whitney, sir. Then you can pick which of us you want to fuck.”

“That sounds wonderful,” Alex agreed. “You haven”t been piggy-in-the middle for quite some time, have you Whitney? Of course, in an ideal world, I”d fuck the pair of you. But I”m afraid that one of the penalties of cumming as much as I do is that it does take me some time to recover.”

“Yes sir,” Simon answered, smirking.

“So how are you getting on with this new lad that Mr Smith”s recruited?” Alex asked.

“Very well, thank you sir. I”m sure you”re going to like him.”

“Excellent. And I understand the deed is to be done in a few weeks” time.”

“Yes sir.”

“Hmmm!” Alex mused. “I”d love to be a fly on the wall while that was going on!”

“Yes sir. Mr Smith won”t be there though. He never watches when one of the boys is having his cherry taken. He says it”s better if it”s just the two of us.”

“Yes,” Alex said. “As one of his former charges, I am familiar with the routine. It”s one of Mr Smith”s little idiosyncrasies. He does have a point, I suppose. You won”t feel under so much pressure with him not there. That was certainly how I felt. I take it the boy knows what”s coming?”

“Oh yes, sir. He”s seen Southcott being fucked.”

“Really? And who was that by?”

“Me and Mr Smith, sir. Not one after the other though.”

“Separate occasions.”

“Yes sir.”

“Mr Smith really has got it down to a fine art. I wish I had.”

“Have you found a new boy yet sir?” Simon asked.

Alex mentally kicked himself, realising that he”d walked into a trap of his own making.

“What you have to understand,” he said evasively, “is that Mr Smith has known this new boy for two years. Our eleven year olds have only just arrived. Last year,” he added, patting Whitney”s thigh. “I was very lucky to find this young man as soon as I did.”

“But you are looking, aren”t you sir?” Simon persisted.

“Yes, Holdsworth, of course I am,” Alex conceded, annoyed at having painted himself into such a corner. “I coach the First Year football team. I do get some very nice sights after training. And there is a lad who seems to be interested. Unfortunately, it”s a boy I don”t teach. At a school like ours, for me to get him on his own would not be straightforward.”

“Yes sir,” Simon said thoughtfully. “I understand.”

Michael moved uncomfortably in his seat. Mr Faulkner hadn”t actually found a first-year boy to have sex with, but he was looking for one. It was hardly a surprise, but it still rankled. They arrived at the flat. After the boys had each drunk a glass of lemonade they moved to the bedroom. Once again, Michael and Simon began to undress each other, while Alex sat in his armchair, watching the show. Very soon, the boys were down to their underwear.

“Come here,” he said, gesturing for the blond lad to stand in front of him.

Simon strolled across.

“I imagine Whitney”s already had this pleasure once today,” Alex said quietly. “So now it”s my turn.”

Hooking his thumbs in the waistband, he quickly skinned the boy”s underpants down his legs.

“Hmmmm!” he exhaled, admiring the twelve-year old “s cock. “Are my eyes deceiving me, or is this actually bigger than it was the last time you were here?”

“It”s bigger, sir.”

“Well, Holdsworth,” Alex said, licking his lips. “That”s a most impressive appendage.”

“Please don”t you start, sir,” Simon protested. “It”s bad enough with the boys at school. The lads in my dorm have started calling me Tripod.”

“How very appropriate!” Alex quipped.

Leaning forward, he took it into his mouth. Working his tongue all over it, he sucked it right down to the root. For a boy of Holdsworth”s size, it was a magnificent specimen. In other circumstances, he”d have sucked the lad right off, but that would have to wait for another day. Somewhat reluctantly, he let it go.

Once he”d removed Whitney”s underpants, they all got onto the bed. Michael took his appointed place in the middle. Within a couple of seconds, his penis was in Holdsworth”s mouth, the blond lad”s hair brushing over his tummy. Moments later, Mr White”s cock appeared in front of his face. Holding it around the base, he worked his tongue all over it, paying special attention to the large, shiny head. Opening his mouth as wide as he could, his lips closed over it. He began to suck, gradually taking it deeper and deeper until it touched the back of his throat. Behind him, a greasy finger was being pushed into his anus.

“Oh, yeah!” he gasped, momentarily releasing his teacher”s prong.

After a couple of minutes, they swapped over.

“Get on all fours,” Alex instructed.

Michael did as he was asked. And so the action resumed. He slurped eagerly on Holdsworth”s cock while his form master”s tongue worked its way into his bum-hole. He”d have liked to suck the lad properly, but was wary of making him cum. That wasn”t what he wanted. He wanted the twelve-year old”s cock to go right up his arse, and to feel the boy give him a thorough pounding before depositing a load of spunk deep inside him. And he wanted it as much as he”d ever wanted anything.

“Okay, he”s all yours,” Alex said, pulling away. “How d”you want him?”

“On his front, if that”s alright.”

“Sure,” Alex said, moving a pillow into the middle of the bed. He produced a towel. “I”d better put this here,” he added, spreading it over the pillow. “I know what he”s like.”

As Alex retired to the armchair, Michael settled into position, the pillow beneath his hips, his legs spread apart. Within seconds, the head of Holdsworth”s dick was probing his anus. With more than two years” experience of being fucked, he didn”t even think about it. Instinctively, he relaxed, allowing the younger boy to penetrate him.

“Oh yeah!” he breathed. “Now fuck me! Do it hard!”

Holdsworth needed no further invitation. What he lacked in experience he more than made up for in energy and enthusiasm. Michael was instantly transported to the most magical planet he”d ever visited. For reasons he couldn”t explain, this was the most perfect fuck ever.

“Ohhh!” he moaned. “Oh yeah! Ohh! Oh, that”s super! Do it! Ohh! Give me your spunk!”

Holdsworth was making noises too, gasping and rasping as he pounded away at the older lad”s arse. From the vantage point of his armchair, Alex was becoming hornier by the second, his gaze fixed on the twelve-year old”s beautiful cock, pistoning in and out of Whitney”s bottom. And the look of sheer ecstasy on the Whitney”s face was beyond price. The lad was being fucked senseless and he was loving every second of it. Several minutes passed, the intensity not slackening for a moment.

“Ohhh!” Michael cried out. “Oh fuck!”

He shuddered violently, his fingers grabbing at the bed, his feet flicking upwards. His penis jerked into action, several ropes of teen spunk shooting onto the towel. On top of him, Holdsworth continued undeterred. Whitney might have come; he still had work to do. He”d been fucked more times than he could count. No-one ever pulled out before they”d cum. He pressed on. Gradually, inexorably, the tingling began to build. Seconds later, his balls began to churn.

“Ohhh” he gasped, struggling to breathe. “Oh! Here it cums!”

He thrust in as deep as he could. Instantly, his cock acquired a life of its own, his boy-cum squirting over and over into Whitney”s rectum. Finally, he collapsed onto the teenager”s back. It was some time before he could summon the energy to pull out. Lifting himself clear, he turned onto his back. He lay there, staring absently at the ceiling, his chest rising and falling.

“Are you okay?” Alex asked.

“Yes, thank you, sir,” Simon gasped, his breathing still not back to normal.

“It looked like you enjoyed that.”

“Yes sir. It was unbelievable!”

“That was quite an effort you put in there.”

“Yes sir. I came quite a lot when Whitney fucked me earlier on, so I really had to work for that one.”

“So was that the best ever?”

“That”s hard to say, sir.”

“Really? How many boys have you fucked?”

Holdsworth quickly counted up.

“Five, sir. Newton was my first, the last time I was at Whitney”s place. Then Southcott, Jessop, Heath and now Whitney.”

“Hmmm. I haven”t met Heath.”

“He”s one of Mr Green”s boys. He”s okay, but a bit like fucking a tailor”s dummy. He just lies there and lets me get on with it. But the others are all super. It”s weird. They”re all quite different, but all really, really good. You can”t say one”s better than another.”

“You, young man, should take up a career in the diplomatic service,” Alex said, smiling.

“Daddy says a diplomat is a man who lies abroad for his country,” the blond boy responded.

“Quite so!” Alex agreed.

“So have you decided which of us you”re going to fuck, izmit yabancı escort sir?”

“Well, as you”ve both cum, and I”ve not seen you for a while, it”ll have to be you, if that”s okay.”

“Oh, yes sir. I was hoping you”d say that.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Alex stopped the car outside the station. It was twenty past three.

“Thanks for coming over today,” Alex said as Holdsworth got out. “It”s been splendid. We”ll see you again soon.”

As the boy made his way into the building, Alex drove off.

“I”d say you really enjoyed Holdsworth fucking you,” he said, turning to Whitney.

“Yes sir. It was super.”

“I could tell. The look on your face said it all.”

“And I know you enjoyed fucking him, sir.”

“Oh definitely,” Alex confirmed. “But that”s no surprise. I always do.”

“It”s weird, isn”t it sir, the way Holdsworth”s cock”s grown so quickly? And he”s gone from not being able to cum to cumming quite a lot in just a few months.”

“That”s one of the fascinating things about boys,” Alex said, smiling. “We”re all different. Some boys start growing up when they”re quite young, as you did. For others, it doesn”t happen until much later. For many boys, growing up is quite a gradual process. For others, of whom Holdsworth is certainly one, once it starts, it all happens very quickly. That can be hard to deal with. Fortunately, Holdsworth has Mr Smith looking after him.”

“Sir,” Michael asked. “You know you were saying about looking for a first-year boy?”

“What I was saying,” Alex said quietly, “was about looking at first-year boys. There”s only one who”s even noticed me doing it. And as I said to Holdsworth, he”s a boy I don”t teach. I can”t just ask him to stay behind in front of all the other lads, especially as he”s only a squad player and nowhere near making the team.”

He paused for a moment. He knew he wasn”t being entirely truthful, but if anything did materialise, he”d deal with it when the need arose. For the moment, he”d said enough to stop Whitney questioning him.

“Right,” he said brightly. “Would you like to come back to mine? It”s not half past three yet.”

“Yes sir. Thanks!”

Michael settled back in his seat. Very soon he”d be back where he”d been less than an hour earlier, ready for his bottom to be given another thorough pounding.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The following morning, Alex collected Bradshaw for the last of their scheduled tutorials. Once back at the flat, he carefully checked the boy”s homework, four exercises covering various aspects of circle geometry. Not only had the lad finished them all, he”d done them faultlessly.

“This really is a superb effort,” he said quietly. “You”ve put in a lot of work here.”

“Oh, I did them in the evenings, sir,” Bradshaw told him, “two on Wednesday and two last night. I”d have to be indoors anyway, and it”s better than watching the telly, isn”t it, sir?”

“Well, I can”t disagree with that,” Alex said, smiling. “So how have you been filling your days?”

“Spending time with my mates, either playing football or just hanging around.”

“Anyone you”re especially close to?” Alex enquired.

“Not really, sir. There are a couple of boys from our junior school who got into Woodchurch, but they don”t live near us.”

Having completed the geometry topic much more quickly that Alex had expected, they settled down to do some more algebra. As with everything else they”d tackled, Bradshaw took to it like a duck to water. From Alex”s perspective, it was almost effortless. Although he had no intention of doing so, it was as though he could simply point the lad in the right direction and leave him to get on with it. Finally, he called a halt.

“Sir,” Bradshaw asked. “Do you really think I”ll be able to do O-level at the end of second year?”

“In terms of your ability, you could probably have done it at the end of this year,” Alex told him. “But there”s so much work we have to cover, it would have been too much of a rush.”

Once again, he allowed his hand to stray onto the boy”s leg.

“You”re a remarkable talent,” he went on, his fingers giving the lad”s thigh a gentle massage. “And part of that is that you work so hard. I”ve seen it on the football pitch too, all the tracking back that you do and the tackles you put in. Monk doesn”t do any of that.”

“Oh, he”s lazy, sir. He only likes doing the pretty stuff.”

Alex glanced across. Bradshaw”s reaction to having his thigh stroked was the same as before. Although the lad seemed happy enough, there was no indication that he actually liked it. Surely, he couldn”t leave it there, Alex asked himself. No, he decided. He had to give it one last throw of the dice.

“Does this feel nice?” he asked, surreptitiously moving his hand up so that his fingertips were touching the hem of the boy”s shorts.

“Yes, sir,” Bradshaw said, grinning.

And finally he saw it, the sign he”d been waiting for, a visible stirring.

“Hmmm!” Alex whispered, his fingers burrowing even higher. “I think it must feel very nice.”

There was no doubt at all now, the boy”s growing erection quite unmistakeable.

“You know you can”t tell anyone about this, don”t you?” Alex said, looking the lad right in the eye.

“Yes sir,” Bradshaw confirmed. “I won”t say a word, I promise.”

Pulling his fingers back a little, Alex ran his hand over the front of Bradshaw”s shorts, the eleven-year old”s penis now as hard as stone. He could have left it there. After all, there was no rush. But that would have meant wasting a golden opportunity.

“Carpe diem!” Alex told himself.

“Stand up,” he said quietly.

Bradshaw got to his feet. Reaching up, Alex undid the clip at the top of the boy”s shorts. He was surprised to find that rather than the usual buttons, these shorts, purchased just a few weeks earlier, had a zip. It was an innovation that met with his full approval. He carefully pulled it down. The shorts slid off the lad”s hips and fell to the floor.

“Pull your shirt up,” Alex instructed.

Bradshaw complied. He looked nervous.

“Don”t look so worried,” Alex urged. “Nothing bad”s going to happen.”

By now, he was on automatic pilot, so horny that rational thought had become impossible. Instinctively, he ran his hand up the youngster”s thigh, his fingers advancing up the leg of the boy”s underpants. He wrapped them around the lad”s erection. It felt exactly like a boy”s penis should, hard, hot, alive.

“How does that feel?” he whispered.

“Good, sir.”

Removing his hand from inside Bradshaw”s underpants, he quickly skinned them down the eleven-year old”s legs. He was entranced. From a distance, Bradshaw was a good looking boy. At close quarters, the lad was everything he could have asked for, his slim, uncut penis around three and a half inches long, the foreskin just covering the tip. It was absolute perfection.

Licking his lips, he plunged down on it, sucking it hungrily. Sliding his hand between the youngster”s legs, he began to stroke the lad”s perineum. Bradshaw”s level of arousal escalated rapidly.

“Sir!” he moaned, his voice tinged with alarm. “I”m going to pee!”

Alex didn”t back off for a moment, wrapping his free arm around Bradshaw”s waist to hold him steady. Suddenly, the boy was gasping and shaking, his body overtaken by involuntary spasms, the tingling in his penis almost unbearable.

“Oh! Oh! Ohh!” he squealed.

To his amazement, his dick came to life, jabbing repeatedly against the roof of his teacher”s mouth. Then it was over, ending almost as abruptly as it had begun, his cock slipping out from between Mr Faulkner”s lips. He felt exhausted, as though he”d just sprinted the length of the football pitch.

“Sir,” he gasped, his eyes the size of saucers. “What just happened?”

“Pull up your pants and shorts,” Alex said, smiling.

Bradshaw did as he was asked.

“Good boy!” Alex said approvingly. “Now sit down and I”ll explain it to you.”

With the boy sitting next to him, Alex spent the next ten minutes explaining not only what had just occurred, but how the lad”s body would change over the months and years ahead, the mechanics of sex more generally, and the purposes to which it could be put.

“Of course,” he concluded. “You don”t have to use your cock just for making babies. It will be years before you”re in a position to be doing that. But as you”ve just discovered, you can get a great deal of pleasure from it, either by rubbing it yourself, which all boys do when they start to grow up, even the ones who insist they don”t, or by doing the sort of thing that we just did.”

“Wow, sir” Bradshaw exhaled, his eyes sparkling. “I had no idea! That”s the first time anyone”s ever told me about it. I didn”t have a clue!”

That was true enough, Alex reflected. The boy”s level of ignorance had been quite staggering. When he was at prep school, even the nine-year olds would have known more than Bradshaw apparently had.

“Well, I”m pleased to have helped,” he said, smiling. “And remember what I said, won”t you?”

“Of course, sir. I won”t say a word.”

“Okay, I think it”s time I took you back.”

Inwardly, Alex was glowing. He”d taken something of a gamble and it had paid off handsomely. There was still much to be done, but the process was now irreversible. In a few weeks” time � certainly before Christmas � Bradshaw would be his boy in the fullest possible sense.

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