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The Island Ch. 05

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The author expresses his great appreciation to Sloopb for editing this story. Due to his corrections and comments the story became much better.

V. Looking for Love Check under Your Nose

Author’s Note: the fifth story from “The Island” series which cleaves the Maria’s world in “before” and “after”.


Episode I. Yet The World Didn’t Change


-Skull fracture, severe brain concussion, and suspicion of brain edema; rib fractures and suspicion of spinal fracture…ruptures of…


-…She got run over right at the pedestrian crossing. The driver was drunk.

-Can I see her?

-She’s in surgery now. Dr. Frey is doing his utmost to save her life.

-How is she… What is her…

Maria’s voice was shaking. Thirty minutes ago she got a call that Lisa was at the Emergency room and rushed to the hospital.

-Will she survive?

-She is in a very bad condition…


-Her chance of surviving the night is low, Miss. Very low… I’m sorry…

Maria left the hospital. The tears pouring from her eyes blurred her vision. Almost blindly, she stepped forward until she reached a fence. Maria leaned against the wall and squatted.

-Why is she? Why is she! Why is my Lisa! Why!!

She looked around. The world didn’t change. The wind was blowing and rocking the trees, the birds were singing, somebody was laughing. But, her world had collapsed. Her best friend was dying, and she could do nothing. Now, she realized that Lisa meant for her much more than just the best friend. She realized that too late…

Maria entered the bar and ordered a bottle of brandy. She took a booth at the dark corner and gulped down a few sips. Some guys tried to hit on her.

-Hi, baby! Why are you so sad? Who hurt you? Just tell us and…

-Get off or I kill you, bastards!

Maria stared at them with a sharp evil gaze that made them rush away without any questions. The girl didn’t want anybody approaching her again, so she picked up her bottle and went out of the bar. She staggered indiscriminately along the streets with her eyes filled with tears until she appeared at the river bank. The sun had set long ago. Maria sat down on the sandy bank and sipped from the bottle. She had never been as alone as now. Nobody left around. Nobody left at her heart.

-No! She’ll survive! She must! — Maria cried out with all her voice, while the doctor’s “I’m sorry, Miss” rammed her mind.

-God, you hear me! Sorry I’ve never believed in you! Save Lisa, please… If… It’s okay even… even if she’s disabled. I’ll love her no matter what! I’ll take care of her, God! If you need a life, just take mine, but let her live! Let her live, God!!

The lights on the opposite bank were going down. The Moon hid behind clouds, and it became very dark. Maria sat in the darkness, stared at the distant lighthouse. Soon, it became the only source of light, and Maria felt it was left especially for her. “The last ray of hope,” thought Maria, – “if it goes out, no reason to live will remain.” Nevertheless, the light stubbornly continued shining.

Maria looked through her memories. She recalled Lisa’s last visit to her. She was so happy… She was always happy. Maria left her hanging at her basement tied and gagged for the whole Sunday. She’d stuffed her anus with a butt plug and teased her pussy with the vibrator but not allowing her to come. Lisa begged her for release, but Maria never allowed it. Being desperate made Lisa happy. Maria spanked her ass and tits well that day. She recalled her amazingly protruding clitoris, and puffy pussy lips, the smell of her aroused pussy, a taste of her abundant juices constantly trickling from her labia… Later, when Maria untied Lisa and drove her home, Lisa was chattering relentlessly despite being very tired. Her submissive girlfriend talked about how horny she was and how difficult it was being teased. Lisa thanked Maria for such a wonderful weekend… She was fascinated by her last body modification. Lisa asked Maria to remove her clitoral hood in October. Maria didn’t accept her request at first, but Lisa begged her so persuasively that finally, she’d agreed. Lisa underwent the modification only three weeks ago and was thrilled with the new feelings. Even wearing tight panties was enough to stimulate her clitoris and make her crazy with lust. She loved Maria playing with her clit, clamping it or licking it until she was going to cum; she loved when Maria stopped abruptly at the very last moment, admiring Lisa’s body is trembling while her pussy is convulsing and desperate for relief; and then again, over and over, making Lisa mad and never allow to cum.

Maria smiled when she thought about Lisa. Though, there were some situations she was ashamed of. For example, she remembered forgetting about Lisa during a barbeque last year. Michael arrived for a few days and showed up at Escort bayan the party. They found a secluded place and spend the whole day and night together. Next morning Maria recalled she’d left Lisa filled with an enema. Her intestines were filled with a really vast amount of a solution that contained hot pepper. Lisa was unable to get rid of the mixture in her guts because she was locked in the chastity belt. She suffered the whole day and the entire night, but when Maria finally returned to Lisa, she didn’t even mention the mixture in her intestines! She was just happy to see Maria again and didn’t take any offense that she had been left for suffering for so long. It was so like her! She always avoided behavior that could make Maria feel guilty. Though, it wasn’t the worst thing that Maria was ashamed of. She gulped as she recalled their childhood.



They knew each other for their whole lives. They didn’t have any secrets. They chattered about boys and sex and shared everything they had in their hearts. Once (when they turned 18 years old) they decided to practice kissing. The girls figured to kiss keeping their eyes closed and imagining they were with a boy. They practiced every day, sometimes many times a day. Both girls enjoyed that very much. Once Lisa confessed that she didn’t imagine a boy while kissing; she loved Maria’s breath, soft tongue, and puffy lips. Maria also stopped closing her eyes. She found kissing while looking at Lisa’s eyes more thrilling. Very soon they knew every wrinkle, fold, and crease of their partner’s mouth.

The girls were growing up, and the difference between them was becoming more and more apparent. Lisa was a kind and neat girl. She attended gymnastics, did well at school and had excellent grades. Maria was the exact opposite. She became rude and aggressive. She attended tae kwon do and even won some local competitions, but she didn’t pay any attention to school and was known as a bully.

The worst thing, Maria became rude to Lisa, too. Yet, it seemed like Lisa didn’t take any offence and still liked spending time with her. Lisa loved to speak with Maria about masturbation. She described to her in details of how she released herself. Maria loved listening to her stories, but she never talked about herself and always made fun of Lisa. Nevertheless, Lisa continued describing her masturbation experience and didn’t care about Maria’s mocking laugh.

Like the majority of girls, Lisa reached her first orgasms while rubbing her clitoris (after she had reached 18 years old). Besides that, she started early on playing with her back hole. Being a virgin, Lisa couldn’t stuff her pussy with anything, but her anus was available for any kind of play. The girl loved rubbing her clit while wiggling a finger in her asshole. Later, Lisa confessed that she played with a pencil. She found out that she loved to have something moving back and forth in her ass despite the fact it didn’t make her cum. Sometimes, Lisa pumped her ass with a pencil or toothbrush for a long time and then went to sleep horny without ever touching her pussy. Once she even applied a band-aid over her pussy before playing with her ass and kept her cunt shut until morning. Fucking her anus with any object made Lisa incredibly horny but never made her cum.

Once while kissing, Maria shoved her hand into Lisa’s panties and noticed that she was incredibly wet there. Lisa spread her legs a little more and quivered. She hugged Maria tighter and exhaled a deep moan into Maria’s mouth. Maria started rubbing, and Lisa squirted in her hand. After that, Lisa smiled and thanked Maria. She told her how she enjoyed her rubbing and apologized for coming so quickly, but Maria just laughed at her. Since that, she mocked Lisa calling her as Wet Cunt. – Hi, Wet Cunt! What’s up, Wet Cunt! Maria thought it was funny. She even changed her name in her cell phone address book. Lisa didn’t feel any resentment. She accepted that she was a real wet pussy and pleaded Maria to rub her again while kissing. Maria agreed and shoved her hand in Lisa’s panties every time while kissing, but didn’t give her relief; she made Lisa rub her pussy against her hand, shifted her hand upward or downward making Lisa’s slit chase after Maria’s hand, and then removed her hand abruptly just before Lisa was going to come. In this way, Maria mocked Lisa, though her girlfriend was fine with that treatment.


The lighthouse continued shining. Maria had another big gulp of brandy. The summer had just begun, and it was still cold at night. Though, it made no difference; Maria would stay still even if she were freezing to death.

-Lisa, forgive me, please… You’re an angel. You’re so much better than me…

Maria didn’t want to recall what had happened next, but she felt she must so that Lisa may forgive her. She must do that before the light goes off.


Maria was becoming ruder with Lisa Bayan escort day by day while Lisa stayed nice to her. Once they went to the secluded lake in the forest not far from their neighborhood, where Maria convinced Lisa to swim naked. Of course, Lisa agreed. Maria waited for a moment, and when Lisa had swam far from the shore, picked her clothes except for the shoes and long socks, and hid.

At first, Lisa thought that Maria would return. She sunbathed for a while and then started to call for her. Of course, Maria didn’t answer and giggled from her hideout. Moreover, she took her cellphone and recorded how her naked girlfriend was looking around for her restlessly. Finally, Lisa found out that most of her clothing had disappeared. She had no choice but to put her socks and shoes on and went in the direction of the road. Maria secretly followed her, continuing filming her girlfriend. After a few minutes, Lisa started stroking her clit while walking. Apparently, she was enjoying her trip. Then, Lisa sat under a tree and started masturbating. Maria watched how Lisa was rubbing her clitoris with her dirty fingers, how she immersed two fingers in her asshole and twisted and rotated them, and couldn’t believe it. She was so surprised that she revealed herself. Lisa noticed Maria and smiled:

-I knew you couldn’t live me here! Do you want me to continue masturbating for you?

-You’re pathetic, Wet Cunt! C’mon, let’s go home.

-I’m kind of horny. I didn’t come yet, but if you wish so… Give me my clothing, please.

-No. You don’t deserve it.

-Do you want me to get in the car nude?

-You may walk.

-All right, I agree! I’m okay with that!

Maria urged Lisa to get in the car naked and returned her clothing only when they arrive home. Actually she made her get out naked and threw her clothing at her as she drove away, making Lisa chase after the car nude and catch her clothing. After returning home, Maria created a post on their school forum “Wet Cunt Adventures” and posted all the photos and the videos she’d made. The girl was pleased with her joke and went to bed. Though, Maria couldn’t fall asleep. She thought about the things she had done and felt a dull pain. She even rushed to remove that post, but her pride didn’t allow her to do that.

Next morning Maria waited for Lisa next to the school. She needed a kind of justification for what she had done.

-Hi, Wet Cunt!

-Hi, Maria! How are you!

-Fine! I have an excellent idea. From now on, you will do my homework!


-Yes, you will.

-Maria, I can help you with your homework. I can explain to you what you don’t understand, and we’ll increase your grades together. But don’t try to take advantage of our friendship. You’re my best friend ever, but I won’t do that.

-If you won’t, I…

-By the way, about yesterday. I have to admit to you something…

-I… Okay, what do you want to admit?

-At first, I was scared when you left me there. But then… I became… horny… It turned me on… I… It seems that I’m an exhibitionist. I enjoy being naked outside. Thank you, Maria. You let me understand that. Let’s play like yesterday again, okay?

-You’re welcome, Wet Cunt. Sure, we’ll play again…

Lisa gave Maria a soft warm kiss and skipped to school. Maria observed Lisa for a while until she disappeared round the corner. Maria wanted a kind of satisfaction, but instead got a dull unbearable pain of realizing she done something wrong, terribly wrong. She didn’t notice when her classmate Carla approached her. They both were bullies and flunkies and got along pretty well together.

-What’s up, Maria!

-Ah, you.

-Breaking news! Yesterday Lisa Stingray was caught by the police! This fucking pervert walked naked across the street! Haha! Can you imagine that?

-What? Yeah, a pervert… Tell me the details!

-What kind of details? She was walking on the street nude. The police stopped her. She told them she’s a fucking pervert… umm… What are they called? Exhibitionist! Yeah, she said that she’s an exhibitionist!

-And what about the car?

-What fuckin’ car? What are you talking about?

-Nothing… Forget it!

-See you… Heh, Stingray is a fucking pervert… Everybody will be shocked, hehe!



Before Carla could react, she got a powerful spin-kick in her face.

-Look at my eyes. You will repeat this bullshit to nobody. Otherwise, I’ll rip out your tongue. I’m not joking. Is that clear?

Carla just nodded scarily.

Maria realized clearly the whole horror of what she had done. She felt a sharp headache and dizziness. Fitfully, she removed the post from school forum and all the pictures from her phone she had taken at the forest. Next, Maria grabbed her cellphone, and with all her power smashed it on the concrete slab and stomped on it with her foot until it was a little more than a pile of garbage.

Over the next few weeks, escort Maria had been handling the consequences. Quite a lot of people saw her post and mocked Lisa. Some of them saved the pictures on their phones. Several guys even knew about the incident with the police.

-How did they get those photos, Maria? Is this your work?

-No… Lisa… It’s not me, – lied Maria, – I… I lost my phone. Somebody picked it up and…

-Okay. I believe you. I knew you wouldn’t do that.

That just made Maria feel even worse. Eventually, she caught everyone who mocked Lisa and after dishing out some kicks and a few punches urged them to delete all the pictures. The biggest problem was Hank, an enormous but stupid guy who was the main bully at the school. In fact, his gang controlled the whole neighborhood. In front of the entire school, Maria smashed his nuts with steel baton; he peed himself because of pain. Maria had humiliated him and, in a few weeks, Hank was transferred to another school. From that time on, Maria took his place as top bully. Nobody dared to get on the wrong side of her, and so nobody dared mock Lisa. Maria was called Lisa’s boyfriend behind her back. Maria was merciless with everyone who tried to hurt Lisa. In fact, the only chance to avoid revenge was to plead with Lisa to ask Maria to forgive them. Lisa was the only one who Maria listened to. Their relationship totally changed and became much closer. It’s been a long time since this story happened, but Lisa to this day had never told Maria about the incident with the police.


The bright flashlight slid over Maria’s back, highlighted her bottle, and returned to her face. It blinded Maria, and she lost the lighthouse. The last ray of hope faded away. The police officer appeared at such the wrong time!

-Are you ok, ma’am?

-No, sir…

The officer looked at her face for a while, then turned off his flashlight and sat down next to her. They were sitting for a while in silence. Then the policeman uttered:


-My friend… my love… my angel… They said she won’t survive till morning…

-May I take a sip?


The officer sipped some of Maria’s brandy and put the bottle back. The girl leaned on the muscular shoulder of the officer and started crying with renewed vigor.

-So, she’s still alive…

-Yes… But she is in very bad condition.

-She’s still alive.

-Yes… I’ve been praying for her…

-Let’s pray together.

-I don’t know any prayers.

-Me neither, but you don’t need to know. You don’t need words. Close your eyes and pray…

-Her name is Lisa.


They stayed in silence for a long time — maybe one hour, maybe two. Maria lost track of the time. She noticed the lighthouse again and tried not to lose it. Then the officer took another sip and said:



-We knew each other since childhood. We grew up together. We graduated from the police academy together. We worked together… Nobody understood me better than her. She was my best friend ever. We didn’t have any secrets. She told me about her boyfriends. I told her about my women. Though, I couldn’t get along with any of them for more than three months. Actually, I compared each of them unconsciously with Sarah; the comparison never worked in their favor… She also couldn’t keep a relationship with anybody. Maybe, she kicked her boyfriends out even faster…

-What happened to her?

-Two years ago she was murdered by a meth head. We were working together when we noticed him. We didn’t expect he’d shoot. He shot only once before I could kill him, but it was enough. She died in my hands.

-I’m sorry, officer…

-Do you know what the worst is?


-I didn’t say… I didn’t say how I loved her. I thought we were friends, but it wasn’t true. I was so stupid that I couldn’t realize I loved her more than everything on earth. I realized that too late…

-I didn’t tell her that, either. I’ve never said I loved her…

-You will have a chance…

-I wish…

Maria gulped some brandy and handed the bottle to the policeman. Then she leaned on him again and closed her eyes. When she opened eyes again, it was already light out. It seemed the officer stayed still all the time. Maria fitfully looked for the lighthouse but couldn’t find it. “Her chance of surviving the night is low, Miss. Very low,” popped out of her memory.

-Did you see a lighthouse? It should be somewhere there.

-Lighthouse? Sorry, but this river is too shallow for shipping. There’s no lighthouse.

-The light faded away with sunrise…

-I don’t know what you saw, but it was just a piece of light. It serves for withstanding the darkness and doesn’t need us after sunrise.

-Yes, sure. — Maria said in an empty voice. She didn’t feel like explaining to him it wasn’t just a piece of light.

-Time to go. My shift finished an hour ago. I’ll drive you to the hospital.

-Thank you. I’d rather stay here.

-You’re afraid of news about your Lisa. But the reality doesn’t depend on your fears. You must go.

-Okay… I must go…


Episode II. The Present from Heaven

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