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The Jail Guard Gets Her Turn Ch. 05

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An early release.

The next afternoon after our masturbation exhibition, when I arrived at work, while on my block checks I stopped to talk to Debbie at her cell.

“Hey, I’m getting out.” She spoke.

“Really? When?” I asked

Debbie proceeded to tell me that the parole lady came to see her earlier that morning and told her that either she could stay in here for the last three weeks. Or transfer to the halfway house for a month, in which she would re-intergrade into society, get a job in a temporary position and obtain more job skills and have weekend freedom.

Debbie said, “So, I took an early release, the Halfway house. I’ll be leaving tomorrow morning. It’s like 10 miles away and it’s a woman’s only residence.”

I was happy for her and I knew where the house was and the rules that follow.

We were both saddened by her leaving and not seeing each other as much as we did, but I also knew it was an opportunity for us to see each other outside of here. And more importantly for her to start her life over again.

After she left…

The next few days, after she left were kind of miserable for me, walking past that empty cell, not escorting her to and from her activities, not being able to talk to here. But thankfully, she called me a few days later leaving me a message on my work voice mail, giving me her new cell phone number.

After work that night, I called her. It was amazing to hear her voice. She related she was slated to work Monday through Friday as a temp in an office, but was free from Friday night, until Sunday night. We talked for over an hour and we made plans to meet on Sunday afternoon, since I was off at a park by the Halfway house, so we could see each other.

The outside meet…

The first time I got to see Debbie outside of the of the penitentiary walls was amazing. As I pulled into the parking lot to park, I saw her sitting on a bench, enjoying the outside, an “almost” free woman and it was absolutely enlightening. As I waked up and she saw me, she stood up. We embraced at the bench just holding each other for quite a while. We spent hours sitting on the bench, holding hands and talking. It was an amazing and an excitedly fascinating moment of my life. Since she is in the half-way house all week, we couldn’t do much together, because all of her time, job and activities are monitored. However, she is released on Friday at 5:00 P.M. and has to return Sunday no later than 6:00 P.M., giving her weekends off without monitoring.

We decided we wanted to spend the weekend together, somewhere romantic, quiet and alone. But we couldn’t do it at my house and surely couldn’t do it at the Halfway house. So, after we parted that day, I did a little planning. I went into work the next day requested a few personal days starting the next Friday and going back on Monday, and through texts and calls I asked Debbie to go with me up to Lincoln, where we could spend the whole weekend alone in a nice hotel and just be alone.

Debbie was giddy and overly excited, that when she screamed “Yes” on the phone, it was so loud, I think my neighbors heard it. I made arrangements with the Soon-to-be Ex and told him I was doing a girl’s away weekend in Omaha. I lied about the place we were going, because I didn’t want him finding me. I made our reservations and follow-up plans with Debbie and things were set in motion. A small part of me was very leery about the trip. Being with her. Sneaking around. Knowing if we were alone in a hotel room, it wasn’t to play cards, to watch chick flicks or paint our nails. It was for sex. Lesbian sex. But every time my nerves chimed up, I reminded myself that we had already engaged in sex, admitted our feelings for each other and now finally have a chance to be alone.

I picked Debbie up at the park we had previously met at, because she didn’t want anyone to see her with me since she’s still “a visitor of the State of Nebraska” I didn’t want anyone to see me with her, as she is still “a visitor of the State of Nebraska.”

We drove the hour plus to Lincoln and pulled into our hotel. We checked in and dropped our luggage inside the room. It was a beautiful hotel room, with a large separate front room, an enclosed private bedroom, with full bath and jacuzzi. A small kitchen area and a balcony off of the bedroom, which overlooked the local water way.

We spent a few minutes lying in bed, just letting the stress and tension go from our drive and our anxiousness of being together. We decided it was time to eat and drove over to one of the Big Chain restaurants where we sat and ate and had a drink. It was beyond wild to be sitting here with her, outside of the walls of jail and to be spending the weekend with her alone. I was scared and nervous, as I’m sure she was too, but we both knew it was our time and it was a weekend that hopefully, neither of us would ever forget.

We walked along the river walk after dinner holding hands and talking. It was very romantic, very sexual and very exquisite. We decided it was time to head back bahis siteleri to the hotel and spend some time alone. When we arrived, Debbie said; “I’d like to take a quick shower and put on something nice for you. Is that okay?”

“Of course, it is.” I replied.

I laid on the bed as she dragged her suitcase into the bathroom. I started feeling butterflies all in my stomach, because I knew what was coming. I was going to make love to the woman I was crazy about and tonight — and for the foreseeable future — I was going to be a lesbian.

As the shower ran, I was softly rubbing and caressing my tits and sliding my hand up and down between my legs in anticipation of her. But I also had my surprise for her too. When Debbie finished up the bathroom, she spoke out, “Okay, I am all ready.”

She told me, “Close your eyes, I don’t want you to see me until you’re ready.”

I got up from the bed, grabbed my suitcase handle and covered eyes.

“Okay,” I said. “My eyes are closed.”

I heard the bathroom door open and felt Debbie walk past me, as she climbed onto the bed.

“I’m covered up now, you can go ahead.” She said.

I uncovered my eyes and headed into the bathroom.

I stood in front of the mirror as I started to undress. Pulling my shirt over my head and reaching behind me to unclasp my bra. I unbuttoned my pants, kicking my shoes off simultaneously. I pulled down my pants and then my panties. As I reached into my bag to grab the lingerie I packed for her, my nerves kicked in.

I suddenly realized, “this was for real.” This wasn’t some spontaneous, spur of the moment sexual exploit in the kitchen or the laundry room. This was her and I alone in a hotel room, 60 + miles away from where I lived and where she was staying. This was for all weekend. I had never been with a woman overnight. Never slept next to a woman, Hell, I was still unsure I knew what I was doing sexually with her. Lord knows I’ve never had an opportunity to eat pussy before meeting her and now I’m standing here naked in a hotel bathroom about to have sex with her.

My hands started shaking and my heart raced. I was hoping she was as nervous and overcome as I was. Did we both push too fast, too hard, too quickly, trying to reach out for something that neither were getting. But realizing my passion for her, my lust for her and my love for her, even if I wasn’t ready, there was no turning back now.

I slipped into my black silky thong, following it up with a matching black lacy bra. I wrapped a see-through black robe over my shoulders and slid my arms through. I looked at my long red nails and my gold tennis bracelet that was on my wrist. I looked at my fingers realizing that my wedding ring, that I had taken off a few days back wasn’t there. The indentations on my skin were, but the ring itself wasn’t.

It was just a week and a half ago, since I got slapped with divorce papers and placed my rings into my jewelry case and now here, I am, alone in a hotel room, getting dressed seductively to make love to a woman. I spritzed my wrist lightly with white linen and rubbed some around my neck. I had forgotten nylons and high heels, but figured they wouldn’t be on long enough anyway. I touched up my make-up and re-applied my lipstick, taking one last look at myself before heading towards the door. I took a few deep breaths and opened the bathroom door.

“I’m ready sweetheart.” I spoke out.

Debbie’s shaky voice replied, “Okay.”

I walked out of the bathroom in my long flowing see-though robe, barefooted, with a thong on — that a woman my age, and with my weight issues — probably shouldn’t be wearing. As I turned the corner towards the bed, the darkness of the room grabbed my attention. I saw flickering candles that Debbie had lit. She was lying on the bed, back up against the headboard, dressed in this amazing black with purple highlights two-piece lingerie set. Her tits, plump and firm, busting out of the bra. Her long sexy legs glowing from the light of the candles, smooth and silky from the lotion she used. Her long blonde hair, styed and draped over her shoulders.

She looked at me, as I looked at her and she said, “You look amazing.”

“You do to.” I replied.

I stood at the edge of the bed for a few seconds, just taking this all in. Here I was dressed overly sexy, staring at the women I have fallen for who was lying in a room full of candles, in erotic lingerie and I was about to make love to her and spend a few nights alone with her in the room.

Debbie extended out her hand as she started to rise up, as to help me onto the bed. I reached out, taking her hand and slid onto the mattress on my knees. Our lips met in a soft, closed lip kiss. I could smell her perfume.

I’m not quite sure where she got the money to buy the lingerie and perfume, I don’t know if she stole it, borrowed it, or had it in her possession when she was arrested, but either way she looked amazing and all my hopes and dreams for a night alone with her were coming true.

“Are you as nervous as I am?” canlı bahis siteleri She asked.

“Yes.” I replied.

“Good. I was hoping it wasn’t just me.” She spoke out.

Debbie pulled me down onto the mattress further as she laid back down, my body came to rest on the right side of her body, just off to the side. Our faces met, we stared into each other’s eyes for a few seconds until I leaned in for that first deep kiss. Our tongues swirled around each other’s mouth as our chest and arms touched and interlocked. We lay kissing for some time, just becoming more comfortable with each other.

I reached my hand up and slid it on top of her left breast, over the material. I felt so amazing to hold it in my hand, feeling the firm plumpness of her tit. How sexy the lingerie felt in-between my fingers. Debbie’s hand were gliding up and down my back, sliding along my robe, as we kept kissing deeply and passionately. I felt her arch her back and she slid her hands underneath her, unclasping the bra. I pulled at the left side strap, sliding the bra down off of her tits, following the bra strap, with my fingers as I guided it down.

Her tits were amazing. I kissed my way from her face towards her neck, down along the side, across her collar bone and onto her chest until my mouth was covering her nipple. Debbie moaned out in pleasure as my tongue swirled in and around it, sucking on it, lightly biting it. Debbie adjusted herself and slid the bra completely off. I grasped both tits with both of my hands just being overwhelmed and tuned on by holding them.

Tonight, there was no quick interlude, no worrying about being caught. No one to interrupt us. Tonight, I was going to seduce her and make her scream in pleasure. As nervous and scared as I was, this is what I have been longing for in my head, for more than 2 months.

Debbie started sliding the robe off of my shoulders and I assisted by sliding my arms through and throwing it to the side. Her hands cupped and grasped my thick, saggy tits, cupping them, jiggling them. I felt her reach behind me and unclasp my bra, letting my tits out. Our mouths so entwined with each other that she had a hard time pulling off of my chest. Debbie rolled me onto my back and her head dived down and began sucking, licking and teasing my nipples. I felt my stomach turn, my pussy tremble and my loins start aching.

I was holding the back of her head with my hand as she was sucking on each tit pleasing me. I felt her hand rubbing up and down my stomach, across my hip bone, up and down my inner thigh. Her hands were smooth and soft, trembling as she made her way closer and closer to my pussy.

I wanted to touch her pussy first, so I rolled her back onto her back and began kissing her deeper and deeper. Out tits were partially pinned together as my hand began exploring her body. I slid my hand up and down in-between her thighs until I slid it right up and over her hot black over purple panties. They were soft and silky and felt sexy as my hand followed the curvature of her pussy. Debbie was lightly moaning through our kiss as my hand continued sliding up and down her pussy over her panties. One of her hands cupping and holding my tit while the other was running her finger through my hair.

I slid my hand down into her panties and felt her silky-smooth shaved pussy. I swirled my fingers around her clit as she softly moaned into my mouth. Debbie lifted her hips and slid her panties down, kicking them off. I looked down to see my hand rubbing up and down and over her exquisite hot pussy, admiring her naked body. I was dripping wet and so tuned on. Here we were naked in bed, alone and getting ready to fuck each other’s brains out. Debbie spread her legs open as my palm and fingers kept caressing her sensual pussy. I teased her slit, rubber her clit and drove her crazy playing with her.

When I knew she was ready I slid a finger deep inside her. She groaned in pleasure, pulling from our kiss and tilting her head back. I slid my finger in and out of her dripping wet pussy, as she shifted her head side to side in pleasure. After getting her lips wet and slippery, I slid a second finger into her.

“Yes, baby just like that.” She moaned out.

I kept pumping back and forth, just in awe of how erotic and sexual this was, as I was lying her fingering a woman to orgasm. I pulled away from lying next to Debbie and started kissing my way down her body. I moved slowly and gently as I shifted my body downwards, getting closer and closer to her pussy. I paused for a few seconds just watching my hand please her. The top of my palm wrapping around her clit, watching my fingers sliding in and out of her seeing how wet and slippery they were. Being fascinated that my hand was caressing, holding and tantalizing her incredibly hot gorgeous pussy.

I came to rest in-between her legs, after she spread them open further for me to get between them. I was staring at her hot wet pussy, while two of my fingers were buried deep inside her. I leaned forward and licked and flicked canlı bahis her clit with my tongue, on occasion, wrapping my whole mouth around it. Debbie lay there speechless, moaning, groaning while lifting her hips and arching her back. I was face deep into her pussy with my fingers ramming in and out of her while my mouth and tongue bought her even more pleasure. I lay fingering and licking her for minutes on end. Still in disbelief that I was eating her out, while my fingers were nuzzled deep inside her warm, wet pussy. I was doing it! I was having lesbian sex and I wanted more.

“I’m going to cum, Carly! I’m going to cum!” Started spewing from her mouth, bringing my focus back to the moment.

“Holy fuck Car.” She cried out, as she released her first orgasm.

Her body shook, her hips thrusted and her pussy swelled and pulsed as she was cumming all over my fingers. Debbie leaned forward, grabbing my head with both hands and pulled me up to her face. My body lay on top of hers as we kissed even deeper, hotter than before. My fingers still inside her as we broke from our kiss. Our foreheads touched, resting against one another’s, our eyes deeply locked looking into each other’s eyes.

When Debbie caught her breath, she rolled me off of her and onto my back. She grabbed at my panties, while I lifted my hips, sliding then down and off. Debbie lifted my left leg up and slid herself underneath it, sliding down onto her stomach lying flat between my legs. Without hesitation, her tongue hit my slit, which was wide open and dripping wet and she licked from the bottom of my slit all the way up to my clit. I gasped for air, as she slowly and deeply placed pressure on all the right spots. Debbie head shifted back and forth as her tongue began licking, flicking and sucking every bit of me.

I lifted my legs a bit, placing my feet on the mattress, as her arms wrapped under and around my legs, with her hands coming to rest inside my thighs. Just looking down, watching her face buried deep within my legs, was giving me sensations and pleasures I had never had before. Her mouth making giant sucking sounds as her hands and arms grasped and held my legs in place.

“Holy fuck!” I bellowed out, as she kept eating me out.

Just seeing her eyes staring up at me, while her mouth pleased me, was mind blowing. I could feel her tongue swirling in and out of every area, as she licked me closer and closer to orgasm.

“Fuck Deb, I’m so fucking close.” Dribbled from my mouth

I was moaning and squealing in pleasure as she brough me to my first orgasm. My body shook and my legs trebled, my stomach was convulsing and my orgasm, was beyond imagination. When Debbie lifted her face from in-between my legs to look at me, her face was soaking wet, glistening with saliva, pussy juice and cum.

“Did you like it?” She asked.

“Fuck yah, I did.” I boldly announced.

“Good!” She replied.

Debbie dove right back in and started licking, sucking and kissing my pussy again. I was in awe. I stared down at her working my pussy, pleasing me – at that moment – like only a woman could. I was whimpering and chirping, feeling every bit of her tongue making me feel things I had never felt before. My ass tingled. I was throbbing. I wanted to be filled. By a dick. By a toy. By a broom handle. Anything! Just put something in my pussy.

“Finger me.” I moaned out.

Debbie pulled her right hand and arm out from under and around my leg. She lightly rubbed her fingers up and down my slit, until she dove two deep inside of me. I cried out in pleasure as I felt her long fingers deep inside of me.

Debbie started pumping back and forth, while her mouth was covering, sucking and licking my clit. “Fuck Deb. Oh Fuck Deb,” kept spewing for my mouth as I lay being pleasured.

I wanted to eat her out more. I wanted her to eat my ass. I wanted to eat hers. I wanted her fingers in my ass. I wanted everything

“I want your pussy Debbie.” Begged from my lips.

Repeatedly I moaned out to her, “I want your pussy. I want your pussy.” As she continued ramming her fingers in and out of me.

Debbie pulled herself from lying flat in-between me and slid her body upright. She leaned forward for just a second to lightly kiss me on the lips and began to swing around. Before I knew it, she was faced the other way as she lifted her leg over my head. Her sexy tight, erotic pussy was being placed over my face. We adjusted angles and positions until we got into the right spot.

Debbie slid her fingers right back into me, making me gasp, as I was staring at her dripping wet pussy and asshole. I lifted my head up a bit, using my arms to wrap around her hips, on her lower back, pulling her downwards. Her pussy hit my mouth, just as her mouth hit my clit.

I swirled my tongue in and around her opening, trying to tongue fuck her as her fingers kept ramming in and out of me. It was exhilarating. It was sensual. It was erotic. And I realized at that moment, that I was really enjoying eating pussy. I couldn’t take my mouth and tongue from it. I shifted my head back and forth, lifted it up, pulled her hips down deeper. Anything to get her wetter, hotter and to have her cum all over my face. I was hooked. 10 minutes into this… I was hooked.

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