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The Ladies Room

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Work’s been dull today, and your mind has wandered. And today, as so often happens when your mind wanders, you find yourself deep in erotic reverie. Your office cubicle affords you a degree of privacy, and you’ve shifted and squirmed in your seat, squeezing and relaxing your loins, becoming aware of your own moistness. Your arousal now further fuelled, you look forward to getting home, where your dependable electric playmate waits to please you and release the warm tension within you.

You are thirsty, so you go to the water cooler for a drink. Your skirt is long enough to be considered appropriate, but is tantalisingly slit and very tight. You wear it knowing that it attracts admiring glances, and hoping it inspires concealed office erections. You can judge your horniness by the number of buttons you leave undone on your blouse. Today you’re at the maximum exposure you dare. As you walk, you are aware of your shape, and you slightly exaggerate the roll and swivel of your gait, teasing with your backside, hoping someone notices. At the water cooler, you chat with a male colleague, knowing that when you stand at the right angle, he can just see the trim of your lace bra. You glance away from his eyes occasionally as you talk, giving him a chance to look. When you return your gaze to him, you notice his eyes flick back up to meet yours. Today, you are a business-slut, and you’re loving it.

When you return to your desk, you find my note, folded on your keyboard. You open it. “I’m waiting for you. In the ladies room.” You gasp slightly, breathe deeply for a few moments to gather yourself, then walk across the office to the ladies bathroom. You hesitate for a moment, then go in. A colleague is in there, washing her hands, and you notice that the cubicle door is closed. Your colleague finishes tidying herself up and leaves. All is now quiet. You walk softly to the cubicle. All seems silent in there. “Are you in there?” you whisper at the door.

I open the door and smile at you. I am only wearing a T-shirt and boxer shorts, the rest of my clothes lying in a neat pile on the floor.

“What are you doing here?” you ask. “How did you get through security? We’ll get in terrible trouble.”

I don’t say anything, just reach toward you and pull me gently toward me, locking the door behind you.

“This is crazy,” you protest.

“I know.”

We embrace, and I feel your body through your blouse. I reach up to touch your breast through the fabric, and feel your nipple hardening, even through your blouse and bra. As our lips caress wetly, I move my hand to stroke your throat and down inside your blouse, which is already partly open in your office cock-teasing way. I feel the swell of your breasts above your bra. I need to feel more of you, so I undo the remaining buttons and pull your blouse out of your skirt. I run my hands over your belly, and round your back to unclasp your bra. I lean towards you to kiss your neck. As you arch backward in response, I ease your blouse off your shoulders and as it falls, your bra drops from you and you feel the air’s coolness. I remove my T-shirt and we hug, your tits gently crushed into my chest.

I run my hands over your fabric-encased backside, beguiled by the smooth womanly curves. I unzip your skirt, relishing your shape as the zip passes over you. Your skirt falls, and as you step out of it I feel your hand easing down into the front of my shorts. You grasp my cock, hard already in anticipation, and start to stroke it. I groan at the sensation and I reach to your breasts, stroking them and admiring the way the flesh moves under my touch. I run the tips of my fingers over your fiercely hard nipples as you pull down my shorts and my cock springs free. As it flicks up from the restraining shorts and bounces against my belly, the bead of pre-cum that had formed at the tip flies off and hits you on the arm. I look at you, embarrassed and apologetic at my lack of control, but you just smile, then scoop up the clear drop with your finger and put the finger in your mouth. I sigh at the sight, and my response thrills you. You grasp my cock hard at the base and slowly draw your hand up my shaft, squeezing tightly all the way. When your hand reaches the head of my cock, it is welcomed by an oozing stream of pre-cum. You bring your slimy hand to your mouth and lick it clean, making sure that you leave İstanbul Escort your lips shiny with my desire. You start to move your face toward mine. I move to meet you and we kiss, tasting myself on you.

My gentle caressing of your breasts becomes firmer now and I knead, almost roughly, at your flesh. I begin to drop to my knees, licking at your breasts and teasing your nipples gently between my teeth. I lick down between your breasts and wriggle my tongue around and into your navel. Then I sit down on the floor in front of you and flick with my tongue at the inside of your thighs. I notice that your panties are already soaked, and your shape inside them is clearly visible, your pussy pictured in its own fluids. Grasping the sides of your panties, I ease them down over your hips and down your legs. You squat slightly to spread and lower yourself for me and you place your hands on the cubicle walls to support yourself. I lick at you, teasing your pussy lips apart with my tongue and wriggling it up and down the length of your slit. You grind your hips slightly into my face. I roll your lips around under my tongue, and suck them, drawing them into my mouth. Then I lick around the base of your clit, so swollen and proud above me. I tease it and nibble it as I stroke myself, delighting in the wetness and smell of you.

As I lick you, I reach up between your legs and slide a single finger into you. I softly pump and wriggle it, then withdraw it, coated in your slippery juices. I move my hand further back up between your legs and, moving my hand to match your grinding hips, gently slide my slimy finger between your buttocks. You sense what I am about to do and you sigh deeply. Encouraged, I slowly slip my finger into your arse as I lick your clit. I begin to slide my finger in and out as I feel your orgasm building within you. I lick at you harder and suck lovingly on your fat puffy clit as I finger-fuck your arse. Then I lick in a single long strong slow stroke from the base of your slit right up to your clit. I continue to lap at your pussy and you moan and writhe above me. I finish a long licking stroke and bury my face in you, rolling your clit around under my tongue.

You push your hips back and forth, wild with delight at the delicious pressure front and back, and wanting more. You’re about to come, and take a hand from the cubicle wall to grab my head and force it harder into you. I am swamped by your cunt, my tongue lashing as hard as it can against and inside you. You shudder as you come, struggling to keep from moaning and yelping out loud. My face is drenched in you, and my finger inside you feels the glorious pulsations of release cascading through you. As you gently subside, I withdraw my finger and slowly lick you to that safe, calm, satisfied place that you love so much.

You gather your thoughts, pull me to my feet and push me back against the cubicle wall. You kiss me deeply, and you taste yourself on me, then you drop slowly to your knees, licking and nibbling down my belly. Drawing the head of my cock into your mouth, you lap with your tongue and suck me greedily yet gently. You rock your head back and forth along my shaft, reaching down between your legs to caress yourself as you suck me. My hips begin to pump in delicious opposition to your mouth, feeling your silky tongue as I fuck.

We hear the door to the ladies room open. Someone comes in. We freeze. My cock is still in your mouth, but slackening slightly in fear as we hear steps approaching. Then we hear the sound of a chair being placed on the tile floor outside the cubicle. We are motionless, my cock softening in your mouth.

We hear a voice above us. “Well what’s going on here, then?”

You give a little shriek and pull away from me. We look up and see an attractive woman in her mid-thirties looking down at us over the cubicle partition. You recognise her. You have liked and admired her ever since you first met her, and have recently wondered whether her interest in you was more than professional. Now here she was, showing a very personal interest indeed. She holds up a piece of paper. It’s the note I left for you.

“You really shouldn’t leave personal items like this lying around where anyone can find them.”

You close your eyes, inwardly groaning at your mistake.

“You’re just lucky that it was me that found it.” Escort Bayan She smiles down at us. I look down, following her gaze, and see a thin rope of fluid, my pre-cum and your drool, hanging from the end of my soft cock.

“Please… continue. Don’t mind me.”

We look at each other, then back up at her.

“If you don’t finish off what you were doing, then I might just have to tell. And don’t pretend to be so coy,” she says, looking at you, “I’ve heard you jerking off in here before now.”

You open your eyes in mock outrage, made ridiculous by the circumstances.

“Yes. I’ve heard you. You obviously thought you were alone, but I was in here. I heard you whispering my name as you fingered yourself, and I thought at first it was me you were thinking about. But then I heard you whispering… what was it again?… oh yes… ‘She’s watching as I’m sucking your cock’… yes that was it. Then I realised… you were getting off on the idea of me watching you. When I saw this note just now… well… I just thought I’d see what you were up to in here… and here I am.”

“Don’t worry,” she went on, “I faked an ‘Out of order’ sign on my PC and put it on the door. You… we… shouldn’t be disturbed.” She smiled down at us, resting her chin on her hands, making herself comfortable up there.

You look back up at me, fear and panic now slowly being replaced by overwhelming desire as you tingle at the idea of being watched while you behave so wantonly. You glance up at me, moving your mouth back towards my cock, which starts to swell in anticipation. But just as you extend your tongue to lick me, we hear the bathroom door opening again, followed by the clicking of several pairs of heels. The woman above us shrugs in pretend surprise. “Well actually I did tell. Just a few of the girls.” The heels gather around the cubicle and we hear more chairs being placed on the floor. Then, one by one, three more faces appear above us. They stare down at us, particularly at you, in outrage and then delight. They had liked and respected your style, the way you walked the fine line between prim professional and office whore, but had never suspected you could be capable of… this!

You are now beyond caring or embarrassment. All these eyes watching you. You move your mouth toward me again. This is already the stuff of office legend, and nothing you do now can possibly make things any worse, so you determine to give the show of your life. You dip your head down slightly to scoop up the end of my swollen but soft cock. As you draw me into you, you are thrilled by the sound of one man and four women groaning in unison. I stiffen in your mouth as you begin to pump your lips up and down my shaft. Your hands caress my belly and you pull back to release my cock. It stands fully hard again and you lick between my balls and up the shaft, tickling around the head with your tongue before grasping the shaft with your hand, pulling me down to point straight toward you. You see the pre-cum oozing again and you kiss the tip, feeling my slime on your lips. You turn around to look up at your audience and you open your mouth, strung with the thin wet strands of my desire. The four faces above us are deadly serious now, lost in their own arousal. You turn back to me and place your mouth over my cock and suck me greedily. Your hand pumps me as your mouth envelopes and massages the head of my cock. As you suck and stroke me, you shift your position slightly to make sure that everyone can see exactly what you are doing. You glance up at them, your mouth still full of me.

You are aware of an aching desire within you, and you reach down with your other hand. You are amazed by your wetness as your fingers play over the warm slippery mass of your tingling cunt. You emit a moan, stifled by my cock deep in your mouth. You bunch the tips of your fingers together and slip them between your pussy lips, easing your hand along the length of your slit, and settling around your swollen clit, rubbing fiercely. You pinch it and pull at it, rolling it around between your fingers as you stroke and suck me, your juices now running down the insides of your thighs. Your knees are starting to hurt a little, but you cannot stop, not now.

You bring your soaking hand up from your cunt and take your mouth from my cock, still stroking me firmly. You lick your pussy Eskort cream from your hand. The sight of this outrageous feline sluttishness makes my cock twitch in your hand, and brings a whispered chorus of sighs and moans from above. You resume sucking me and return your hand to the welcoming, dripping place between your legs.

I feel my release building within me, and my body tenses slightly.

“He’s about to come,” groans a voice above us.

“Ooooh, yes,” sighs another, “come for her.”

“Come for us,” says a third.

You are pumping your mouth along my shaft as fast as you can now, grasping the base of my cock with your hand, your other hand building a glorious tension inside you as it massages the slippery flesh of your clit. You love to suck cock, and you love the feel of a man coming inside your mouth; adore the repeated pulses of warm, sweet, salty cum bursting inside and filling you, swallowing the slimy gift of manly love. But here, now, you are a performer as well as a lover. You take your mouth from my cock and lick around the head, stroking the shaft firmly, now with a definite purpose. You look up at my face as your tongue delights me, swirling the pre-cum around the shiny head.

“Come for me, baby,” you silently mouth, and your hand works me even harder now. I can feel that I am getting very close to the point of inevitability, and wonder if I really want to do this in front of these strangers. Then I realise it’s too late; there is nothing I can do to stop this now.

“Hmmmmmm…,” I moan, giving myself over to what is happening, and what is about to happen. “Hmmmmnnnnn… baby… this is gonna be huge.”

You smile up at me as you lick and stroke and rub. The women above us sigh and whimper softly. I look up at them, and notice that I can’t see their hands and that their heads and shoulders are swaying slightly to their own personal rhythms.

I tense as I feel the release boiling within me.

“Yeah, baby, do it,” you whisper, stroking me as hard as you can and leaning back, pointing my cock at your mouth, wide open six inches from me. Then I come. Boy, do I come.

The first thick fat spurt goes straight into your mouth, thrilling you and prompting gasps above us. As you close your mouth to savour the feel and taste of me, a second spurt splashes across your lips and cheek. You open your mouth wide again, licking around your mouth as far as you can, hoping to gather up more of my cream. You have transported me to a place of complete sexual abandonment and joy, my hips jerking uncontrollably, and this arouses you almost as much as the feel and taste of my cum as further spurts splatter across your face and into your eager mouth. You fuck yourself furiously now with your fingers, feeling yourself falling over the edge again into a shuddering wet release. You arch yourself back as you come, and still more slimy jets of cum spurt from my cock. I can feel each eruption building within me, then bursting from me in wild unstoppable blasts. A couple of jets land against the front of your throat, forming a thick sticky pool which runs down between your breasts, leaving a shiny trail. You let go of my cock to caress the cum over your tits with the tips of your fingers, moaning as you pinch your nipples with cum-dripping fingers.

I grasp myself and continue urging the cum from me, amazed at what my cock is doing. I point myself at your breasts, and I spurt on the hand as it explores the slimy mess already coating your tits. You bring your cum-soaked hand to your mouth and lick it briefly, before returning to stroke my cock, several more spurts erupting over you, then subsiding at last. You slide your hand along me more slowly now, but still firmly and along my entire length, drawing the last of my cum from deep inside me. My final dribbles run under your hand as you stroke me, coating my cock in my own juice, your hand slippery around me. You lean forward and give my softening cock a last loving suck and collapse backwards, sitting on the floor to relieve your aching knees at last.

You are soaked and exhausted. You look down at yourself and see your breasts slick with my cum, further ropes and dribbles draping over your tits and down your belly, still more running down in an extending trickle from your chin. A pool of your own desire shines on the floor in front of you. I lean down to you and kiss you softly, mindless of the cum on your lips. We look up at the faces above us. They look down at us stunned, and still dizzy in their own arousal.

“Well, girls,” you say, “Break’s over. I think we’d better get back to work.”

(The End.)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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