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The Lancaster Twins Pt. 03

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If you haven’t read parts 1 and 2 of The Lancaster Twins, please do so before reading this. I had decided to stop after the second part, but some good reviews made me change my mind.


Jennifer awoke thinking about what had happened the day before — she and Jackson had taken one of their infamous walks, he had eaten her out, she had later given her first blow job, and then, best of all, they had made love — they had fucked! — again. Unlike last time, however, she wasn’t wracked with guilt. The guilt was crowded out by her body’s craving for her brother. It was a new feeling for her. She had been horny, sure, thousands of times, but she had never felt like this. She knew that all of the sexual activity of the day before should have left her sated, but it hadn’t. It was like her inner sexual being had been awakened. She felt sexy. She felt attractive and sensuous – and she liked it.

She turned over and saw that it was only 6:30. She usually got up around 7, but her parents pretty much let her sleep as long as she wanted, within reason. She knew that her dad was probably already out on the farm tending to the hundreds of daily chores that are part of a farmer’s life. ‘He’s so sexy!’ she thought, and wondered why her mind had gone there. Jackson usually got up before her, but she hadn’t heard him in the bathroom. She needed to shower, so maybe she could get it before he got up.

Entering the bathroom, she noticed that Jackson’s door was open, so she peaked in and saw that he was still asleep. She closed the door quietly, but, unlike usual, did not lock it. After yesterday, why did it even matter? She brushed her teeth and then removed her clothes to shower. As she showered, she heard him come in and take a leak. She heard him brushing his teeth, then he opened the sliding glass shower door and stepped in. Before yesterday, this would have been unthinkable. But today, it excited her. He was gloriously naked and she proudly displayed her young, ripe body to him, knowing how much he loved it.

The twins immediately started kissing and running their hands over each other’s bodies. Jackson’s cock was already fully engorged. It was beautiful! Jackson massaged and kissed his sister’s bountiful breasts, eliciting moans of pleasure from her. He knew that she loved having her breasts massaged and sucked and licked and, besides her face, he found them to be the most gorgeous part of her body. Jennifer soaped his cock and balls as she fed him her tits, moaning and encouraging him the entire time.

Jackson had been more than a little worried that his sister would be having guilt pangs, as she did last time. As much as she obviously enjoyed their incestuous behavior of the day before, she had had the night to think about it. He was surprised when she had welcomed him into the shower and even more surprised that she was taking up where they left off the night before.

Jennifer squatted and took him into her mouth. She loved his cock, now, and was starved for more of his cum. She attacked it so eagerly that Jackson had to warn her about her teeth. She still couldn’t get but a little over half of his swollen cock into her mouth, but she intended to work on that. After a few minutes, Jackson stopped her. They quickly dried off and she led him to her bed.

Jackson knelt to kiss her between her legs, but Jennifer, fearing that she might be closer to her time of the month than she thought, stopped him. She was due to start in 3 or 4 days. She knew she should explain all of this to Jackson. She made a mental note to talk to him later, when she wasn’t so consumed with lust. She urged him to suck her breasts and kiss her mouth. She loved wallowing naked with her twin brother!

“Big brother,” she whispered as she bit his ear, playfully, “Do you want to cum in my mouth or… down there?”

“Both!” he said, eagerly as he kissed her sweet lips again.

“Can you?” she queried.

“I think so. If not, we can save one for later, right?” He couldn’t believe that she was as ardent for this as he was.

“I want to drink your cum, Big Brother,” she said lustily as she stroked his cock while getting on all fours. She kissed his dick all over, then licked his hairy nuts, her saliva wetting them. She was so hungry for her brother’s cock that her mouth was watering copiously. She licked his swollen penis wetly, then swiped her wet tongue around the angry, purple glans, causing Jackson to shudder with pleasure.

As she opened her mouth and allowed several inches of her twin brother’s penis into her mouth, he cried, “Oh, Little Sister, you’re so good to your big brother. Suck that thing!”

Jennifer removed it from her mouth and, continuing to stroke it slowly, she grinned and asked, “That thing? What is it you want me to suck, BIG brother?” She emphasized “big” as she made an expression of awe as she gazed at his cock.

“Suck my cock! Suck your brother’s cock! Oh, Jen, that feels so FUCKING good!”

Jennifer canlı bahis alternately sucked and licked, loving the feel of her tongue as it swiped around his corona, not to mention the look on his face and the groans of pleasure. “Can I have your cum, Big Brother?” she begged, then slipped her mouth back onto his thick organ.

“Ohhhh, I am about to cum. You’re so gooooooooood!” he cried as streams of white, hot sperm erupted from his balls into his sister’s greedy mouth.

“MMMMMMMM,” she moaned as his warm cum shot onto her tongue. It was a bigger load than last evening, so she took it out and received a long, ropey, wad of cum across her face. “MMMMM!” she moaned again as she licked at his spewing cock, taking as much as she could in her mouth and allowing the rest to shoot on her face.

“I’m sorry, Jen. I didn’t mean to do it in your face!” he apologized.

“Are you kidding?” she gasped, wiping some of it off with her hand, then licking off of her fingers. “I think that’s HOT — as long as it doesn’t get in my eyes,” she laughed. She reached for some Kleenex and wiped the remaining cum from her face. She smiled. “I love that stuff! Isn’t that slutty? And perverse?”

“Well, I don’t know,” he puzzled, as she came to lay on his chest. “I think we like perverse, don’t we? But I’ll never, ever think of you as slutty.”

“I don’t care if you call me slutty,” she teased. “I think I’m a slut for you. I’m a cum-slut, don’t you think?”

“I am not used to you using profanity, but it’s sexy! You little slut!” he laughed as he kissed her again.

She pressed her face into his neck, loving the feeling of lying here naked with him. She whispered, “I need it.”

“Need what, Sis?” he asked, seriously.

“I need you to fucking FUCK me!” she said. “You’ve turned me into a slut and I can’t get enough of it!” she enthused.

Jackson’s cock was content for the moment. As much as he wanted it to spring back to life immediately, his sister had drained him. He knew it wouldn’t take long, though. Not with his gorgeous, naked sister, around. “Lay on your back, Jen,” he urged.

She rolled off of him, as instructed. “Now, play with them while I watch,” he whispered.

Jennifer hefted her boobs, holding them, as if displaying them for him. “Do you like them, Jackie?”

“Fuck!! You’re the sexiest girl on the planet!” he said as she began to massage them and tweak them.

“They love you, Jackie!” she teased. “They think about you all the time. They have for years, but they were too shy to let you know. Now you know, don’t you? Suck them, please?”

Jackson complied. He gently licked and then sucked each nipple as his sexy twin sister moaned and urged him on. He knew that his cock was hardening again, and that soon he would penetrate her sweet pussy and make love to her.

He moved between her legs and rubbed the crown of his cock on her incredibly wet pussy lips, then on her throbbing clit. “Oh, honey, that’s so goooood!” she cried. “Put it in me?”

Jackson guided his thick truncheon to her opening and, as she opened her legs wide and pulled her knees back, he began to glide into her slick, wet, welcoming pussy. She gazed into his face and moaned, “Ohhhhhhhhh I wish you knew how good that feels. Ohhhhhhhhhh I’m cumming already!” She moved her body under him as he pushed himself into her depths. His balls lay on her butt.

Fireworks went off inside Jennifer’s head. How could it be this good? No wonder people got addicted to sex! She knew she couldn’t stop. Not after she had tasted the forbidden fruit. She loved her brother, and she loved sex.

Jackson began to pull his cock out, slowly, and then thrusting it back in. It felt wonderful! He knew that he would soon fill his sister’s eager snatch with more of his seed. He looked down at the lust-inciting sight of his sex-goddess twin sister, spread open for him, her knees pulled back to give him total access to her beautiful body, her swollen, perfect breasts pointing upward, her nipples as hard as diamonds, her face the most beautiful he had ever seen. He picked up his pace as he thought about how delightful it would be to impregnate this beautiful woman, to have his children by her. The thought sent shudders of pure lust through him.

Jennifer wrapped her legs around her brother, pushing herself up at him as he continued to stroke in and out of her wet cunt, every stroke sending bolts of pleasure through her body. This was fucking! She loved it! “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” she chanted in a sultry, yet insistent voice. “Ohhhh, Jackson that is SOOO GOOOD. Cum in me! Fuck your little slut sister!”

“I am…” he gasped, “CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMINGGGG!!!” He felt his nuts spasm, shooting a surprising amount of his man-seed into her grasping cunt.

“UNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” she cried. Her orgasm washed over her as she grasped his ass cheeks and pulled him into her. “Ohhhhhhh, Baby, oh baby, ohhhhhh, it’s sooooo bahis siteleri goooood!” she moaned as her climax slowly abated. “Do me again!” she begged.

“I…” he muttered, “I can’t!” he said, apologetically as his sister reached her hand between them and began to play with her clit.

“Suck my tits!” she demanded as she continued to diddle herself. “Kiss me!!”

Jackson alternating between sucking and licking her breasts and tongue fucking her mouth until she squealed, “Cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!” She arched her back and pulled his hair, pushed his head into her breasts.

Jackson rolled off of her, both of them sweating and gasping and panting for air. Suddenly he noticed the clock. “It’s 9 o’clock, Jen! I’m supposed to be helping Dad!” He quickly jumped up, leaving her floating in the afterglow.

Later that day, Jennifer explained to Jackson about her “rhythm”. She was very regular, she told him, so she knew exactly when she was likely to get pregnant and when she couldn’t. They had done it when she was about to have her period, so she couldn’t get pregnant. She explained to him that she didn’t want to take a risk by having unprotected sex, except during the “safe” days, which were immediately before or after her period. They agreed that they didn’t like the idea of having sex while it was her time of the month. She also told him that he could either buy some protection or they would just have to settle for oral sex. That didn’t sound like a bad bargain to either of them.

Later that week, Jennifer had gone into town to run some errands for her mother. Shana had been weeding her flower beds and had gotten quite dirty, so needed a shower. She could hear the tractor in the distance and knew that Jackson and Tom were working together. She thought nothing of leaving the door open to her bedroom and bathroom to take a shower. Nobody was around and she always thought it a bit naughty, and thrilling, to take a shower with the door open. You never knew for sure! She couldn’t have known that a part had broken on some farm equipment and that Tom had told Jackson to go to the Tractor Supply and get the part.

Jackson hurried to the house to get the keys to his Jeep. As he entered the house he heard the water running in the direction of his parents’ bedroom. His mother was playing her favorite country music radio station, so was unlikely to hear him. Thinking he would tell his mom he was there so he wouldn’t startle her, he walked into their room, realizing by now that the door to the bathroom, which was located inside their bedroom, was ajar. He stealthily peeked around the corner and saw his mother’s reflection in the bathroom mirror. She was undressing for her shower! She was wearing a soil-stained blouse and shorts, but she was pulling her shorts down.

‘Whoa’, he thought, ‘what a nice ass!’ Then she was removing her blouse, leaving her standing in only her panties and bra. As his cock hardened he thought about how similar in build she was to Jennifer, except that his mother’s breasts were a bit bigger. Before that thought left his mind, she had taken her bra off, revealing her huge, D-cup, breasts. Jackson couldn’t believe how they stood out on her chest — as if they were fake boobs, but they obviously were not. He was now fully hard, and anxious to see her take her panties down, which she immediately did, revealing her neatly trimmed bush. He could see well enough to see her labia and her clit peeking out. She looked good enough to eat. He was dying to suck on her breasts!

His mother then entered the shower and pulled the curtain. He was sure that the show was over, so hastily went upstairs to put a shirt on and to grab his keys. As he came down, he decided to take one more peek. She was still in the shower, so he turned to go, but then heard the water stop. He carefully peeked around and saw his mother draw back the curtain and reveal her mature, but very young looking, body. ‘What a woman!’ he thought as his cock lurched again. He longed to take it out and stroke it as he watched.

Shana had detected his presence as soon as he entered her bedroom, even before she got in the shower. She thought at first that it was Tom, but glancing at the mirror, she realize that it was Jackson. She would give him a show. Later she would masturbate, thinking about how hot it was that her own son was interested enough to watch her. She expected him to be gone when she got back out of the shower, but soon realized that he was still there, or had come back for more. She slowly toweled herself dry, making sure to angle her body so that Jackson would be able to see it well. She hefted her large breasts and examined them in the mirror. She bent over so that her ass would be reflected in the mirror. She carefully examined her trimmed pussy to make sure that it was dry AND to make sure that Jackson got an eyeful! She sincerely hoped that he loved what he saw.

Jackson knew that his dad would be upset if he lingered too long, so bahis şirketleri he tore himself away from the luscious sight of his gorgeous mother and ran the errand for his dad. His cock stayed hard the rest of the day, thinking about how he would love to do to her what he had been doing to his twin sister. It would be different, of course. He had no romantic feelings toward his mother, but he knew he was deeply in love with his sister. Still, the taboo of being with his mother in a sexual way was a huge turn on to him.


Jennifer felt like a new person — as if she were possessed. She decided that her wardrobe was entirely too “frumpy” as her mother called it. She was young; she was pretty; she had a great body; what was the harm in showing it off just a little bit? She told her mother one day that she wanted some new clothes before she started to college, which was coming up in just a few weeks. Shana was excited to go with her daughter shopping, so they set a date the following week.

Shana was quite surprised, and happy, at the things that Jennifer picked out. She didn’t pick things that were particularly risqué, but they were more like what most teenagers wore. She bought some blouse and dresses that accentuated her bust, and a couple of them revealed a daring bit of cleavage. She even bought a tight “party” dress that was almost scandalous, compared to what Jennifer usually wore. She even bought some sexier underwear and a nightie. Jennifer said that perhaps it was time to wear something other than an old tee shirt to sleep in, particularly since she had outgrown them and they only came down to her crotch.

That night happened to be one of Jackson’s softball games. Jennifer decided she would put on her new nightie and see what her parents thought. It was exceptionally short, not much longer than the tee shirts that she usually wore, and it was translucent. It also showed a great deal of her breasts. She realized that it was probably more revealing than what she had been wearing, but it was very pretty and very sexy. Of course Mom didn’t know, but she was buying it for Jackson’s benefit. She decided that Daddy needed to see it, too. She was sure that he didn’t view her in a sexual way, but she liked the idea of her Daddy realizing how his little girl had grown. He would be proud!

She bounded down stairs in her new nightie. Her mother happened to be in the bathroom when she entered. Her dad looked her over. She knew he was checking her out and she knew it wasn’t totally in a dad-like way. It excited her. “How do you like it, Daddy?” she asked as she jumped in his lap.

Tom saw most of her young, firm, tit-flesh, revealed by the skimpy nightie and felt his daughter’s sexy body wallowing in his lap. His cock began to harden immediately. What he wouldn’t give for an hour with his beloved daughter, alone, and naked. He would teach her some life lessons that she would never forget — and he would do it the right way, not like some old rough, inexperienced boy was likely to do. “It’s adorable,” he managed. “But don’t you dare run around in this when your brother is around. He may be your brother, but he’s a man. It’s a bit revealing, don’t you think?”

Jennifer actually laughed. She couldn’t help it. “Okay, Daddy. It’ll just be for me and you!” she teased, causing Tom to moan under his breath. “You think I look good in it?” She jumped up and turned around, displaying her barely-clad body to him. As Tom gazed at the lust-inciting sight of his daughter, he was already planning for the good time, role-playing, that he and Shana would have later.

“You look as nearly as good as your mother!” he gushed. That was the highest praise he could possibly give any woman, he reflected.

She jumped in his lap again and kissed his cheek. She felt shameless and she was getting turned on, knowing that her Dad was loving what he was seeing. She wished she could show him everything — be totally naked and show him her body. She knew he would like it and she knew that it would turn her on to show him. These kinds of thoughts would have never entered her mind a few weeks ago, but now that she was having sex, with her twin brother no-less, sex never left her mind for long. She had come to realize that she was a very sexy young woman and that she liked male attention. She continued to sit in her dad’s lap, realizing by now that he was hard and she was wishing she could see it, wishing she could suck it, wishing she could lay down and beg him to give her what Jackson had been giving her. That would be delightful! She would so love to get a taste of her Daddy’s cum, too!

Just then Shana walked in. “Well, are you showing Daddy your new nightie, Sweetie? Don’t you love her new nightie, Tom?”

Jennifer jumped up, afraid that her mother might find it inappropriate for her to be sitting in her father’s lap, particularly wearing such a revealing piece of clothing. Much to her surprise, however, Shana asked her if she wanted to watch America’s Got Talent with them. She agreed and flopped down next to her dad.

“You looked so sweet in his lap, Jen. I think he liked it. You’re his little girl. Go ahead and sit in his lap if you want!”

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