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The List Pt. 02

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Because I only had one week to complete my very challenging list, some of it required some planning ahead, while some could be done spontaneously. The doctor condition was by far going to be the most difficult but as I mentioned in part one, I had somewhat of a plan to skirt the rules a little bit. The morning after my evening with Mr. H, I decided to call my doctors office to see if I could make an appointment. I was barely able to walk after the intense fucking from the previous night so a visit to the doctor was not out of the question. The thought was, do I attempt this with my regular doctor who had known me for years or would it be better to try at a walk in clinic with a stranger? Given that I thought it would be too odd to get a physical at a walk in clinic, I opted for my regular doctor. The appointment was set for two days later. In the meantime I would cross a simpler one off the list – condition

: Paying for cab fare with favours.

I live out in the country about half an hour from the city so I figured that kind of time in a taxi would be ample to work my magic. The trick was, I would need to do it on the way home so that I could actually select a cab by hailing it down, rather than calling for one. I once was dared to flash a cabbie, only to have a middle aged, overweight female driver show up – kind of killed the moment. I decided to take my car into town, leave it in the parking lot of a restaurant or bar, have a few drinks to loosen up and then cab home and see if I could make it happen.

I was wearing a black sun dress with thin straps, no bra and some black panties and high heel wedge sandals that really made my bare legs look good. The dress cut low on my chest and showed off some nice cleavage. My breasts are large but firm, I’m fortunate they hold their shape even without a bra. Over the course of an hour, I sipped on some wine and built up the plan and some courage. Eventually I paid my bill and headed out. My city isn’t huge so finding a cab can take some time unless you call. I walked up and down the block a bit, keeping an eye out. A few passed me by but I didn’t see any great options, so walked another block and found a vacant one coming towards me. I stepped out and waved my hand and the cab pulled right up to me at the curb.

“Hi” I smiled at the driver. He seemed to be about fifty or so, decent looking face but a little bit of a beer belly. He smiled back and seemed pleasant so I hopped in the front seat.

“Where to?” he asked.

I gave my address and after briefly discussing the distance, we were off. I reached around behind me to grab the seatbelt and pushed out my chest while doing so, I wanted to see if he would steal a glance and of course, he did. He was very casual about it and didn’t make anything obvious and I immediately felt pretty comfortable. It was still daylight out and we were making small talk and some light jokes about nothing.

“What have you been up to this afternoon?” he asked.

“Oh just down at????? having a few glasses of wine and enjoying the day.” I replied.

“No boyfriend with you?”

“Haha, nope. Not today.” I giggled with him. “Actually I’m just in the process of getting back together with a guy I’ve been with forever. sex hikaye I kinda screwed up so now I have to figure this out.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that” he said with real concern. “but, glad you’re working it out and for now I’m honoured to drive you. I don’t often get to spend much time with pretty young girls these days..and that’s a far trip we are taking.”

“Ya, I wonder what that will cost me…any idea?” I work in finance and am well established but sometimes I pretend not to have money in these situations, makes it a little hotter to be the submissive, broke girl dependent on the kindness of others 😉

He looked at the meter, “Well probably a good sixty dollars anyway.”

I was silent for a moment.

“But I’ll give you the best price I can figure out.” he said, “You’ve been good company.” He was smiling and looking over at me, innocently but still there was a little connection I thought.

“So do you get hit on a lot by drunk girls going home from the clubs late at night?” I asked jokingly.

He chuckled to himself, “No, not really. The drunk university crowd are too strange nowadays, I just tend to keep quiet with them. I get more people trying to make a run for it than I do get them trying to flash me for payment.”

I laughed, “What would a flash be worth to you? A few bucks off the total?” I asked teasingly with no air of intent to what I said.

“Well, now that depends on who is flashing me I suppose.” He laughed again. “Some of the people I see on a day to day basis you wouldn’t want to see topless!”

I leaned back in my seat, bit my lip, uncrossed my legs and put my thumbs under the thin straps of my dress and pulled them up about an inch while looking at him super seductively. I batted my eyelashes a few times, “and what about me?” I said.

Suddenly the smile disappeared from his face as it became clear that I wasn’t joking around anymore. He tried to keep his eyes on the road but looked over at me several times looking for a trace of joking in my demeanor. I just kept looking up at him with that questioning gaze.

“You’re being serious?” he asked.

I shrugged my shoulders, still playing the innocent. “Well you’re right, its a long drive out to the country…anything I can do to help knock off a few dollars would be good, right?”

He didn’t answer. So I continued. “I don’t mind. You’ve been really cool. Do you not want me to?”

“No, its not that at all.” He said, “Its just, I could get in a lot of trouble, lose my job…” he trailed off.

“Why? We’re both adults. I’m willing to.” I said. He didn’t reply, still dumbfounded. I had gone this far, I wasn’t about to lose this opportunity to cross number two off my list. “Here,” I said as I sat up and pulled the straps of my dress over my shoulders and down my arms, crossing them in front of my chest so that my arms were the only thing holding the dress over my breasts. I looked at him and smiled innocently and I slowly uncrossed my arms and placed my fingertips on each side of my dress and sooooo slowly peeled my dress down over my breasts until they popped free of the cloth and were fully exposed in the front seat of his cab. His head rocketed back and forth from the road to me several porno hikayeleri times.

“Oh ..my… god..” he exclaimed, “I can’t believe this”

“Hahaha,” I giggled. “We’re on pretty quiet roads now, shall I leave them out like this for a while?”

“Ok, yes, sure” he replied.

“You’ll give me a good price on the ride, right?” I said with a giggle.

“Yes..” he said enthusiastically but in disbelief.

We drove like that for a while and I could tell he was still stunned.

“Here, what if…?” I began and I slowly reached over and took his hand from the steering wheel and I turned his wrist to place his palm on my bare breast. I motioned for his fingers to squeeze my firm breast and he immediately took over massaging them both, going back and forth from one to the other.

“Wow…I can’t believe it.” he muttered “You have incredible breasts.”

“Thank you!” I said happily. I get a lot of compliments on them. “So this gives me an even better price on the ride I’m guessing?” I joked.

“Yes.” was still all he could say.

“Hey, what would it take for you to give me a completely free ride?” I asked.

“A free ride?” he repeated, no longer capable of proper cognitive ability it seemed.

I reached over his lap and rubbed my hand across his crotch which at this point was already hard to my touch.

“What? No…” he said, but put up no resistance. “This can’t be happening…”

I was smiling as I leaned forward and rubbed a little more, his hand still on my bare breasts

“Why don’t you pull over for a few minutes?”

He still looked shocked but moments later we were pulling off to the side of the road at a fairly quiet rest stop. I could tell I would have to take the lead on this one. As soon as the cab came to a stop I leaned over and kissed him on the mouth. Our tongues played with each others for a few moments as he now groped my chest with both hands and I quickened my pace over his pants. I moved my hands up and started to unbuckle his belt and then unzipped his pants. I slowly peeled them back and his cock sprang free while we continued to kiss. I instinctively wrapped my hand around it and slowly stroked it. He moaned into my mouth at my touch and his breathing intensified as my pace quickened a little. After a few more minutes like that I broke the kiss off and looked around the car to make sure no one was in sight. I opened the door and cupped my breasts in my hands while jogging around to his side of the car. I opened his door and got down on my knees in front of him.

As I looked up, I took each of his hands and placed them on the sides of my breasts and took his cock with my hand and slid it right in between them. He had a great looking cock and the head was literally dripping pre-cum, quite a lot of it. I motioned my torso back and forth so that he could slowly fuck my tits and with every stroke covered the tops of them with his pre-cum until they were glistening in the late afternoon light. I replaced my hands with his and pressed my breasts closer together, getting his cock in tighter and increased the pace. I shook my hair back as I got more and more into it, letting him fuck my tits. I grabbed his cock with my hand and leaned back, erotik hikaye it was absolutely soaked from all the pre-cum and I brought it to each nipple and coated them in a circular motion until my entire breasts were covered in it. I really wanted to taste his cock at this point but decided against it as he was a complete stranger so I went back to titfucking him. His breathing was heavy now.

“Oh my god, I’m getting close.”

“Ya?” I replied, “Cum just like this ok? cover my big tits with your cum ok?”

“Yes,” was all he kept repeating. He had thrust his pelvis outside the car entirely now and was kind of half standing and half leaning in his seat as he tried to match my rhythm with each thrust.

“Cum on me,” I said in my bad girl voice as I looked right into his eyes, and with that I felt the warmth of cum explode all over my chest. It was a nice big load right between my breasts and some of it shot up as far as high on my neck. I leaned my head back to avoid getting any on my face and luckily one or two spurts cleared my shoulder entirely and landed somewhere behind me. He seemed to cum forever and finally placed his hand on my bare shoulder and sighed over and over again as his breathing came down. My breasts, upper chest and neck were covered in cum and it was now all over my hands too. I was quite a mess but for once didn’t get any on my face! :p

We took a moment to collect ourselves, I remained on my knees not quite sure what to do with the mess on my chest. At least we were closer to my house where I could get cleaned up.

“Hey, do you think you could grab my phone on the front seat there and take some photos of me like this?” I asked.

He looked a little unsure and confused.

“Just a silly thing I like to do to tease my boyfriend that I’m trying to get back together with. If you do it, I might consider sending you some.” I winked at him and he reached across to where I was sitting and grabbed my phone from my purse. I did a few different poses while he clicked away – one using my hands to push my breasts together, another licking a bit of the cum off my finger, another with my legs spread leaning back showing my panties. He seemed excited by the idea of taking photos.

After a moment, when he was ready to drive again, I stood up leaving my breasts exposed and sat back in the front seat trying not to touch anything with my sticky hands.

“Guess I have to sit like this for the rest of the way.” I said as I arched my back and pushed my chest out.

“No complaints here.” He replied with a smile.

We were only about five or six minutes away and my property is large enough that I can be naked outside without being seen by neighbours.

As we pulled into my driveway, I kissed him goodbye.

“Wow…obviously no charge. And if you ever need a ride again, definitely ask for me.” He told me his name and gave me his cell number in case I wanted to send a photo, hahah. I enquired as to how he would make up for the meter if I don’t pay.

“Oh, I’ll gladly pay your ride out of my own pocket.” he said, I smiled and thanked him and he thanked me.

He sat waiting in the car for a moment, watching me do a light jog across the lawn to my front steps, my dress barely staying on me and my cum covered breasts bouncing as I ran. I turned and waved one last time and as I stood on my steps, I texted him some of the photos he took of me before heading inside to clean up.

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