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The Morning After

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I woke up from the most amazing dream to the sound of a quiet slurp. At first it was intermittent and then became steadier. My head was still buzzing from the dream last night, my wife seduced me and we had the most amazing sex in a very long time. I was half awake, half asleep and felt my morning wood getting stiffer and stiffer. As I reached down to adjust myself in my sleepy stupor, my hand ran into hair, bobbing up and down slowly and deliberately.

I was fully awake and fully erect now and realized that it was not a dream I had experienced. My wife was licking my shaft slowly and flicking her tongue at the tip. I just kept my eyes closed and started to moan while I enjoyed her mouth engulfing my throbbing cock. She was playing with my balls, rolling them in her fingers, licking them, sucking one then the other into her mouth. Her hands started to rub the area between my sack and my ass. Slow, long strokes then light touches with her nails. She stopped sucking for a minute to lick her fingers and then went right back to kissing my shaft. Her fingers made their way to my ass and very unexpectedly, she slipped her finger into my ass up to the second digit. Holy Shit! She had never done anything like that. It hurt a little but the sheer ecstasy I was feeling took over. I could feel my balls tighten and my shaft harden a little. “I am going to cum!!” I moaned. She never likes me to cum in her mouth but this time, she sucked me even harder and pushed her finger in a little more.

I exploded unlike any other orgasm I’ve ever had. I was moaning and groaning, I could barely breathe. Sweat was beading on my chest and forehead. The tongue licked around the head of my cock. She took it all in her mouth and sucked and sucked. Her finger held me tight in my ass. She moaned as I exploded into her mouth, wave after wave of cum spewing from my cock as she started to swallow it all. I could barely breathe as I came down. My eyes were still closed as she continued to suck and lick my now softening shaft and withdrew her finger from my ass.

“Did you like that?” my wife whispered in my ear as someone still sucked on me.

I nearly jumped off the bed, eyes wide open, fully awake and fully not erect any more. I looked at my wife next to me and then down to where my ataşehir escort cock was a few seconds ago and saw thick midnight black hair attached to a gorgeous body. Her skin was not quite pale but contrasted so sensually with her hair. As she smile, a little cum ran down her chin.

My wife explained, “This is Sam. We met a few months ago at the health club. She’s new to town and didn’t really have any friends until I started talking to her. Seems we have a lot in common except one major difference. She moved here to start over, an abusive boyfriend, no one really treating her as a woman. I said that my husband is just the opposite of what she was running away from. Anyway, after she saw you she felt sad that ‘all the good ones were taken’. I had discussed with her a few fantasies you had and she thought she could help. You know I love you but don’t want you to cum in my mouth and I always wondered what you would look like when that happened. Now I know. It was unbelievably sexy and I may give it a go at some time.”

I sat there, incredulous. My wife was talking so matter of fact and I had 2 amazing naked women so close to me.

My wife continued, “And for the next part of the fantasy. You shared that you would love to watch me with another girl. Sam agreed to perform oral on me but I am still not sure I will on her. I guess it depends. You always said you just wanted to watch. You can touch, fell, squeeze, lick but you cannot penetrate Sam’s pussy. I know it seems like this a lot of rules but I know you’ll behave.”

Instantly, my shaft was hard again. I could not believe what I was seeing, what I was hearing, or feeling. My wife lay back down and spread her legs as Sam crawled on the bed towards her. I just sat back to enjoy the show.

Sam started kissing my wife calves, slowly licking and sucking on them while intermittently leaving soft wet kisses on them. She worked her way up to the backs of my wife’s knees and my wife moaned a little. Sam lingered there for a few moments as my wife closed her eyes and moaned some more. I was so turned on that I had a pretty good amount of precum starting to form at my head. Sam moved slowly up my wife’s thighs with her tongue and lips, soft kisses, light avcılar escort breathes, slight flicks from the tongue. My wife started to breathe heavier and shallow. Sam reached up and grasped one of my wife’s nipples, rolling it in her fingers and pinching it a little. My wife arched her back so only her head and shoulders and feet were on the bed. She screamed as her orgasm pulsed through her body, she was rigid and shuddering at the same time. Sweat glistened on her lip as she screamed and gasped. I could see her labia swollen and shining as her wetness was flowing out of her. Sam didn’t miss a breath and immediately went to my wife’s lips and started lapping up all her juices. My wife started to come down and had her torso back on the bed when Sam sucked her clit into her mouth and started to suck and hum and flick it with her tongue. My wife had another burst of fluids as she came again. Her hands were clenching the bed sheets, her mouth open and panting, her legs spread wide as Sam unmercifully unleashed her tongue on my wife’s clit and then started to finger my wife’s wet pussy with 3 fingers. She began to rub her own clit and pussy at that point.

I couldn’t help but stroke myself as I watched this display. And then I realized Sam was trying to service 2 pussies at once. I went behind Sam and started to lick her throbbing pussy. She was moist and swollen and moaned as my tongue licked her lips, up and down. Gently taking her labia between my teeth, I started tug on them as inserted 2 fingers into Sam’s vault. This had great benefits as Sam came and I lapped up a torrent of cum and made Sam suck on my wife harder and finger fuck her faster making my wife cum releasing a gush of fluid for Sam to lick. My wife finally called for a break to catch her breath. For the first time, she saw what I was doing to Sam and looked devilishly pleased. With Sam on all fours and me licking her pussy and clit, my wife crawled underneath Sam and came to a stop with her face near Sam’s pussy.

After watching for a few moments, she whispered in my ear that she wanted to feel my cock in her as she licked Sam. I backed off and watched my wife start to lick and caress Sam’s pussy with her tongue. She was so sensual and gentle I avrupa yakası escort nearly came just watching her. Then she started to go at it with wild abandon thrusting her tongue into Sam’s pussy, licking her clit, sucking on it, gently biting it. Sam was on the verge of another orgasm when my wife started to moan and thrust her tongue more wildly. Sam had regained enough composure to start licking my wife’s pussy again.

I jumped into action, not wanting to disobey my wife. I went to her pussy and started to put my throbbing shaft near her labia. Sam took this as an opportunity to suck my cock for a few strokes before I entered my wife’s throbbing pussy. After a few minutes, Sam pushed me back and rolled over and my wife followed. With my wife’s ass in the air and Sam under her, I started to enter her pussy once again. My wife continued her assault on Sam’s clit and Sam began to moan even loader. I just pushed the tip of my cock into my wife’s pussy and moved in and out, only using the tip. Sam started to lick my balls and my wife’s clit. My wife started to moan and groan which made Sam groan more as they both approached another orgasm. My wife threw her ass back and took me all in and screamed “Give it to me hard and deep, I’m going to cum!!!!” I started pumping her primed pussy as fast and as hard as I could as Sam licked my balls and shaft and my wife’s clit. I could not go for very long as my wife’s pussy began to spasm and held me so tight I could barely thrust. My wife was moaning so loudly into Sam’s pussy that Sam sucked both my balls into her mouth as they started to tighten up. Sam stuck her finger in my ass as I stuck my finger in my wife’s (which caused her to moan even more) as my wife stuck her finger in Sam’s ass. With one last thrust, I burst, wave after wave of cum jetting out of me and filling my wife’s pussy as Sam and my wife both came with such force that for a moment all that was touching the bed were my knees, Sam’s shoulders and feet and my wife’s knees. After several moments and many grunts and moans, we all collapsed on a heap on one another.

I felt like I slept for days when I woke up to a familiar sound of slurping. This time I opened my eyes and saw my wife’s beautiful eyes smiling at me.

“Thought this would be a great way to wake you up,” she moaned softly.

My cock was throbbing again as she went back to licking my shaft.

I looked at her and said, “I wanted to talk to you about Sam…”

She cut me off quickly and stopped sucking for a bit. “Sam is a woman I met at the gym a few months back. I’d really love for you to meet her one day…..”

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