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The Neighbor

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I’d worked late the night before, so it was a bit of a luxury to sleep in a couple of extra hours on a Saturday morning. I woke remembering that Darla my wife had a hair appointment when I did and knew she’d already left. Wearing only my boxers, I headed downstairs to the kitchen to pour myself a cup of coffee and clear my head a little before taking a shower. I had woke in the midst of a very erotic dream, frustrating enough as it was as I wished I hadn’t. Now with a raging hardon, on top of everything else, I figured the coffee, a chance to wake up and let the last vestiges of that dream finally go away, and I could at last pee too!

I sat down at the kitchen table a cup of coffee in one hand and my cock in the other. I hadn’t even realized that I was holding onto myself, absentmindedly stroking it, remembering, or rather trying to remember the dream I’d been having which was rapidly escalating into more of a fantasy type thought when I heard a firm rap on the back door, followed by JayLynn our next door neighbor suddenly stepping inside the house.

It wasn’t unusual for her to do that, especially on a Saturday or Sunday when the girls usually got together for a cup of coffee and to share the latest gossip. But with Darla gone, I certainly hadn’t expected her to do so. Had I, I wouldn’t have been sitting there in nothing more than my boxers with my exposed hard prick sticking straight out with my hand wrapped around it. Luckily for me I was sitting down and seriously doubted she’d been able to see what I was doing even though she tossed me a curious glanced as she entered.

“Is Darla here?” she asked.

“Nope, had an early morning hair appointment,” I explained, feeling my face flush as I sat there now trying to will my cock desperately into going down.

“She be back soon?” she asked again.

“Don’t really know, said something about it last night around this time, so don’t imagine she’ll be back for a while yet.”

Bad enough I still had the stiff prick, worse was the fact that my dream, now fantasy, now predicament had all centered around JayLynn, our sexy full breasted next door neighbor.

“Mind if I join you for a cup of coffee?” she asked.

“Help yourself,” I stated, happy to see she was already making her way over to the cupboard where the cups were stored. I was in no position to stand up and get her one myself anyway. Not that there would have been any big deal in her seeing me in güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri my boxer shorts for one thing, I often wore nothing more than a pair of shorts around the house on the weekends anyway, but having a stiff hard prick sticking out of them might have been a little harder trying to explain.

After pouring herself a cup of coffee she walked over and joined me at the table. She wore a loose fitting white sleeveless blouse that probably had one, if not two more unbuttoned buttons than might seem necessary under the circumstances, giving me a pretty clear view of some damn fine titty cleavage, which didn’t help one iota with my current situation whatsoever.

“Going to be a hot one today isn’t it? She offered wiping first her forehead with one of the napkins she pulled from the holder sitting between us, then dabbing at that succulent little valley of tit-flesh with another, forcing my eyes to follow the movement, catching a glimpse of a watery sheen between them that did little more than stir my already vivid imagination.

“You guys are lucky,” she added a second later.

“Oh? Whys that?”

“Because you can go practically any where you like without having to wear a shirt that’s why!”

I laughed.

“No seriously! The only difference is, we have tits, and men don’t, good grief we both have nipples, which is really silly as women can show off much of their actual breasts just as long as the nipples don’t show, how stupid is that?”

She did have a point, and I laughed with her again, even though all this talk about breasts and nipples was doing little if anything in causing my erection to go down any.

“Well anytime you want to come over here without having to wear a top, your certainly more than welcome to do so,” I kidded only half jokingly.

“Yeah, I’m sure you’d like that, but not too sure that Darla would appreciate it any,” she smiled back at me.

“Darla wouldn’t mind,” I dared saying, serious about it as I knew that Darla had quite a bit of an exhibitionist streak in her, herself, though I failed to add that her being there with me if and when JayLynn ever really did that might be an added necessary requirement. I’d come home on a Sunday afternoon after a round of golf with the guys and had caught the two of them laying out in the back yard together, sans tops. Had even gotten a quick glimpse of JayLnn’s magnificent breasts before she’d managed güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to stuff them back inside her bikini top before sitting up.

“She wouldn’t huh?” JayLynn smiled mischievously.

“Well, I know I wouldn’t anyway,” I thought silently to myself, and then watched in what suddenly became slow motion as JayLynn reached up, undoing the last few button’s of her blouse, letting it fall open to reveal two braless, very tanned, and very full tantalizing breasts. She shrugged out of the garment, letting it fall onto the chair behind her, taking a sip of coffee from her cup, her eyes focused directly towards me, catching my own when I finally tore them away from her tits to meet hers.


“Ah yeah, a little anyway,” I said trying to regain my composure though my cock throbbed with a mind of its own, though I no longer held it, now holding on to the coffee cup with two hands which had become very necessary as badly as they were now shaking.

“So Brad, what was it you were doing when I came in?” She asked.

“Just waking up,” I tossed out innocently.

“Ah huh, that’s not exactly what I meant,” she stated still smiling at me behind the mug.

“I’m not sure I follow you,” I told her feeling my face suddenly beginning to heat up once again.

“Looked to me like you were jerking off when I entered,” she said easily. “Unless you were just scratching it, but I usually scratch with my eyes open, and without a pleasured, flushed expression on my face even if I do.”

“I, uh…I was uh…just,”

JayLynn chuckled, “Just jerking off,” she finished for me in a teasing way. “No sense trying to hide it,” she continued. “I could see that lovely hard cock of yours sticking out of your shorts when I walked in the door. You make a habit of masturbating over a cup of coffee every morning?” she pressed. “Maybe I should try doing that myself, hell of a pick me up, that’s for sure!”

I didn’t know what to say, so I didn’t. I just sat there though my cock had suddenly lost a great deal of its firmness for some reason.

“Well don’t let me stop you,” she started up once again.


“Stop you from finishing what you’d began, after all, this IS your house, and I’m the one who suddenly barged in.”

Once again she had a point. Not to mention she was the one who was now sitting across from me with her tits hanging out.

“Let me see it.”



I güvenilir bahis şirketleri simply scooted back, my prick standing full-on and hard once again now, splitting though the narrow opening of my boxer shorts.

“Hmm, that’s a nice one,” she said standing up already beginning to remove the pair of matching white shorts she’d been wearing. “Bet you’ve been a horny little boy all morning haven’t you?” she teased, stepping out of her shorts, kicking them behind her. “And I’ve got a very, very wet pussy that would just love to slide up and down that big hard cock of yours, think we have enough time?” she asked already beginning to straddle my lap.

“Hopefully, if we hurry.” I told her somewhat worriedly.

“Oh, I don’t think it’s going to take very long,” she said easing herself down onto my prick. “Not for either one of us,” she added lustily, the silkiness of her sweet juicy cunt already bathing the entire length of my shaft, which was now hilted deeply inside her.

“Fuck me baby, and fuck me hard!” JayLynn cooed. “Give it to me, give me all that nice sweet man cream of yours!”

The feel of that deliciously succulent cunt slipping up and down my hard shaft was exquisite, as was the feel of those luscious breasts of hers filling my hands as I rolled, pinched and pulled on those hard marble sized nipples of hers.

“Yes baby yes! That’s it! Pull on em, play with em, suck em and kiss them while you fuck me!” She urged wildly.

“Oh yes! Yes!” I cried back thrusting deeply in and out of her with each breath.

“Hey! She’s home!” JayLynn stated. “I can hear her car pulling up into the drive now!”

“Fuck! Not again!” I stammered out.


“Never mind, too hard to explain, and you’d never understand anyway,” I told her.

I looked up and watched as my wife entered the kitchen sporting her new haircut. “Well? You like?”

“Yeah, looks nice,” I grumbled.

“Nice?” she said somewhat dejectedly.

“Well I think it’s absolutely adorable!” JayLynn told her. “Maybe I should get mine cut just as short too,” she added. “Coffee?”

“Yes, please,” she said coming over to take a seat across from me. “So, what have you two been talking about while I was gone,” my wife asked.

“Not much talking,” JayLynn told her. “Mostly sipping coffee and looking at each other. Your husband usually this grumpy in the morning?”

“If you two will excuse me, I’m going back to bed for a while,” I told the two of them.

Darla and JayLynn looked at each other, watching me leave. “Not usually no. Only when he’s not been getting any, or when he’s been working too hard,” my wife told her friend. “And I assure you…it has nothing to do with me.”

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